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JessicaJulia  ·  15 Aug 2013

I had a miscarriage in april and im trying to get pregnant again but my periods have been coming between the 25th-27th up until i got them in july on the 15th and august the 3rd but i felt like i was ovulating the other day now the signs are gone, now this minute i have shoulder pain and watery discharge and frequent urination would that mean theirs something wrong with my ovaries?


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6mum  ·  02 Dec 2012

Hi all,I'm due to have the marina coil fitted tomorrow and i'm kinda getting scared now about some of the stories read on here ,but I really can not cope with the pain any more .for the last 5 yrs its just got worse each month since I had my tubes removed.I had an op to remove a chocolate cyst last yr after extreme pain. i take solphadine daily as the pain seems to start just before i ovulate and contuine's till my period is gone so thats about 1 wk a mth im kinda Ok still sigh pain but not like when I have my period that's unreal ,its worse than labour (I've 6)..I really am praying that this marina works cant wait just hope I'm not one of the ones who it does not agree with then I wont no what to do :(


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KatieKazoo  ·  10 Nov 2012

I can't understand why more women are not given firstly NSAIDs and cyklokapron. After FIVE years of ridiculously heavy periods I found this 'cure' myself in an internet search. I had almost endless periods, so heavy no tampons or towels could cope. I was like an invalide many, many weeks. Really!!

I could not take the pill, I got migrane with aura with all the different types I tried, and every time I tried a different pill, my periods became worse, especially when I had to stop taking them. I tried the coil, bleeding worsened, then lightened and bled for 5 weeks solid. Then came the migrane and aura again, had it removed, bled for 3 more weeks. Took DeProvera, bled so badly for 7 days, collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital for blood transfusion. I thought it was very very serious then, that if I didn't have surgery these periods would kill me.

So many times I've been to the Doc, finally decided to arrange for uterine ablation. Then while waiting for that - Eureka, tried NSAID (Ponstan) the minute I felt period coming on. First month I tried it, the period was MUCH lighter and lasted half the time, about 4 to 5 days. Then another discovery Cyklokapron!!! Hurray. Next period just Normal period like I had at 20, no big clots, no frightening flowing blood. Now I'm not terrified of collapsing again, no irrregular periods coming every 2 or 3 weeks. This month, after only 3 months using NSAIDs and Cyklokapron, I have had 4 week cycle, first time in 5 years. My iron is rising without haemorrghing every few weeks. I can work out, I can LIVE, even during a period. I can relax that it's under control.



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Twinkleotes  ·  08 Jul 2012

Hi all, I just wanted to share my experiences of the Mirena Coil.Basically, I've had very heavy periods since my teenage years.When i was 18, i was at work and just felt in awfulk pain with my periods, and i went all pale and weak.I had to go home from work.I've had a few more incidents where i feel i feel weak and im gonna pass out during my period so i lye down on my bed, feel like im gonna die, and can hardly talk.A gynaecologist diagnosed me with a varicose vein, which is very near my left ovary, which throbs during my periods, and explains my vasovagal episodes.I had the mirena in for the past 5 years, and had it removed in may this year.Initially, everything was fine.The usual bit of spotting which i was expecting, but from my periods side of things, the mirena was wonderful.i had so much more energy, they became lighter, and i hardly knew i had my periods.Other times my periods completely stopped for a while, which was a nice change.After about a year, i definetly noticed am increase in weight, and my mood was low, so i started mild antidepressants.With time, i noticed an increase in my appetite.I got quite bad acne, & some extra moodiness.This year i really began noticing bad palpatations.I never associated them with the mirena, but since ive removed it, they have gone. . . . Overall, the mirena was good-my periods lightened, were no longer as painful as before and i had so much more energy.The side-effects have to be weighed up by each person and of course everyones body reacts differently to an iud.In the end, the side-effects were so bad i had to get it removed, but i had it in for nearly 5 years.ive lost some of the weight i put on, but time will tell if its all gonna come off me.I had to get the coil surgically removed as 2 doctors were unable to find the strings-the strings had curled, and were just above the cervix.Getting the mirena inserted is not for the faint-hearted! Anyone considering this method should definetly give it a try and see for themselves.


