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eddykeed511  ·  24 Oct 2014


Ok cheers


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redhead  ·  24 Oct 2014


I cant remember how many sessions i went for the first year, but probably 3 or 4 at least anyway, i never get the flushing/burning on my face now. Sometimes its red but it never feels hot at all....thank God as it was burning 24 hours a day when i first got it... its what the dermatologist recommended for the flushing... they usually prescribe antibiotics/ and or cream for the pustular spots associated with Rosacea but IPL Laser and sometimes medication for the flushing....


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eddykeed511  ·  23 Oct 2014


Thanks for the advise. Do the laser treatments reduce the amount of flushes you go through or does it just reduce the severity of the flushes? Aslo hiw many treatments did you get to find it helpful?


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carllambert1993  ·  23 Oct 2014

I have been using rossoseq for a month now and it is useless!, I've yet to hear from anybody that has had a benefit from it that hasent had there face splashed across a newspaper... I'd spend the 27.50 for it on something more usefull... 


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redhead  ·  20 Oct 2014

Hi Eddykeed511,

For facial flushing i would try laser treatment. go to good dermatologist that specialises in laser and ask their opinion..... i got it done and its the only thing that helped with the burning and flushing sensation....Its expensive but worth it in my opinion....

EmbarassedHope this helps


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eddykeed511  ·  19 Oct 2014


I started using rosseque (if thats how you spell it for nearly a month now). I was really hopeful that I had found something that can help me with this problem(facial flushing) when I red an article in the paper. I ordered it and it came a few days later. I started using it the following morning and its now been nearly a month since I started. I dont mean to put people off but I really didn't find this product in any way effective at all. I am still suffering from hot flushes every single day and it is extremely difficult to live with. I am quite young( in my mid teens) and have very smooth skin and mabey it differs from person to person but it certainly has not been helpful for me. I'll keep searching for something, anything that can help as my rosacea can be so damaging to self confidence. If anyone knows of anything that might be of help it would be much appreciated. Thanks


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Kristoffer Kollen223  ·  24 Sep 2014

Hi everyone,

i am Kris I suffer from rosacea for years and now i can't tell that i am not anymore. My rosacea was trigger with alcohol, stress and cold dry weather, i suffered from redness on the chick, nose, chin, up the nose and lots of dry skin. i tried lots of different products cream, face wash, they put me under antibiotic i stopped it after a month i really don't like antibiotic. I was annoyed with it when it flare up always self-conscious and worrying about it, did not want to be on any pictures, always thinking people are looking at it or they ask me what is wrong with your face? My sister told me i should try those products about a year ago and my answer was i tried similar products nothing works blablabla then i tried natural option using aloe vera plant and doing my own potion it did help at first and end up to be a fail. I was at the end of my solutions so i decided to give a go and try what my sister told me. I end up buying a cleansing lotion, 2 different type of face mask and a moisturiser. a week later i can see a good change in my skin dramatically less redness, skin hydrated and the rosacea was under control. She told me if you want more result you should try that machine that help you to deep clean you skin and deep moisturise it at the same time. So i tried it, big change of my skin it looks and feel smother and healthier. And recently i heard about a recovery fluid with hight level of antioxydant from the same brand that help a lot too and in some case cure it i am trying it at the moment. I am new to the forum and i am not sure if i will receive any notification if someone answer so If you need my help send me an email and i can tell you more about it. kris.kollen@gmail. com


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Finola Fegan419  ·  05 Sep 2014

thats a real pity gordon. i am always interested in anything new coming on the market..


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gordokumite  ·  04 Sep 2014

So its been over 3 weeks now since I started using Rossoseq and if anything Ive noticed my Rosacea getting worse since I started using it.  Ill stick it out for another week but if I dont see any improvement then Ill stop.  So far its spread from my right cheek to along my right temple and is very red.  No postules or pimples - just the redness.  Looks like I got a nice slap across the face.


