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swtknny  ·  19 Aug 2014

I have been following this thread and looking for solution to my skin condition for the past two years now. I have tried a number of prescribed cream but a friend of mine bought and sent me this organic body cream which i have started using for a couple of days now. I want to use it for at least 2 weeks as she said i will be sharing the outcome and maybe it might help someone else


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PoppyB  ·  11 Aug 2014

Hi Finola, 

I was diagnosed with Rosacea in May. It is mild, but could get worse. I mainly have flare ups of small spots on my forehead and cheeks. It does get worse in the sun and I can't drink red wine. I would be very interested in trying the serum you are working on. Could you send me a message? I'm based in Dublin. I'm also interested in hearing about any natural remedies for it. I don't like the sound of the drugs that are prescribed they sound very harsh. 


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Surfer808  ·  05 Aug 2014

Hi Whoopie. How did you find the Mirvaso? I've tried it but it really leaves the skin looking a sickly pale almost, very unnatural looking. Maybe it just works different for each person.


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Finola Fegan419  ·  05 Aug 2014

hi - thanks to anyone who answered my open call for anyone willing to be part f my focus group.. i am not too sure how all this posting business works or how i contact those who replied directly..but for this who answered or anyone else who wants to be part of it...just email me amd i will get back to you... thanks again - looking forward to hearing from you...


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barbbrady  ·  03 Aug 2014

Hi Finola Fegan419, I live in the Dundalk area and would be interested in trying this serum. I've had rosacea/acne for about a year and a half now and nothing seems to be working!


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Whoopie  ·  01 Aug 2014

Just been prescribed Mervaso gel for the redness instead of rozex, more or less instant results, might be worth looking at if someone is struggling with the redness. One big downside it's very expensive but best results so far. 

More info on it here


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gordokumite  ·  01 Aug 2014

Hi Finola, 

Id be interested, although Im based down in Galway.  How can I get in touch with you?


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rasberry  ·  01 Aug 2014

Hi rosy red just wondering if you have tried the rossoseq yet and how did you find it thanks


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Finola Fegan419  ·  01 Aug 2014

hi, i am looking for a group of rosacea sufferers to take part in a focus group to give me some feedback on a new serum i am developing. i am hoping for feedback particularly on the name, branding and of course the efficicacy of the product.. i have rosacea myself starting with tight feeling skin in my early twenties until i was diagnosed with rosacea in my thirties.. i am based near dundalk so if that suited anyone who was reading this to get in touch. j have been using the serum myself for the past three years and i love is just something you can introduce very easily as part of your normal day - morning and is completely safe as it is based on only natural ingredients-- all ingredients are rated 0 or 1 on the EWG cosmetic database website .. look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to be part of the focus group...even if you are not from dundalk area i could probably arrange something by post.... thanks for reading


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gordokumite  ·  14 Jul 2014

Hi there,

Ive suffered from Rosacea for about 4 years now.  Dont seem to have the Acne side of it, or if I do it only appears very rarely.  But my right cheek is very red and does get itchy at times.  Ive tried Rozex and also IPL but havent found either any good.  Id love to hear what other people have tried and would recommend.


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Christine247  ·  19 Jun 2014

I would like to share my experience with everybody. I have been suffering from rosacea for 5 years. During this time I have tried everything but nothing worked, until one day I have read on one of the forums about the True Arquebuse Water 75 product of the Swiss Heavenly Flowers Company which cures rosacea in 3 weeks. I started to use the product which is made of 75 different herbs, and after 3 days I could feel the improvement already, the inflammation gradually disappeared, and the red inflamed parts became less and less on my face. Sprayed my face 3 time a day with the Arquebuse Water 75 and about in 3 and half weeks the rosacea completely disappeared from my face. Since then I am still using it once a day to prevent it from reoccurring. I wholeheartedly recommend to everybody the True Arquebuse Water of this Swiss company. I have attached the web page of the company if it helping anybody


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rosy red  ·  18 Jun 2014

@Surfer 808 I ordered Rossoseq online and I'm going to try this first before the IPL.I will you all updated on progress made :-)


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dita  ·  18 Jun 2014

just an update after my visit to the dr, he confirmed that i had rosacea and prescribed by-mycin  and the rosex gel.

