Erectile Dysfunction

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lordarthur  ·  17 Mar 2016

I was dealing with Erectile Dysfunction and one of my friend suggested me to use viagra to last longer. I am 50 and achieved the strongest erection I have had in years due to the effect of these pills. The effect lasts about four hours after taking Viagra 100mg and it worked within one hour for me. Very pleased ! How long it lasts really depends on the person.  


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JackWillson73  ·  02 Dec 2013

I am only 40. Started having problems about a year ago. Tried "herbal" remedies, was hit or miss, mostly miss. Also libido was on the down turn, I just didn't feel like I needed or wanted sex... Got a trial pack from with 6 pills. The first three I took worked perfectly. Took on empty stomach or at least one hour after a meal. Within an hour, took effect. Makes my face flush and nose run (common side effects) The fourth time I took it, I split the pill in half to see if it would work at lower dose (I was taking a 50mg dose) It works. Also, most of the time, it still has effects several hours after. Even up to the next morning if taken at night.


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jab  ·  05 Oct 2009

Please i'll like to know how i can get and maintain a strong erection


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Kieran  ·  31 Jan 2008
First, don't worry, you are not alone, lots of young men suffer in the way you are at the moment.

I am a Hypnotherapist and have worked with many guys in your situation. The reason the medications are not working is probably because it is not a physical problem. I would guess that in other situations there is no "malfunction" whatsoever? A physical condition would not be so situation selective.

Some people can get over this in between one and three sessions of hypnosis. Some others may have a more deep rooted problem taking maybe twice as long.


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Anonymous  ·  18 Dec 2007
I am 26 year old and never had sex. i have tried many medications but none of them work. I am going out with a girl for over six months and I donít know what to do-what could causing this!?
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