Eczema in the ears

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mary  ·  08 Feb 2007
I also have had eczema in the ears for the past 3 years and I am delighted to hear you comments and treatment I am looking for an non steroidal treatment and will keep an eye on you discussion page in the hope I can get information form one of your readers

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Anonymous  ·  25 Sep 2006
I have had an itching in the ears for the last couple of years I would like to hear if anyone has a simple success story as I am using steroid creams at the moment and don't like to continue with this treatment for a long period.

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Kathy (Kathy55)  ·  10 Jun 2004
My daughter suffers from psoriasis of the scalp which is also in one of her ears. She used all kinds of coaltar shampoos and steroids over the years to little avail. Diet, reducing stress and Neem is what is helping her. Try

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Anonymous  ·  10 Jun 2004
Have you tried using a cotton swab dipped in E45 lotion and applied to the affected areas. It will ease the itching and thus lower the risk of further inflammation

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Kevin (kennedyk)  ·  10 Jun 2004
My doctor recommended 'Eurax' cream for me about a year ago, for use on my hands. It's really done the trick. I only have mild eczema, but it's improved ten fold. It's a hydrocortisone cream, available over the counter in your pharmacy. Not sure if it would be safe in your ears, but it's worth enquiring..
Best of luck,

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Anonymous  ·  05 Jun 2004
how can i tell if my baby is allergic to milk?

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Anonymous  ·  09 Oct 2002
I have suffered from itchy, irritated skin inside my ears for the past ten years, I think as a result of having frequent ear infections which were treated with antibiotic drops. The skin in the middle ear on both sides in constantly infected and itchy and I have been told that scar tissue is building up and will eventually affect my hearing. Various specialists have been unable to treat it.
Has anyone else had this problem, and found any solution?
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