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Hoagie  ·  27 Apr 2018

I had this operation many years ago. At first it seemed a miracle had occurred. I knew straight away, I couldn't blush if I tried. It was only when the summer arrived that I started to have concerns. On holiday I started to suffer compensatory sweating. It was an intolerable feeling as well. Sweat on the back like I'd never experienced and on the feet, also all over the stomach to the point that it left wet circles. Dry hands is another issue and other parts of the body as well that I won't go into. As the years have gone by I have also noticed another extremely unwelcome problem. I look a lot older than my age. My face is a mass of lines. Dry skin on the face I would assume is the cause. Id say I look ten years older. I would urge anyone considering this irreversible treatment to think again, and again. It has ruined my life in many ways. I was a hill-walker. That would be impossible now. Please think again and look for alternative, non-surgical treatments. 


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IJR  ·  23 Nov 2016

Hi.  Would just like to support the comments made from people who have had negative experiences with sympathectomy.  I had this horrible procedure three times between 1999-2001 (after it was, in my opinion, wrongly presented to me as the only alternative to a lifetime of dripping hands and feet).For approximately the last fifteen years the side-effects have been absolutely horrific; severe compensatory sweating, heat intollerance, lack of name it.Like others, if I could turn back the clock I would have stayed a million miles away from surgery.  It doesn't 'cure' anything, it just results in a destroyed nervous system, and sometimes (as in my case) a quality of life which is probably 10% of what it was pre-surgery.Anyone considering surgery, please, please be careful and give it as much thought and research as you possibly can.  Because, once it's done there is no going back.IJR


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Kelsey112899  ·  26 Mar 2016

I stopped eating ANY form of dairy (the worst offender) and all "overt fats" ie. Cooking oil/any oils even healthy ones, and all pure fats like egg yolks coconut chocolate seeds nuts/nut butters whey protein (dairy!) and the burning excess sweating and facial/chest redness went away. My skin is normal skin color now. I don't sweat excessively and naturally my body odor is basically gone...I believe this is due to food allergies and food intolerances. Hopefully this helps some of you. 


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Boomerang  ·  01 Mar 2016

Information on the severe side effects of ETS.


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Boomerang  ·  21 Jan 2016

Hi Richarme, yes I understand that negative voices will be louder, however, you must be aware that medicine and pharmaceutical research and "findings" are not always the truth, as those funding such fields are also going to benefit monetarily from it. 

Surgery has also become unethical in certain areas and I say this not from off the top of my head but from the mouth of a former cardiac surgeon in the blackrock clinic. I'm by no means a medical anything but I have treated 2 people who were due hip replacements and they are pain free now- and that was while I was training in my holistic therapy. Go figure. 

So in my case, yes, the surgery worked for the medics on paper. I do not sweat on my head, neck, arms and hands, and my blushing was eliminated for 20 years, but now it is back. 

The side effects do not negate the success of the surgery. You want your blushing and sweating of face and hands/underarms stopped. Go for it. The doctors have no accountability for anything else. 

I tried iontoperesis and lived on probanthine tablets for years. The side effects from those were blindness, fluid retention issues, inability to urinate and eat due to no saliva. Deodorants, bla bla, you name it, I tried it all. But I would never have gone through this operation had I known what was ahead of me. They are barking up the wrong tree and not looking for a cause but disastrously treating the symptoms. 

I understand that people who had success if any, would not be looking up a forum such as this, and if it did work, then it would be far more known than this sneaky little operation they're telling you about. It's like tripadvisor, read too many bad reviews about a hotel you should take note because it will probably spoil your holiday. In my opinion, ETS will spoil your life. 


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richarme  ·  18 Jan 2016

Hi Boomerang, I know several people have commented on this thread saying the ETS surgery did not work for them but I'm still a bit uncertain what to think. I don't see why the procedure would be available if it had such high failure rate or negative side-effects (i.e. extreme compensatory sweating), as the comments on this thread would suggest.

There are several scientific studies available to view online (I've linked two at the bottom) which found that the ETS surgery was succesful in curing facial blushing for most people and that the large majority of patients were satisfied with the procedure.

I'm not completely dismissing the warnings of ETS patients on this thread but I'm just wondering if those (if any) who have had a successful ETS operation in Dublin may not have found this thread - they might not have felt the need to express their satisfaction with the results online as much as someone who had a negative experience, if you get me?