He said the 3 main things to avoid are hot drinks, sunlight and alcohol. I kind of knew this anyway but its different when you hear a doctor say it. So in the last few days I have only had one or two hot drinks, at that I let them cool abit and I dont drink them when they are really hot.

I have applied the gel morning and night and taken the tablet first thing. The dr strongly advised following through with the by-mycin and rosex for 6 months to give it a good chance. Already i think i see an improvement and i have more of a positive attitude about it, like the other day I went out in the car makeup free which I havent done in a long time.

Also this morning I had a very cool shower, as cool as possible and my nose was not as red as it would be from a hot shower. I am lucky I could survive without alcohol so that is not something that will be hard for me. Another thing, I am washing my face super gently with a face cloth and cool/cold water, being very gentle with those red areas and keeping touch to a minimum. I use La Roche Posay Physiological Milk, I love it!

I am using Image skincare, once the gel has dried in and I find it really good. I am also applying minimal make-up just to my nose and blend it outward. I love being makeup free on the rest of my face. 

I am also drinking a lot of water and for me, this has a cooling effect on me in general and my nose tends to not be as red. 


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dita  ·  16 Jun 2014

hi, ive had a red nose for years, i have never gone to the dr about it but I am today, so Im interested to see what he'll say as he is quite good. Things I have found that help are - Image skincare vital c cream, la roche posay physiological milk, cool water and cool showers, drinking cold water throughout the day, not over dressing, feeling slightly cool all the time, not over heating in bed (haha), I have also stopped eating yoghurt and I think this has made a difference.

Another thing I am going to cut down on are rich sauces, esp tomato based. 

things to avoid - toners, hot drinks, any steam, overcleaning face.

I didnt find the Avene brand that good at all. I am interested in the Rosacea/Digestion possible link and am going to ask the Dr today. I do believe it can be treated, surely to God in this day and age, there has to be a cure. 

There is also some natural doctor (??) living nearby, I would be tempted to try him too. 


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Surfer808  ·  14 Jun 2014

@ rosy red - Hope the IPL goes well for you, apparently it takes a few sessions before you see any difference, best of luck!

Has anyone tried Rossoseq yet?


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rosy red  ·  09 Jun 2014

@Surfer 808

I haven't tried either yet. I'm booked in for an IPL in less than a few weeks and I will let you know how it goes.I have had two test patches done and have noticed no negative reaction but at the same time I have seen no improvement on those areas.


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Surfer808  ·  07 Jun 2014

Hi rosy red, did you decide to try the Mirvaso cream? I'm thinking about getting it and doing a trial run to see if it's any good. Did you go for the ipl laser treatment?


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lmcc  ·  05 Jun 2014

Hi mmh

I am going to continue to takeit as its an excellent health benefit and it too expensive. I take 7.5 ml in 250mls of water twice a day. It makes your body become alkaline and I believe my rosacea was caused because my body was too acidic.. cant believe de diff in my skin in a month.


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Whoopie  ·  04 Jun 2014

@rosy red, not much progress as of yet. Think it'll be a few weeks before hopefully some change, still didn't have that swim, it's penciled in for tomorrowSmile

This is some very promising news I found about Ivermetin Cream, It's had sucess in clearing 30/40% of people with acne rosacea, I'm just hoping i'm in that 40%. It's used a lot on animlas at the moment and supports the theroy that acne roasacea is mite based in some people. 

I don't think there is any such cream available in ireland at the moment but it may be possible for your doctor to prescribe something similar and for the pharmacist to make it up. Would anyone know? 

I see online pople have requested their vet to make it up with a cream base and it's worked or just bough it straight off the shelf, has anyone tried it?  


