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The Pill

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Joined: Apr 2013

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# 72

Posted: 15/04/2013 23:51

I have pcos, i am on a 21 day pill and i missed the last 2 days of the pack, I got my period as normal. However the 1st day of starting my new pill pack i had sex not using any other contraception. Is there a risk of pregnancy?


Joined: Mar 2013

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# 71

Posted: 11/03/2013 10:30

Have a super stupid question to ask regarding the pill.

I began taking Microlite over a year ago and thank god have had absolutely no side effects (well apart from going up 2 cup sizes, but wouldnt consider that a bad effect). I am moving to america soon and I was wondering is it available over there? Also are Irish prescriptions valid in the US? I'm initally going for 3 months so debating bringing 3 months with me if there is not going to be any available over there as I have heard horror stories of other people taking the pill and consider myself lucky that this one suits me so well. Also has anyone travelled with prescription tablets before with Aer Lingus? I presume it will be no trouble as I have brough a months supply with me with Ryanair and has been trouble free.

Thank You


Joined: Aug 2012

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# 70

Posted: 24/08/2012 21:27

hi am. Can't find any straight answers anywhere so thought I'd chance asking here. I've been on microlite for over two years now and stupid me can't remember taking the last pill (Satuarday) today is now Friday :/ and I threw away the box so I really am clueless wheather I have taken the pill or not. whats should I do? should I start taking my 21 pakc a day earlier or just continue as normal?


Joined: Jan 2012

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# 69

Posted: 02/01/2012 23:07

on the marviol pill took it at 5pm got sick later bout 1am am i still covered


Joined: Oct 2011

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# 68

Posted: 11/10/2011 22:26

5 days after taking the pill my fiance and i started without using condoms, i was not aware i was to wait at least 7 days, on the 6 and 7th day it was a good 5-6 hours later than the normal time when i take the pill. then 8 days after i started the pill i started bleeding, its been over a day now and still. Is that something that may be normal or could it be something else?


Joined: May 2011

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# 67

Posted: 02/05/2011 16:26

Hello, ok so i was on microlite for 2 years then was switched to yasmin, started getting non stop head aches and nose bleeds so doctor told me to get off it start away. i got a period a week after getting off it and have not got one since(2 months). I have a prescription to now go back on the microlite but can i take it any day or do i have to wait for my period?

                                           Hope someone out there has some advice,

                                           Thanks a million.


Joined: Feb 2008

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# 66

Posted: 09/12/2010 13:42

As far as I'm aware, if you've completely missed a pill you shouldn't have a 7 day break; at least, this was the old guideline, but it may have changed. Anyway, as you've not done that I would take the next pill on Saturday, 7 days after you took your last pill; if you break for 8 days then you will need to use alternative contraception for 7 days as back-up as it may not be effective. I would also try to speak to your pharmacist to find out if you've been protected in your pill-free week as you've missed a pill completely and only taken 20 instead of 21, and until you have, use condoms or abstain to be on the safe side.



Joined: Dec 2010

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# 65

Posted: 07/12/2010 21:30

I lost one of my Microlite pills this month, I just took the next one for that day, I finished a day early now so does anyone one know when I start taking the next pack? I used to start the next pack on a Sunday - do I start on Saturday now instead? Also, will my contraception be affected? thanks


Joined: Nov 2009

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# 64

Posted: 22/11/2009 21:37

I've been on Microlite for months (not sure how long) because of Ovarian Cysts. I'm not the most consistant when it comes to taking them, as I am very forgetfull, but about a month or two back, I stop taking them for a month both to check if the Cysts had gone and to maybe try and get my natural system back in order.

I started again after that time and since, I've been worried if I took it at the wrong time, because this time, my period appeard about a week before it should have.

I'm staying off for another two months, just in case, and I want to know when is the right time to start taking it again? Would it be the day your period starts, or the day it ends, or whenever is suitable?

Thank you.Laughing

Inspire me.


