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Sona4  ·  20 Aug 2017

Hi all,

Just a quick message to say how successful I have found  using finca from  taking oil of oregano daily, wearing image skincare or finca tinted sunscreen daily. I have been on medication from gp and dermatologists for several years and this Jan I decided no more! I have also been eating as healthily as possible, exercising, and taking a skin supplement but I feel the most beneficial has been finca ointment and oil of oregano tablets and as little poss, the tinted sunscreens are great . My nose is slightly less red and  less swollen but most importantly for me, not a spot, not one outbreak since late January/feb. I can't tell you the relief of waking in  the morning and seeing another clear day. I have had a few laser sessions to help with the redness on my nose and this has helped a little .

I am going to try acupuncture next to ensure I dont relapse. Also I have been using kinvara skincare products only. 

So no antibiotics😁 or presciption creams

Yes oil of oregano , finca lotion and  tinted sunscreen or image sunscreen, kinvara cleanser and moisturiser. Ipl laser has been successful but Im not sure how long it will last and after 4 sessions my nose still is red (but now can be covered by sunscreen, before I could barely keep concealer on ut as the skin was so sore😦) 40 yr old Lady Subtype 2 rosacea for approx 6 years

No spots for 7 mths!

Hope this helps.


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Cara  ·  02 Aug 2017

Look up biofresh skincare. Fantastic reviews on their natural skincare with before and after pictures 


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Mats01_99  ·  01 Aug 2017

Hi. Can anybody tell me where I can buy Dermalmd Rosacea serum in Ireland please. Looks like it's getting some good reviews.



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findingrelief  ·  25 Jul 2017

I would definitely be interested to try this if the acupuncturist has had some success with rosacea.  Thank you for your advice on this.


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Bitten_by_the_bug  ·  14 May 2017

Hi NiaW,

I also have rosacea subtype 2. I was pretty much rosacea free for a year and a half up until 2 months ago when either a course of steroids or too much sun on holiday triggered it again. Acupuncture works really well for me when I get a flare up but it does take a good few sessions to get it under control.

Dietary changes are a big part of it. It's tedious, but a food diary is really helpful. If you can write down what you eat every day and note when you flush or get a papule you will eventually see a pattern. It took me about a month to figure mine out and there were a lot! My flushing triggers are tomatoes, spices (including black pepper), strawberries, soy sauce, hot drinks/soups. My papules are triggered by dairy or too much sugar. Besides food, central heating or cold wind would cause flushing/dry eye. I have only had one major flush in a year and a half when I tried to reintroduce tomatoes- so they are still a no go!- and I no longer flush in heating/cold weather. I was able to reintroduce hot drinks and soups after a about 2 months of trigger free foods. I can have everything else off my trigger list in moderation. 

Btw the Chinese acupunturist I go to is in D4 if anyone on this is from Dublin and is interested in trying it- she was recommended by a friend. I find her amazing but I know what works for one person mightn't work for another. Also I tried two others with zero results when she went back to China for holiday. It took a few months so it works out expensive. I know it's not affordable for everyone and I had to cut back on everything else, but it was worth it to get my face back and avoid antibiotics.

Best of luck with it.


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NiaW  ·  24 Apr 2017

Any recommended dietary changes to help my rosacea? A combination of type 1 and type 2. The bumps have moved from my cheeks to chin and I'm still very red. 


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sfonseka  ·  21 Apr 2017

Cucumber Mask home remedy is closely associated with days out at the spa, but the intense moisturizing ability of these DIY face masks can open up your pores and help those blood vessels in the face reduce in size, thus eliminating the redness of rosacea. You can get long-term effects if you use a cucumber mask 2-3 times per week.

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health.


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living in hope  ·  12 Apr 2017

I've recently started using turmeric paste, one spoon a day in boiling water and taking a spoon of coconut oil. This has had a very soothing effect on my skin and not half as many spots. Skin is also smoother, not as bumpy.Has reduced redness also. Worth a try. Look up how to make the golden paste. It's easy and keeps for two weeks.