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Anonymous  ·  21 Dec 2009

Verma, any Dr who told you that fainting and continuous bleeding were normal had not got one iota what he was talking about. You need to find a Dr , possibly in a gyn hospital or women's clinic willing to investigate what is CAUSING the irregular periods.


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Verma  ·  21 Dec 2009

I am delighted to see so many women speaking out about this.

Years ago I was put on the pill for my period,both to regulate it and to fight my insane moodiness. The first pill made me numb, unbelievably numb, I saw a doctor he perscribed another one. I then bleed and fainted continually from it, upon visiting the doctor again, he told me this was normal?!!? I was young so I thought he knows best. However as the symptoms continued I decided he must be wrong. I am still looking for the pill that will work for me, I have tried most on the Irish Market at this point to no avail.

Periods and womens health although much ignored are vitally important. I spend a couple of days a month moody and crying while being unable to fight it, my partner has the patience of a saint, I am at this stage very bored of it!


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buzz  ·  08 Jun 2009

Hi post at 190 mine are the very same without specific meds. I went through two years of such symptoms (having to take 2 days off school at a time) before I was put on medication, but you know its the same old story in this country, treat the symptom. They never treat the cause.


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Anonymous  ·  08 Jun 2009

Hi there winalite, that is very interesting. Do these Love Moon Anion prodiucts also come in tampons, as there is no way I could wear pads?


1 Posts  ·  06 Jun 2009

there is such product called Love Moon Anion. These are actually hygiene napkins with anions (negative ions) which help to regulate cycle and removes painful syndroms. you can find more information in


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doteen  ·  15 Jan 2009

I really feel for you going through that torture every month. You really need to go for a pelvic ultrasound first and take it from there. I had irregular periods for a while, got a pelvic done, a cyst was found. Gyne said we will wait and watch and went for another pelvic and cyst gone, but have one fibroid, but told nothing will be done with it, it doesn't need to be removed or treated. My mind was put to rest after months of worrying. It really is not worth it. But the pelvic ultrasound is the first step for you. Nothing can really be worse than that torture every month. Good luck with it and keep us posted on how you do.


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Anonymous  ·  15 Jan 2009

Oh Friday, my sympathies - pain so bad you vomit, have diarhea, sweats and have to take time of work!!!!!!!! You literally have to plan your life around what should be a perfectly normal if somewhat inconvenient funtion You are quite right - that is not normal - for anyone and definitely NOT something that any women or girl has to put up with, nor should they.

That hasn't happend to me nor anyone I know but I have heard tell of it happening to women on rare occasions

There certainly is something you can do about it - not just suffer and go through it. If the pill is no longer working, get yourself referred  to a registered gynacolist. As for being afriad of problems - well the problem will still exist and continue whether you are diagnosed or not - but diagnosis will give you the information and power to do something about it.

Take care.


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Friday09  ·  15 Jan 2009

I am a newbie on Irish Health...deciding to join is an act of sheer desperation, you see i had to take the day off work because of bad period pains, but this i am used to and can handle. What i cannot handle any more is when my period starts, usually i will wake up in the middle of the night and with very little notice start vomiting and bouts of diarradh...for anyone who is has happened to i dont need to go into the details. This usually lasts less than half an hour with sweats and cramps in between.....there is nothing i can do but go throught it and hope the end is in sight (althought sometimes it is soo bad, i wish i could just die)

The last time i went to my doctor about this was some years ago and just prescribed the pill. That worked for only a while. I am going to the doctor but i am scared as i know that it is not normal and i am afraid of any problems...

Does anyone have any advice....i am in my mid twenties, i excerise regularly and look after myself. I do feel that i am the most unfortunate person to suffer this every month....with lots of sisters (none of whome suffer like me) and girlfriends whoes sympathies are with me every month. It is taking a real effect on my life, and i suppose up until now i am ignoring its effects. My period is ontime every month 14/15 without fail and this is good cause at least i have the luxury of knowing when hell is comming. I have to plan my life around this and i am sick of it.

I guess i am wondering does anyone else get this? Can anyone steer me in the right direction as to who to go to?...