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mmh  ·  04 Jun 2014

Hi Imcc

i have just purchased phytolife, how often and how much did u take it and are you going to continue to take it?


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PharmacistPaul  ·  03 Jun 2014

Hi Guys,

I am pharmacist based in Donegal. Just to let you know that there is a new drug free treatment for Rosacea called ROSSOSEQ being launched in Ireland next week. It can  be used for a range of inflammatory skin disorders but I have seen evidence of trials using Rossoseq (spray version) for Rosacea that are very promising indeed. 

I think it is a very exciting product for rosacea, which as you all know affects a huge number of irish women and men.

The product will come in a gel and a spray version and can also be used for eczema, psoriasis and acne. 


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lmcc  ·  03 Jun 2014

Hey there everyone try phytolife I have found excellent. My skin is back to normal in a month. Work out at bout a euro a day.


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rosy red  ·  03 Jun 2014

@whoopie , are you making any progress?I have read before about the positive effect chlorine can have.

@surfers808 , I have not used Mirvaso cream yet but there are very mixed reviews on the internet , my dermatologist told me you have to use it continuously and not just on occasions.


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Surfer808  ·  30 May 2014

Has anyone tried Mirvaso cream? I've read a lot of mixed reports on it, some say their skin loses all redness while others complain of deep flushing after it wears off. Would be great if it worked but seems a bit of a gamble since it's a pretty new product.


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Whoopie  ·  29 May 2014

In the same boat as the rest of you, got diagnosed with Acne Roascea 9mts ago, Since the initial diagnosis, i've been to the dermatoligitst once since and i'm due back again this month but may hold off a while to try some alternrtives.

I'm currently on, Tetralysal 300mg (1 tablet per day), A Zineryt mix in the morning and rozex in the night.  

It's keeping it at bay but not exaclty making it disappear but without the Tetralysal my face erupts with the acne side of it, and i've never had a acne problem until about 18mts ago with the start of the problem.  

There's 2 things I want to try before going back to the dermatoligist, one is to try and kill off Demodex mites and see can I get any improvement, I don't even know if I have them but i'm going to try if my current plan doesn't work. My eyes have got a little itchy in this weather so it may be suggesting I have. Seemingly if you get releif from going for a swin in a pool with chlorine you could possibly have them, i'll try this a few times over the next week and report back.

What i've started work on is my diet and mainy the fiber/gut side, from doing a lot of reading up i'm starting to think that maybe a mix of a leaky gut and mild candida might be at the root cause of my condition, basically what some schools of though suggest is that it may be caused by the gut becoming porus and candida growing through it given toxins a water slide if you will into the blood stream which is where the badness is coming from, my mission is to retreat the candida back inside the gut and get a right mix of fiber to to seal back up the gut to trap all the toxins. (I'm aiming for 30/40mg of fiber a day and going to start taking probiotics from tomorrow to rebalance the flora)

I'm looking for a cure, the thoughs of antibiotics for the rest of my life is making me feel bad as i'm only 37. I'm a guy so can't really hide it with make up, and at the moment it just looks like i've been in the sun but as I get old I presume it's goign to get worse unless I get to the root of the problem asap. 

I'm sure there is a cure out there somewhere but as one of my friends in the pharamcy business put it, he won't be looking for it as there's no money in the cure. 

I anyone has any suggestions on keeping demodex mites at bay i'd love to hear from them as to what they've used and had they any success. 


