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rosy red  ·  22 Apr 2014

@ klancy , I would go to your doctor ASAP if you have not already, maybe its an unwanted side effect of the medication that some ppl get when they start taking it but I would contact your doc to be on the safe side.Unfortunately I have no experience with tetralysal but I'm going to go to a naturopath very soon and I'll keep anyone interested updated on my progress.I also had an IPL test patch today and aside from a small bit of redness which has nearly disappeared already my face looks fine.I'm going to go ahead with this treatment in the next couple of months and will let you know how it goes.If you continue to use tetralysal or use a different medication I would be interested to hear what the results were like for you.


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Klancy  ·  19 Apr 2014

Hi, I started tetralysal 1 week ago and I can already see it working on my face for acne rosacea. Only problem now though, is that I've started getting awful tummy cramps and nausea, so much so that I've had to stop taking them. I took them in the morning after a big breakfast. Has anybody else experienced this? Is there anything I can do to help this, or do I need to go back to my doctor and ask for something else. 


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lmcc  ·  19 Apr 2014

Nan rehill I would be very interested in phytolife im the same as you open fire cause my skin to itch and burn.. I think that would make sense that my ph balance is off. Would like to no more about this product.


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living in hope  ·  15 Apr 2014

I got rosacea about two years ago. I was devastated and paranoid about it. I did a lot of research and tried so many things . I used antibiotics but no good. Used a gel prescribed by doctor to no avail. It made it worse. I now have it under control most of the time. I use all oil free products by Avene! In particular their anti redness range. I use Estée Lauder double wear foundation which is great. I avoid bananas which drive my skin crazy and tomatoes to a lesser degree. I also have discovered that swimming is great, it must be the chlorine. I have also started more exercise , walking and running. I still get occasional flare ups but I even venture out make up free now sometimes. I do believe every case of rosacea is different but it can be managed. It may take some months and playing around with diet and products but it will be worth it.


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Surfer808  ·  15 Apr 2014

Does anyone know of any good places that do IPL for rosacea? I've heard that beauty salons are to be avoided. Thanks.


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rosy red  ·  11 Apr 2014

 have Acne Rosacea and my GP prescribed me rozex as a topical antibiotic aswell as tetracycline.I have broken capillaries on my cheeks along with general redness.I flush often after exercise , changes in temp , and often for no apparent reason,this is the most embarrassing for me.I also have RAYNAUDS when both combined they are not a good look.I was referred to a dermatologist who wanted to prescribe me tetracycline also and suggested laser for the broken capillaries.I'm not keen on taking either of the antibiotics as who knows what they will do to your body long term?! That being said I would be interested to hear from any of you who have used these products,what were the results if any during and after use?Now back to the laser , well my dermatologist recommended 6 to 8 sessions with one possibly needed each year there after.I'm quite interested in this approach as I can avoid taking the antibiotics but also quite anxious about the procedure given some horror stories of peoples reactions to it.I'm unsure yet what method will be used I understand IPL is the most effective.Have any of you out there had this treatment?how many sessions did you need?what was the down time after treatment?did you notice any negative effects from it months or years later?did old or new veins re emerge?did it help with general flushing?Finally and most importantly where did you have it done and what was the doctors name?Lastly but not least I would skip all of the above if anyone knows or has treated there acne rosacea using the NATURAL approach?Please reply I would be so grateful for any advice:-)I'm booked in for a consultation for the laser in the coming weeks and I presume they will patch test me then so should I go ahead with this or not?Thank you all so much in advance :-):-)


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Nan Rehill  ·  16 Mar 2014

I got Rosacea last year and went on antibotics for six months and they didnt work. Two months ago a friend told me about sinergy phytolife and I am on it a month now and my skin is 90% better, even when out in the cold weather I have no burning or itching anymore.  Phytolife contains choraphyll which regulates the PH balance in your body. I have researched the problem and found if you blood is acidy Rosacea can be a symptom.  I take two cap fulls in a glass of water each morning and my skin is so soft and clear, it also clenses your liver and is great for overall health.  I hope this may help people suffering with rosacea, as my life changed completly when I developed this condition. I couldnt go walking as the Heat or the cold set it off and even heat from the oven or steam from the iron really annoyed my face.  I couldnt sit in a room with an open fire as my face would burn and itch. I could only use simple cream I also had facial swelling and lines on my face.  Now i can use regular face cream, makeup and soap.


