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Cheerio  ·  06 Apr 2011

Thank you so much for so much info..Smile

I will definetly make appointment for doctor next week to get a referral for the dermatologist.  Do you mind me asking what foods to avoid (I know most of them) but do you have a strict diet and can you drink any alcohol at all?

My fear is that it will get worse fairly quickly, nobody only me really notices it as I look like have caught the sun, but I know it is different.  What about make up? Any recommendations?   Should I go to a beautician - I am very shy about things like this and dread the thought, but would rather get good solid advice from someone who knows.  I really appreciate your kind words of wisdom, thank you RedheadWink


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redhead  ·  06 Apr 2011


Sorry to hear that you are suffering so much from the burning etc-I can identify with you having gone through that too. I would suggest that you definately make an appt with a good dermatologist and suggest the IPL Laser for the redness and burning-prob better to go to one that provides this laser too-I went to Blackrock clinic and never looked back regarding the flushings and burning. It will take a few sessions to feel better but be patient-I remember even my face was burning in waiting room while waiting for first meeting with derm so dont despair. Touch wood-I have never had that awful flushing since prob 2006 and just now go once a year for IPL. It is an awful thing-it effects everything you do-exercising, going out for meals, work etc so dont think it will always be like this-it wont......

I still battle little bit with the pustules- as you can see from earlier posts, I've tried lots of things. With the last few weeks, get an odd itchy spot on my face and like you its only water in it-I'm using my MD Forte Cleanser (from Derm) but also using Tea Tree mixed with lil water especially around hairline and sparingly on face as think its the Demodex mite (which was confirmed by a biopsy done by derm few years ago).

I think you should go to derm, perhaps he/she might put you on Minocin/Minocycline for the pustules (this always cleared my spots but couldnt tolerate it-too many side effects for me but everyone's different-I know people who take it no problems) and ask derm to organise the Laser.

Personally I take my zinc, use sea salt after cleansing (changed from sea salt to tea tree recently as think demodex mite was raising its ugly head again and tea tree is stronger) so fingers crossed. Anyway start with the laser and see how you go................hope this helpsWink


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Cheerio  ·  05 Apr 2011


I have developed the red flushing in the last 6 months or so, so much so I have given up alcohol and hot showers!!  Now I am getting tiny water blisters under my skin and I am considering going to my doctor to get confirmed that it is Rosacea, I am really disappointed as I am very active but the flushing in my face and burning sensation is really dragging me down. Redhead seems to have great experience with this problem, can you update on your progress and give me a starting point Cry


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Rosa de la Hayes  ·  22 Mar 2011


I am just started taking By-Mysin antibiotics (Day 4). The pharmacist said that it would take 10 days to have any effect. I thought it was better to start on the antibiotics now as my apppointment with dermatologist isn't until mid May. I have read a few interesting articles on Rosacea and it appears that some people find Manuka honey very benefical. I have started taking Manuka (UMF 10+) honey, half an hour before meals. It can also be used on the skin to kill dermodex mites, which is supposed to have some link with Rosacea. I am not sure how one would apply the honey. Anyone have any information on that?

Rosa de la Hayes


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Le Fant  ·  16 Mar 2011

Hi Everyone

I was researching rosacea online and came across this great thread.

Its really heartening to see this discussed as i started experiencing rosacea almost 10 years ago - im 34 now. I did some research on it a good few years ago and found very little out there. I had gone to a number of doctors and was pretty much always told that i was simply getting older and not to worry about it! I began to think i was actually going crazy :)

But i was really experiecing alot of discomfort and pain - almost constant headaches, facial flushing, worsening redness etc. I also in tandem began to experience thinning of my hair and a feeling like the inside of my nose was swollen, decreased sense of smell and not breathing as easily. Other symptoms i had was a noticeable slow down in my circulation and metabolism. I must point out that i've never really experienced pustules or rhynophyma.