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Anonymous  ·  16 Sep 2008
Shir, you are right indeed, that kind of pain is simply not normal for anyone. It sounds like your midcyle pain may be the result of pelvic inflammatory disease but a laporoscopy should diagnose. It may be tho that you need to switch gynaes.
I was on the pill for 10 years + and now have the mirena. I considered a TL but these stories are making me think again.

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Anonymous  ·  07 Sep 2008
Shir thanks for writing about this awful problem women have. I am not suffering painful periods like you but i do have midcycle pain and feel faint at times. Due for d&c, hysterscope, smear and mirena next wednesday. Really don't want mirena but recommended to try it again and doc very good. Feel guilty if i don't give it another try even though i think getting tubes tied was enough interfering with my body. Feel so down about whole thing now. God help you and all you went through. Have you rang the hospitals direct to organise appt. They can give appt, keep ringing until you get one. Good luck.

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Anonymous  ·  05 Sep 2008
Elail, I too have periods like the ones you describe, in general I just have clotting and very little normal bleed. I take Cyklokapron to break down the clots which does help. Unfortunately I have dreadful pain which no amount of pain killers will easy. Since April of this year I have been having mid cycle pain, which has caused inflammation of my whole abdominal area, vomiting fainting etc. At wits end now back at GP last evening and she has suggested the Mirena Coil ?????????? Very hesitant to try this had problems before with endo and cysts and was given depo injections and two lapos. I believe there is more to it than just period pain, you should not be losing days out of your life due to pain, fatigue and mood swings. Some days feel like giving it all up as can't cope any longer. Waiting on appointment with Gyna, but at present I feel he is refusing to see me. Had lapo last year to remove severe adhesions and they hit artery and I needed 6 units of blood and emergency surgery to repair tear. In for seven days after operation and I never saw the Consultant again, back at clinic 3 times last year and despite asking to see him, I am still waiting. GP wrote to him back in July to ask him to see me and do a scan but no joy yet. I will not hold my breath. I think it is an absolute disgrace the way female health problems are dealt with by GP's and Consultants. If there is anyone out there with a good experience of the mirena coil or the combined CP. Please let me know.

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Anonymous  ·  26 Aug 2008
I too had breast tenderness and cervical pain on my last one but no nausea. If you haven't inherited the tendancy for endo and cysts and no explanation has been found maybe anotr D&C might help but have you consider endometrila ablation at all. It might be worth looking into - afterall heavy periods unless accompanied by pain (and that should not be tolerated by any good gynae) or other problems such as cervical cancer or severe prolapse doesn't warrant hysterectomy.

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Anonymous  ·  26 Aug 2008
Hi had it investigated 2 yrs ago when d&c performed and hysteroscophy. No cause detected, no fibroids,polyps etc. Had been having abnormal smears, yearly recall although nothing ominous thank god. Last smear normal. Last mirena i had breast tenderness++, cervical pain shooting upwards and nausea++. Really anxious to try it at time but got infection. Maybe placed too low at time. Anyway had last baby after that then TL. Bleeding probs through pregnancies so no more babies, happy with same. Also had breast lump biopsied last year. Strong family history of breast lumps and hystectomy for endometriosis/ cysts /heavy periods. Mum and 3 aunts.

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Anonymous  ·  26 Aug 2008
Elaine, infection with the mirena is similar to infection with anything else - it is caused either by the technique or that the mirena is facilitating an infection which would otherwise have occured anyway.
I would say get to the bottom of the reason for the infection, have it treated first and then examine your options.
I would say, if it were me, get to the bottom of the excessive bleeding - this is not physiologically normal and does put a strain on your system. AQHE d&C and the mirena might be the answer to it but do try and have the cause investigated and all options explored before you consider major surgery such as hysterectomy.

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elaine (EMA74228)  ·  26 Aug 2008
Hi had my appt with gyn doc yesterday. Advises mirena instead. Due to go in few weeks time for d&c, smear and scope with mirena insertion. Really don't want mirena. Had it before and had infection. Out after a year. Thinking of cancelling my next appt. Have smear in wellwoman instead. Tubes tied so don't need contraceptive. Will stay on iron and plod along instead. So confused and worried about all this.