Joined: Jul 2009

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# 63

Posted: 24/08/2009 10:50

i have started using dianette because my periods are really painful and heavy.on my first pack of pill i had my periods for nearly a mnth .there due again within the next two weeks will i get them ??

only on the pill for nearly 2 months

i also had sex without using a condom and my boyfreind came will i be safe ??Embarassed

thanks xxxxxx


Joined: Jul 2009

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# 62

Posted: 20/07/2009 16:32

Smilehi there,

does any1 know if i dont take my pill for the last week will i get my period within that week because i want to do that so i wont have it on hols. I dont want to keep taking the pill non stop without a break cos I dont want to be bloated while away. please help

lil L:)

Joined: Jul 2009

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# 61

Posted: 19/07/2009 16:20

Hi guys!!

I've been on microlite for over a year. I've put on a little weight and suffer some mood swings. I have developed a thick clear discharge since starting the pill however. Can anyone tell me is this a side effect of the pill? I know the pill works by making the mucus thicker but should it be so pronounced?


Joined: May 2009

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# 60

Posted: 05/05/2009 19:11

Hi Granny118,

There are no reported side effects of taking too many pills at once. Younger girls might get a little bleeding. If you are on anti-biotics you should use a condom too tho,better to be safe than sorry.


Joined: Mar 2009

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# 59

Posted: 09/03/2009 18:31

just wondering what people think about this..

im on the pill but last friday i had a little bit of a severe bowel movement after about two hours of taking the pill. i had unprotected sex for a bit but we used a condom before he came. do you think there's any risk, since i have been taking my pill properly since then?


Joined: Mar 2009

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# 58

Posted: 09/03/2009 13:15

Hi there,

I am wondering about what happens when one overdoses on the pill? I don't mean taking 2 pills in error on the one day, but taking about 8 of them in one go!! This came up in a discussion last week and has been on my mind since....the person who brought it up took the so many pills because somebody told her that if she was not properly covered by the pill (ie she is on antibiotics), had unprotected sex, then the taking of so may pills could prevent a pregnancy???


Joined: Mar 2007

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# 57

Posted: 20/11/2008 23:43

hi everyone,i've just come off microlite. i was in bits the past week, horrible head aches swelled legs [thighs]. got checked out im ok but was told to come off the pill as my baby is only 5 months. dont really want another one so i think best thing to do is get the coil. last 5 years no worries about pill break and as far as i know dont put on any weight

sarah (QDH78170)

Joined: Nov 2008

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# 56

Posted: 18/11/2008 13:38

hi im on yasmin for the first time, and me and my boyfriend decidede to try unprotected sex after about a week of taking it everyday? i am protected arent i??

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# 55

Posted: 02/11/2008 22:26

hi iv been on microlite for the last 4 months but recently forgot to take a pill.. i took it in within the 12 hours but just about. a day or 2 later i had a litttle bleeding but its 9 days later now and it hasnt stopped. my 7 day break starts tomoro, jus wondering wat i shud do?
tracey (PAX74175)

Joined: Aug 2008

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# 54

Posted: 22/08/2008 13:57

i'm on cilest (have been for over a year) but i missed my pill last month so decided to take a months break. After being back on the pill this month (for 2weeks) i had unprotected sex. Am i safe from pregnancy?
lyn xxx xxx!

Joined: Jul 2008

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# 53

Posted: 22/07/2008 15:46

hey im on yasmin, i missed a pill this week and have decided to continue without taking the 7day break as an extra percaution, but next month im goin on holidays and want 2 do the same so i dont have my period while away! does any1 no if this is bad missin 2 periods on purpose?? xx xx xx!!

