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Vania  ·  14 Oct 2017

Hi everyone.

Had my Lletz a tx on the 6 of September post a positive smear (CIN II). Waited 4 weeks until I initiate my sexual life again, within that period I bled but it eventually stopped and got my period afterwards. When I started having intercourse everything was going well until last night. I had a bleeding during intercourse and I am 10 days away from my period. The bleeding ceased when we stopped. However I have had intercourse after the tx and nothing happened before. What do you think? I am concerned, do you think that my cervix is still frail and it is only showing now? I exclude STD as I have no dc or smell of any kind, I have no pain or disuria. A do have itchness but nothing else associated to it. Many thanks


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Sar2017  ·  21 Jun 2017

Hi All,

I just wanted to ease any worries anyone may have as I read all I could get my hands on when I had a colposcopy. So I had abnormal smear, colposcopy, results CIN 2 change and yesterday just had LLETZ treatment under local anaesthetic. It was painless. Had it done at a designated national clinic free and I can't thank the health care professionals enough. I have had no symptoms and no spotting. I am taking the day after off so my body can just relax and heal. But again no symptoms. I took 2 panadol in case every four hours immediately after the procedure which only takes 20 minutes between the discussion and the actual treatment. I would tell anyone not to be a bit scared and this is so common. Changes to the cervix are so common and my opinion is get whatever abnormal cells off and forget about it! If pregnant or trying then the doctor / nurses will advise appropriately for best time. Follow the advice and instructions from the doctor / nurses to the word i.e. no swimming, baths, intercourse for 4 weeks (or 6 if told) and move on! I am 32 and will be having babies in future and maybe 5 in every 100 women night have a premature labour (37 weeks) but if you are monitored closely during pregnancy they can put in a stitch and help that too. Also I am taking lots of healthy juices and supplements and drinking lots of water to help my body what it needs to be healthy and move on! We need to stop the fear and the taboo about this health matter which most women will have to look at some time in their lives. Regular smears and healthy living is my plan and move on! 

Sorry for super long message but want to help any worried women as I know the initial worry and there is no need! LLETZ is not painful! 

Best wishes S


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Mancoll  ·  15 Nov 2016

Hi all just looking for some advice, I had my smear in april this yr got an abnormal result in may, went to colposcopy clinic 2nd of June and they explained my smear showed I was cin2 and done a biopsy there and then which showed I was cin3 I contracted an infection shortly afterwards, fast forward to 17th of august I went back for lletz which was quite painful I had local anaesthetic  (4 vials) afterwards I was grand a bit crampy but nothing major. bled on and off for 7 weeks after week 9 I got a letter just stating I was cin3 and to come back in 6 months. it's now the 15th of November and my cycle is regulated again I'm on day 3 it's bright red but with a black grainy type substance 2 (just like after biopsy and lletz) is this normal?  


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Kassey Kassey091  ·  24 Sep 2016

Did biopsy, 16 Aug 2016, results were ready 1 week later.

Did LLETZ, 8 Sept 2016, still waiting for results.

Why is it taking longer this time? Waiting is the hard part for me.

When should I call the hospital?

Girls, don't freak out.

The way I dealt with it all is by learning everything I could about abnormal cells and changing cells.

Now it makes more sense, I focus on the fact that smears, biopsies and LLETZ are procedures required to stop any potential damaging cells building a home in our bodies.

Just like when Ivy appears on a tree, it is removed to avoid it overtake that tree. Then every so often someone will go look and see if there is any new Ivy growing on that same tree or if the Ivy is gone gone for good.

When the doctor actually says you have cancer then you can freak out like a maniac if need be.

Isn't of inviting the thought of cancer in your body, invite the thought of great health in your life.

Easier said then done for sure, but I am getting there...


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Lisa.pdmt  ·  06 Sep 2016

@Stargazer92: I know it's hard to believe but the actual LLETZ treatment is very similar to the colposcopy in terms of discomfort. It depends a lot on how much work they need to do. I had two done and the first one was really quick, the second one took a bit longer but I was a lot less scared and that helped a lot. I doubt they would agree to do it under general anestetic but then again I never asked. General has its own risk and to be honest I would avoid it. Maybe you can ask if you can get anything else to relax you a bit. I found I didn't experience much pain (nothing that one couldn't bear for a few minutes anyway), but the first time I was so upset and afraid that my legs were shaking.