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Anonymous  ·  25 Aug 2008
With regard to a hysterectomy, please be aware elial that this is major surgery - so unless your periods are really causing problems for you - such as pain and disability where no other procedure - such as ablation, hormonal therapy, D&C etc provided relief and all causes - such as hormonal fluctuations, fibroids etc have been ruled out after all investigations, I would think twice about having your womb removed. What you experienced may be a side effect of the tubal but you will be able to easily measure your flow using either a tampon or diva cup.

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Anonymous  ·  23 Aug 2008
Hi my periods come irregularly and last around 6 days. They are heavy but my bleeding just comes out when i go to the toilet. The blood just comes out like wee and some clots are nearly always present. The usual method of measuring how heavy they are is how much sanitary protection you use but with me it doesn't really come onto pad. Just at night in bed and in toilet. Been referred for hysterectomy after d&c 2 yrs ago. Tubes tied already. Sensitive to hormones. Mirena tried and removed for infection /side effects. Anyone else have this type of period?

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Anonymous  ·  30 Apr 2008
Welcome. And I agree. I am blessed with a good gynae but then I haven't really had what you would call real problems.
You must remember GP's are just that - GENERAL practitioners and rarely keep up with the latest research or advancements. Gosh you shoudl have seen the look on my GP's face when I quoted a lancet article (thyroid problems are my own particular bugbear) - it got me referred to an endo faster than you could say informed! I just felt it was my health and my body and if a GP couldn't help I would have to take the lead. The Cons was absent on the day and I was lucky enough to get a registrar who had a special interest in thyroid.
I Would believe it indeed.
My underactive thyroid was something similar - other problems brought it to light.
Fair play to you for taking the bull by the horns and contacting the hospital yourself - it's shocking but sometimes that's what it takes.

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Anonymous  ·  30 Apr 2008
Thank you so much for that Marsy, I feel so much better now. Its the usual lack of available information or limited information that you're landed with and you have to fight and struggle for that which you're entitled to, to make a decision. I've been referred thankfully to a gynae and am so fed up with my doctor's wishy washy approach. Would you believe this information came to light only because I was continually having viral infections and my immune system was low, so it affected my liver...several visits to the doc were no help so in desperation one evening, I rang the hosp in Kilkenny myself to set up the appointment for the scan & had it formalised by my doctor the next day. His response to my saying that I'd made the appointment..."Yeah it might be a good idea at this stage since we've no idea whats wrong with you"...He didn't even take the initiative to examine me! I'm sorry but due to my experience I've little faith in doctors thus far. If you've any concerns about anything ...just get referred to a specialist in the area. Its worth it ...!!

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Anonymous  ·  30 Apr 2008
Rocca, doctors make me so MAD sometimes when I hear things like that. Fibriods don't mean you HAVE to have a hysterectomy. In fact unless you have something like cancer - which fibroids certainly aren't, or severe heamorhage due to organ damage, hysterectomy isn't an imperative. My own mother in law, lived with fibroids for years and had two pregnancies! She had them removed in her late forties using a procedure known as shelling, where the fibroids are removed from the outside of the womb. This was followed up with a D & C.
If it were me, I would find out where they were located exactly, their size, the kind of barrier they may prevent to pregnancy and exactly what methods may used to safely remove them (without compromising your fertility if at all possible). Explore everything from medication to shrink them to endometrial ablation and everything in between. Hysterectomy or the removal of any organ is major surgery and I think that doctors, when its not their own body, tend to forget that.
The fibroids may certainly be related to the heavy periods and why oh WHY doctors do not take this as a warning sign and investigate baffles me.
It is NOT normal to be in pain and exhausted during any normal bodily function - as confirmed indeed by both my own GP and my gynae but it seems that some doctors aren't aware of what every tuned-in female on the planet knows - as I'm sure you do, also.
I would have another discussion also with your doctor - or possibly switch docs or attend a womens health clinic, and have another discussion about the pill. You may need to switch brands or something like the mirena or implanon might suit.

