Court cases 'strenghten rape myths'

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buzz  ·  26 Jan 2010

I know! I couldnt believe that not only does this happen, but there are people who actually think A) this is an acceptable way to treat a woman and B) that it might actually "de-gay" someone. At best, it is a ludicrous way of thinking, and at worst it is a very dangerous myth. It gives people a justification for violating  a woman when there are never ANY justifications for this.


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Anonymous  ·  26 Jan 2010

"corrective rape" - oh good heavens buzz, that's absolutely sick!


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buzz  ·  25 Jan 2010

Very good point anon. It would be like saying well sure look you're overdrawn, you're obviously not THAT bothered with hanging onto your money so its ok if people mug you. Pathetic.

I read today about this horrible case in Malawi where two homosexual men were arrested and face up to 14 years in prison for indecency. They then went on to talk about gay rights in other countries and apparently in South Africa, the law protects gay people but it is a "well known secret" that so called "corrective rapes" are regularly carried out on lesbians there. This is another example of society justifying rape because of a persons history or status or orientation.


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Anonymous  ·  25 Jan 2010

That's absolutely horrendous! Why on earth is it allowed.

If you were robbed, would it be acceptable to reveal your spending history?? Of course it wouldn't.

You're right Hilda - disgusting.


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Hilda  ·  24 Jan 2010

Obviously our mainly male judicary think that it's ok to rape a woman who has had a number of sexual partners? If you've done it with one or two others then you shouldn't mind if some one else decides they'll have a piece of you too? Attitudes to sexuality in this country are just plain disgusting!

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