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rosy red  ·  14 Mar 2014

@rosy cheeks , how did you get on with the natural approach?did you come off the antibiotics?did you find any relief or cure from it after all this time?I am suffering with the same condition I have the red veins, red cheeks, frequent flushing and itchy skin.I would really appreciate if any other fellow rosacea's could offer me some advice on what is working for them?I went to th GP and was prescribed rozex and tetralysal, now with both purchased I can't face the thought of putting these poisons in my body and all for a short term cure.Have any of you used these products and are they effective?my preference would be to treat my condition naturally, if any of you have had any success using this approach I would be very interested to hear.Im really considering IPL or some form of laser therapy as an overall solution to this problem , so I could avoid taking any medication.have any of you tried either or could you educate me on other therapies?did it work and did it last?I would be really grateful for any advice you can give.I have suffered with Rosacea since childhood but I always used high coverage make up from teenage years until quite recently so in effect I was hiding behind a mask all those years.I decided that I was fed up having to wear loads of make up to hide it and felt that this might be contributing to my acne so I started wearing a very light coverage,only then did years of self loathing my appearance emerge to the surface.I never realised how much this had affected my confidence all these years.I also have raynauds aswell which dosent help matters,but I still remain hopeful there is a solution or at least a way to greatly reduce the appearance of it. Im quite down about it and very conscious of my appearance thus leading to my low self esteem please reply any advice would really be the meantime im waiting on an appointment with a derm


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Chrisita  ·  22 Oct 2013

Mine seems to be linked to anxiety also,as well as digestion. My Dr recommended Betaine Hcl and I seem to have high requirements, 4000mg with every meal. My brother who has the same problem does well on 10% of that, but unlike me he is not a very stressy person.


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Redondo  ·  11 Oct 2013

Hi All

Been searching the web for information on Rosacea. Can't believe there's so much inconclusive info about a problem that's so common. I believe I'm at the early stages of development but because I'm a guy and only 31 I'm worried that in five to ten years it could be quite bad.

Although I drink and excercise a bit I believe stress is my main trigger because the early signs started two years ago when I went back to college part time while working full time. My facial redness has also accelerated in recent weeks and for the first time I have felt a warmth/slight itching on my cheeks. This co-incided with the submission of my final paper which I found quite stressful.

So happy to have found this blog because you guys have shared so much practical exerience. My GP and chemist both told me it was dry skin but the moisturisers have done nothing. I think I will start on the Zinc with immediate effect and combined with the hopefully reduced stress levels I can start to see a regression. Any other advice would be much appreciiated. Will Report Back.


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nehapoole  ·  08 May 2013

Hi Rosa!!

As you depicted in your post that you read some articles regarding the benefits of manuka honey over "Rosacea" so here is the remedy which I used for when I was facing same problems

Take a 1/2 cup of manuka honey apply to your skin before going for a bath and keep it untill it becomes dry then after afterwards wash it off !!

I hope my suggetsion would definitely help you!! :)  :)


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bucks123  ·  03 May 2013

I suffered from rosacea 8 years ago and spent some time on roaccutane with very limited benefits.Then for professional and personal reasons I moved to Paris for 7 years. It took about two months living there and then it completley disappeared during the 7 years. I moved back to Ireland 5 months ago and and after 2-3 months living here it has reemerged with a vengance. I cook a lot so so my diet has largely remained the same. I have no doubt whatsoever that the humid climate is the primary contributing factor here. The air in Paris is dry and even during short visits I make back there the difference is very noticeable in terms of it healing.Stress reduction and not touching the face helps to reduce the severity in Ireland but for me the primary cause is the humid climate with my skin. Moving abroad not a practical solution for most people I know!However, I have never read about this link with humid climates and it is definitely the primary cause for me..  


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living in hope  ·  19 Mar 2013

Really interesting post rosy cheeks. I use a Clinique moisturiser which I find really good. It's called redness solutions and its very soothing. It's about fifty euro but well worth it. They also do a foundation which I'm experimenting with. Ill let you know Also I have discovered that bananas drive my skin mad for some reason so I avoid at all costs. 