I think at this stage the worst it's behind you - the procedure only lasts a few minutes. Best of luck xxx


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KCookies  ·  06 Sep 2016

I have literally just had lletz treatment for CIN 3 , 3 hours ago. It's absolutely fine. I've had it done 4 times now and have to say it's nothing to worry about. The anaesthetic is the same you get for the biopsies. Your legs go shaky and heart beats a little fast. Nothing to worry about. You don't feel the infection just a tiny bit of pressure. Treatment last only 5 to 8 minutes and right as rain after. I do recommend going and doing under local as its over in no time rather than going on a waiting list for general and taking hours to recover. No bleeding afterwards for me anyways just a little crampy. I've had cold coagulation treatment also and this is by far easier and pain free. 


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Stargazer92  ·  05 Sep 2016

Hi guys,

im a first time poster here and I've read alot of your experiences. I'm 24, I had two abnormal smears in the last year and I'm scheded for a lerz in 4 weeks, but im freaking out, I barely coped with the colposcopy and biopsy and I've just realised that the Lletz is to be performed under local anaesthetic and I'm freaking out there's no way I can go throught with it I see local anaesthetic. Does anybody have any suggestions or know if I can request to have it done under general, I don't know what to do and I'm seriously thinking of cancelling my appointment...


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Rosec2016  ·  10 Aug 2016

Hi, I had the Lletz treatment Mid April. CIN3. It was a bit of a tricky one, they could not get to the wall of the cervix but are in hope that after the Letz these cells on the cervix wall have singed. No infection, all felt fine. Period in June all as normal. Then July I was spotting for 4 days, not much just a bit of brownish when wipe (sorry for the details) then a period for 3 days. My period is normally extremely heavy for 6 days.

I was back at the clinic at the end of July, they did a colposcopy and smear, I am waiting on the results. Told them about the spotting and short period and they said nothing. Just lets see what the smear says.

August, same thing. Spotting brownish for 3 days and then straight into a period for 3 days, not that heavy either.

I am not using any protection as I was trying for a baby before all this came about. After the short period in July, I did a test and it was negative. 

Anyone else experience anything like this. 


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gabba  ·  15 Jun 2016

Hi there just joined currently waiting on results of LLETZ as well, wish the pro's would prepare a little better for the rollercoaster of waiting.My story is simply post coital bleed feb2016 colposcopy and smear in April smear clear, biopsy CIN2, bit shocked scheduled for LLETZ had it done 16 days ago which went fine less harrowing than expected although Im beginning to learn is that this isn't something that Im bouncing energetically back from ....it is so re-assuring that at least Im not alone on this forum.


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Mancoll  ·  11 Jun 2016

I had my 3rd smear test done last month received a letter to say I had been referred to a colposcopy clinic (my 1st two smears were normal) I had my appointment last week 02/06/16, where I was told my smear showed cin2, I then went on to have my colposcopy done which showed cin3. I have been referred for lletz and should have my biopsy results within 8 weeks. Is it normal for smear and colposcopy to show different stages?


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Ros16  ·  05 May 2016

I see it's been some time since anyone has posted here but just some info/advice for those researching. The lletz itself is not a procedure to worry about. Its not a nice experience of course but the effect is more emotional than physical. Bring some one with you the day you get it done to drive you or for moral support. My main advice is if you have a lletz and subsequently get pregnant, no matter what your mid wife or doctor say, especially if you have any bleeding please insist they measure your cervix and monitor you closely in case you need a stitch. I have just had a preterm labour at 23 weeks, my beautiful baby was too young her lungs weren't developed and she didn't survive. I've been googling and it seems some countries will try to save such young babies and they are given treatment but not so here. The doctors are very non commital as to the reason for my preterm labour, it could have been any number of things, at my request they've sent some blood samples,my placenta and tissue from the baby for testing but have reiterated that this probably won't give us any answers (it also takes 3 months). The worst thing is not knowing the reason making it harder to accept. My main reason for this post is that I had been into the hospital twice due to bleeding before my 12 week scan and check in, each time I told them I'd had a lletz they knew this from my records, they said bleeding was probably due to scarring and nothing to worry about. The doctor at my 12 week scan said some hospitals measure your cervix if you've had a lletz. He went to check with the midwife to see if they did this at my hospital, as he was new. I heard them speak in the corridor and the mid wife say 'I don't know you're the doctor'. The doctor returned said they don't seem to do it here and it's probably nothing to worry about.