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Finola Fegan419  ·  10 Apr 2017

rosacea type 2 serum available on has some great feedback  a natural alternative to soolantra


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Tega  ·  28 Mar 2017

DermalMD serum Amazing. 3 weeks ago my face was very red and burned like fire. I had developed deep red papules all over my cheeks and my upper lips. Total strangers stared at my face and asked me if I was OK a few times. I was so embarrassed I started staying home from social activities. 3 weeks after starting DermalMD rosacea serum my face is 95% healed. My normal skin tone is for the most part restored. Kiss


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Finola Fegan419  ·  03 Mar 2017 products are now on available on etsy . but for information on the condition as well as products 


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Finola Fegan419  ·  21 Oct 2016

Natural remedies can work well in conjunction to dietary has supplements and clean plant based moisturisers for dry air conditions which can exacerbate type 1 rosacea....

its an irish based website -rosacea is a typically celtic skin condition


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Judith3528  ·  03 Oct 2016

I would like to share his experience with everybody. My friend overcame rosacea here below you can find his experience:

“About 3-4 years ago, the disease of rosacea symptoms appeared on my nose. Countless dermatologists treated it with various creams and variety of internal oral drugs, including steroids with little successes.

After a slight improvement the symptoms returned. I even received laser treatments. The specialists’ could not promise prolonged or permanent cure.

Then, in the spring of 2013 light sensitivity has developed on the treated area as a side effects of one of the medication.

Luckily, by the proposal of a dermatologist, I started using the ARQUEBUSADE WATER made from 75 medicinal herbs. After about 3-4 weeks, and the use the 3×100 ml,the skin on my nose significantly improved...

The specialists I turned to did not really promise me any sort of rapid improvement—quite the contrary! I’ve asked the opinions of several dermatologists, none of whom promised any kind of permanent, obvious cure. I even visited a dermatologist specializing in the treatment of rosacea who prescribed some medicine and various creams.

When the creams weren’t effective, the doctor switched my treatment to a topical steroid cream. When I first started using it, my condition improved dramatically, but after stopping its usage the symptoms – bright red, burning, itchy patches and pustules – not only returned, but were even worse than before. By this time, I was really beginning to feel desperate.

I went to the laser treatments faithfully because I wanted to get better more than anything else.

Unfortunately, this didn’t bring about my long-awaited cure, either. I had read everything I could find about this disease and all of its possible cures, simply because I did not want to accept having to live the rest of my life with rosacea.

In the spring of 2013, a dermatologist suggested trying a specially-prepared, liquid mixture, to be shaken before use. To my dismay, one of its components made my skin sensitive to light, after I tried in on my nose, I woke up the next morning to find my nose had turned totally black. It looked like it had rotted away! To make matters worse, the sunshine turned my nose into a pulsing, burning lump of absolute pain.

I went back to the dermatologist who had prescribed this “great” mixture and found myself supplied with various medicines to treat the swelling and had to put cold compresses on the area to reduce the inflammation, but nothing changed, no matter how carefully I followed the specialist’s directions.

I couldn’t go to work, couldn’t leave the house, I was completely helpless. The dermatologist assured me that it would take several days for the dead skin to peel off and new skin to form on my nose. When I imagined what this would be like, I panicked even more. After a few days of enduring this series of scientific experimen - tation, I turned to another specialist.

The new dermatologist suggested trying an alternative, natural solution to my skin problem.

She introduced me to a Swiss product, an herbal essence called Arquebusade Herbal Water, containing a total of 75 different herbs. She told me to spray the red, itchy patches on my face 5-6 times a day and use nothing else other than this.

By Day 6, I could see a few encouraging signs, the first time in a long time I felt any hope of a real improvement.

The soreness lessened, the swelling decreased and my skin wasn’t as bright red as it had been, either. Day by day, my nose improved all while there was no sign of the peeling I had been warned to expect. I grew increasingly confident and can say that after using a total of three, 100 ml bottles, my nose returned to its original state. While I was combating this sore itchiness, it did not even occur to me that I would be taking care of the rosacea as well.


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Cara  ·  19 Jul 2016

I didn't know that Finola, i can't seem to tolerate tea tree oil on my face though,it makes me bright red. We are all different I guess! Just wish I could find my cure....


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Finola Fegan419  ·  19 Jul 2016

hi cara, thats interesting ..the clay has menthol in it and its usually an ingredient to avoid....but it maybe goes to show that type 2 or underlying oily skin can tolerate things like menthol and tea tree and other ingredients like that because it has more of a natural barrier.....always learning !!!