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redhead  ·  19 Mar 2013

Hi Rosy cheeks, Just saw your reply now and you have done your research, so well done on that. I agree totally with you that something is amiss with rosaceans regarding inflammation and not being able to detoxify -therefore lots of things flair us up. I have suffered from acne for years then rosacea and here's what I've noticed lately- I quit smoking 5 weeks ago after smoking for 6/7 years and guess what my skin has broke out again, I was hoping that my skin would be glowing but unfortunately not. I have read that somehow smoking reduces inflammation in our systems!!!!! Anyway prior to giving up I was taking Zinc 50 once a day and 1 Vitamin B6 and my skin was very good-not many spots at all but since quitting the smoking, Zinc doesnt seem to be working as well. So I am interested in maybe starting the milk thistle and see how I go...... Rosy Cheeks, it seems like you are suffering with the flushing and burning, have you considered the laser at all? I would really consider it as I never had the burning again after a few sessions of the IPL laser and like you I suffered badly from the flushing..... Best of luck and keep us up to date with your research-very interesting reading. Redhead


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Irons  ·  16 Mar 2013

hi guys, can anyone recommend a glo minerals product to camoflage? its for a man so something that works without foundation etc. thanks


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rosy cheeks  ·  15 Mar 2013

To Redhead and Living in Hope... Thank You so much for responding, I really need to get feedback, you are angels..and I hope for more feedback.. ..I now since I wrote here the last time still have not talked with the woman (dermatologist) who diagnosed me, as when I was there the second time I still got no real help what so ever and the nutritional part of this problem she barely touched as a I've since then turned to sights like these, and also been searching everything useful regarding treatments on the net on medical sights, research, and now later on I've been in the health shop to start off somewhere. I've been in bed with a notepad and a pen...writing down all useful information, and I stumbled over something very interesting on several medical research and doctors pages... rosaceans apparently have a poorly functioning doesn't cleanse out the toxins from what we eat, therefore we react to all kinds of different foods as if they were poison to us, additives, colorings, some vitamins even, even some very healthy fruits and vegges and grains, dairy products and so on, so the problem is much bigger then to just stay away from things that contain tannin, or high histamine foods, or that dialate our blood vessels like alcohol. We also have a poorly digestion and sometimes lack digestive we get an over growth of nasty bacteria in our intestines which leaks out in our bloodstream...our rosacea medicins..the antibiotics.. puts even more strain on our liver and not only kills off the unvanted things for the time being, but also kills off the little good bacteria we have left...which leads us to break out again as soon as the cure is over and sometimes even now the bad bacteria can take over our gut system..candida can also grow rapidly. The scientist know that rosaceans because of this have higher levels of toxins and unpurities in the bloodstream because our organs can't detoxify as they normally should, and that goes both for the liver and our bowl system. This can cause Rosacea as well as Prosiasis and other autoimmune diseases to break out. I've read lots and lots more then this about the subject then what I just wrote, but that's the sensus of it...which means we can throw every antibiotic available on it, but it'll only heal the outside..our faces.. for a short period of time..while the real problem still lingers within.. waiting to show it's ugly face again, and that's what needs to be dealt with, not only the symptom of it. The more informed doctors doesn't say they want to eliminate the use of conventional treatments for rosacea such as what's available today such as antibiotics, but it has to go furhter then that treating the root of the problem, and that the nutritional part of healing sometimes if not often is totally ignored by most doctors as they don't deal with that side of healing and therefor never have seen the result of it. From the medical articles I understand that "we" will never heal fully and the problem will never really go away as "our" organs has less capacity, perhaps from birth, but there are things that can be done to help our cleansing organs to function better, and that's where we need to focus to help manage and control this disease/condition. I now understand this is a very complexed problem, far bigger then I could have imagined, but I now have started the journey of trying to detoxify my system..starting off slowly, as it's not easy to do it all at once, plus the cost of all the suppliments. The triggers mentioned in all rosacea sights..some is very easy to eliminate...some more tricky...if it was only a matter of food..then it would be easy