6 negative pregnancy test results, yet still no period?

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SamSam  ·  25 Aug 2009

I agree with mani, HCG is the most effective way to find out if your pregnant. Less common cause for not having a period in some women is because the estrogen levels become very low. Bottom line check in with your GYN as they know your entire health history.


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Mani  ·  09 May 2007
I suggest you talk to your GP and possibly get a HCG (pregnancy hormone) test via a blood sample done. As multiple tests are usually done, this should give you some indication on wether you are or are not pregnant.

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Sinead (HAM46443)  ·  02 May 2007
I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy (but I biased!!) five months ago today and had my first period on the 24th January and the second arrived 27th February (6 days late). Now here I am on the 2nd May and no period since 27th February.

I have done 6 pregnancy tests all on different days over the last few weeks and all of them have been negative yet still no period…..

I have none of the symptoms I had when I was pregnant last year but still a little concerned as to why I am so late, is this normal?
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