Cervical abnormalities -Black discharge/ cramps after biopsy for nearly 4 weeks now!!!!

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Cinderella  ·  06 May 2009

My sister recently had the Lletz treatment done to treat CIN II and received a letter from the hospital (Mullingar) saying they removed all the cin cells but now the doctor rang her to say her results from the follow up smear has shown abnormal cells again and has to go to the Coombe for a coloscopy/and lletz again? Is this right how can the hospital remove the CIN cells and then it shows up on a follow up smear test a few months later???

Any help would be appreciated.


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SAMMI  ·  30 Mar 2009

I've not heard of the cold coagulation before. it does sound odd that you are still not right. Have you tried google! I found it hurt too with sex and i used to always seem to have stomach pains. Considering i was told it wasn't painful i found it a very painful process. The sex will get better, he'll just have to be gentle for a while. And hey, if lack of sex breaks up the relationship, well maybe he's not the one. I think it seems to cause some kind of scarring or tenderness mine cleared up eventually but it was such a long time ago i can't remember.


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zxcv  ·  30 Mar 2009

Well i was initially told i was getting the lazer, but i was recently informed that it was actually cold coagulation! Either way I’m still not right. I've only stopped bleeding from my last biopsy a month later! I also have problems during intercourse; put it this way – penetration never used to be a problem before, but now it seems that my cervix is really tender. I’ve let a yelp out of me once or twice to the extent that I don’t want to do it anymore. My boyfriend has been so supportive so far, but I hardly think he’ll put up with a sexless relationship while were still in our twenties! In saying all of this, I’ll still go get my treatment if any more is needed, and will continue to get smears, I don’t want to end up like poor Jade Goody. God rest her soul.  


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SAMMI  ·  27 Mar 2009


is this the laser treatment to the cervix after having an abnormal smear.

i had it done 15 yrs ago. hurt like hell while it was being done and afterwards.

don't think the symptoms lasted that lond though.

i won't have smears anymore. also i believe it damaged my cervix as i couldn't dilate properly for childbirth. had 3 sections


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zxcv  ·  20 Mar 2009

Hi ,

I've recently has the lazer treatment for CIN 11. The lazer did not work successfully, and as a result i have CIN 1 now. Anyhow - since my last biopsy, which was nearly 4 weeks ago, i have been having a black, sometimes brown discharge. And unless i'm completely crazy i could swear that I’m having a brown discharge from my clitoris area too, as my underwear is showing two areas of discharge! I am also experiencing cramps in my lower abdominal for the last month, similar to period pains. (i'm on contraceptive!) Has anyone out there experienced this? Or is it even possible? I have not been contacted yet for my next appointment.Your answers would be greatly appreciated.

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