peasy...but for me..I now am struggling as well to pick up enough energy and courgage to go look for a new job...not an easy task when your boss knows your ill and might tell the new boss if they choose to make a phone call for references..not an easy task when you're not in balance and feel low and filled with self doubts. And not easy to know...what would be the right kind of place to work in. At the moment I have a huge trigger...and that's my stressfull and hot humid kitchen I work in where the heat get's to extremes, and I flush as soon as I get in there to I know..I can't stay there...but I can't just walk out either with no other job to go to everone else I need the income to live on... a tough nut to I'm working on the moment the only way I thinking of places to go to..what to say when I will get the best thing to tell the employer that I have this illness or not...all of these issues I'm now batteling with. When it comes to the other triggers I now have eliminated what is suggested by the medical sights of experts in rosacea cases and by the nutricionist nurse who have her practice in the health shop...wheat, gluten, citrus fruits, cocoa, starches (which turns into sugar), dairy, all kinds of sugars (for the moment even all fruits as they contain sugar as well), high carb foods, all processed foods, soy, all fermented products ( soy sause, pickles in all forms, vinegar and so on), alcohol, spices, high histamine foods, tannin containing foods, niacin containing foods, foods with additives of any kind, colorings, coffee, tea, all acidic foods...well the list goes on and on... For the moment I am on a suggested very limited and strict diet to detoxify my liver and help my system overloaded system, containing of natural brown rice, rice milk, gluten free oatmeal porridge, ground flax seeds, organic olive oil, lean cuts of free range chicken, broccoli, and unprocessed sea salt (high in minerals) and brown rice cakes and lots of fresh water...alkaline water is the best..but that's something I have to get to later on. Natural suppliments at the moment...Viridian Querecetin+Vitamin B5 (natural antihistamine), Multimillion dophilus (good bacterias), Oregano oil capsulas (kills micro organisms, the side effect of these is that they also kill off a small part of the good bacterias in the large intestine, but in combination with the multimilloin dophilus they are replenished you add on good bacterias...note...there is doctors who also suggests using a topical lotion containing oregano oil at night and this lotion seems to kill off the mites associated with rosacea, and 80-90% of the patients have seen an improvement in their rosacea), Lepicol for bowel cleansing (pryllium husks with inulin and probiotics), Digestive enzymes (dairy free), Milk thistle capsules (improves all over liver function and helps detoxify the skin, it reduces the toxins in the bloodstream, reduces the inflammatory response and the skin will be helped to clear, Silymarin concentrates in the liver and has been shown to boost the detoxification enzyme system and to help to regenerate damaged liver cells), vitamin C, Flax oil (omega 3, 6 and 9..helps reduce inflammation). I'm still also on the traditional medicin tetralysal and Zyrtec and will follow it through till that "cure" is over. Later on more foods and suppliments, vitamins and others will be added on as my liver and inner system has gotten in a better state. Regarding the foods, it will be one new food at a time to check if it's ok for me or not, and I'll then also start a food diary. I now use a sun screen factor 50+, protecting my skin from the sun, and I try to wrap up protecting my face in the cold and wind as I know that aslo triggers flushes for me. I yet haven't found a moisterizing cream without any alchohol in it, that's my task for tomorrow, so if you know of one please let me know. Any alcohol containing moisterizing product will casuse either an immidiate or delayed redness in rosacean sufferers. Since I've started my new diet, I'm less red and inflammed and the tingeling and itching sensation has almost gone away. Yesterday I was at work, got overheated and got a flush which lasted for about an hour, and today im a small bit more red, so I know, my workplace is at the moment my worst, as I said, I need to work on getting out of there and into a new job where there is cooler and less moist air. I'll get back to you on how it goes as I go along. I'm happy I've found a place where I can write to you :) oh, and sorry for the long story... ;)


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living in hope  ·  12 Mar 2013

In response to rosy cheeks. Please don't despair . This time last year I was in the same situation as you, feeling the same feelings. One year later I am in a much more positive place. I tried the drugs my doctor prescribed to no avail. I now take a zinc supplement, use diluted tea tree on on spot outbreaks and use oil free make up and la Roche posay cleanser and a Clinique special moisturiser. I try drink at least two litres of water a day. My skin is not perfect but so much better. I advise you to try a few changes like these and see what works best for you. Best of luck