Me being none the wiser, didn't insist, as I was reassured it'd probably be fine. I had my scan all was well, I had my anatomy scan weeks later all was good. However, a normal scan won't show if anything is wrong with your cervix, the night I gave birth the normal scan was fine, baby was perfect heartbeat perfect, baby was kicking, it wasn't until they checked my cervix that they discovered it was dialated and the membrane was dropped. Having had the reassurance of a strong heartbeat, to be told baby is coming, it's too early and she won't survive is a shock, a life changing devastation to say the least. 

The cervix can dialate really quickly.

And yes I still don't know if my having the lletz was anything to do with the preterm labour but, if that was the reason a stitch could have been put in place had it been detected. 

I think this situation needs to be monitored closer than it is, from reading what little I can find on the internet about this experience, it seems they don't detect this problem until you've had your first preterm labour, lost your first child.

This is a preventable situation with the right monitoring.

A friend has recently had a lletz at a different hospital and her doctor was adamant that if she has children in the future that she ensure she has her cervix measured and a stitch if necessary.

My advice to those of you having the lletz; 

Once you get pregnant, insist they measure your cervix, insist they put a stitch or two of necessary and insist they monitor you closely.

I can't praise the midwives I had the night of my babies birth enough but, this experience has really opened my eyes to the inconsistency of hospital policies and monitoring like nothing before. I was so clueless, at 6 months I totally expected that even if she was premature I'd be bringing my baby home, especially with today's better healthcare, how wrong and naive I was, I certainly never expected to have to bury her. I'm now in what should be my 7th month of pregnancy. I can't describe the emptiness with words.

I hope this will help some one, never accept assurances just because some one is a doctor, always ask the questions, and research for the questions you didn't know you had. Because believe me it's the questions you don't know you need to ask, which matter the most sometimes.


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Meggles1988  ·  14 Feb 2014

Hi all, 

Please can i have some help as im very worried about this. i had my lletz treatment on the 5th of Feb, and last night i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, nothing seems to be different besides the stress im feeling, have i stuffed everything up now? Has anyone done this before? Thank you


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Anonymous  ·  06 Mar 2013

As far as I know, it is available on the public health system, so that kind of cost estimate is completely off. If you have private health insurance you might well be seen quicker but both VHI and Laya will cover it and probably the other insurers too so no cost involved there either.


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MyLove  ·  04 Mar 2013

Does anybody know about the cost of lletz? as I was told of app $5500. Isn't tooo much for this?...


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TeamTwilight  ·  07 Feb 2013

Hi Ladies :) Well after been on google and panicking about Lletz I want to give my story as we need more possitive stories out there! First of all I have a huge needle phobia and Im the most squemish person ever and Im a baby when it comes to pain. Anyway I was bookied in to gat lletz done under general anastetic. I went in in the morning very nervous but was put to ease by the nice staff. I walked to theatre in my night dress and gown and it felt good that I wore my own nightdress through the op. I was covered in a blanket as they gave me the general anastetic(i actually could not feel the needle) Then my eyes felt heavy and I was asleep. I woke up still covered in the blanket after the op and was wheeled back to the recovery ward( I was very happy that all dignity was maintained as I did worry that I would not be covered up and not know it). I had a lovely cup of tea and toast. The first time I went to the toilet I was worried that there would be lots of blood as I do bleed easy. There was only a tiny bit of blood and today( the day after the op) there is only some spotting. Also I dont have children yet and plan to and as I got myself upset over that I was reasured that one lletz wont make a difference and they are so updated now anyway that even if there was another lletz they monitor and measure your cervix and if needed they put in a stitch during a pregnancy, but most times after 1 lletz they dont need to do this. Believe me I asked all these questions so I thought I better share it with all you other girls who are worried but if you need this op please dont let anything put it off as it can save your life in the long run :) Good luck to anyone who is reading this and going for lletz, just relax and enjoy the time out of your busy life :)