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rosy red  ·  28 May 2014

@Klancy , thanks for replying I'm very sorry to hear that :-( :-( I signed up to and they send me updates via email on New products as they become available which might be worth a look. Have you heard of Mirvaso ? Its a new cream used to treat the redness and has become available here now. My derm will prescribe it to me but suggested I try a round of the IPL first . I'm terrified of having the IPL though , I know its rare but you can be left scarred , burned etc. I'm going in for a second patch test tomorrow as I have yet to decide whether the initial test made even the slightest difference or just left me even more red at times sigh .......Look up that website though there are more products to become available by the end of the year:-)


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Klancy  ·  26 May 2014

How apt you messages today Rosy Red! It definitely took longer for the lower dose of ab to kick in, but I've had no tummy pain and there has been a gradual improvement... Until today :( I've got a fine breakout today, but hormones are playing up at the moment so I'm putting it down to that. I'm going on hols to the sunshine in a few weeks and I've already accepted that my face is going to be bad then. Even though I use la Roche high factor sun cream, a hat and try my best to keep my face out of the sun, my face just doesn't like the heat. It's worth trying the laser, otherwise u'll always be wondering if it would work or not. 


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rosy red  ·  26 May 2014

@Klancy ...How are you getting on with the new antibiotic ? I have a month to go before my IPL which I'm very anxious about :-/ and I'm undecided which is the best option


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wissendas  ·  01 May 2014

I lived in Germany where my local GP used Homeopathic medicine as 1st choice and then western medicine.

The results were great for my son at the time and since then i have gone on to use it as 1st choice for my family. I am a registrered nurse also , so i am not anti western medicine but am a firm believer that alternative medicine has a place in health care provision. I have also lived in China where TCM is the 1st medicine of choice for chinese people and where it is used alongside western medicnie with great results.

Many health issues are diet related and the body's system is often imbalanced due to poor diet or intolerances that people are unaware of, therefore i believe more information on diet should be available to patients , doctors in the west are not educated on nutrition therefore they do not give dietary advice for the most part.

I feel for children and their parents being prescribed pill after pill when a dietary change would make a massive difference to thier well being. Thousands of Irish people have Asthma and skin disorders, many could be better handled with dietary advice. Dairy products should be avoided by Asthmatics but nobody tells them this. Their are other alternatives out their to ensure enough calcium intake, another point calcium intake is irrelevant if your Vit D levels are low. Vit D is needed to ensure calcium uptake from food ingested, how many of us are taking Vit D supplements to ensure our levels are maintained.


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Nan Rehill  ·  30 Apr 2014


I forgot to say that im not selling this product or promoting it in any way. It was recommended to me and in desperation I tried it, also on googling it I found out it had no side effects it is supposed to give you the same benefit as eating 4lb of brockley which contains cholorphyl, which in turn cuts down on acid in your system which is supposed to make rosacea worse.


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Nan Rehill  ·  30 Apr 2014

Hi Phytolife is a synergy product, if you google synergy you will see it in their range.  I think it costs around 25 euro and lasts approx 40 days, after taking the first bottle twice a day I found great relief. I hope it works for you as I tried everything lots of different tips like washing my face with head and shoulders classic and it did improve the itch on my face, and putting a dab of tee tree oil on a cotton bud and it also helped spots, but I really think the synergy drink worked for me.   


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rosy red  ·  30 Apr 2014

Thanks Wissendas , I will try that :-)!you mentioned trying a homeopathic before?have you had any experience with one yourself?


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wissendas  ·  30 Apr 2014

together with your diet and exercise, take Raw apple cider vinegar  daily. You can buy it from the health store. it lasts for ages, just 2 teaspoons with a mouthful of water and away you go.

Best health to you all.


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rosy red  ·  29 Apr 2014

Hi Klancy , to sum up that last point if you have poor digestion or digestive problems it most likely is related to your rosacea and by resolving those issues through your diet you will see an improvement ... hope all of this is of some help to you :-)


