6 MONTHS wait for smear results in Co Meath

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buzz  ·  09 Mar 2009

Just a query, do you need a smear test if you are not sexually active? I have a relative who is 25 and in a same sex relationship and as far as I know has never been with men. Would she still need to go? I keep hinting because I am worried for her but she will not go.


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DeeT  ·  07 Mar 2009

My daughter is now 23, approx 5 years ago she had a smear test and they found pre cancerous cells and she was sent to the Coombe for a a colposcopy examination. Thankfully this test was shown to be clear and after a year she was discharged from the Coombe.

When she recently went for a Smear test she was told that her medical card did not cover the smear test and that it wold cost E60 approx. She is a single mother and does not have the money to pay for it, surely this test is covered by the medical card especially as she has had pre-cancerous cells in the past, can someone please advise me on this?

She lives in the Blanchardstown area of Dublin

Thanks in advance


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Anonymous  ·  19 May 2007
Ive just had a smear test and was told I would be waiting for 4 weeks for the results. Im in the Limerick area.

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Anonymous  ·  16 May 2007
I have just returned from being abroad for the past 9 years. I am a 27 year old female who, although am not sexually active at the moment have been with a partner whom I split up with recently.

I am amazed to be told that following my smear test I have to wait up to 6 MONTHS for my results. Surely this is completely unacceptable? If, God forbid that my test results are abnormal (as they have been in the past) our 'Health care system' will have taken away an opportunity of possibly solving the problem long before it has an opportunity to advance. What about all those women who are waiting on results and may have cancerous cells in their uterus? What is wrong with this country?

I intend on doing research on waiting times for results not only throughout Ireland but also internationally. As far as I am aware it is no longer than 4-6 weeks in the UK and the US. There must be something that can be done about this and SOON.
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