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redhead  ·  11 Mar 2013

Hi Rosy cheeks, I feel your pain and I know exactly how you are feeling physically and mentally. You just need to calm down and really everything will be fine-rosacea can be treated and sometimes the internet can be very frightening showing all the worst cases of rosacea. Firstly if its the burning that is causing the most anxiety for you and causing you to feel depressed and unable to do your work, eat, and socialise then you need to consult with your doctor regarding laser treatment for this burning sensation. IPL laser treatment worked for me and there are lots of new lasers available too, you should get it done from a reputable dermatologist-dont go to a beauticians as I've heard some horror stories. You will be fine Rosy cheeks-one step at a time and like many of the people on here-you can live normally with rosacea-it doesnt bother me much now- after a few sessions of the laser I never got the burning/flushing again and I just go for one session a year now. there are also many treatments for the spots/pustules from Rosacea that your doctor may recommend or some natural healthy options too like Zinc. Anyway you take deep breaths and consult your doctor again re the blushing and best of luck. Positive thinking okay..... Redhead


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rosy cheeks  ·  09 Mar 2013

hi every one, I got diagnosed just a few weeks ago, and first I didn't know what this was, I hardly got any info at all from the dermatologist, and as I walked out of her office I thought I had gotten some form of acne, and that after the 6 week cure she was gonna put me on I was gonna be fine. Well about a week later I was on the net browsing for pictures of different eczema as I've had different eczemas all my life, and all of a sudden I stumbled on the word rosacea, and I thought to my self...wasn't this the doctor called my acne? So I clicked on the link and all these horrifying pictures of disfigured faces shows up on my screen...I got the chock of my life...picked up the phone calling the doctors office to confirm that there has to be a misstake...surley I must have heard wrong when I was there, surley I just thought she had mentioned rosacea..surely I don't have an incurable me... My call got through and the nurse picked up, only to confirm that yes, it's rosacea. I've been crying floods of tears, trying to come to terms with it, knowing now I can't stay in my job as I work in a hot steamy enviroment, stress of trying to find another job in panic, stress of being sick, stress of not knowing what's coming, who do I tell, do I want to tell, can I tell?! I have been walking around or laying in bed, going to work, not eating, not knowing what can I lists here...ok lists there...grey zones there...what direction will I go...burning..pain..tears...flushes..I want to die...can't cope feelings...a boss that doesn't understand or want to help out..chaos..chaos..chaos...I'm on my own. I've been to numerous pages searching...what I think I need the most is to meet with people who actually live close enough so that I can get useful info and support when I feel like giving up. I've never felt so alone in my life, and talking with someone who doesn't have this isn't really helping because they don't fully understand or grasp it. Ok, rant and rave over, I just hope someone here can help pick me up a bit. I'm really lost at the moment. I've dropped two clothes sizes already from not knowing what I can eat and some from loosing my appetite. I need help.


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mkmk15  ·  18 Oct 2012

Hi, has anyone ever received laser treatment for Rosacea in Galway. I only see Blackrock mentioned so far, is there a reason for this ?


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nef  ·  04 Aug 2012

I wanted to give some details on how I deal/have dealt with Rosacea. Yes stress is a major trigger, so that must be faced, there are many books, exercises, meditations etc on this once you find one that helps, it will be great.

Aloe vera juice is also good, as it is very cooling, juicing is very good, 'liver cleanses' help, general detoxing, avoiding pepper, less alcohol, less spicey food. Tea tree oil to remove bacteria. Making sure to take-it-easy and relax. Once I had this fairly under control, I got one treatment with laser to get rid of thread veins. Over-all it did take a while using all the above, but I find it is now under control.

I hope this helps Smile


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tonez  ·  02 Aug 2012


Could you recommend the dermatologist you saw at the blackrock clinic, if you could email the name to me at or just post it here. After a year, are you still happy with the IPL treatment you received at the blackrock clinic?I rang up the blackrock clinic and there were a few different dermatologists there so I'd just like to pick the one that I have one good recommendation for.



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living in hope  ·  16 Jun 2012

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kaza2710  ·  17 Sep 2011

Hi Rasberry

Yesterday I was given a topical treatment cream which is supposed to be very good for outbreaks as an alternative to the antibiotics, why not ask your GP for something similar?