Appreciate the feedback by the way.


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Boomerang  ·  13 Jan 2016

No, I've never heard of anyone with a successful operation. If you read the posts you'll see everyone crying out that they are worse from the nipple line downwards, all over the body, not just pocket areas. It's uncontrollable. The sympathetic nervous system should be left alone. Google a guy called Myles Dawson and try his 3 month e-book. You just never know, it might work wonders, but surgery most definitely does not. The surgeons go on with their lives, leaving a trail of suicidal/depressed and debilitated people to struggle through every day. We all should start a petition to have this barbaric surgery made illegal. There is a surgeon in Finland who now reverses the surgery but only available days after if the nerves are salvageable because he says it is a barbaric operation. 


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richarme  ·  12 Jan 2016

Hi all! Has anyone had a successful ETS surgery in Dublin to cure facial flushing? Please contact me (


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Sarahstr  ·  22 Oct 2015

Well I've been battling with strong blushing all my life, since I was very little I was called Heidi for being a bit overweight and red cheeks. Then I got eating disorders in order to be thin and stop blushing but even in very low weight I'll still get my cherry face.. So I bought tons of facial correctors with green and the cover up with darker base, I'm pale skin so when I wear any make up It's too obvious and my sister some day told me that I looked like a cake; she was right.

I considered myself as a good student until late highschool, my red at that time was at is worst.. I just couldn't go to the bus stop, so  I pretended to have fallen sleep and get one hour later when all the other studends had taken the school one .. My biggest mistake is to never tell my parents, I started hiding in places going alone to the library instead of going to school. I was aware at this point I had social fobia as a result of my redness. Also the times I went to classes my face would stay bright red all time and some times would get purple and people will joke about xD..(one friend said to me, omg it's like you were about to explote jajaja) the things is since then I've been passing trought some self destructive behaivor.. my grades started falling since I never focus on school and got extremly nervous during exams, my family rejected me because they thought I was expending my time with friends or something and skipping for fun... the alcohol, I started drinking alone and loocked on my room playing video games, world of warcraft was my life . Then my mother kick me at 16 and I stayed with a friend..and so on . Probably not all my problems come from Blushing but for me I refused to confront the situation and talk about it and crash everything.. any ways I'm leaving with my parents atm I'm 23 and I decided to tell them everything as my last shot, I've ride about ETS surgery and since I have insurance I talk about it to them and they let me do it. It's been almost one month my results so far are the following: No sweatting from nipple above, Compesatory sweating:average ,hand extremily dry It's like I'll never the same when touching anything they're always scratchy and I have to put cream at all times, when the room it's hot I'll get red during the time I'm in, In social situations my face gets red I can feel it and still gets hot, the toracic surgent opinion is that my blushing now seems a bit under and more pink alike but agree on the fact that it's not the expected. My surgery was cutting T2. Still I just had to try it It was my best chance for a the bad part is that now I'll have to live with cs and painfully dry hands  Guess people will read good and bad reviews about the surgery  but at the end it's a choice you have to make based on how much is this condition taking from your life, I always will feel like a joke getting red for everything like I have to be ashemed and concern about it, it's so exhausting and people just wont take this serious. 

I apologice for my bad writing, good luck to every blusher out there ^^ hope you don't make my mistakes D;


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Tiredjust tired  ·  20 Oct 2015

I don't suffer with sweating, but I am so sick of blushing.  All my life I have had to live with stares from people I converse with as my face starts to blush.  then of course I notice them looking around my face as if to say "What's wrong with him?"  which of course makes the blushing worse.  It will often get so bad that my eyes will start to well up from the heat as though I was going to cry.

It holds me back from doing the things I love.  It makes me feel as though people think I'm lying to them or something because the blushing makes me look guilty of something.  I honestly sometimes just want to give up on life.


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ForeverCursed  ·  15 Aug 2015

For 10 years I tried everything to control my hyperhidrosis. Herbal remedies, therepy, Rx meds, meditation, acupuncture, botox you name it I tried it. At age 20 and now a wife and mother, I finally had enough and I had surgery. No complications I finally thought I had it beat . For 6 months I felt like I was able to live.Suddenly I began to have this intense feeling like I was cooking from insde my body. The heat was unbarrable and caused me to feel faint and my energy drained. I began to sweat from every part of body. It was like a constant faucet was running. I had never sweat anywhere but under my arms before surgeryNow at age 30 hyperhidrosis controlls my life. I'm no longer social, I can't work, I miss out on holidays and get togethers.Now my daughters is effected  because I'm unable to do so many fun activies and make memories like other moms. I just don't know what to do. I'm so miserable and depressed. I hate this body. My family resents me and I feel like a burden. I'm so sad I wish Someone could help me. I've lost everything. My daughter is all I have left.  I feel hopeless. 