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Emmy emmy  ·  22 Jan 2013

Hello, I had a lletz treatment yesterday, for a cin2,3 result, and just want to relax anyone who is planned to have one, I was extremely worried before I had it but I actually had a good time as weird as it sounds. I was under general anesthetic , and the last thing I remember was falling asleep , when I woke up I was feeling very relaxed and the nurse gave me tea and toast, after that I fell asleep for a couple of hours and returned home. The whole experience was actually relaxing since I didn't feel the procedure , and was just resting the whole time while doctors and nurses are taking care of you. And now that I am home in relaxing in bed and taking pain killers and antibiotics. I am on my period so I have bleeding, not sure if it from period, lletz or both. I do feel discomfort in the treated area but resting in bed and medicin is helping . I'm happy I am over it since I was extremely worried and scared about this . But be relaxed if you ae getting it done :)


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Jen1987  ·  05 Sep 2012

I wanted to write on here about my recent experience with Lletz. I read quite a few posts on here which got me pretty worried so would like to be able to put a few people's minds at rest. I had my first smear about 6 weeks ago (I am 25) and my results came back severe dyskariosis, naturally I then went into complete panic, I think the lack of information and the way the letter is written is not great, it causes a lot of undue stress and I think a phone call from the doctor would be more appropriate. I had an appointment at the hospital 2 days later where I had a colposcopy - this was basically just a smear test, a bit uncomfortable but certainly not painful. The doctor couldn't see much but he took some biopsies, this involved a local anaesthetic, the dr gave me two injections into my cervix, it stung a little but was only for a few seconds, I did feel very shaky after these but he told me this was normal. The biopsy didn't hurt whatsoever. I did have period like cramps afterwards but only for a day and had bleeding for a week after the biopsies.

The biopsy results came back 2 weeks later confirming severe dyskariosis and I went in today (7 days after my results) for my lletz treatment. The treatment was over very quickly, the worst thing about it was the local anaesthetic which was not particularly painful. I am now waiting for the results to make sure they've got it all. I am not saying that my experience was pleasant I think anything like this is emotional and stressful but the staff maintained my dignity at all times and I really believe the worrying is much worse than the stress. In nearly all situations this is easily treatable and does not lead to further problems! My advice to anyone going through this is to get off google, try to worry as little as possible and go for your treatment


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sparki  ·  23 Aug 2012


i AHD A Lletxz in 2006 and 6 years later I still bleed heavily after intercourse and it can last for 5 - 6 days each time.  Has anyone out there had the same problem???? 


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Noodle31  ·  19 Jul 2012

Hi there, I would give the nurse in the colposcopy ward a 

Ring, they are ever so helpful and reassuring! The

Chest infection and coughing might not have helped u.

Dont panic just give them a quick ring and they will tell you if 

You should go back to them or it's nothing to worry about, good luck


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Ladynerve  ·  18 Jul 2012

Hello ladies! I was wondering if I could get some information from you as I feel I didn't get enough from my health care professionals! Anyway I had my lletz treatment two days ago! I have never had this before so was nervous! Anyway they removed a piece of my cervix and I was sent home! I have had very light brownish/pink discharge since then which I was told about so that's expected! Tonight though I have started with quite heavy bright red bleeding! I have a chest infection so I am coughing strongly! I'm wondering if this could of caused a rupture! I'm not sure if this will be a period as i have had the contraceptive implant in place for two months with no periods! This has always been the same when I'm on progesterone only contraception! Basically my question is should heavy bleeding begin two days after lletz when for the first two days it was just light discharge! Thanks to anyone who can help :-)


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jajus  ·  07 Jun 2012

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dnnshortt  ·  05 Jun 2012

hi can anyone please give me some information i have had lletz treatment done twice once wen i was 18 grade 2/3 and another one in december 2011 for grade 3 when i had the second one done the doctor was very rude and told me while standing up as if it was noting that i wouldnt be able to have children becoz of the state my cervix is in after the letz i asked him to explain more and wats my options and he said well if u want children dont get the procedure done witch wasnt an option for me i know how important it is to have done

after telling my partner of 5 years wat the doctor said we agreed maybe we'll try for kids next year 2013 seen as we hadnt much information about me not having kids just goin by wat the doctor said

to my partner and my surprise i found out i was pregnant in feburary after only losing my mam in november 2011 and being told i'm due in november 2012 i felt this baby was ment to be and a blessing and we are over the moon but now i'm hearing i wont be able to carry full term and i could lose the baby at any time i'm goin for a measurement on my cervix in july to see if i need a stitch to hold baby in witch by then i'll be 6 months and i'm so worried hearing all these stories about not be able to have children after lletz that i'm goin to lose this baby before i even get the stitch, i keep bleeding in the last 2 months i have went in to a&e a few times worried but so far baby is fine and keep saying its noting to worry about but how can i not when i'v been told i cant carry and will lose babies by doctor

has anyone had children after 2 lletz or know anyone that has? id really appreciate some information


