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Shell1212  ·  21 Jun 2016

Ash great ,thanks for that .Are the flare ups quite bad ?I must attend my gp and see if I can get ..I'm using  rosex gel at the mo with not a great result !Thanks again 


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PoppyB  ·  21 Jun 2016

I found the Finca serum worked but I would still get flare ups depending on my diet. I have reduced sugar considerably and try to avoid red wine (white or rosa is fine). I get a flare up from some other foods, but still not sure yet, which other ones to eliminate, but know red wine and sugar is a big trigger. 


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Whoopie  ·  21 Jun 2016

Sorry the cost is between 40 and 50 a tube, only meant to be used for 12 weeks so max 3 tubes, I got my doctor to prescribe it gave up on my derm a long time ago when they dismissed harshly my thinking that it could be linked to demodex mites it didn't agree with the current thinking a few years ago but proved to myself and tried an animal product(consulted a vet) to test theory from research, didn't use it for long as they can be dangerous but it worked temporarily.

My doctor did warn me about Soolantra, it's toxin and can effect your nerves, he was a little hesitant as he hasn't heard of it before and just advised. Told him I'd be back if I get the shakes : ).

I've been following Soolantra and mite based thinking for a few years, If you've type 2 or just spots/blemishes it could work for you.

It's won't completley get rid red or redness but will reduce it a little as the blemishes are gone and your skins not flared. 


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Whoopie  ·  21 Jun 2016

Yea it is, I used it for about 5 weeks, meant to finish the 12 weeks that's recommedned but will again in a few months but right now i'm happy, i'm no way worried about my face and spots have stopped. Still have a little redness but who hasn't if you out in the sun.

It is going to make you flare up, that's not that your allergice to it, it's the way the lifecycle of the mites it's killing work. So expect a few bad days (only a couple) but then it all should clear up.

I'm deligthed with it, it's the magic bullet I was looking for.

I've type 2, redness and spots. Now i've a very mild type 1 and spot free Smile 

It's all in the gut make sure your fixing that as I think it's what caued the mites to get out of control in the frist place. 

Google demodex mites and you'll see what the soolantra is actually killing, it's basically ivermectin they use on cattle but for people, same ingredent. 

The flare ups(loads of spots) are good, that's the dead mites coming out of your skin. Embrace the flare mean loads of them are dying, they have about a 30 day lifecycle hence the 12 weeks course, you'll basically nukenign them 3 times to fully clear up. 


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Shell1212  ·  20 Jun 2016

Does anyone know is Soolantra available on prescription in ireland and the general cost .Thanks 


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Cara  ·  20 Jun 2016

Thanks poppyb for the reply. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working for me so. What did it help you with redness or spots?


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PoppyB  ·  19 Jun 2016

It took about three days before I noticed a difference. I started using it in Sept 2014 and haven't looked back! 


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Cara  ·  17 Jun 2016

Hi,can anyone tell me how long it takes to know if finca serum is working?


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Cara  ·  10 May 2016

Hi Finola,

I contacted and they told me there is currently no serum for oily subtype 1. They have a serum for subtype 1 lacking oil. She said they will be formulating one for oily subtype 1. This must mean oily skin is associated with both?  I'm confused🤔 I might get a sample to try


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Klancy  ·  10 May 2016

Thanks! Have emailed them for a sample.


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Finola Fegan419  ·  09 May 2016

Hi there is a serum for type 2 rosacea...thats the oily variety on the website anyone wants a small free sample to see if it suits their skin email     it would be ideal for someone who would be thinking of trying soolantra- as its basically an anti demodex mite cream.....hope this helps someone.....


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Klancy  ·  06 May 2016

Can anyone recommend a dermatologist in Cork for acne Rosacea Type 2 . I'm using Soolantra & while there has been an improvement , I'm still getting red bumps which are leaving marks/scars on my face. 


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Cara  ·  28 Apr 2016

No Suzanne I haven't had success with anything I've tried and I've tried loads of different creams etc. Rosex cream or gel didn't help. I'm currently trying Seavite serum so I'll let you know. 


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Suzanne Doyle303  ·  28 Apr 2016

Fuschia mineral powder is stocked on line now and main shop is in Drogheda. Cara havs u tried anything with suçcess? I keep reading that type 1 - oily skin is supposed to be easy to treat but ive tried everything and Im getting to the stage where my nose is getting slightly bumpy and the veins are exposed. Its only my nose and a little of my chin.