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Finola Fegan419  ·  01 Sep 2014

hi Poppy B - my serum is ready to go - i am posting out this me with your address and i will get it sent out to you...there is no charge ... thanks - look forward to hearing from you


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Finola Fegan419  ·  01 Sep 2014

ok - i have sample of serum for all those who answered the call to be part of the focus group. i will be posting out tomorrow. can those who emailed me let me know where they would like it sent...some of you already have left your contact address so thats fine. anyone else who would like to be involved can still contact me by my email many thanks


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Shanev81  ·  30 Aug 2014

I haven't had my Rosacea diagnosed as such but I 100% have it. Im 33 and it deleveoped over a year ago. One thing I dont have in common is that sunshine doesn't make it worse in fact the opposite Ive found. Im fair skinned. Ive tried a few creams and of course no help. My GP hinted that she thinks it is Rosaea and it shocked me when she said No, there's no cure. Its really affecting me. I am self concious speaking to people now when its very flaired up. I can see that it has gotten worse over the year. I feel like if I don't get something substantial it will spread more :( Great to find this discussion but at the same time many people here are reccomending this spray, and that gel but most seem to have minimal affects. Is there something most agree on works best? I just don't want to get any worse Im too good looking to let it, hahaha only Joking!


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Finola Fegan419  ·  30 Aug 2014

trish - if you would like to be part of my focus group - i can send you out a sample of my serum for you to is a simple clean formulation - i have rosacea too though prob stage 1 whereas yours sounds like stage 2...the ingredients in mine are 0 or 1 int the EWG cosmetic base website which is a website designed to give you an indication of ingredients likely to result in sensitivity.... i would really love if you would try it..feel free to get in touch via my email

best of luck to you in any case - been there and bought that t shirt



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Rosieposy1234  ·  28 Aug 2014

Hi Trish, Just bought the rossoseq myself after that article in the paper so I'm starting in the morning. Praying for good results as my skin is quite bad at the moment! Hopefully we'll both have success. 


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Trish1976  ·  28 Aug 2014

Hi All,

I have severe Rosacea it started when I was in my late twenties and I am not 38.  My father and brother both have it but its not as bad as mine, I have tried everything all the cream and gels you can think of from Hydrocortisan, Rozex and Rosa but the only one that worked from me was Rozex but its a prescription cream so you cant get it all the time my dad got mine for me so that I didnt have to pay a GP € 65.00.  I also changed all my skincare products to an organic range and although that helped a bit and cost a fortune it didnt solve the problem so it is getting to the point where I am looking at laser treatment, its so upsetting having it and very painful too with a face that feels like its on fire and sore spots and lumps with dry skin it just knocks your confidence I dont like anyone seeing my without make up on not even my husband he doesnt care of course but I do so I am not using the Elvave skincare range and also last night my mam gave me a spray called Rossoseq which I see is new she saw an article in the paper and got it for me, I understand its going to take 2 weeks to see a difference so I am really hoping it can help as my face looks like someone burned me or threw something really hot on it and its getting me down, I sprayed it on twice last night and this morning I could see a tiny difference as in the raw red on my cheeks is a smaller circle and not as red so thats a good start.  I am really pinning my hopes on this as its a last resort before laser treatment.  Has anyone else got any opinions or thoughts on this spray?? I can post before and after pictures too if anyone is interested dont be shocked though Embarassed


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Judith3528  ·  25 Aug 2014

One of my friends got rid of rosacea within 1 monthand this is his experience:

 About 3-4 years ago the symptoms of rosacea appeared on my nose. Number dermatologists treated it with various creams and variety of internal oral drugs, including steroids and after a slight improvement the symptoms returned. I even received laser treatments. The specialists’ could not promise prolonged or permanent cure. Then, in the spring of 2013 a side effects of light sensitivity has developed on the treated area.

Luckily, by the proposal of a dermatologist, I started using the Arquebuse Water 75 herbal essences from the Swiss Heavenly Flowers Company. After about 3-4 weeks, and the use of a 100 ml of Arquebuse Water the inflammation and the rosacea completely gone from my nose.  I have attached this web page  if it helping anybody



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Judith3528  ·  25 Aug 2014

Hi, One of my friends got rid of rosacea within 1 month 

and this is his experience: About 3-4 years ago the symptoms of rosacea appeared on my nose. Number dermatologists treated it with various creams and variety of internal oral drugs, including steroids and after a slight improvement the symptoms returned. I even received laser treatments. The specialists’ could not promise prolonged or permanent cure. Then, in the spring of 2013 a side effects of light sensitivity has developed on the treated area. 

Luckily, by the proposal of a dermatologist, I started using the Arquebuse Water 75 herbal essences from the Swiss Heavenly Flowers Company. After about 3-4 weeks, and the use of a 100 ml of Arquebuse Water the inflammation and the rosacea completely gone from my nose. If  if it helping anybody  I have attached this  web page:



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Finola Fegan419  ·  24 Aug 2014

hi - i will have samples of serum and information ready by Friday 29th August for those who were willing to be part of my rosacea group. if you could email addresses to which i can send the product please. my own email address is ok look forward to hearing from you and thanks again finola p.s. anyone else who would still like to receive a sample just email me with your details and i can get it sent out..