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Cara  ·  17 Jul 2016

I just wanted to add that Dermalogica dermal clay cleanser is fab. I just started using it and it made my skin feel so much better. It's got ingredients to remove oil and sage to soothe and menthol to revitalize. For anyone that has the burning like I do it feels great. I leave it on as a mask for a while. Just thought it might help someone


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Cara  ·  16 Jul 2016

Can anyone recommend anywhere in Galway for IPL. Has anyone had any good results from IPL done in Galway. I'm just wondering are the beauty salons as good as a dermatologist but I don't know any derma in Gal that does it.

is it done in public hospitals? 


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Finola Fegan419  ·  13 Jul 2016

Hi If anyone here is thinking of trying Soolantra - there is a natural alternative to it on the irish website  ask for a sample of type 2 serum    there are also supplements available eg omega 3 (anti inflammatory oil) which participants on this site have found useful...hope this helps someone....


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Cara  ·  11 Jul 2016

Thanks whoopie. I tried the omega7 before but it didn't help. Nothing works for me😢. Guess I will keep trying. Thanks though


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Whoopie  ·  11 Jul 2016

Soolantra is for type 2, the kinda spots bumps etc

if it's just redness you have don't think it'll do much for you. 

Sorry here's a link to the omega 7 in Holland and Barret.


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Cara  ·  07 Jul 2016

I will give the omega 3 a try. Thanks.

I tried omega7 before but didn't see any difference. I even applied it topically. Is soolantra for rosacea caused by demodex mites? I don't think that's what's causing mine so just wondering 


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Whoopie  ·  06 Jul 2016

Check out omega 7 you can get it in Holland and Barret don't buy a generic one get this particular brand and give it 4 weeks and see how your lookin, this particulr product had more effect than any cream or anything I got, originaly got it as Rosacea was starting to hurt my eyes (gritty) but this cleared it up and most of the spots 2, don't take it anyomore as eyes are fine and really helped my face, on soolantra now and that's pretty much a cure. 


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Redhead73  ·  06 Jul 2016


I started taking Omega 3 1200 by 3 a day, this is too much as i felt very tired. So ive cut back to just 1 a day as recommended. The ones i take are super strength so 1 a day should be enough. so therefore im taking 1 * 1200mg each day now. Skin is softer and definitely better than what it was, so any improvement for me is welcome.. Hope this helps...


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Cara  ·  04 Jul 2016

Hi Redhead,thanks for the info. How much omega 3 were you taking and how long for before you noticed improvement? 


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Redhead73  ·  04 Jul 2016

Hi everyone,

I suffer from Rosacea and have the type with spots and redness. I dont get the flushing any more as i got the laser treatment about 8 or 9 years ago and it controlled it. Anyway I've tried all the prescribed treatments and to no avail. Minocin did work but too many side effects. Anyway I had a baby at the end of last year and noticed that during my pregnancy my skin was in good condition and no spots. I had a baby girl and most people say that when pregnant with a girl, your skin gets worse . Anyway I was the opposite and i was thinking what was i taking during that time-it turns out that i was taking pregnacare plus omega. I googled fish oil for skin conditions including rosacea and noticed that there are a lot of good reviews for skin. Anyway i recently started taking fish oil again and my skin has really improved and am delighted with it. You need to take Omega 3 only, apparently omega 3 is anti inflammatory but omega 6 works the opposite way, so its important to get the omega 3 only... I hope this helps someone out there who is suffering from this horrible condition....Wink


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Shell1212  ·  21 Jun 2016

Ash great ,thanks for that .Are the flare ups quite bad ?I must attend my gp and see if I can get ..I'm using  rosex gel at the mo with not a great result !Thanks again 


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PoppyB  ·  21 Jun 2016

I found the Finca serum worked but I would still get flare ups depending on my diet. I have reduced sugar considerably and try to avoid red wine (white or rosa is fine). I get a flare up from some other foods, but still not sure yet, which other ones to eliminate, but know red wine and sugar is a big trigger. 


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Whoopie  ·  21 Jun 2016

Sorry the cost is between 40 and 50 a tube, only meant to be used for 12 weeks so max 3 tubes, I got my doctor to prescribe it gave up on my derm a long time ago when they dismissed harshly my thinking that it could be linked to demodex mites it didn't agree with the current thinking a few years ago but proved to myself and tried an animal product(consulted a vet) to test theory from research, didn't use it for long as they can be dangerous but it worked temporarily.