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Klancy  ·  28 Apr 2016

Hi Raspberry, sorry the delay in my reply! I use La Roche "Concealer Pen-Brush for Fair Skin" they have a number of different skin types. I have Rosacea Type 2, and i find this GREAT for covering the red bumps/dots which seem to appear sporadically everyday (I use Soolantra, and while it doesn't stop the bumps, it definitely minimises them. My tummy can't take the tablets anymore, so i can only use creams). Then i have the La Roche Hydreane BB Creme (teinte Medium). It is a tinted moisturizer, but doesn't have spf. Then final i have La Roche Toleraine Teint Minteral compact poweder (spf 25). This works for me! 


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Cara  ·  27 Apr 2016

Hi Suzanne, I contacted and at the moment they don't have a serum for subtype 1 (I'm not sure what category oily rosacea is in)but they are bringing out a serum for subtype 1 soon. I will definately try it when it's available. 

Where do you get the fuschia makeup? 


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Suzanne Doyle303  ·  27 Apr 2016

Hi Cara and Poppy.  I too have oily skin which makes things difficult to treat.  I use the Fuscia mineral make up and find that great.  I do not have flare ups as such just a constant reddish nose and spots on nose and chin plus the dreaded veins now.  Do you both have similiar issues and does the serum really help?  I have tried nearly everything at this stage but not that yet?


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niamh123  ·  26 Apr 2016

hey Cara. I use the serum from but that's for type 2 which I have.

I can't tell you 1st hand what the type 1 serum is like, but a friend of mine who has mild type 1 rosacea is actually who recommended the site for me. She said it worked well on her skin anyway. Hope that helps


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Cara  ·  25 Apr 2016

Thanks Poppy B, I have extremely oily skin also so a rich cream scares me lol! I use Clinique even better makeup but I must try and get a sample of the foundation you mentioned. I use Clinique pressed powder throughout the day for shine. It's a battle...


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Cara  ·  24 Apr 2016

Bond girl, did you mean calamine or chamomile cream? What brand do you use or where do you get it if it's chamomile. Thanks


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PoppyB  ·  22 Apr 2016

I find the serum excellent from but I have type 2 rosacea. I started using the serum over a year ago and have noticed a vast improvement. The site also has a winter balm which is richer and might be more suited for type 1 rosacea. 

I use Clinique anti redness foundation when I'm going out and a light powder on week days. 


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Cara  ·  22 Apr 2016

Hi ladies

Does anyone know if the serum on is any good for type 1 rosacea? I don't have the spots apart from an odd bump on side of nose but my cheeks get really red and hot especially at work in the light&cheat of the office. I use avene products which really help and feel soothing but nothing stops the redness coming through. Thanks


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Bond girl  ·  21 Apr 2016

I use Mac long concelor (brilliant stuff gone )and dermablend make up ..amazing stuff (its stocked next to rosay posay products .....i look like i have perfect skin ..people ask me how my skin and make up it so perfect !!

if they knew :) ..I swear by camoline cream if my face feels hot after i take my make up off ..cools it right down and works ..(i use green tea and oatmeal homemae facemasks that i make myself and keep in fridge, when i have flare ups .It scares my 5 year old mind ..its not a good look ! but it cools it down alot 

ive tried so many moisturizing products and founds nivea it great ? my mum who has skin that reacts like mine started using it last year and swears by it thought geneticly if she can use il try it ..and although the night cream is prefumed (which normally id run from ..i thought id try it ) ..simple cheap nivea oil free facial night and day creams work amazing for me .....but essentially its all about the suncrean 50 everyday ..4 times a day for me and avoid my triggers ...this means i can sneak in some wine now and then:)


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rasberry  ·  21 Apr 2016

Hi klancy just wondering what la Roche posay product you use and do you know any tinted moisturiser that would be good for hiding the redness .I hate having to put on make up every day thanks


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savagegirl  ·  21 Apr 2016

I use bare minerals original foundation. It's the mineral one. You can build it up more if needed. I use Clinique beyond perfecting too if I need a full coverage. Neither cause any irritation with me and I'd be quite reactive. 