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ayman  ·  08 Aug 2015

at first isuffered from sweating heavly from my palms and my feet till ireached 18 then iheared about thembathectomy surgery for stoping it idid it but ifaced problem after it worst than sweating before from my hands ucan say all my life destroyed .

after it my palms stoped sweating true but all my body started sweating like water fall with little heat arround me my life completely destroyed icannot work cannot practice sports in sun can not go out side with my friends please help me with any thing ineed to feel like human again :( please contact me if you have solution on my email


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1003mercedes  ·  12 Mar 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm not going to write a long essay as I'm quite busy with assignments but just want to let everyone know there is medication that seems to be very successful for people who blush. It's called effexor, I take 75mg and it has reduced my chronic and excessive blushing by about 85% which has given me my life back. I've also emailed other people who have had success with it, I've yet to hear of it fail.

Anyway hope this helps, if anyone wants to email me my adress is


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Katherine Fuentes678  ·  04 Mar 2015

This has been happening to me since 2nd grade. It's not the normal blush that happens for a couple of minutes or so no. I'm in high school now and I'm blushing all day throughout the day. I start get sweaty and panicked for no reason what so ever. This has happened for a while but it's become worse over time. I'm naturally kind of a yellowish skin tone but during anything public my body starts getting sweaty and my face gets oily and flushed. It only goes away after I've cooled myself off and gone to a closed off space where I have and feel safe. Getting to the point I was just wondering if this was normal or anything?..


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JamesBloom  ·  02 Jan 2015


Firstly, I want to say that I completely undertand what you're going through. I had been struggling with blushing since I was a young child and it had been making my life completely miserable. However after years and years of suffering from this, much to my own amazement I'm pleased to say that it doesn't bother me at all anymore. I actually wrote a small ebook about how I overcame my blushing ordeal (about 40 pages long) called 'Blush And Be Happy: A practical guide to overcoming your fear of blushing!' The main focus of the book is on learning to accept blushing as opposed to fighting against it. It was a way of approaching which really helped me (like I said, blushing no longer bothers me at all anymore!) and I hope it can be helpful to others too.I have published the book for sale on Amazon, but  I would like to offer this book for FREE to anyone on this site who would like a copy. The book will be available for free starting from Saturday 3rd January until Wednesday 7th January 2015. If anyone is interested in this free ebook, here is the link:

Best wishes to all for the New Year.Take care, and be happy :-) James


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willbeatthis  ·  04 Dec 2014

Hi all, i am 28yr old male, since age 13 i could be blushing 2 or 3 times a day and really holds me back from excelling in life, i have no social phobia's or anxiety issues at all, i just have over active vesel in the face and now have fear of going red in certain situations and as soon as you think about it thats it your over the counter cure available i was found is hemmeroid cream, it constricts the vessels in the face, your face will feel hot but the skin wont look near as sounds strange putting that cream on your face but im sure your all like me and willing to try anything to cure.....i use anusol, can be got in boots.....get some, put in in your face in front of mirror and hold your breath or whatever to make your face go should notice the difference, and then when you know your face wont appear red in public you stop being afraid and the 'go red trigger' goes away somewhat.....would like some feedback on this from those who try, good luck


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jimmyjjohn  ·  15 Jan 2014

Hello all... I wanted to know how do you stop blushing every time a person is looking directly at you and talking? It's been a problem for ever with me... and gets pretty annoying... when i'm in a group, and someone's talking, i'm fine as long as there's no eye contact.. the moment his/her head turns towards me, i start blushing like crazy... (and when i try to relax my muscles, consciously trying to stop, my face assumes this weird expression)... And the worse is, they seem to notice it, and some of them then try to make me less uncomfortable by looking at me lesser and more at those around me, but then that is instantly received by my brain as criticism, and all negative, self-destructive thoughts pour in, and i literally feel like wringing my heart out. Any suggestions? Also, i fantasize a LOT... i imagine i'm talking to someone i wanted to but didn't, self-create situations, reactions... and many a times a therapist... is it normal? Should i be doing something about this?