I'm not sure if my situation that led to it is unique but i basically went through a very stressful experience and it all came on me almost overnight. i have a fair complexion and always had a healthy red glow even as a kid. But this glow turned into something far more sinister and almost angry!

This has led to me to realise a few things that i havent really seen discussed here primarily that I believe you need to treat this from both a psychological aspect aswell as a physical aspect. Now this may not hit home with all of you but it might for some. For me i definitely was experiencing far more anxiety in my life than i ever had before and this for me was/is definitely linked to my condition.

I havent got a solution yet but im currently working on something that involves this two pronged approach.

The one good thing i did find in my research was a link to an american rosacea specialist who just seemed years ahead of anything i had found through my endeavours with Irish doctors and dermatologists. He basically experienced a fairly extreme form of rosacea hmself and as a result devoted his life studies to identifying ways to cure this condition. I bought his book at the time (this was probably 6 years ago+) and it was really good and definitely hit home for me. He recommended grape seed extract, ester c, oils, water based moisturizers etc which i did take but admittedly they didnt have a huge effect on me. He also mentioned that for himself he found the mixed pulse laser treatment to be by far the most effecive treatment out there, depending of course that you don't react to it.

For me i didnt try this treatment as at the time it was only in the UK and i had read one or two horror stories from people who had bad reactions to it. I basically lost interest in it and just excepted it as something i had to deal with in life. To be fair this did work to a certain extent. I found that by not being consumed with this issue it freed my mind considerably. I smoke btw and enjoy a few guinness from time to time and just excepted the variety of slags from my mates....redzer yadda yadda yadda :) i do have reddish hair so kind of used to them really!

Anyway i recently began to take an interest again largely because of a few different experiences:

1) the fact that my endeavours in dealing with the psychological side were fruitful - i basically began bringing a few things into my life that alleviated stress/anxiety and having a reactive state of mind eg a really effective way of dealing with my "to do's" so as not to have a cluttered brain, also a really simple and lovely daily meditation that takes me about 25 mins in the morn and really facilitates a positive happy state of mind (for all you doubters btw i'm really not the kind of person who would have normally gone for the holistic approach but it does work!) Although this stuff defo helps it doesnt cure!

2) I also noticed that I regularly got relief from my symptoms - i still havent identified the triggers (as a poster put it "life is a trigger") and i also havent identified all the things that relieve it but i did notice certain things that helped - eg swimming in the sea did give me a noticeable relief, also noticed in my gym that a cold plunge pool seemed to have a positive effect too - i think thats primarily the cold water constricting your capillaries etc.

So anyway this sparked my interest again in seeing if i can do more to help from a physical point of view. I have very recently began corresponding with this Dr in the US and hopefully i will have something positive to report on my endeavours. I believe that the fact that he's experienced this first hand and seems to genuinely feel its a vocation for him to assist others with this condition is key. Its not cheap btw, $400 all-in for the consultations but his rationale for this fee is good and my instinct tells me he is genuine - i could be wrong but time will tell and i'll let you all know.

In meantime remember that there are far worse and debilitating things that you could be experiencing in life so its really not that bad in the greater scheme of things.

Also I would love to hear more and possibly see pics from people who have had positive experiences with IPL treatment. I will gladly share my thoughts with anyone who is interested on my approach to dealing with the psychological side of this.

Bye for now


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redhead  ·  27 Jan 2011


Irons, you can probably get IPL done in Cork through a Dermatologist but insist on getting it done for the redness etc and if they dont recommend it for this then move onto a Dr that will as this is brilliant for redness ok-dont give up....


Give the IPL few sessions and dont despair as it may take a few to notice difference ok. Cant believe Dr put you on Roaacutane as this is only for acne, spots and pustules  and is known to cause very red face due to dryness etc so avoid this. I didnt find Minocin any good for redness-good for pustules alright but awful side effects of Depression for me-so long story short-never taking Minocin again ever!!!! I use the Zinc Citrate instead.