Joined: -

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# 52

Posted: 11/06/2008 15:37

Hey that happened me last week too. I am taking triminulet. Have been taking them regularly but last week i forgot to take it on a sunday, didnt realise it till monday, had unprotected sex on the sunday nite, and the doctor told me to get the morning after pill, u have 72hrs i think to take that after the missed pill. that kinda freaked me out a bit, but im hoping it will do the trick!!! :)

Joined: Mar 2008

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# 51

Posted: 05/03/2008 12:44

iv been on microlite for nearly 2 an half years,i hav found no side effects so far!my breasts have gotten a bit bigger but i haven't put on weight. i was just wondering though i had sex the other night with my boyfriend (without a condom) and i forgot to take my pill. i remembered the next mornin about 8 an i took it straight away.i think it was be4 the 12 hrs but im still a bit worried! wats the chances of me getting pregnant?? also we had unprotected sex again last nite(which would of been 2 days after i forgot to take it) mainly because i didn't want to tell my boyfriend i 4got to take the pill cuz there might not be anything to worry about!so if any1 can put my mind at rest please!!?

Joined: Oct 2005

Posts: 4

# 50

Posted: 02/03/2008 18:39

hi im on microlite for the past three months. at the start i ran my 2 pill packs together and i got a little bleed halfway through, its nothin to worry about as i got my proper period on 7 day break then. having sex 3 days into the pill is nothin to worry about u are covered from day one provided its taken correctly! i had unprotected sex during my 7 day break do you think im still covered???

Joined: Jan 2008

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# 49

Posted: 29/01/2008 20:17

Hi! im on micrlite since september and this month for some reason i started bleeding in the middle of my pack!! i took my last 7day break and did everything as i should have done!!! im taking it on time and i havent missed a day!! can anyone explain this for me??

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# 48

Posted: 14/01/2008 10:07

Hi I am on microlite about 3 yrs i never had a problem with it untill now, at xmas i didnt take a break from my pill i just continued onto next pack and now i am getting a bleed half way through the pack. my period isnt due for another two weeks. I am taking them every day at the same time can anyone shed some light as to why this is happening? or is this my period am getting now in the middle of my packet?

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# 47

Posted: 20/11/2007 12:32

Hi Sibhz,

To be honest I wouldn't take the chance as your not on it long enough. My friend was in the same position & wasn't sure about it so went to her GP & was given the morning after pill. I'd say check with your GP

Joined: Nov 2007

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# 46

Posted: 19/11/2007 17:41

Hi i'm on my first pack of microlite and have had unprotected sex three days ago am i still covered???

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# 45

Posted: 17/11/2007 20:48

Hi All, I was on Ovranette for over 5years & my GP took me off it as I was getting migraines & she put it doen to the pill. She told me to wait for my next period before going back to see her. Its been a month now & I still haven't seen anything. Im not too sure of what side-effects to expect?? Can anyone help me? I've been weeing an awful lot lately & am extremely bloated as well are these normal?? When should I expect a period? My friend went off it in May and only got a period last week.

Joined: Jan 2006

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# 44

Posted: 29/05/2007 19:09

I wouldn't see why it would not come.
The MAP can cause a disruption in your period dates so as you have had 1, long period, it will now take your body a while to deal with the excess hormones and get back into its own rhythm.
Don't worry about it but do start to deal with the contraception side of things as taking the MAP too often will not do you any good in the long run.
Good luck.

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# 43

Posted: 29/05/2007 18:09

I took the mornign after pill on 16 april. my period came on 23 april, approx 10 days before it was due. it lasted for 2 weeks,my gp sed it was quite common.. however I have not goy my next period yet. will it come?

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# 42

Posted: 11/04/2007 00:46

ok, i have PCOS an have been changed from cilest to dianette as cilest wasnt strong enough, now im worried because i have been told to take dianette non stop for six months-like no break! HELP PLEASE

Joined: Feb 2007

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# 41

Posted: 12/02/2007 23:09

MICROLITE: ive been using microlite for nearly 3 years i have went from 7 and half stone to 9 stone durin this period, i find myself very moody within the last year and very paranoid about my weight gain ive also suffered from bad muscular pain in my calf muscles but i got checked for DVT and the results were clear however i ocassionally still get these pains but the doc has told me ive nothin to worry about. Should i be worried?? should i try a different pill?? does anyone have personal experience with the bar implant as a form of contraception??
Brona (GPH50447)

Joined: Aug 2006

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# 40

Posted: 09/02/2007 12:41

Hi I am on microlite and I am getting a bleed half way through the pack and at the end and I am taking them every day at the same time can anyone shed some light as to why

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# 39

Posted: 27/12/2006 22:02

i have been on mycrogynon 30 for a while now but im ill with glandular fever. I was given amoxycilin antibiotics which is bad for glandular fever as it gave me a rash. I was wondering if I should still be taking my pill or will it make the rash worse?