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swtknny  ·  19 Aug 2014

I have been following this thread and looking for solution to my skin condition for the past two years now. I have tried a number of prescribed cream but a friend of mine bought and sent me this organic body cream which i have started using for a couple of days now. I want to use it for at least 2 weeks as she said i will be sharing the outcome and maybe it might help someone else


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PoppyB  ·  11 Aug 2014

Hi Finola, 

I was diagnosed with Rosacea in May. It is mild, but could get worse. I mainly have flare ups of small spots on my forehead and cheeks. It does get worse in the sun and I can't drink red wine. I would be very interested in trying the serum you are working on. Could you send me a message? I'm based in Dublin. I'm also interested in hearing about any natural remedies for it. I don't like the sound of the drugs that are prescribed they sound very harsh. 


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Surfer808  ·  05 Aug 2014

Hi Whoopie. How did you find the Mirvaso? I've tried it but it really leaves the skin looking a sickly pale almost, very unnatural looking. Maybe it just works different for each person.


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Finola Fegan419  ·  05 Aug 2014

hi - thanks to anyone who answered my open call for anyone willing to be part f my focus group.. i am not too sure how all this posting business works or how i contact those who replied directly..but for this who answered or anyone else who wants to be part of it...just email me amd i will get back to you... thanks again - looking forward to hearing from you...


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barbbrady  ·  03 Aug 2014

Hi Finola Fegan419, I live in the Dundalk area and would be interested in trying this serum. I've had rosacea/acne for about a year and a half now and nothing seems to be working!


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Whoopie  ·  01 Aug 2014

Just been prescribed Mervaso gel for the redness instead of rozex, more or less instant results, might be worth looking at if someone is struggling with the redness. One big downside it's very expensive but best results so far. 

More info on it here


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gordokumite  ·  01 Aug 2014

Hi Finola, 

Id be interested, although Im based down in Galway.  How can I get in touch with you?


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rasberry  ·  01 Aug 2014

Hi rosy red just wondering if you have tried the rossoseq yet and how did you find it thanks


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Finola Fegan419  ·  01 Aug 2014

hi, i am looking for a group of rosacea sufferers to take part in a focus group to give me some feedback on a new serum i am developing. i am hoping for feedback particularly on the name, branding and of course the efficicacy of the product.. i have rosacea myself starting with tight feeling skin in my early twenties until i was diagnosed with rosacea in my thirties.. i am based near dundalk so if that suited anyone who was reading this to get in touch. j have been using the serum myself for the past three years and i love is just something you can introduce very easily as part of your normal day - morning and is completely safe as it is based on only natural ingredients-- all ingredients are rated 0 or 1 on the EWG cosmetic database website .. look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to be part of the focus group...even if you are not from dundalk area i could probably arrange something by post.... thanks for reading


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gordokumite  ·  14 Jul 2014

Hi there,

Ive suffered from Rosacea for about 4 years now.  Dont seem to have the Acne side of it, or if I do it only appears very rarely.  But my right cheek is very red and does get itchy at times.  Ive tried Rozex and also IPL but havent found either any good.  Id love to hear what other people have tried and would recommend.


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Christine247  ·  19 Jun 2014

I would like to share my experience with everybody. I have been suffering from rosacea for 5 years. During this time I have tried everything but nothing worked, until one day I have read on one of the forums about the True Arquebuse Water 75 product of the Swiss Heavenly Flowers Company which cures rosacea in 3 weeks. I started to use the product which is made of 75 different herbs, and after 3 days I could feel the improvement already, the inflammation gradually disappeared, and the red inflamed parts became less and less on my face. Sprayed my face 3 time a day with the Arquebuse Water 75 and about in 3 and half weeks the rosacea completely disappeared from my face. Since then I am still using it once a day to prevent it from reoccurring. I wholeheartedly recommend to everybody the True Arquebuse Water of this Swiss company. I have attached the web page of the company if it helping anybody


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rosy red  ·  18 Jun 2014

@Surfer 808 I ordered Rossoseq online and I'm going to try this first before the IPL.I will you all updated on progress made :-)


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dita  ·  18 Jun 2014

just an update after my visit to the dr, he confirmed that i had rosacea and prescribed by-mycin  and the rosex gel.

