Do you agree that 12-year-old girls should be vaccinated against cervical cancer?

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sue  ·  02 Nov 2010



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alphasun  ·  16 Jul 2010

Jamie and Anonymous, I agree with your posts. After Thalidomide, everyone should be cautious about new treatments, but another aspect that these scaremongers refuse to take on board is that there is often an element of risk in valuable treatments. To take a simple example, pure oxygen is quite toxic. The question is whether you are harming a person (or small number of people) in order to save many times that number or whether the treatment is so nearly worse than the disease as to be inadvisable.

In the case of this vaccine, the number of deaths occurring as a result of having it appears to be uncertain, but definitely miniscule in relation to the number of lives saved.

The conspiracy theorists default to the position that anything that comes from the major laboratories or is endorsed by some official agency should be treated as a threat, an attitude that makes them forget the threat of the condition itself.


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Jamie  ·  15 Jul 2010

The internet is a great thing, but it really seems to have increased the comspiricy theory people. Stop reading pages like indymedia, jimcorr, anything site that thinks vaccines, drug companies, the media are all evil. The film Loose Change was lapped up by these people. Peer reviewed proven scientific papers are below youtube videos with sinister music in what they choose to believe. It's all very well if they keep to their own conspiricy theory sites, but when they begin to post their rubbish on medical sites it's worrying! Of course, no one should go purely on what's posted on messageboard to decide on weather to vaccinate their child, or make any important medical decision!


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Anonymous  ·  15 Jul 2010

"informed" do you really expct intelligent parents to take health advice from an entertainment website (or online tabloid rag) where people can upload any sort of fanstatical rubbish which amuses them - rather than from publicatiosn and expertrs who are medically and scientifically trained.Do you know the death rate from cervical cancer? I do. Do you know the numbers of women who have suffered organ loss and infertility from cervical cancer? Do you know the number of women who have suffered repeated traumatic surgeries and treatments for cervical cancer  - a now preventable illness? People have attempted to educate you over and over on this thread to the FACT that in order for a side effect to be linked to the vaccine it only has to be reported and there does not have to to be any proven causation and in the case of those deaths - there was NO proven link whatsoever - that is 220,000+ less deaths than cervical cancer and yet the pathetic scaremongering attempts continue - TO WHAT AGENDA? I ask,


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buzz  ·  15 Jul 2010

You Tube???



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informed  ·  15 Jul 2010

Check out youTube Gardasil vaccine Deaths.

 Misleading information given to parents of Irish schoolgirls re: safety of

 HPV vaccines especially in an Irish Tabloid newspaper who had a campaign

 calling for the HPV vaccine to be introduced for Irish schoolgirls while it's sister

newspaper in the UK has published the reports of some Deaths and a high

incidence of serious side effects from the HPV vaccines.


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buzz  ·  14 Jul 2010

"The information on the web does not go far enough in telling parents about the possible side effects of Gardasil HPV vaccine"

...or maybe you mean, "the information on the web does not exaggerate and inflate rare instances of non-serious AE's in order to scare monger and terrify parents"????


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alphasun  ·  14 Jul 2010

Campaigner, you should read the CDC information on this subject and not rely on the Times of India alone.

I repeat my opinion, confirmed by reading this evidence, which is that apparently there are very few serious cases of side-effects in comparison to the immense proterction afforded by this vaccine. By the way, I have a daughter.

The CDC states the following on

"Based on all of the information we have today, CDC recommends HPV vaccination for the prevention of most types of cervical cancer.



As of May 31, 2010, there have been 53 U.S. reports of death among females who have received Gardasil. Twenty nine of these reports have been confirmed and 24 remain unconfirmed due to no identifiable patient information in the report such as a name and contact information to confirm the report. Confirmed reports are those that scientists have followed up on and have verified the claim. In the 29 reports confirmed, there was no unusual pattern or clustering to the deaths that would suggest that they were caused by the vaccine.



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Anonymous  ·  14 Jul 2010

Campiagner, I for one, do not take health advice for my family from a social networking site. I consult medical a scientific papaer and those who are medically qualified on the subject. The most predominant side effect of the HPV vaccine is redness and swelling a tthe site of injection - an entirely normal reaction in the vast majority of peopel, to any injection. The greatest side effct of cervicalc ancer - is deathand Death affects over 220,000 women every year all across the globe. This does not take into accout of course, organ loss, ifertility, numerous invasive treatments, truama and the effect on hundreds of thousands of families.

The vaccie has been associated with exactly TWO deaths and in both cases no proven causal factors to the vaccine was found. Bear in mind that for a side effect to be associated with the vaccine, it only has to be reported - no link has to be proven. Check out Facebook Gardasil vaccine Deaths/ Gardasil warnings and more


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campaigner  ·  14 Jul 2010

The information on the web does not go far enough in telling parents about the possible side effects of Gardasil HPV vaccine.