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Klancy  ·  20 Apr 2016

I use La Roche Posay and find them great. 


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niamh123  ·  20 Apr 2016

Hello finola,

thank you for your posts they are very informative. i was on the website you recommended, and I ordered serum for subtype 2.. seems to be working well for me. thanks for directing me there, seems to be some good info on it.

aside from that does anyone have a good foundation for rosacea to recommend? cant seem to find a good one with nice coverage that doesnt irritate.



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Finola Fegan419  ·  15 Apr 2016

hi bond girl, i think that is exactly the way mirvaso gel is to be used...its not a cure just a temporary release from the redness...i did a review of it on the website if you are interested...i think there have been issues with it in terms of rebound flushing but maybe too much was applied or skin was very broken before using it...i think its best for type 1 rosacea where there is just overall redness not the pustules and bumps associated with type 2 yes its great for important social occasions where you dont want high colouring but it is only thing about ipl -it annoys me when therapist promise so much and sometimes deliver so little...better to say your redness will be reduced by 40% and that to be achievable than to take your money with a lot of promises of 80 -100 % reduction in redness.....there you tuppence worth of luck bond girl -you have it sussed !!


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Bond girl  ·  09 Apr 2016

Hi There so gld i found this site ..ive a flare up at moment :( just to add to conversation i get the IPL and i convince my self it helps ..this roseaca is no joke ,,how much money do we spend on the internal and externel trying to correct it ..anyway can i just say Doc gave me the mirviso gel almost a year ago to try and it chaged my world  ..i was sooo anxious about using it as i read so much negatives but i use it for social nights or when i need to feel good and not worry about flushing ..i can now dance when i go out ...hadnt danced in years ..confidence wise it has really helped me ...i use it a few times a month and i find it brilliant ..i got a bad wind burn and enjoyed all my triggers recently which have prompted a flare up im going to see my doctor and ask for referal for Bons hospital (i suspect il be waiting a long time )For the next few weeks i suspect im gonna have to play it super nice to me :( :( and avoid all the things i love like white wine ,chocolate and caffine ).Im gonna try the antibiotics i think or ask doc for advice ..but do try the gel might work wonders for some ?


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rosycheeks  ·  15 Mar 2016

Hi Klancy, if you're suffering from type 2 rosacea and looking for a natural alternative to Soolantra have a look at . I always use their stuff and it leaves my skin feeling fresh, without having to use antibiotics 24/7. The have a serum for type 2. I feel that constant chemical products on my face can sometimes feel too harsh in my opinion. Hope that helps


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Klancy  ·  06 Mar 2016

Hi, is anyone using Soolantra for rosacea bumps? My skin got real bad recentlY and I recently went back on Efracea, but my tummy was killing me! It's a catch 22! No Acne rosacea but major tummy cramps! I need to try out a topical treatment. 


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rosycheeks  ·  11 Feb 2016

Hi guys, I am 30 years old and got diagnosed with rosacea 5 years ago. I used to have very dry skin, seriously lacking in oil causing me unbearable irritation. I am using very good products at the minute which have worked wonders in clearing my skin. Thank you Finola Fegan419 for telling me about , their rosacea serum has worked wonders for me (along with a change in my diet, cutting out the red wine and spices was hard lol). Theres still a few red broken veins remaining that annoy me to look at. I'd just like to know if there are any others on this that have used IPL laser treatment and is it any good? If anyone could let me know if it's effective that'd be great. 



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Cara  ·  14 Sep 2015

Hi Christine247

Thanks for posting about your good results. Just wondering how many bottles of the arquebuse water did you need before you saw results? Its expensive so would be good to know. Thanks


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Finola Fegan419  ·  31 Aug 2015

hi anyone interested in probiotics and supergreens for rosacea sufferers can find them on the website

also as an alternative to anti biotics - there is also oil of oregano- also available on


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Skyfall  ·  24 Aug 2015

That's really cool Suzanne. Thanks for doing  that. 