He said the 3 main things to avoid are hot drinks, sunlight and alcohol. I kind of knew this anyway but its different when you hear a doctor say it. So in the last few days I have only had one or two hot drinks, at that I let them cool abit and I dont drink them when they are really hot.

I have applied the gel morning and night and taken the tablet first thing. The dr strongly advised following through with the by-mycin and rosex for 6 months to give it a good chance. Already i think i see an improvement and i have more of a positive attitude about it, like the other day I went out in the car makeup free which I havent done in a long time.

Also this morning I had a very cool shower, as cool as possible and my nose was not as red as it would be from a hot shower. I am lucky I could survive without alcohol so that is not something that will be hard for me. Another thing, I am washing my face super gently with a face cloth and cool/cold water, being very gentle with those red areas and keeping touch to a minimum. I use La Roche Posay Physiological Milk, I love it!

I am using Image skincare, once the gel has dried in and I find it really good. I am also applying minimal make-up just to my nose and blend it outward. I love being makeup free on the rest of my face. 

I am also drinking a lot of water and for me, this has a cooling effect on me in general and my nose tends to not be as red. 


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dita  ·  16 Jun 2014

hi, ive had a red nose for years, i have never gone to the dr about it but I am today, so Im interested to see what he'll say as he is quite good. Things I have found that help are - Image skincare vital c cream, la roche posay physiological milk, cool water and cool showers, drinking cold water throughout the day, not over dressing, feeling slightly cool all the time, not over heating in bed (haha), I have also stopped eating yoghurt and I think this has made a difference.

Another thing I am going to cut down on are rich sauces, esp tomato based. 

things to avoid - toners, hot drinks, any steam, overcleaning face.

I didnt find the Avene brand that good at all. I am interested in the Rosacea/Digestion possible link and am going to ask the Dr today. I do believe it can be treated, surely to God in this day and age, there has to be a cure. 

There is also some natural doctor (??) living nearby, I would be tempted to try him too. 


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Surfer808  ·  14 Jun 2014

@ rosy red - Hope the IPL goes well for you, apparently it takes a few sessions before you see any difference, best of luck!

Has anyone tried Rossoseq yet?


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rosy red  ·  09 Jun 2014

@Surfer 808

I haven't tried either yet. I'm booked in for an IPL in less than a few weeks and I will let you know how it goes.I have had two test patches done and have noticed no negative reaction but at the same time I have seen no improvement on those areas.


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Surfer808  ·  07 Jun 2014

Hi rosy red, did you decide to try the Mirvaso cream? I'm thinking about getting it and doing a trial run to see if it's any good. Did you go for the ipl laser treatment?


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lmcc  ·  05 Jun 2014

Hi mmh

I am going to continue to takeit as its an excellent health benefit and it too expensive. I take 7.5 ml in 250mls of water twice a day. It makes your body become alkaline and I believe my rosacea was caused because my body was too acidic.. cant believe de diff in my skin in a month.


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Whoopie  ·  04 Jun 2014

@rosy red, not much progress as of yet. Think it'll be a few weeks before hopefully some change, still didn't have that swim, it's penciled in for tomorrowSmile

This is some very promising news I found about Ivermetin Cream, It's had sucess in clearing 30/40% of people with acne rosacea, I'm just hoping i'm in that 40%. It's used a lot on animlas at the moment and supports the theroy that acne roasacea is mite based in some people. 

I don't think there is any such cream available in ireland at the moment but it may be possible for your doctor to prescribe something similar and for the pharmacist to make it up. Would anyone know? 

I see online pople have requested their vet to make it up with a cream base and it's worked or just bough it straight off the shelf, has anyone tried it?  


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mmh  ·  04 Jun 2014

Hi Imcc

i have just purchased phytolife, how often and how much did u take it and are you going to continue to take it?


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PharmacistPaul  ·  03 Jun 2014

Hi Guys,

I am pharmacist based in Donegal. Just to let you know that there is a new drug free treatment for Rosacea called ROSSOSEQ being launched in Ireland next week. It can  be used for a range of inflammatory skin disorders but I have seen evidence of trials using Rossoseq (spray version) for Rosacea that are very promising indeed. 

I think it is a very exciting product for rosacea, which as you all know affects a huge number of irish women and men.

The product will come in a gel and a spray version and can also be used for eczema, psoriasis and acne. 


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lmcc  ·  03 Jun 2014

Hey there everyone try phytolife I have found excellent. My skin is back to normal in a month. Work out at bout a euro a day.

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