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Anonymous  ·  30 Apr 2008
Hi I was told following an ultrasound that I've fibroids..three quite large ones and my GP said that I@d either have to have a hysterectomy or a myomectomy?? depending on their location and where exaclty one was embedded. It scared me stiff as I'm 33 and havent had children yet. He also told me I'd extra fluid in the area as obviously I'd a burst so mad as presented to doctors several times over a number of years and they attributed the tenderness and pain to IBS. I have extremely heavy periods also, lasting for up to 10 days each time and am in a lot of pain & am wrecked during them. I haven't ever been on the pill properly as they didn't agree with me at the time. Can anybody shed any light on the situation I'm in? Am so scared about what they'll discover now.

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Anonymous  ·  03 Sep 2007
Anonymous, severe pain is not a normal feature of any bodily finction.
If anything - periods, passing urine, digestion or any other function causes you to be unable to stand due to pain, it is a sympto of a problem. See a doctor - preferably a gynae to get to the root of it and get it treated.

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Anonymous  ·  31 Aug 2007
I'm on the pill for last 7 years still get period heavy enough it lasts for 6 days even though they say being on the pill you don't actually get a period but same symptoms as I used when not on pill, but cramps not as bad, evening primose oil tablets are great, I would recommend them. Only worry is I want to come off the pill pretty soon, wondering will I be back to square one with bad pain. Before I went on the pill I used to barely able to stand with period pains.

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Mercy (IIG63003)  ·  02 Jul 2007
Thank you so much for the post. I keep drinking gatorade. Funny how after the i.v. at the hospital and medications for the infection and swelling, the bleeding is actually 95% stopping. Very good news there after it has been so constant and heavy almost 6 motnhs and then a stopping. I wonder did the i.v. help because this is something I did not expect. I am weak in the muscles and have leg pain but other than that doing much much better. Thanks VERY much for your post re: my situation. Have a nice day :)

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Anonymous  ·  28 Jun 2007
As soon as the infectiosn clars up, you need, with your Dr. to think about the best action to solve the fibroid problem - hysterectomy is major surgery no matter how you look at it and with out Health insurance you could have a long wait on the public list.
Other interventions may be more suitable depending on the type and locaiton of the fibroids/
I am so glad you got your initial problem sorted tho'.

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Mercy (IIG63003)  ·  28 Jun 2007
Thank you so much for your caring post. I went to the e.r. last night after the Dr. and after I posted that. They did another ultrasound and somehow I had a cyst burst and an infection from a lot of old fibroid blood in my stomach. I was believe it or not VERY dehydrated even though I drink a lot. They said it is because when you lose a lot of blood yu are loosing a lot of liquid, blood is liquid makes sense. They said I may soon need the uterus taken out but not right now I guess because of the insurance I don't have right now and referred me back to the Dr. that referred me yesterday to the e.r. so I am being juggled back and forth. I was on an i.v. for liquids and antibiotics last night and left with 4 prescriptions. They said moderate bed rest also. The 800 mg motrin helps a little and although I don't like pain pills at all it seemed to also help a bit. I hope my bleeding stops somehow. I am really feeling sick and nauseated physically. Up now drinking more liquids and some waffles for food before another antibiotic. I also have crohn's and ulcerative cholitis.

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Anonymous  ·  28 Jun 2007
Mercy, you need to get back to your Gynae and have those fibroiuds dealth with urgently, ther is niether reason notr excuse toa leave anyone bleeding and in pain for 6 months - aside also to what sort of anemia it may be causing

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Mercy (IIG63003)  ·  27 Jun 2007
I have been bleeding for almost 6 months straight. I have horrible pain and have been to the hospital and the gyn here. He says they are fibroids but I have been bleeding for almost 6 months. Sometimes in public I all of a sudden lose about a half cup of blood all over my pants and leek through numerous pads in about 10 seconds or less. I am at my wits end and always in pain. Any comments of help?

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LizzyR  ·  12 Jun 2007
Ann: I had my first injection of depo in January 2002 and my third and final one in September 2002, I was on the pill until March 2005 and since then have been trying to conceive. I have had cysts that have resolved themselves however, I have one particular one on my left ovary which i have been told is 'substantial in size' I have had this definitly since September 2006 however it may be longer than this, i have FINALLY got my gynae appointment after almost a year waiting which will be in July...Also Ann you said to GerB that you would find it negligent of my gynae to leave me with a potential rupture...i think the point Ger was trying to make was i don't / have not been assigned a Gynae in the past few years...i'm unfortunate enough to live in Cork where women aren't priority...I've sat beside my GP while he has quite angrily spoke to gynaecology departments in order to get me seen swiftly, yet I still have not been assigned or seen by a gynaecologist in Cork. My Gp had refered me as a matter of urgency...yet it took a year to get my appointment...its a fact that women in Cork (and undoubtedly the rest of Ireland) are dying waiting for these appointments...