I also avoid red wine, milky products etc as my face gets itchy few hours after having them...

Best of luck ok-any questions let me know


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Darby  ·  27 Jan 2011


You should try the IPL.  The tablets are just for the pimples and swelling - no improvement to the red face.  You should read Redfaces comments below- its a success story giving me hope!! 


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wesley  ·  26 Jan 2011

I was diagnosed with rosacea a year and a half ago, and went on minosil first which done nothing for it, then I went on roacutane for 4 months which also done nothing.

The dermatoligist was surprised that roacutane done nothing for the condition. He put me back on minosil and rozex gel which doesnt seem to be doing anything for it either.

From my research these treatments seem to be mostly for pimple lumpy type rosacea, which I dont have. I have the flushing, general redness type rosacea. I easily flush for years i.e temperature changes etc. The dermatologist said to avoid triggers, but my triggers are so simple their unavoidable. life is a trigger!

I asked the dermatoligist would laser treatment help but he said you would have to have visible veins for that to work, he said it would not help for redness or flushing. however from my research it seems laser is both for flushing redness and visible veins. Any suggestions welcome as I want a solution that works asap


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Irons  ·  26 Jan 2011

Hi again, the blackrock clinic is a bit far away from me in Cork, anyone know a place that is Cork local and reputable, with honest advice.



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redhead  ·  25 Jan 2011

Hi Irons,

I probably had 6 or 7 sessions for the first year and half and only go back once a year now but you may need less-the laser nurse will let you know. They do a test shot and if no reaction to it-they make appt for you then and you start sessions probably on a monthly basis.

I went to Dr Cal Condon- a Dermatologist and laser specialist at the Blackrock clinic and just meet the laser nurse now when I go for IPL. Its expensive but very worthwhile for me anyway and I'm sure you'll be the same. I met someone recently that just has redness on her nose and she is making an appt with this dermatologist too.

Look up the internet/phone directory for dr's number and see how you go. Best of luck anyway and by the way, the IPL is great for wrinkles and sun damaged skin too so you get 3 in 1- ha ha



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beetroot  ·  25 Jan 2011

Hi iv had a big stupid red face for 3 years now and no matter wot i tried i couldn't get rid of it but now iv found something to control it... Zirtek antihistamines are only 4 euro and cleared it up completely for about 2 months for me last time, just started them again 3 days ago and im beetroot free already, its only 1 tiny tablet once a day for a week, worth a try if nothing else works for youCool


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Irons  ·  24 Jan 2011

Thanks Redhead, just to be clear its €350 a session and I will need at least one session to see if I can tolerate it. Presuming I can tolerate it how many sessions will it take to get to your situation, as it sounds like we have something more or less the same? I have no pumps or acne its just red cheeks forehead like I have blood pressure. I take it the Blackrock clinic is not a beauty salon? It’s a genuine dermatologist centre.


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Darby  ·  24 Jan 2011

Hi guys,

I used to go to a doctor (€150 per session) for my IPL and didn't notice a difference (4 sessions).  I moved to the Ailesbury clinic and i have already noticed a difference (around €350 for two sessions).  I think the machines they use really makes a difference.   

Also, the Ailesbury clinic recommended a cream by Agera "Recovery Complex" -it's great.  My skin feels so smooth and the dry patches are improving - i have only been using it for 2 weeks.  Make up is so much easier to get off now.  It is expensive though. 

They have told me to start using Barely mineral.  Do you use mineral make?  If so, what do you think of it?



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redhead  ·  24 Jan 2011


I had the IPL done at the Blackrock clinic-its not cheap but I would definitely get it done at a reputable Dermatologist or hospital rather than from a beauty salon. The cost usually depends on how much of your face needs it-I usually pay €350 and get it done once a year. For me it really worth it as my face was beetroot red and had daily flushings and havent had them in 3 years now. It will take a few sessions as you have to have initial Laser done to see it you can tolerate it and then each time they increase the intensity until you get results.