So far the best thing I have found is avoiding the 'triggers' that set it off. It's not always the only cause but once you find out what your main trigger is you can try and cut it out. For me it's stress, so I am on the hunt for a less demanding job and my GP advised that I take up yoga which also seems to work in aleviating stress. For other people the most common are alcohol, spicy food and strong sunlight. I am sure you know all this already but I thought I would menion it just in case.

I hope this helps!!


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rasberry  ·  16 Sep 2011

hi i have taken antibiotics for rosacha but found them no good. i have a very red face and forehead its itchy and sore and i suffer from constant outbreaks of spots.i cant afford ipl treatmeant. does anybody know anything else that could help me as its really starting to get me suffering for about ten years now


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kaza2710  ·  19 Aug 2011

Thanks so much for this info Redhead. While the antibiotics have cleared up my skin the side affeacts are crap - the nausea is not great. My main concern is that I am not allowed to get pregnant while on the antibiotics as it would damage the baby and I do want children in the coming years so I would like to try and figure out alternatives that will work for me. Will defo be giving your thing a try! I really like the sounds of finding something natual that works.


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redhead  ·  16 Aug 2011

Hi Kaza,

Just quick message- I stopped using antibiotics over a year ago coz too many side effects even though they worked really well. Anyway I have been trying lots of natural treatments (Zinc, Tea Tree oil, etc)for my bumpy rosacea skin-here's what working-taking Garlic tablet each day and drinking aloe vera juice, the aloe vera juice cleared up my skin within 3/4 days of drinking it on an empty stomach every morning-couldnt believe it- have nice glow now from it. As regards to flushing, I would give the IPL laser a go-it worked for me when I had the burning on my face-might take a few sesssions to work......

I still use the Tea tree oil if I get an occasional spot-just dab it on and leave overnight and it dries them out......

Hope this helps



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blackstar  ·  16 Aug 2011

hello you are 26 but i got my rosacea when  i was 20 now I 23 so you aren't  the youngest one. i not useing any antibiotics now just cream i try to control what i'm doing. Some doctor can recommendation ipl for flushing the best way is ask.


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kaza2710  ·  15 Aug 2011

Hi, I am 26 and have recently been diagnosed with Rosacea. According to my doctor I am very young to develop the condition. He has prescribed me some strong antibiotics which have worked amazingly well so far, however he has informed me that due to my young age this is not a viable long term treatment option and I was looking for some advice on other treatment options.

In particular stress would be the biggest trigger for me, by far, and I develop the flushing and pimple like outbreaks on both my cheeks. As I don't have any issues with blood vessels in the skin I dont think laser treatment would be an option. Really just looking for some advice from others with Rosacea.


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John111  ·  03 Aug 2011

may i ask where u had the v beam laser done rosinr?


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Robinr  ·  03 Aug 2011

Hello, I have had two Vbeam Laser treatments and it hasn't done a thing for my broken Capillaries/facial veins. It almost seems as if I have more of them now  then when all of this started. Has anyone had any Luck with IPL for facial veins? I am going in for a consultation/possibly start treatments tomorrow, pretty spendy as it will take about 6 treatments they said. Will I notice any difference after the first treatment at all?


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jose  ·  30 Jun 2011

hi everybody, i've got rosacea for about 10 years now. lately i've noticed that my nose seems to be a lot redder than it used to be. could someone please tell me if laser treatment causes much bruising. and would my nose be very sore for a few days afterwards.. also i read somewhere that when men get  rosacea on their nose, it is more severe than when women get i was wondering maybe the laser treatment wont work as well for men as it would for women.  i would be very interested to hear peoples thoughts on this.. bye for now....jose   


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blackstar  ·  29 Jun 2011

hello people i had 3 in blackrock clinick  treatments but i dont see any change maybe my face was less red but after party in saturday when i had few drinks have been  flushing at evening and is more red :-(


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John111  ·  29 Jun 2011

hi redhead , i believe i have another condition called keratosis piliaris rubla faceli.i am going to have a pulse dye laser treatment for the facial redness as i believe it is successful in treating redness.i willl let people know how i get on when i get it next week.