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AshBash  ·  30 May 2012

I had a Lletz treatment last week in the Rotunda I was terrified after googling the treatment the staff were lovely and supportive I felt no pain what so ever it lasted for 15mins and I didn't even feel the injection of the local anesthetic after the treatment I felt drowsy still had no pain at all ....... The only problem I have is a week later I'm feeling tired constantly and im having heavy odourless discharge with the odd spotting of blood maybe I'm run down from the antibiotics I was put on ..... Is it normal to have heavy discharge??? The most annoying thing about this treatment I feel is wearing towels so bloody uncomfortable! Hopefully the discharge goes soon and ladies it's not that bad the treatment I dont understand how people are having such horrific experiences when I felt nothing?!?? Anyways good luck ladies you will be fine x


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loz31uk  ·  31 Jan 2012

ive recently had a biopsy as my cervical smear test came back abnormal and was just wondering after treatment would i be able to drive home 


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Noodle31  ·  26 Jan 2012

I had a smear done after my 20mth old was born and had abnormal cell change, i was refered for a colposcopy.. had this done and had cin2.. then had a lletzs this was cin3.. I was told at this stage all cells were removed! went back 6 months later for smear.. found abnormal cells,and had biopsy there and then, results cin1-cin2, and was refered for another lletz so i asked were the cells developing that fast? i was told that unfortunatly in the rare ocasion they spread outside the area that was worked on the last lletz! result cin3! back in 6 months! i feel its a long time to wait with all this worry. how many lletz cin3 do you have before i say enough is enough? take it away i rather get it over and done with and concentrate on my kids instead i have this on my mind all the time its depressing! what advise can any one give me please?


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GerryBerry  ·  16 Jan 2012

Hi All,

I had a LLETZ treatment 6 months ago after going for my first colposcopy. I had my first smear in September since the treatment and it showed some abnormal changes. I am scheduled for another colposcopy this week. I have never been informed verbally or in writing my grade of cervical dysplasia.Is this normal? Thanks.


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Scaryspex  ·  30 Nov 2011


I had Lletz done three weeks ago. I had a period a week after, on my normal date, but I had no pain and no other usual side effects of a period. The last few days I've had all the perios side effects along with cramps today and bleeding. I'm so confused. Was that a period I had two weeks ago? Or some side effect of the Lletz. They said my period after the Lletz would be heavier and perhaps more painful. 


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tea&biscuts  ·  23 Nov 2011

hello ladies,

would some of you please recommend whether it would be better to go to Holles Street or the Coombe to have the Lletz done, please....thanks :-)


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fainneoir1  ·  09 Nov 2011

I'm here at my desk at work less than 24 hours after my treatment, Ladies please do not be overly concerned about this treatment. Everybody is different and everybody will most likely have a different experience.... but.....

I googled the word on Monday and came across this site, Having read some of the posts about others experience, I have to say I was somewhat concerned given that so many ladies had had general anesthetic to have their treatment and I knew I wasn't having it.

My fears (thank God) were completely unfounded. The treatment was over in 10 to 15mins and I felt nothing at all once the little pinch of the local anesthetic was given to me. The giddy legs thing kicked in, it's like they get a mind of their own and begin to jump around on their own a little and yes I did have the slightly elevated heart rate but dear Lord, isn't that to be expected through your own natural adreneline kicking in when you know that a "needle" is going "in there" !!..... Ladies as I said at the start, each and every one of us is different and each and everyone of us will have a different experience so... please please don't be overly worried, we are in the hands of healthcare professionals who are looking after us. Those of us who are going for/have had this treatment are the ones who are ahead of the game in keeping ourselves above ground and breathing, so go for it girls, get it done, keep and open mind and relax.