For any bumps etc, I take zinc citrate each day and use seasalt and my skin looks better than it ever did so there is hope and dont despair ok. You can claim tax relief on the Laser costs just hold onto your receipts from Dermatologist.



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Irons  ·  21 Jan 2011

Hi Guys,

I have had redness for years and always put it down to alchohol, this week I was officially diagnosed with rosacea. Can some please advise a reputable IPL treatment clinic what wont rob me please.


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redhead  ·  13 Dec 2010

Hi everyone,

I would give the IPL a few more sessions as I had about 6 in the first year I developed the burning and redness, know its expensive but give it go. Make sure you are avoiding red wine and spicy foods as these contribute to the redness. I go once a year for the ipl now as a preventative measure.

Since my last post, here's what I'm using on my skin for the last few months: Zinc and dead seasalt water. I put seasalt into a jar with water and use this for a week then make a new one. I apply the seasalt water to my face after cleansing and leave it on for a few minutes (I left it on overnight at the start as my skin had lots of bumbs, itchy etc) but now I just leave it for a few minutes and then wash off. I find its brilliant for my skin-I read about peoples rosacea improving when in seawater or around the sea so I gave it a shot and use it all the time now. I think the Zinc really helps as well-I take about 2/3 chelated zinc every day, but check the dosage on the bottle.

Hope this helps someone-I've been off the minocin nearly a year now and would never go on it again. My skin is better since using the seasalt and supposed to help with wrinkles as well and its cheap-you can get it in health shop.

Happy XmasWink


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Darby  ·  09 Dec 2010


I have had 4 IPL treatments and unfortunately, i am still red!!  After the 3rd treatment i did notice a hugh improvement but then i had a flare up from nothing and i was back to square one.  I was just wondering if i should keep doing it or give up?  Any positive stories!!   


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HOBO  ·  07 Sep 2010

Hi there, I was recently told that I has Rosacea by my doctor. She advised that I get a gel called Rozex which I did and apply twice daily. I have only being doing this for a week but have noticed no change and just wondered am I being a little impatient. I was working out alot and read somewhere that strenuous exercise can irritate this condition, does anybody know if that is true. I drink at the weekends quite a bit and also read that alcohol can also irritate the condition. Any comments would be appreciated.


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Anonymous  ·  12 Jul 2010

Hi Roma, the 'Dianette' contraceptive pill is developed specifically to help with certain skin conditions. Or you could switch to the implant or IUD if you don't plan on trying for a baby for the next couple of years.


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roma101  ·  11 Jul 2010

Hey all,

Hope everyone is doing well.

I was wondering if any women suffering with rosacea out there have noticed the condition being affected by the contraceptive pill???I last year my rosacea was really bad. At christmas I stopped taking the pill, just to give my body a break, I didnt think it had anything to do with the rosacea but the last 6 months while my skin is quite red still, the itching stinging & spots eased off majorly.

I notice this now because 2 weeks ago I started taking the pill again & I would swear my face has started to itch & my eyelids are covered in spots. It seems to be getting bad again. Im on microlite & wondering if this is in my imagination? If it is affecting it, anyone know of any contraceptive pills that have helped with the condition?? or at least not made it worse!

Thanks in advance Laughing


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redhead  ·  28 Jun 2010

Hi all,

Just to let you know that I was also advised to take zinc and vitamin c and have been taking 2 of each the last week and its great too-there was a few stubborn spots that seemed to remain on my cheek but dont know if its the zinc/Vit C or just persevering with the viola extract but they are gone. Its chelated zinc I take. Just for people that have burning/redness be careful using the viola extract as it can make your face a little red as its extracted using alcohol.............

Hope this helps some of you.....