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# 38

Posted: 20/12/2006 22:30

I started Ovranette for two months but found it was making me really moody, had very painful breasts and was bloated. I went straight on to Mircolite a lighter pill and took the pack straight through with no 7 pill free days as per instructions. I am now on month 3 but every month start to bleed with about 6 days left to go in the pack. I am also suffering with very bad cramps. Has anyone else experienced this? I take it at the same time every day.

Joined: Sep 2004

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# 37

Posted: 31/07/2006 13:52

To anon (last poster) I cant believe you've been on Dianette for 2 years! I have recently switched to Dianette but i was told by my GP that i could only go on it for 3 months and then i would have to go back to Marviol. I have a question for any women who may have experience switching pills? when i switched from Marviol to Dianette my doctor told me to leave my 7 pill free days as normal and then start taking dianette and i did this. However when i read the dianette leaflet it said that i should have started my new pack as soon as i finished the old pack. I'm very worried now as I had sex a few days ago and I'm afraid i wont be covered. Although we did use a condom, i would rather be extra safe and know that the pill is going to work. Can anyone give me any advice?

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# 36

Posted: 26/07/2006 15:03

hey, i have been on and off the pill for about 6 years, that includes taking the morning after pill on a few occasions. i was first on microlite which did not agree with me at all and caused hard lumps to appear on my thighs which was really gross! i then switched to yasmin for awhile to clear up my skin but it only helped a little. i was on dianette for over 2 years and like the girl above i lost interest in sex, was real moody and it didn't clear up my skin at all! when i came off it at the start of this year though and this is the most awful thing!!...my skin got much worse and blotchy and facial hair started to appear on my chin and the side of my face. i am just so unhappy about it and i just want to warn people to be real careful about taking these high doses of hormones! oh my god i just hope i havent done any irreparable damage! but i am going to the doctor tomoro so i will keep ye posted. i read somewher that hair growth can be caused by other conditions such as PCOS, so i cannot knock the pill until i get checked by my doc tomoro. at any rate i'm not pregnant, but personally i do wish i had never ever taken any pill and tried something less invasive. apparently a male pill is on the way...so we can let the lads worry bout it from now on! anyway if any1 wants to know anything else, just ask n i'll try help.

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# 35

Posted: 22/07/2006 20:18

Am on Microlite for the past seix months and this month had no period. I'm now two and a half weeks late but I took a test a week ago and it was negative. The complication I'm worried about is that I have a recurrent isse with thrush and the preg test kit said existance of bacteria in the body could interefere with the results. Probably over reacting but is it normal to miss a period entirely?

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# 34

Posted: 14/06/2006 07:48

I am using contraceptive pills for over one year, at first I used Logynon and now, for over 3 months I am on Cilest. I always suffered from premenstrual syndrome and I thought and hoped pills will make me feel better, but they make me feel worse, not from the point of view of my premenstrual syndrome, coz I could use a good cry once a month, but my everyday life is deeply affected by this pills, I feel sick all the time, I feel week, tired, I have head aches, when I try to wake up it is very hard, I am no longer the active person I use to be and I’m struggling in this situation.
But not taken a birth control pill is out of the question… Please help me!!!
Thank you!!!

Joined: May 2006

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# 33

Posted: 23/05/2006 11:03

I was put on Dianette to clear acne,i was on it for nearly a year.I suffered from severe headaches,depression,tiredness and was very moody.Also i out on nearly 2 stone in this period.It did not clear my acne either. I changed pill and started on Yasmin,have been on it for nearly 2 years,i lost the extra weight and it cleared my acne.
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