Also another point i wish to make I've a friend who suffers from polycystic ovaries she had a cyst 2 months ago and she was immediatley sent to our 'state of the art new maternity hospital' in Cork with a 'potential rupture' here she was told there was no bed!! to come back the following morning so she could be scanned...the following morning she returned for her scan and was told again there was no available appointment for 2 weeks...this girl was in serious pain....she was sent home again where that night her cyst ruptured, she is fine again but it could have been a lot more serious...I'm only telling you this so you might get a small idea of the service that women in Cork are competing with..or dying for....

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Anonymous  ·  12 Jun 2007
Indeed Ann, I've have had two cysts myself in the past (very small ones) and was told they they mayu well resolve themselves but if they became bigger than a particular size, were in danger or rupture or were painful, they would require treatment.
I think tho' in Lizzy's case, she could not get a referral to a gynaecologist for something in the region of a year and this (unreasonable) delay was part of the problem.

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Ann  ·  11 Jun 2007
Yes, Ger but Lizzy said that she has had cysts before that had resolved themselves and I would find it negligent of her Gynaecologist to leave her with a potential rupture when he could treat it.
We have to assume that her Gynae knows what he is doing and knows her situation better than us.
No point in worrying Lizzy if there is no reason to.

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Anonymous  ·  11 Jun 2007
It's true, some cysts do resolve themselves but if the cyst is above a certain diameter, has any possibility of rupture or is painful is should be treated.
That is the standard medical response.

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Ann  ·  08 Jun 2007
Lizzy, When did you have the depo provera?
I would be a bit suspicious and it is quite possible that the cyst is as you suspect, as a result of this inj. and that if you just give your body a chance to recover, it will, in time.

Renee, Although what you say sounds right and all that, I would still recommend that you get your bloods checked by your G.P. because there is a level that once you drop below (HB), no amount of molasses will help.

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Renee (HNM61616)  ·  07 Jun 2007
I have self-diagnosed myself with uterine fibroid(s) upon feeling a knot/buldge in my abdomen and the last period lasting 18 days with intense bleeding.

Found a home-remedy site and tried one of the treatments... it worked - this period is very light, only one day of cramps, and at day 3, it appears nearly over.

I'm adding 1-2 Tbs dark Molasses to my morning coffee and also having the same drink before bedtime. Started this just under 2 weeks ago and am very pleased with the first results.

My fingernail beds are also beginning to take on a pink hue as opposed to the regular white-ish color... so anemia is also being addressed with this treatment.

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LizzyR  ·  22 May 2007
Ger, thanks again for your comment, the NTPF is for patients waiting for 3 months or more on a public hospital in-patient waiting list for an operation; seeing a gynaecologist under my circumstances doesn't qualify as its an outpatient appointment I'm awaiting.
I didn't think the IFPA could transfer you directly its definitly something I'll look into, however Dublin/Leinster area definitly provides better services then Cork. As far as I'm aware Cork only has the One Family Planning clinic, I must look into this possibility, Thanks again.

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Anonymous  ·  22 May 2007
Hi Lizzy,

I have just thought of something.
Have you thought about going thru the Everywoman (IFPA) or well woman clinic. I have reason to beleive you might get referred quicker that way.
A colleague of mine needed a procedure (it wasn't a cyst) recently and was told by her GP, that she'd be waiting 4 - 5 months. She just mentioned it at her next clinic appointment (it was with the Everywoman clinic) and she was in the Rotunda inside three weeks. This was the Dublin / Leinster area tho.
However, under the NTPF (national treatment purchase fund) any patient who is waiting three months or longer can be referred to be treated privately (here or abroad depending on availability) so it's well worth giving the NTPF helpline a ring.
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