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Cara  ·  15 Jun 2010

Thats great to hear redhead. Glad you've found something that works. Ill give it a try! Thanks for sharing


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redhead  ·  14 Jun 2010

Hi everyone,

Sorry long time no post but anyway here's what I've been trying successfully for the last few weeks and it works...... Viola tricolor (Wild pansy) extract by A Vogel. A girl in my local healthshop recommended this for rosacea/acne/excema etc, I started off taking the drops in water and drinking it but then started to apply it to my face starting once a day then up to twice a day and now even 3 times a day-it can take a week or two to work but its brilliant for the rosacea bumps and spots. My skin hasnt looked better and gives it a nice clear look. I'm so glad girl recommended it to me as I didnt want to continue taking Minocin (too many side effects). I would still recommend IPL Laser for the redness and burning but for me the viola has worked brilliant for my red itcy bumps which I always had and new ones every day. Give it a try-supposed to be excellent for acne too, hope this helps.



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dita  ·  20 Mar 2010

ive rosacea too, on nose and is first thing ive to deal with every day and have to check throughout the day!! have had it for maybe 10 years but didnt know what rosacea was until a few months ago when i went to a skin clinic. am using vital c products (high in vit c and e) and Magc peptide serum (smells fishy i think). i find these are gentle on my fave, the serum is very oily tho and wondering is this good or bad, but am trusting my dermatologist for now, also using sunfactor 30+ high in zinc on my nose every day to prevent from any further damage.

is anyone else using these products and how are they finding them??

cutting out coffee i find has helped and am going to see if a month dairy free will help too

definitely avoid hot baths, saunas etc and get used to taking cooler showers, and washing face with cool-luke warm water

will read all your posts now for tips


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redhead  ·  15 Mar 2010

Hi everyone,

The brand of HCI (with pepsin) I got was from Biocare-I got in my local health shop which stocks all brands so maybe you can check online. I am still taking it and also just using my fish oil (Eskimo brand). I stopped using the Jojoba oil as near time of month and skin was dodgy and didnt want to cause further breakouts. Might give it a try again though-so just using my MD Forte cleanser, oil of ulay moisturiser, Rosex cream and Vichy dermablend makeup....

Martha Mary-regarding ur daughter-Its probably best to see your dr/dermatologist first to diagnose if it is rosacea. I used IPL laser when diagnosed first when face was really red and burning-had to go for few sessions and now only once a year. see what dr says first. I developed rosacea at about 32......


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MarthaMary  ·  13 Mar 2010

My late father suffered from rosacea which caused his nose to appear large and gave him the appearance of a whiskey drinker. My 15 year old daughter who suffers from chilblains on her fingers and toes is concerned that she is developing the condition as her nose is quite red. I'd appreciate any comments and help if possible


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Cara  ·  12 Mar 2010

hi all, hope ye find some relief with some of the things ye are using. Just wondering what healthshop did you get the HCI with pepsin. I just checked online in evergreen and holland&barrett and it says they dont stock it.

Also, what fish oils do you find best.

Thanks and best of luck.


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redhead  ·  11 Mar 2010


Your welcome - know its a horrible thing so any cures that we can find are giving us hope. I used some jojoba oil last night with water to wash my face and it seemed to turn my face really red but I might try it on one side of face and see-its time of month and since I'm not on minocin - its bound to be bad now. Keep taking the fish oil for your eyes as everytime I run out of it-my eyes seem to get dry and red....

Let me know how you get on......Wink


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suzywong  ·  10 Mar 2010

Hi Redhead. Thanks for the feedback. Have started taking l-lysine & vit C. Was already taking omega 3 oil & acidophillus so hopefully this will all help. Have heard that taking a mixture of 1/8 borax in a glass of water internaly as well as aplying to face is supposed to help as it is claimed it is an insect or mite which causes rosacea. So hard to know if any of these things actually do clear symptoms completely. Cannot find anyone who has been completely successful.Also there are great claims in taking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar daily in a glass of water. I guess its just trial & error & its different for everyone. What does worry me is that ocular rosacea can damage eyesight if left untreated. Just hate the thoughts of taking antibiotics as they cause thrush-which is yeast -which is thought to contribute to the seborrheic dematitis. Its a vicious circle!