Working ourselves up beforehand will NOT help at all. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones who has a really fantastic doctor and for any ladies who have had a not good experience with this, I feel for you girls but.... it's better to have it done than face the consequences. Talk to your friends about this and smear tests girls, your younger sisters or older one, aunts, mom's all the women who matter to you in your life. Good luck to anyone having their treatment soon, I hope all goes well ! Smile


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Brighteyes82  ·  20 Jul 2011

Hi Guys,

I'm 28, i had Lletz done almost 3 weeks ago. I had it done under general anesthetic in the Rotunda Hospital. I was too nervous to have it done on the day of my colposcopy, i was told i had high grade cin3 but have not been called back for a follow up just yet. They said it was a large biopsy taken away and i would be back in 6 weeks for results and to see how i'm healing up. 

After the surgery i had very little pain, i felt a bit sore really. When i got home i didn't have much bleeding but had a brown/pink discharge constantly since then, last night i started my period which is very painfull and very heavy. I hate using towels but have no choice but nomatter what i do as i have been wearing them for 3 weeks now i am even getting sore donw there, i'm very clean but i know you can't use anything down there as to prevent infection. I was out on a 5 day cousrse of antibiotics straight after treatment to stop infection. 

My worry now is that i too do not have chilfren yet and really want to be a mum, i'm with my boyfriend for 3.5 years and he says he is not ready, he said maybe next year when we are 4 years together, i am scared because i will be almost 30 then and he thinks you can just get pregnant straight away but there is a huge infertility history in my family and with the cervical problems i'm having now i'm so worried i will not be able to conceive. I'm afraid if i wait too long it has increased risk and it could take me years. I had cin2 6 years ago and had clear smears after and did not need treatment but having read that some women have had the same as me done and the abnormalities have come back again scares me.

It would break my heart if i was told i could not have a baby, how do i convince my boyfriend that time is not on our side and that we we have to start trying sooner rather than later????


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Bonnie.G  ·  28 Jun 2011

Hannah, it will be your Gynaecologist who will be carrying out this procedure so you need to have this discussion with them not your GP. If you tell him/her your concerns they have a duty to provide you with a general anasethic if you feel more comfortable with it.

My gynaecologist had no prob with it and it was done as a day case, I was in and out by 5 in the evening. Like I said in my previous post I felt it was the best decision for me anyway.

Your GP will get a letter from the gynaecologist to say how it all went and that will be that! :)


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Anonymous  ·  28 Jun 2011

Hannah, unles your GP can give you a MEDICAL reason why not , then you are entitled to have a general aneasthetic and is she cannot provide you with a reason then tell her you need a referral to Dr. who can.


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hannah12  ·  28 Jun 2011

I have been just reading through some of the latest messages posted, and I see that a couple of you have had general anaesthetics for your procedures. 

I have had lletz and a biopsy done for CIN11 and have asked my GP if I could get a general if I ever need to get it done again as I had a terrible time of it too.  She said no, with no discussion.  Where are you getting it done under general?  I am in Cork, and so would be going to St Finbarrs.



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Rak  ·  27 Jun 2011

Hi everyone, just reading through here trying to find out some info on pregnancy after LLETZ.

I've just had my second tratment and had to put life on hold for the next year. I had the all clear for 4 and a half years after my 1st LLETZ. I went for the last smear in May with the hopes of trying for a baby after I got my anual all clear. Unfortunately I didnt get my all clear. I had a coposcopy and a biopsy, I was assured by the doctor and colposcopy nurse I had only CIN1 and would need no treatment, 2 weeks later I get a letter I had CIN11-111 and needed LLETZ for the second time.

I have to say I was terrified. My first experience was awful. I felt every little bit and had to fight the urge to scream out in pain. I really didnt wanna go through all that again. But I'm happy to report this treatment was so much better. The doctor assure me she would not proceed until the local had taken full affect and she tested every area and applied more even when I said I could only feel a tiny bit. I felt nothing this time, just a slight period like pain towards the end. Moral of the story is, you tell the doctor if you need more local dont let them decide the amount you need. Every women is different as they say.

Now the aftermath pain was just the same, and I had a rough couple of days. But a week later I'm feeling almost normal. Still have some cramps and find sitting the office a bit uncomfortable.