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kevinn  ·  12 Nov 2013

hi im kevin.

im a 27 year old boy. I have had quite bad problems with sweating recently.  Everyone at office laughs at me for smelling unpleasant and to be honest, I don't really have any friends.please help me


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frykis  ·  12 Nov 2013

Hey boys and girls! Been having this problem for a long time, like 5 years or something. Finally managed to get over it with the help of a program on the internet. Feels kinda amazing to be able to do anything i want! To go from sitting at home and be scared to now being able to do whatever. Found the site that helped me:


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Hennessy  ·  06 Nov 2013

Hi..I'm a 27 year old male chronic blusher,who really needs to address the problem. Would anybody here be interested in arranging meetings for people with this problem? I feel it would be easier to speak in front of others with the same issue and may help to build confidence and desensitize ourselves to this...


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Djeimi  ·  02 Oct 2013

Electro Antiperspirant? how can I buy it? 


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Jamme  ·  26 Sep 2013

Hey, I bought a new one 3 month ago..The best solution to be without sweating. I suffered a palmar hyperhidrosis and the Electro Antiperspirant solved my problem..Amazing..After 6 therapies my hands was dry..I don´t know how..But it´s working


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lise29  ·  24 Sep 2013

have you ever tried the Electro antiperspirat? It's great. Any experience?


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if-only  ·  29 Jun 2013


just read your post, it is reassuring to know that i am not alone! just woundering if you have received any usefull tips or have tried anything that has worked,there is just so much imfo out there hard to know were to begin


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Jaycd  ·  20 Mar 2013

I am a 34 yr old female who has also been tormented with severe facial blushing since I was 19, the more it happened the worse the fear of it got!! Going red is no joke, it's ruined my life and still continues to do so, I'm sick and tired of it. It's made me a angry and moody person. I can't sit with friends or family to chat or eat without going bright red, I even get alcohol inside me to shop sometimes, I don't hold a job for to long as the dreaded blushing takes over once again. I'm fine if its a place with dim lights or my perfect eve with friends would be just candles lit, then I can be myself and sit still and chat, I can't stand bumping into people I know so I avoid the situation. Sometimes I'll phone my mum the whole time I'm shopping so if I see anyone they can't stop and talk to me, I've had some good job offers and had to leave as I can't take it anymore. I must come across as either ignorant or just plain nutty as ill be sat there and then someone will say so what do u think about such and such, I feel the heat rising up my face and my own voice sounds like white noise to me then ill quickly jump up and pretend I need to go to the toilet and say ill be back in a min, I mean who does that when your boss or anyone is asking a simple question, then I dread the next tea break or meeting, I've tried cbt, hypno, anti depressants but nothing works. I would love to just chat to anyone about this who understands the devastation this has on people's lives 


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lenasor  ·  02 Jan 2013

Always had a problem with sweating, mainly underarm. Problem is that I can't use heavy antiperspirants due to my sensitive armpits so I can only use natural deodorants but they don't stop me from sweating, they just covering the sweat smell. I also use Nonchalante underarm pads when I'm working to make sure that sweat doesn't show. I'm considering botox but the idea of injection in my armpits makes me shiver. You just have to learn to leave with excesive sweating, I suppose.


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Paddy  ·  29 May 2012


I'm a 45 yr old male in Dublin.  I started blushing around the age of 10, and it's had a big impact on my life.  My Childhood and early adulthood was hard due to my shyness, lack of self confidence and constant blushing. I'd blush talking to anyone even my parents. Buying stuff from shops used all my confidence.  I'd get teased at school and life was pretty hard. 

I'm writing this because the good news is after a decade or so you learn to live with this.  Once you accept this as part of your make-up, things become easier. Once you see other people blushing you realise, 'Hey, that is not such a big deal'..   I talk in meetings and do presentations in work...  I still blush a lot, especially with hard questions or beiong caught on the hop..   The thing is not to worry about this.  Most people are born with some defect, some far more severe than blushing so personally my advice  please don't worry so much.

Regular exercise (Running) had helped me a lot I feel, as well as personally choosing to partake in group discussions where you feel completly uneasy and wish you were not there.