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redhead  ·  10 Mar 2010

Hi Suzy,

I've never heard of this range-there are so many products advertised for rosacea that its hard to know what works. Personally I think any skin care products dont work-I think something has to be taken internally as it seems to be caused from the inside out- at the moment I'm taking HCI with Pepsin (see your health shops) as it seems that many people with rosacea have low stomach acid which causes the breakout on the face-I'm only taking it with 2 weeks and can see a little improvement. I also take Vit B complex, Vit C and lysine which is helping as well

I stopped taking Minocin over a month ago as it weakens your immune system (for me I was really tired while taking it and caused low mood etc) but everyone is different-minocin definately helped with pustules etc but wanted to try something more natural. Take a look on the net regarding the low stomach acid etc and see what you think.

I also take a lot of fish oil for my eyes and this helps-give it a month or so-it seems to lubricate the eyes and again I tried all the eye drops and no good.Also wash your eyelids every few nights with johnsons baby shampoo and warm water. I was at a health exhibition last week and got neem face cream and soap-supposed to help with rosacea too but havent started these yet as bit wary re any products like this. I will post with an update on these whenever I start using them!!!!

When I developed rosacea at the start, I got the burning, flushing on face and only thing that helped this was IPL Laser-expensive but worth it as never got burning after that..

Hope this helpsEmbarassed


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suzywong  ·  09 Mar 2010

Hi all! Have just discovered that I am suffering from rosacea-as well as seborraheic dermatitis. It appears that both these conditions can occur toghether-as if one of them isnt bad enough! My eyes are affectd by the rosacea-sore & tired. I have stopped using my usual cosmetics & skincare  products and this has really helped. But still have the horrible pimples & redness around my mouth & nose. I have just come across a range from Darphin, called Intral-which claims to be suitable for rosacea sufferers. Has anyone tried them? Is there any natural or homeopathic remedies out there that can help with the eyes? Are antibiotics the best solution -its not the way I would like to go.


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roma101  ·  28 Jan 2010

Hi Bridie,

Like redhead I have never heard of this range at all. its very expensive.

Like you have I come to accept that there is nothing I can do about this condition. Well I say that now cos Im not having a flare up at the moment :-)

I realise that nothing is gonna cure it so what I look for these days are clenasers & moisturisers that arent gonna make it worse. 2 weeks ago I bought on the off chance the Garnier range for sensitive skin. they are in the pink bottles. I got the cleanser, toner & a little pink day moisturiser. I ahve to say so far Im very impressed & they were so cheap.

What sort of rosacea does everyone here suffer with? I suffer with flare ups. Ill be fine for a month & then in bits for 2 weeks. Those 2 weeks I suffer.

Is there an irish Rosacea organisation or website? I couldnt find one. Somewhere you can post help & tips & maybe pick up some tips aswell. Id love to discuss it sometimes & give any help I can.


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redhead  ·  25 Jan 2010

Hi Bridie,

I havent heard of this range but let me know how you get on... Embarassed


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Bridie  ·  24 Jan 2010

Hello All, I've just been to see a skin specialist regarding my rosacea (which I have had for nearly four years) and he recommends the Schrammek products. I have accepted that this condition cannot be cured but would love to know whether anyone out there have ever used these products for their rosacea and if so whether they found them to be any good. I am a little hesistant to spend out money on these creams as at €60 each (i need three separate bottles) they don't come cheap. I'm basically just looking for a good mosituriser that won't irritate my rosacea as have discovered the Jane Iredale range of make up which is brilliant at disguising it. Any help greatly appreciate. Thanks


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debs  ·  24 Oct 2009


I use the La Roche Posay range and find it very good,now it does`nt treat it but keeps the redness and itchiness at bay.  Good luck,let me know if it helps.