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redhead  ·  23 Jun 2011

Hi John,

The cost depends on how many "shots" of the laser but it was usually about 250 -300 euro per session-expensive but for me it was worth it-can claim it back on Medical expenses/Tax form. I cant really remember exactly how many sessions it took to see definate improvement but I'm guessing about 4 or 5-I had the burning on my face 24 hours a day and couldnt concentrate on anything with it. (u will see my earlier posts re this). I had it done all over my face (except forehead which was okay), I never get that burning feeling anymore thank God-even if my face looks red after exercise or whatever-it doesnt feel like its hot or burning so for me that's the best thing.

At the moment I'm not taking any medicines for rosacea only natural supplements for the pustules.... Zinc, Garlic and magnesium supplements and also use tea tree oil when needed and use MD Forte cleanser which I get in the clinic.

Let me know how you get on-u will have to meet Dermatologist first anyway to assess your condition and see if definately rosacea etc and he will recommend treatments.



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John111  ·  22 Jun 2011

Hi redhead,

may i ask how much each treatment was for the blackrock clinic and how many treatments it took for an improvement to be seen?also what area did u have treated?i have had 4 treatments now on cheeks and nose and to date cannot see any improvement.i asked the derm wat level the machine was on and she sait it was on its highes level and that i worked my way up to the highest level over 4 treatments.

Did u see an improvent directly after the treatment or did it take a few days for the improvement to occur?




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redhead  ·  20 Jun 2011

Hi John,

Personally, I got mine done in the Blackrock clinic, its the IPL (Intense Pulse laser) and they update machines with newest technology etc and they are qualified dermatologists so would recommend this clinic.

It will probably take a few sessions to work but they increase the intensity each time once you are able to tolerate it.

Hope this helps



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John111  ·  16 Jun 2011

Hi im new to this forum.

I have been getting treatment for flushing and constant facial redness in the berkely clinic in dublin.has anyone had any experience with this clinic?i have had 3 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart and havnt seen any results yet.does anyone know how long i should stay with the same treatment and derm.i believe they use the starlux ipl.can anyone recommend a good ipl treatment centre in dublin?




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redhead  ·  23 May 2011

Hi Rosa,

Sorry to hear you have the Rosacea but you can really keep it under control-first off yes the IPL will definately help with the redness/burning -might take a few sessions but keep with it. I gave up using Minocin well over a year ago-I personally think I got depression from taking it and started feeling unwell within a month of taking it-but at time I didnt think it was from an innocent antibiotic but in hindsight I am 99% sure that it was!!!!! But everyone is different....

I am taking Zinc citrate internally and using tea tree oil on my face and find it really good for pustules-it takes a while for tto to work but you have to persevere for few 2/3 months and your skin gets used to it. At start, your skin can get very red and dry from it but I used to get really itchy bumps that would just appear during the day and since I started the TTO I no longer get the itchy bumps-it does take time though and maybe start with one side of face and see how it goes. I personally would  never take an antibiotic for my skin again as they are very bad for immune system and eventually stop working anyway in my opinion.

I cleanse with MD Forte cleanser (which I get from Derm)-it has a very mild exfoliator(you dont even notice this), but I was thinking of trying a tea tree cleanser as I've had such good success with the Topical TTO. My derm did a biopsy from my skin few years ago and the demodix mite showed up -ugh but thats why the tto seems to be working for me as it kills it!!! No more itch -yipee. As you will see from earlier posts-I was using Sea salt water but dont think it was strong enough for the Demodox thingy. 

As regards foods-I avoid red wine and also find that dairy (especially cream, ice cream)breaks me out too.....

Anyway best of luck with IPL and let me know how you get on.....



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Rosa de la Hayes  ·  22 May 2011


Finally, I have had my long awaited appointment with dermatologist. The consultation lasted 5 minutes and cost €180. He examined my skin with a light and diagnosed Rosacea which was no news to me. He said there is nothing you can do about the redness except ILP treatment and prescribed Minosin for a period of 8 weeks for the pustules. He said I may have to go on Minocin for 8 weeks every year. Rozex makes the condition worse, (my experience too) and By-Mysin is not as effective as Minosin.  I informed him of the foods/drinks I avoid such as coffee, red meat, alcohol, spicy food. He didn't have any advice regarding the foods I should avoid or take. I told him I was using specific Clinique products and he said I should only use Clinique. I am not going to start on the Minocin yet as I have had an injury. Has anyone any advice regarding Minocin or an alternative?

Rosa de la Hayes

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