The HSE and the Irish print and broadcast media have not been telling parents of the incidence of serious side effects and some Deaths that have been reported in countries like US,Canada,Australia, New Zealand,Netherlands,Spain etc following vaccination with Gardasi HPVl vaccine.

Check out Facebook Gardasil vaccine Deaths/ Gardasil warnings and more. 


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buzz  ·  19 May 2010

I read in the paper earlier about a young girl who first wrote to Mary Harney last year after Jade Goody's death to query why young Irish girls were not all being protected under this scheme. She was one of the first to avail of the vaccine recently. Fair play to her young mind for being so forward thinking and open. It's refreshing to see our young thinking for themselves and speaking out (and being rewarded for doing so)


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buzz  ·  19 May 2010

Informed, with Russian Roulette there is a 1 in 6 chance of failure. Do you honestly think that 1 in 6 vaccines end in death? Your comparison is completely flawed, to say the least.


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alphasun  ·  19 May 2010

"Informed", I find your pen-name bizarre. To me, there is far more of a Russian roulette aspect to declining this vaccine than availing of it.

I think there is a cultural factor at work here -- suspicion of mainstream science and medicine and respect for the "alternative" world. In my view, this arises from the psychology of getting a sense of control and security from adhering to the advice of a source that seems more comprehensible, knowing that there have been calamities in the modern medical domain such as Thalidomide.

I distinguish between this vaccine and things like thalidomide (in favour of the former) on the grounds that in both cases the results have been sufficiently proven by experience.


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buzz  ·  19 May 2010

Informed, are you going to simply jump from one thread to another spouting the same rubbish? There's a pattern here whereby you post some ludicrous claims, people challenge you on them and you scurry away to ANOTHER thread to post the same ridiculous claims all over again. Please stay and stand your ground this time! Laughing


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Anonymous  ·  19 May 2010

"informed" there is NO reason not to protect your child from a killer disease which takes the lives of over 200,000 women every single year and reults in repeated traumatic surgeries and treatments, infertility and organ loss for hundreds of thousands more - unless of course you think it ok to play Russian roulette with your childs very life .There is no more adverse reaction to anything than it killing you - and that is exactly what cervical cancer does to so many women every single year. 

Do you have any scientifically proven medical evidence to prove that there is any corelation between allergies and adverse reaction (which can include anything and does not have to have any proven corenaltion in order to be reported as you are by now perfectly well aware)? Also of there is a medically proven link between events reported as adverse, then you GP is certainly going to know if the patient (ie. girl recieving the vaccine) is being trated for an autoimmmune condition  - as that is going to be on her chart and documented in her medical history. That siad for any parent or indeed girl, the most common adverse event - such as a perfectly normal swelling or redness at the injection site is an obviously tiny price to pay to save a life.


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Drago  ·  19 May 2010

if we're going to use that logic, we should all stop eating tomatoes because some people are allergic to them.


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informed  ·  18 May 2010

NO not unless you want to play russian roulette with your daughter's health

especially if she suffers from any allergies and you have a strong family medical history of autoimmune disease.

Children with that kind of family medical history are more likely to have an adverse reaction to this vaccine.


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alphasun  ·  07 Apr 2010

Informed, I have looked at the website and the first item one comes across makes it clear that there was no connection between a vaccinated person's death and the vaccine.

I see no reason to suspect an unacceptable hazard here, especially when the life-saving value of the campaign is pretty well guaranteed on the evidence of other similar campaigns.

I think there is a certain tendency for unqualified people, and even some qualified people as in the case of the MMR scare in England, to seek notoriety and power by scaremongering about medical subjects on the basis of little or no evidence. Such people and those whoi are influenced by them will never believe contrary evidence once the scare is implanted; cconversely,m they will tend to accept all sorts of "alternative" medical theories about toxins, vitamins etc.


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alphasun  ·  07 Apr 2010

Let's get down on our knees and ask what Mary thinks.


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Anonymous  ·  06 Apr 2010

How come they have not introduced a vaccine that can PREVENT breast cancer? - Because such a vaccine does not exist - not as yet any way. And because a significant proportion of breast cancer is scientifically proven to be genetic and as such is inherited. In point of fact, if a number of female relatives have had breast cancer, a woman can be tested for the gene and this is something which is not widely enough advertised.

Long term use of the combined contraceptive pill has been "linked" -NOT proven to be a causal factor when it comes to cervical cancer. It is rather like saying that having a drivign license has been linked to being involved in car accidents! What HAS been proven is that the vast majority of cervical cancers are caused by the four main strains of the human papiloma virus - for which vaccination is used. What is also interesting is that for women using the comboined contraceptive pill long term, the detection rates are higher, simply because women attending such a clinical care setting will have more regular smear tests.


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informed  ·  02 Apr 2010

How come they have not introduced a vaccine that can PREVENT breast cancer as we have an epidemic of this cancer in women in the western World?