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redhead  ·  21 Oct 2009

Hi Roma101,

I know exactly how you feel-I was in a stressful job few years ago when I got the same symptoms as you. Please get your doctor to refer you to a dermatologist and tell exactly what you are experiencing-especially the burning on your face-this is the worst thing and its so so hard to focus on anything when your face feels like its on fire. I was referred to  the Blackrock clinic and started taking Minocin (Minocycline) and after diagnosing it I started the IPL Laser-it takes a few sessions but thank God it took away the burning and is very good for your skin. They will do a test first to make sure you dont react to it-but I have really sensitive skin and was able to have it with no problems. The Minocin really helps with the spots etc but doesnt help with the burning in my opinion so dont beat yourself up about taking it for a while. I only need to take the minocin maybe 1 month a year now and also go for one session of IPL each year to ensure burning doesnt return.

Dont let this get to you because it can be treated -it really got me down but there is hope........ Not sure what part of country you are from but other Dermatologists probably have these machines too, some beauticians use them as well but I would suggest a Dermatologist first because its your face!!!!

I also take Dianette as it helps with hormonal acne....

Hope this helps but I was in same situation as you and can totally understand what you're going through but IPL definitely helped me 100%

Let me know how you get on...Wink


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roma101  ·  21 Oct 2009

Hi there,

I am so so glad to find an Irish forum discussing this dreadful condiotion. So glad to find people who understand.

I am sitting at my desk in my office trying to hold back the tears - my face at the moment - my cheeks - are red, roasting hot, itchy & getting more rashy by the minute. I just about a week ago finished a course of antibiotics which I found really helped my skin but I cant take these forever.

I am freash out of ideas as to where to turn to next. I have not been wearing make up as Im afraid to aggrevate it anymore. Im so mortified when anyone speaks to me. I dont want anyone looking at me.

Ive not been using a cleanser or moistuiser the last few days as I have run out & I dont know what to buy next. The heat really aggrevates my face as does having a shower.

Has anyone tried the La Roche Posay range? Or Avene? I really need advice here - can you tell me what produts in there ranges to go for please??? Theres too much, I cant decide. No offence to the people working in the chemists but they dont have a clue.

Do I stay away from oil products? Can anyone advise - Im so upset at the mo.

Thank you.


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flave  ·  05 Sep 2009

I have had rosacea for about seven years and tried everything but it just got worse over the years till you could nearly see my nose in the dark then I tried a health shop they sent me for an allergy test four days later my nose is ever so silghty red and i have never felt so well and all because of a few stupid things I had an allergy to and yes the doctors told me I had rosacea and gave me all the treatments for it . It was the best fifty euro i ever spent so dont give up yet


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Red Roy  ·  20 Jul 2009

Hi Redhead,

Thanks for the advice. I will stick with the IPL for another while and see how Im doing after 6 sessions. If the effects only lasted longer than a week (i.e. a couple of months) I'd be delighted with it as a treatment.

I'll also look into the minocin antibiotic. Not sure about the Rosadyn though, as Dr Nase has received a lot of criticism on the various Rosacea support forums, apparently he has been less than honest with some of his claims. Although I wouldnt rule anything out in my attempts to finally get control of this damned affliction :(


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redhead  ·  13 Jul 2009


I'm presuming you are male....

In my experience, the IPL is brilliant for the facial flushing and I had prob about 6 sessions or more the first year I got Rosacea. However minocin is for the Winkoutbreaks and pustules associated with rosacea and I use Dianette pill (contraceptive pill) for the pustules and hormonal acne. But I started taking the minocin antibiotic at the start and it really helped with the spots etc so talk to your GP or Dermatologist about this. Don't think any creams etc really help it-only from inside out really. Look up as Dr Nase has recently introduced some tabs for rosacea which seem to be giving positive results but havent tried it myself. This dr actually suffered from R himself and has been doing lots of research into it along with other Dermatologists...

Hope this helps

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