Sexual interest for a 64 year old man

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Anonymous 50  ·  19 Sep 2008
In reply to Anonymous 21.59 time

My husband is 64 and I am 57 and we are like 20 year olds
together. while our children were young we had to steal moments but now that we are back to just the two (our family moved away to start their own lives) we are more relaxed and enjoying our married life. I asked if he wants to sign up for another 30 years or call it a day, he thought I was serious.

You say that your are employed, do you spend much time
together ? We go out with our friends but one night a week
we go out together, no friends just us, for a meal or theatre drink and a chat. Set some time aside for just yourselves and it will soon become a habit and you will talk and sort things.

Good Luck!

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Patricia (GMC11099)  ·  19 Sep 2008
Anon: It takes two to tango!! So don't go leaving it all up to him. He needs stimulation too, so try to make the effort. I am sure your husband has not lost interest, but maybe he feels YOU have.

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kissey  ·  18 Sep 2008
many men go threw this, he is on any meds for high blood pressure, because that can cause this, also try and get you both to see your GP they can help

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Anonymous  ·  16 Sep 2008
Is is normal for a 64 year old man to lose interest in having sex? My husband and I used to be sexually active, but have not had sex in over a year. He has no problem performing, he just doesn't seem to want to have sex anymore. I am no longer interested like I used to be -- menopause and a stressful lifestyle takes its toll. I have told my husband that he needs to make the first move now -- put me in the mood -- but he still makes no move. I am an attractive, physically fit, 57 year old woman who is active and self-employed.
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