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Practice  ·  22 Jun 2011

I am also a fellow blusher. I do agree it is a mental trigger/association. I know what some of my triggers are - speaking in public. Even speaking in from of 3 friends at lunch if they all decide to actually look at me instead of eating their food - I blush ! ANyway it is getting better now, and I'll tell you what is working for me. Toastmasters. Basically practicing speaking/talking in front of people. Just making it more normal and not such a big deal. I dont go to toastmasters to get over nerves of speaking in public - i go to it to get over blushing in public. I cant recommend it enough. You can go to any club as a visitor for a couple of times befure you decide to join or not. normal annual subsciption is approx €100/150. The night is really well run with an agenda set out for each night. Having said that it is also a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Most people go there becuase they are a bundle of nerves talking in public - as i said I just go to try to get rid of the blushing - and it definitely helps.


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mistered  ·  06 Jan 2011

replying to fanoftran.

I have had extreme blushing for yrs basically its messed up any thing ive wanted to do with my life, no need for me to go into detail as we all know the devastation it has caused .

On the point you made about sexuality , i am straight and have had many girlfriends and i have noticed a similar thing has happened to me recently also very specific to transexuals. I put this down to the fact that i had been looking at a lot of porn over the past 5 or 6 yrs and stumbled on tranny porn and found myself becoming more and more turned on by it.

Personally i believe that is the reason for my attraction to trannys, its almost like u can brainwash urself . I definitley dont believe its because im gay its purely for a sexual kick and if i havent looked aat any for a while the attraction seems to die down.

Have you had this experience too ?? I would love to hear our thoughts on this because your story sounds very similar to mine and if it is just a case of admiting this and all my blushing problems would be gone then i think i may just make that sacrafice . easier said is right but seems like the lesser of 2 evils.

Write back to me if u read this .


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hopeful  ·  05 Oct 2010

I am a 58 year old and have been blushing since I was a child, my mum passed away at that time and I strongly believe the loss of mam had a huge effect on me. I was always a nervous anxious child, I remember been blamed or thought I was for taking a ruler or pencil(maybe I did take it) from another child in high infants I go back a long way.

Some years ago I was working part time in an office and the Boss said to me why do you blush when anyone looks at you  I could have died as you can imagine.

I somethimes listen  to a 'Meditation Tape' and find it relaxes me and when I am relaxed I do not seem to blush near as much. I bought a book some years ago 'In stillness conquer fear'  and the CD by Pauline Mc Kinnon I found it an excellent book and refer back to it regularly. I find relaxed breathing very helpful. Thinking back on my life I do seem to have improved and other times I think have I. There are so many up's and down's in life.

Now and again if I am going into a big crowd and a hot area  I will take half a zanax tab  very effective.  It would be wonderful to meet up with other ladies of my own age group I live in the west of Ireland.

forever young


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drier  ·  22 Sep 2010


I suffer from excessive sweating, expecially the armpits. This is partly due to hyperhidrosis. I am also overcoming Social Anxiety.

For the sweating, I find Hydrosal Gel very effective - not a drop from my armpits now

Also, for Social Anxiety help, check

I hope this helps people.




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FanOfTran  ·  03 Jul 2010

Hi there all.

I'm a 33 year old man and have had this blushing problem for as long as i can remember. I have seen therapists and hypnotherapists and bought cd's and the whole lot, no joy. I want to carry out some research here. I want to find out about peoples sexuality and see could that play a part in all this. Here's why... I have always been straight, or so i thought. Never had any homosexual thoughts, wishes, never crossed my mind at all. Recently that changed. I don't know how, i never saw it coming, and to be honest im totally depressed and confused right now!!! To mess my head even more, ive found its actually very feminine looking transexuals rather than men that interests me (as my nickname points out quite clearly ;)

Now im not saying everyone else has this exact same issue, but i just wonder if others have explored their sexuality? It seems that i have buried these feelings all my life and not even myself could see them? Has anyone else ever considered their sexuality in this problem of blushing. I know this was a MASSIVE shock for me, but because it happened to me i know its also possible to happen to others.

If this IS in fact the root of the problem for me, then in theory i could solve it straight away by publicly declaring my attraction to transexuals, and therefore having all my secrets out in the open and nothing to blush about. Haha, easier said.

Im aware that some people will find this post quite amusing, in a way I think it is also. But rather than a barrage of witty and useless replies, i would love to hear some honest opinions and any similar stories. P.s. I would love to hear peoples success stories in how they put an end to their blushing. Thanks.



