Doctor not guilty in first public probe

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TK  ·  12 Aug 2009

Personally I don't know why this got to the stage of the Medical Council. As some other posters have pointed out, there can be all sorts of problems with doctors. It took me over years to get diagnosed and that has meant my health has been ruined but I don't think I would have been able to get to the stage of going to the medical council. It seems perhaps to me because this was somebody/a woman complaining of something vaguely sexual (even if there seems to be no suggestion he was coming on to her) that suddenly this is treated as extra important. I think that complaints are important in medicine but that there should perhaps be a level below the full medical council (with legal representation and all the other costs involved) for complaints to be judged and then if they are very serious than maybe they go to the full stage.


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Chrissie  ·  12 Apr 2009

No General Practioner should ever talk this way to any patient. However they used the G.P. as well. Let's see come next public hearing if there is one that will be about enquiry of Consultant/s or their Hospitals, I doubt it.



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brandy  ·  14 Mar 2009


Thank you....exactly echoed my thoughts exactly

Thanks again.


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sammi  ·  07 Mar 2009

hmmm is right.

Why didn't he just say " i'm concerned it could be an STD, would that be likely?"
I wouldn't be happy with his terminology  i'm also concerned about the extent of media involvement for something which on the whole seems trivial, although it was probably very upsetting for the lady involved.


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Eibhlin  ·  06 Mar 2009

What age was this doctor, where did he train and when did he train?  Current medical training in Irish medical schools involves considerable time given to doctor/patient communication skills which would certainly have helped this individual!  However, the problem here is the arrogance of a small number of people who end up in the medical profession (and other professions) and whose behaviour is often reinforced and unchecked by colleagues.  It is unfortunate that this individual is splashed all over the media but it might server to root out this type of behaviour in the profession and ensure doctors treat their patients and work collegues with the respect and dignity they deserve. 


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mc  ·  05 Mar 2009

This does not give me confidence in the Medical Council. They waste thousands on this perceived slight and ignore deaths caused by negligence. Whoever put this case forward as the first case to be held in public just wanted to distract attention from the real problems of cancer misdiagnosis, a&e, mental health problems.  Hanging this poor unfortunate doc out as a sacrifice to the media is just a sop to hide from the huge problems in the health service. How many lawyers, barristers, doctors, secretaries, etc. were paid for this charade? And the media swallowed it hook, line and sinker!


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coolio123  ·  05 Mar 2009

I think its even more unfair that the patients name was plastered all over the media before and after the hearing. 

The whole idea of these public hearings is that malpractice of GP's etc is available for scrutiny, putting patients details out there will only discourage them from coming forward. 


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maryedel  ·  05 Mar 2009

Frownhhmm. must say that I would be horrifed if anyone spoke to me like that. Still it was a bit unfair to have the docs face splashed all over the media even before the hearing began. Maryedel

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