Could it be because long term use of the contraceptive pill has been linked to

both breast and cervical cancer!


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Anonymous  ·  01 Feb 2010

In that case they should all be fully infirmed that in order to report a side effect, one needs to do just that - report it. There does not have to be ANY cuasative or even assoiciatrive link between the side effect and the vaccine. Nor does ther have to be ANY scientific evidence or medical proof that the vaccine actulaly caused the reported effect - NONE whatsoever.Also parents should be fully informed and educated as to the horrific effects of cervical cancer which kills over 200,000 women every year.


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informed  ·  01 Feb 2010

Parents who wish to have their daughter vaccinated with the HPV vaccine should be fully informed of the reported side effects /deaths that have been reported in the US according to a US doctor interviewed by George Hook on his radio programme( the right hook) on newstalk 106 last week.

The doctor has also said in interviews that parents should be aware that the vaccine is said to last for only FIVE YEARS.


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buzz  ·  27 Jan 2010

I know what it stands for, I still think its a tabloid type name so yes it DOES speak volumes about it's target audience and no I am not saying that those people who suffer AE's are intellectually challenged, more those who actually buy into claims of conspiracies and the like.

Maybe we should also set up a website whihc highlights the AE's of cervical cancer, the biggest one of course being DEATH.


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Anonymous  ·  27 Jan 2010

Have they also reported the horrendous side effecgts that cervical cancer has?

Multiple invasive procedures surgeries, organ loss, infertility and death - sound about as serious as it can get to me.


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informed  ·  27 Jan 2010

Jabs stands for Justice and Basic Support

Jabs is a support group for vaccine damaged children.

All vaccines have possible side effects including the two brands of

the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix who list the possible side effects

in the manufactures SPC (Summary of Product Characteristics.)

The UK Newspapers have published the reported side effects on both vaccines,

as have the US, Australian, Canadian, Spanish, German media.


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buzz  ·  25 Jan 2010

Jabs??? As in the slang word for injections??? Speaks volumes about the websites credibility and the presumed intellect of their target audience.


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Anonymous  ·  25 Jan 2010

I am very glad to hear that the cervical cancer vaccine scheme has been re-introduced for 12 year olds. ONE thing that Mary Harney has to her credit.

Informed, do you know what the side-efects of cervical cancer actually ARE? DEATH for over 200,000 women every single year. It doesn't get much more serious than that.


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informed  ·  25 Jan 2010

In my opinion, Irish parents have been kept in the dark regarding reports of serious side effects from the two brands of the HPV VACCINE.

If you are looking for info on these vaccines click on to jabs forum ( news and



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CAET  ·  02 Oct 2009

Absolutely to all the YES's - the cost is nothing when you consider you could lose your child to this disease (not to mention her physical suffering that can be prevented as well).  We are all prepared to give our children everything they want and need to make them happy.  Braces for their teeth if needed, college educations, holidays in the sun etc.  This vaccine against Cervical Cancer should be one of the most important and vital things we can do for our daughters and the cost, with or without the government's assistance - should be worth a sacrifice on our parts as parents.



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tatty  ·  02 Oct 2009



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bluebird  ·  14 May 2009

Yes I most certainly do.   We have just had a vaccination compaign carried out

in the schools against Mumps.   Have the HSE learnt nothing.


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purple  ·  14 Mar 2009

hi all

is it true that it costs 400 euros to have a 12 year old vaccinated against this disease? i have no girls, but i just heard about the cost.


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purple  ·  24 Feb 2009


yes, any girl no matter what age should be entitled to get vaccinated againist this terrible disease.


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CAET  ·  19 Feb 2009

Absolutely - this should be given priority by the HSE and not put on hold at all. It is a life-saver which I wish was available to previous generations, but as it is available to this young generation of girls, it would and is criminal to not offer the vaccine to them.



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Anonymous  ·  19 Feb 2009

Any justification Claudia for not wanting your daughters protected against a killer disease which needlessly kills thousands every year? Do you object to the Hep B and polio vaccines too?


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claudiacamelia  ·  19 Feb 2009



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Anonymous  ·  12 Feb 2009

Given that all of those links bar 2 are totally unproven and a further one is tenuous - within the framework that adverse event can be reported up to 24 months post vaccination and no link whatsover has to be shown at all between the vacine and te death I stand by what I say - I seek mymedical advice from medically qualified people. I certainly don't want my daughters to be needless victim to a preventable diesase which kills 80 - 90 women in Ireland alone every single year and 10's of thousands more in Europe.


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antiNWO  ·  10 Feb 2009

I do not generally take vaccines that 29 girls have died from but then again some people do not have a mind of their own and just love big pharma and trust everything they are told.


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Anonymous  ·  10 Feb 2009

I generally don't take my medical advice from YouTube or from any sensationalist media but from a qualified medical person such as a doctor. I don't suppose YouTube has any videos about the horrors (now needless) of cervical cancer.

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