However I'm still pretty upset about having the wait 6 months for my follow up before TTC. Unfortunatley I'll have to extend that to the full year due to personal and work commitments 


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carlita  ·  25 Jun 2011

hello everybody

I am 28yrs old and did the lletz treatment 6days ago. I had the general anestetia done and felt no pain and only parcial bleeding. I travelled the next day back to to my fiance and having not seen him for a month we had sex 2days after the surgery. I know this was stupid but and i feel really silly for even tellng u guys this but i need to know if any of you have done the same at some point and what the out come was. I didnt bleed much after the surgery but after sex the next day i bleed like on my 2nd day of period also had a bad oddor. He says his penis itches and has a bad oddur. Any advice would be very much appreciated. tx


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Bonnie.G  ·  28 Apr 2011

Hey All,

Just thought I'd share my experience of Lletz with you as, I have noticed a couple of you girls have had a bad experience of it, so maybe my experience will help ease the nerves for anybody else going for it Smile I've had abnormal smears since I was 23, usually just CIN1 and CIN2 which then regressed back to normal, then I had CIN1 again followed by another normal smear! With a couple of colposcopies thrown in for good measure! So when I went for the usual 6 monthly smear nearly 2 years ago aged 27 they came back normal! Which I was delighted, the nurse told me to come back again in 6 months and I was really bold and didnt go back for another year. When I went for the smear last Oct, it came back abnormal, and I had another colposcopy which showed CIN3! Big shock but I blamed myself for not going back when the nurse told me, as the smears are hugely important! Anyhooo, I had the Lletz done approx 8 weeks ago. I was so nervous going in, I had a general anaesethic cause I found the last colposcopy painful when I got the biopsies taken and I have to say it was the best decision to make! I think colposcopy is very undignified and we all know its a matter of having to have your legs akimbo while it being done, but all the same I hated it. I woke up with pains that I would describe as a normal period cramping pain. One large and two small pieces of cervix were taken so the doctor told me, so I was worried what the impact of that would be for my sex life with my partner and future pregnancies as I have no kids yet!

Well all I can say is that I bleed for about 2 weeks on and off, bleeding as in discharge like the last few days of a normal period. My first period following lletz was heavier than normal but my doctor warned me off this. Not much pain at all and no bleeding at all following sex! Happy days!! Laughing  

As for the future pregnancies, my doc advised to wait at least 6 weeks to allow the cervix to heal and the same for commencing intercourse. After all this though I have to say that I didnt find the procedure as bad as I thought it was going to be. I got my results back last week which told me that the cervix was treated succussfully so im hoping that will be the end of it now! Ill just have to keep drinking green tea which apparently helps stop CIN progession. :)


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leahcallum  ·  15 Apr 2011

hi ...

 i had my first smear done at 21 an im 23 yrs an ive had my first lletz done wen i was 22, my smear test came back wit CIN3 so i had a colposcopy an biopys done then i had the lazor .. ive had another smear done after the lletz an it came back fine, but now a year later an my smear has come back abnormal and i need further investagation. im really scared about this and thinking all sorts has this happened to anybody else?

and its a disgraced the way the goverment in ireland has the age for smears is 25!!!



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Cross roads  ·  21 Mar 2011

Hi Pud1, I saw a dicussion on magic mum about women getting their smear back normal and then 6 mths later it changing. I really don't think you should worry. All the results mean is there have been changes, these changes may not mean anything it just means they happened. I have heard of smears taking for up to 6 weeks to get back. It really is a long wait I know, I am in a similar boat awaiting my own. Sealed


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PUD1  ·  14 Mar 2011

Does anyone know how long it takes to get biopsy results? was at my doc's today and still no word. also i had a negative smear 6 months ago and 6 months later a cin 3 which they found very odd, has anyone else had this?


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Anonymous  ·  14 Mar 2011

Crossorads, I woukd say most definitely No. If you were pregnant it would be picked up at your first pre-natal smear, given your history Lletz during pregnancy may have been required which could risk the pregnancy. Even if it were possible to leave it until after the baaby was born, it may have been greatly impacted by the pregnancy and more intervention may have been neecded, which now that you know is a completely unneccesary risk. 

Yes LLETZ has its own risks, but dramatically less than Cin3 in pregnancy. if you do need to go down that road there is of course every possibility of no coming back and conceivign when you get the all clear and are healthy. Any woman will have to waiut 6 months before TTC after Lletz, this is to prevent complications arising.

No not every one with CIN 3 goes on to develop cancer - becuase they are teated and it is therefore prevented. Yes, it can take years to develop but in some women it can only take months - do you really want to take an unneccessary risk with your health and maybe more?

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