My doctor did warn me about Soolantra, it's toxin and can effect your nerves, he was a little hesitant as he hasn't heard of it before and just advised. Told him I'd be back if I get the shakes : ).

I've been following Soolantra and mite based thinking for a few years, If you've type 2 or just spots/blemishes it could work for you.

It's won't completley get rid red or redness but will reduce it a little as the blemishes are gone and your skins not flared. 


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Whoopie  ·  21 Jun 2016

Yea it is, I used it for about 5 weeks, meant to finish the 12 weeks that's recommedned but will again in a few months but right now i'm happy, i'm no way worried about my face and spots have stopped. Still have a little redness but who hasn't if you out in the sun.

It is going to make you flare up, that's not that your allergice to it, it's the way the lifecycle of the mites it's killing work. So expect a few bad days (only a couple) but then it all should clear up.

I'm deligthed with it, it's the magic bullet I was looking for.

I've type 2, redness and spots. Now i've a very mild type 1 and spot free Smile 

It's all in the gut make sure your fixing that as I think it's what caued the mites to get out of control in the frist place. 

Google demodex mites and you'll see what the soolantra is actually killing, it's basically ivermectin they use on cattle but for people, same ingredent. 

The flare ups(loads of spots) are good, that's the dead mites coming out of your skin. Embrace the flare mean loads of them are dying, they have about a 30 day lifecycle hence the 12 weeks course, you'll basically nukenign them 3 times to fully clear up. 


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Shell1212  ·  20 Jun 2016

Does anyone know is Soolantra available on prescription in ireland and the general cost .Thanks 


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Cara  ·  20 Jun 2016

Thanks poppyb for the reply. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working for me so. What did it help you with redness or spots?


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PoppyB  ·  19 Jun 2016

It took about three days before I noticed a difference. I started using it in Sept 2014 and haven't looked back! 


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Cara  ·  17 Jun 2016

Hi,can anyone tell me how long it takes to know if finca serum is working?


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Cara  ·  10 May 2016

Hi Finola,

I contacted and they told me there is currently no serum for oily subtype 1. They have a serum for subtype 1 lacking oil. She said they will be formulating one for oily subtype 1. This must mean oily skin is associated with both?  I'm confused🤔 I might get a sample to try


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Klancy  ·  10 May 2016

Thanks! Have emailed them for a sample.


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Finola Fegan419  ·  09 May 2016

Hi there is a serum for type 2 rosacea...thats the oily variety on the website anyone wants a small free sample to see if it suits their skin email     it would be ideal for someone who would be thinking of trying soolantra- as its basically an anti demodex mite cream.....hope this helps someone.....


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Klancy  ·  06 May 2016

Can anyone recommend a dermatologist in Cork for acne Rosacea Type 2 . I'm using Soolantra & while there has been an improvement , I'm still getting red bumps which are leaving marks/scars on my face. 


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Cara  ·  28 Apr 2016

No Suzanne I haven't had success with anything I've tried and I've tried loads of different creams etc. Rosex cream or gel didn't help. I'm currently trying Seavite serum so I'll let you know. 


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Suzanne Doyle303  ·  28 Apr 2016

Fuschia mineral powder is stocked on line now and main shop is in Drogheda. Cara havs u tried anything with suçcess? I keep reading that type 1 - oily skin is supposed to be easy to treat but ive tried everything and Im getting to the stage where my nose is getting slightly bumpy and the veins are exposed. Its only my nose and a little of my chin.


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Klancy  ·  28 Apr 2016

Hi Raspberry, sorry the delay in my reply! I use La Roche "Concealer Pen-Brush for Fair Skin" they have a number of different skin types. I have Rosacea Type 2, and i find this GREAT for covering the red bumps/dots which seem to appear sporadically everyday (I use Soolantra, and while it doesn't stop the bumps, it definitely minimises them. My tummy can't take the tablets anymore, so i can only use creams). Then i have the La Roche Hydreane BB Creme (teinte Medium). It is a tinted moisturizer, but doesn't have spf. Then final i have La Roche Toleraine Teint Minteral compact poweder (spf 25). This works for me! 

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