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rosy red  ·  29 Apr 2014

Hi Klancy , I forgot to mention that the naturopath is doing up a diet plan for me to follow for a period of 6 to 8 weeks.I really do believe that your diet has an awful lot to do with how severe it is. I was shocked when I kept a food diary for a few days at just how bad my diet currently is. She took an in depth look at my lifestyle , well being and my general health.I have to say I was very pleased with this approach taken , to find out the source or sources of my rosacea and my entire well being as a whole rather than the GP sending you packing with antibiotics and a cream without even addressing or giving advice on what to avoid etc. , giving that this is mainly an INTERNAL condition all be maybe hereditary as in my case.Apparently ppl with rosacea have low stomach acid , low pancreatic enzymes and this leads to the presence of unfriendly micro organisms , essentially we have abnormal gut flora. The problem supposedly with the antibiotics and cream aside from them only working when in use is that the antibiotics kill both the bad and good flora in the gut .You also cannot take tetralysal if you are trying to get pregnant , which also sets alarm bells ringing for me .I just don't understand how these antibiotics can do you no harm but yet I was told that if I became pregnant my baby could end up deformed!!BTW... She had treated another patient with rosacea that was worse and the pustules they had have now disappeared and the redness has improved. I'm not expecting a miracle but this sounds encouraging.

I have started to do a lot of exercise in recent times and I'm just wondering has anyone noticed their rosacea worsening as a result of this? I definitely think when I flush now it has spread to other areas!


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rosy red  ·  29 Apr 2014

Hi Marey , thanks for the info , it gives me great hope when I hear of success stories :-). I like yourself have been wearing stage make up daily for years up until 6 weeks ago when I decided enough is enought and have not worn any since.I'm slowly coming to terms with my appearance but I'm even more self conscious now that my face is fully exposed to the world.I really hope this IPL works for me , I swear if one more person comments on my face I'll cry ....ppl are like 'oh you got all Sun burned' or 'you have the cold' aka you look crapFrown!! I would really appreciate if you could keep us updated on this forum after your next treatment/treatments on how you reacted to the IPL and if you have signs of further improvement , I understand that these sessions have to be spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart. Most importantly DID YOU NOTICE ANY REDUCTION IN FLUSHING ? , that is if you suffered from this also . They say that it only improves existing facial redness but it will not reduce or rid you of flushing.Do you mind me asking you what type of rosacea you have?

Hi klancy , I'm sorry to hear that :( . Did the lower dose of tetralysal not work for you ? I went to see a naturopath yesterday . Did you ever try tackling it by changing your diet? That is the approach I am going to take for the moment and see how I get on.


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Klancy  ·  29 Apr 2014

Hi Rosy Red, I had it done in Therapie, Cork. I found the staff excellent and v informative. It HURT, but it is over quick! I was red after for an hour or so but nothing too bad. 

I have got a new prescription for Efracea. I haven't started them yet, but will tomorrow. I can see another few outbreaks starting on my face :(


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Marey  ·  28 Apr 2014

Last Week I had my first treatment of IPL laser treatment in Anne mc devitt on Wicklow street. I wasn't expecting a drastic improvement in the first session but I definitely have noticed a difference. My nose and cheeks were really red the last ten years and I can see a difference alteDy. I know since the 1st treatment I will need at least 2 more but I have to be honest, it's well work it. They charge about €125 a session or 3 for €300. It seems like a lot of money but if like me you have lived with wearing stage makeup everyday even in the height of the summer, I would recommend it!


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wissendas  ·  25 Apr 2014

Naturopath encompasses several forms of therapy, dietary, herbal, massage,iridology, whereas Homeopathy is focused on finding one natural medicinal remedy to suits the clients care.


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rosy red  ·  25 Apr 2014

@Surfer 808, I'm going to Dr.Wendy Lynch Rooms for the IPL. My GP referred me to her , however I don't know of anyone myself who has had experience with that dermatologist or the clinic itself.She prescribed me what my GP already had and recommended laser for the thread veins.It's a 180 per session , not cheap I know but I would try anything at this stage. I have booked it in the summer who I'm on hols and in the meantime I'm going to try the natural route before taking tetralysal etc.@Wissendas I have booked an appointment with a naturopath for Monday ,please forgive my ignorance but what is the difference between a naturopath and a homeopath?thanks in advance

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