MMR link to infections dismissed by new study

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Anonymous  ·  17 Mar 2003

When you can answer the questions
in the comment above your comment
maybe than people will listen to

P.S.DO you have a child who has
been diagnosed with autism or
bowel disease or both?

No one vaccine is safe for all

Children need to be screened for
their family medical history before
a vaccination is administered.

Parents should also be given a
copy of the patient information
leaflet to read before giving
their consent to have their child

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David (Dave81)  ·  12 Mar 2003
It\'s about time that the myth about MMR and autism is finally dismissed once and for all. The populist media must shoulder a large proportion of the blame for whipping up mass hysteria and for propagating falsehoods that endanger the lives of children! The consequences of reduced MMR uptake are too frightening to contemplate so hopefully ths report will go a long way to dispel this tragic misconception.

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Anonymous  ·  12 Mar 2003
Why are so many children /teens
being diagnosed with bowel disease?

What is the rationale for the
booster MMR without first having
a blood test to check for antibodies

Why do some doctors vaccinate
children with allergies i.e
asthma, eczema, lactose intolerance
while others don't?

Why are some parents in Dublin
able TO buy the single measles
vaccine and get a GP to administer

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Anonymous  ·  26 Feb 2003
I note that this research was carried out by public health.Could this be called impartial!!!!!!
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