Do you think suicide risk should be included in new abortion legislation?

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gardener  ·  21 May 2013

Graham, lets face it,: God won't help us, it has never helped the ordinary people, only the people who claim(ed) to represent it (mullahs, priests, popes, other clergymen, Lamas, shamans and the like).

Suicide risk before or after the abortion?


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monza  ·  29 Apr 2013

When a person, be it male or female claims that they are suicidal, they are normally committed to a mental institution for appropriate treatment.

So why is abortion being suggested as a solution to an unwanted pregnancy, before trying the usual routes?

Why don't these people use contraception like most "normal" people


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JamesH  ·  26 Apr 2013

Graham, it is not clear from your stream of consciousness which side of the fence you lie. Perhaps that is your point ie that it is a complex issue with no easy answers.


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Graham  ·  25 Apr 2013

Just read "Abortion - time for Ireland to grow up"

To paraphrase the old song .."some people claim there's a baby to blame"

Not hospital incompetence!

Not both mother AND baby struggling for life!

Not "the unborn child"

Not "he" or "she" ...."it" has gender!

One patient is referred to as “woman”, “patient” “Savita” endangered by “it”.

Her death is tragedy.

The other is “fetus” . certainly not he, she or “unborn child”.

Its death is necessary.

Tell me! For every "potential, rare threat to a woman on the cusp of motherhood, how many babies will be "Terminated" just in case?

So this is “Irish Health” in the 21st century?

God help us!

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