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Suzanne Doyle303  ·  21 Aug 2015

Hi.  I would like to update people on the situation regarding Soolantra.  It is available in the US.  Although it has been FDA approved it is still not available in europe - unless you order it for a cost of E1000.  There are however various articles about the use of Ivermectin which is the main ingredient in Soolantra. Ivermectin is widely available and is apparently effective in killing the demodex mite.  It seems to be safe to use topically at least, I'm reluctant to try it orally. Like most people I've tried everything at this stage.  My rosacea is primarily on my nose.  I do not have particularly fair skin and my skin is quite oily.  The rest of my face is totally normal.  My nose is now showing broken capillaries and gets quite inflamed at times.  Mineral make up does cover it up but I hate having to wear make up especially when the rest of my face is fine. I have yet to discover a product which really reduces the redness.  I am currently trying Ivermectin and will keep you posted.


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kit_kat  ·  18 Aug 2015

I just wanted to share my experience on Rosacea and hopefully help some others out there.

I self diagnosed myself with rosacea in the last 6-9 months, but looking back I probablably have the condition a couple of years and didn't recognise it. I suffered from acne quite badly as a teenager so I think an outbreak about 2 summers ago was rosacea but I put it down to acne.

In the last few months I've mostly noticed redness on my cheeks and around temples. But a week ago I got a pretty bad outbreak of spots on my forehead and chin.

Having recognised it now I'm working on keeping it under control and most of the time it is. This latest ourbreak came after a month of being very busy, at times stressed, having lots of events (in particular weddings) involving lots of alchohol, and basically not looking after myself. I also think sun is a factor, I was in the sun last weekens which prob also contributed to the latest outbreak.I am pretty convinced however that the root cause of rosacea is issues with gut health and overall diet. I've read a lot of blogs and most success stories seem to come from people who address lifestyle and diet, rather than tryin to manage the problem with medicine or topical treatments; this has also been my experience.

In terms of reversing symptsom when they occur, I do the following: eat lots of healthy vegetables, avoid processed food (I dont eat it anyway). I dont eat dairy as I found it to be a trigger for my acne so I cut it out years ago. I also dont drink alcohol when I have a bad breakout. I have a juicer and so I make fresh juices (90% vegetable) and try and have one daily.  I take fish oils daily, as well as a multi vitamin. This week I have also got some extra supplements (olive leaf extract and pro biotocs) given severity of outbreak. I also got lots of rest.

As regards topical treatments, I have been washing my face with a very gentle cleanser and then using apple cider vinegar as a tonic. Then I apply sea buckthorn oil (more detail on this below).

After 5 days of this regime my skin is 80% better, no new spots have appeared and the old ones are healing.

Once symptoms have gone I try and maintain healty eating but I will have nights out and a few drinks etc. I believe  the 80/20 rules so that if you are living well 80% of the time your body can better deal with the odd blow out.

The best topical treatment I have come acorss is sea buckthorn oil which I read about on another rosacea blog. I bought it on Amason, the Sibu brand. Its 100% natural and plant based and I've been using it for the lat few months with great successs. Before this current break out (which I'm blaming 100% on lifestyle issues) my skin was completly clear. I think the combination of AVC and the oil has helped to clear the current outbreak. I also bought the capsules to take internally.

Just to reiterate though, I am convinced that the issue needs to be tackled internally and that topical treatments alone are not the solution. I have had digestive issues in the past so I think my gut is my achilles heel, so to speak Embarassed A mostly plant based diet with lots of fibre (very important to stay regular) is prob. the most important factor.


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Finola Fegan419  ·  31 Jul 2015

absolutely dilute the tea tree oil - it might take a bit longer to work but it is better safe than sore and sorry.....finca rosacea serum contains organics rosehip oil which is an anti inflammatory oil and has proved very useful for rosacea...see how you go on with the tea tree first and then look at the serum


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Murphy44  ·  31 Jul 2015

Hi Finola, 

I did not make any dietary changes.  However,  when I was getting the bumps,  I did notice they were particularly bad when I would eat ice cream or yogurt. Since my skin has cleared, I've eaten both and not had a single bump. I did a lot of research and tried many things including different oils and supplements.  I truly believe that my rosacea was caused by demodex mites and that the tea tree oil killed them.  I think the rosehip seed oil has been extremely helpful as well. I had small scars from the bumps that are completely gone. Thank you so much for the comments! 


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gordokumite  ·  30 Jul 2015

Hi Finola,

For the redness, would you recommend diluting the Tea Tree Oil, and/or using your product?

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