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ilove2blush  ·  11 Jan 2010

I'm 30 soon and the blushing is really getting to me, i feel like ending it.

I had the ETS treatment which resulted in heavy sweating on my chest, back and upper legs. It did stop the blushing but the sweating during sex, exercise and hot rooms / trains were hard to handle . let alone the change of cloths and always wearing a vest. This put me into sever depression and 13 months of physcoanalysis. The analysis helped alot and my anxiety levels went from a 10 to 2 and even 0 in all the many embaressing suitations I'm sure ur all aware of.

As my confidence I then decided to have actupunture to ease the sweating. As I could'nt see myself with a life of sweating. And let me explain ... it was heavy sweating. Dripping off my chest. Sopping wet vests underneath.

The actupunture was calming but one the last treatment the needle hit the spot where the nerve was cut during the ETS operationa and the BLUSHING HAS COME BACK with sweating still there but not as much.

My social anxiety has come back. I cant hold conversation. Hot rooms are unbearable. My family think i'm really moody. And basically I dont know what to do.

Sorry if i'm being negative but thats the way it is and I just will everyone peace and calming thoughts as i know what you are going through.

earlier today I went to a surgey to have a consultation about BOTOX. The DR was ver nice and recommended I have ipl laser treatment first as botox can be good but can also freeze come facial muscels with asymmetrical smiles etc. He also said some of his previos patients uses ANTI REDNESS moisturizing cream so i'm gonna try that out too.

For now this is my story and altough I cant see me going on any longer i'm going to try the cream, ilp etc and see how it goes.

Please message me if you have anything else I could possibly do?


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Nemo80  ·  28 Oct 2009

@ Hope25 can you send us that link to for the audio tape, im willing to try almost anything now..? @ Paleface have u heard much about NLP? would be interested to hear more about also in Dublin..

Cheers guys


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paleface  ·  27 Oct 2009

Hello all

The nickname is wishful thinking!!  I am a fellow "sufferer" who has alas not found any cure for this dreadful affliction.  For me it has become a habit that is impossible to break - I really believe that if I could just break the cycle then I could gradually get better. "Hope25" - you mentioned an audio tape that you could download for €20, please can I have the details of this or if anyone knows any good NLP practioners in Dublin?- have done CBT which is great for keeping positive and helping with moods but I don't find it helpful for curing the blush!


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loinheart74  ·  07 Sep 2009

hello to all my blushing and sweating friends..thought i was the only person that had this problem till i found this site ...i.v being blushing sence god nose ..i lock meself a way from people cause i was so embarrassed for years ..but i prayed a to god to sort me out and he did ..i lean on him if i feel i.m going to blush or sweat and if i do i.m ok about it...its the of it that brings it on ..get rid of the fear ..face what ever is causeing this complex ..have any of youse prayed for a answer why do i have this bordint ..the creater has made us to be happy in our selves not to be prisoners of our own bodys i'm less scared of it cause of my faith i fear god now not of blushing or sweating to chat about this if anyone is interest in doing my email addes is loinheart74@yahoo .com..


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loinheart74  ·  07 Sep 2009

hello to all my blushing and sweating friends..thought i was the only person that had this problem tell i found this site ...i.v being blushing sence god nose ..i lock meself a way from people cause i was so in barrest for years ..but i prayed a to god to sort me out and he did ..i lean on him if i feel i.m going to blush or sweat and if i do i.m ok about it...its the of it that brings it on ..get rid of the fear ..face what ever is causeing this complex ..have any of youse prayed for a answer why do i have this bordint ..the creater has made us to be happy in are selfs not to be prisoners of are own bodys i.m less scared of it cause of my fate i fear god now not of blushing or sweating to chat about this if anyone is interest in doing my email addes is loinheart74@yahoo .com..


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hope25  ·  01 Sep 2009

hey guys, for some reason can't enter a website on this page (must be something to do with advertising) but if you just google problem blushing its the first entry... it has really helped me. In my opinion it really all is down to self talk.. it takes serious discipline, but when your willing to go to serious lengths to fix it, this is worth it. If you want to leave me an email address I can send you the link! Hope it helps for ye.


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Nemo80  ·  30 Aug 2009


Would like to know more about this self talk solution..Any website recommendations? Im getting tired of the non stop Blushing..



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Sweatser  ·  28 Aug 2009

Where can we get this audio tape? Is there a link or a search term?



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