In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) in Ireland

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misshopeful   ·  18 Jan 2017

Thanks for the reply mimi81 I really appreciate it 😉.  

I called the clinic today and the nurse told me to test first thing tomorrow morning. If the test is negative then it is more than likely that the transfer did not work. It would 13 days after my FET. I have cancelled my blood test in Cork on the nurses recommendation. She suggested I go to my GP to get it done instead. But it all depends on the result of the HPT in the morning. If its negative I dont need to go for the blood test at all. I am still hoping that I tested too early, I would love to get a positive result. I am hoping  for a miracle!! 💕


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Nikkig  ·  18 Jan 2017

Hi all I'm back welcome to all the newbies, mcdublin and busybee hows the pregnancies going? Had my laparoscopy yesterday, had a hcg and a d and c, home now and recovering!! Got some good news in my results so I'm just waiting to get going on my nxt ivf cycle! Onwards & upwards hopefully 2017 is my year :D


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Mimi81  ·  18 Jan 2017

Hi misshopeful, you are testing a bit early and it depends on the hpt. Wait until you get your bloods done until you know for sure, it's so hard I know but try and remain positive until then🙏💖


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misshopeful   ·  17 Jan 2017

Thanks Mimi81. Best of luck with the accupuncture. Let us know how your getting on with it. I was going to do it before this FET but I didnt have enough time to fit in enough sessions to get the benefit from it. It supposed to be very good. 

I couldn't wait any longer so I took a HPT today and get a BFN. I'm devastated. Is it possible to test too early?? My FET was done on 6th Jan. Also is it possible to get a positive beta after a negative home test. I'm due at the clinic on Friday 20th Jan for my blook test😩. I'm so deflated!!! 


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Mimi81  ·  11 Jan 2017

Oh misshopeful I really hope it works out for you..i have everything crossed for you💖 It's such a long 2 weeks and every cramp and niggle is so significant🙈  Stay positive anyway..

I have booked a 12 week course of acupuncture and myself and dh have started maca supplements so who knows what might happen before we cycle again in the summer🙏 No harm in hoping.


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misshopeful   ·  10 Jan 2017

Hi Wishful thinking I'm so sorry I hope I didn't scare you too much. I dont know maybe, I just had a run of bad luck. Just make sure you confirm dates and double check things for your own peace of mind. I met a lady doctor in the clinic a few weeks back, she was a Spanish looking lady. She is a new doctor there that if its the same clinic. She was actually really nice and very helpful to me she went through my scan results and my outline to make sure that I was ok. So don't worry you will be fine xxx 💖 

Mimi81 best of luck. Fingers crossed now all will work out for ye! Keep us updated ya 😉

Anon thanks for your reply. It's really encouraging as I am new to these kind of chats but I'm loving them. They are great motivation and keeps me sane!! Congrats on the news ye must be thrilled. I have heard that accupuncture is supposed to be really beneficial when doing ivf. I tried to get an Apt before my FET but I couldn't get one. 😭

So ladies I got the transfer done last Friday Jan 6th. My 3rd ivf procedure by 3rd doctor. Not by choice!!!!!! He is a new doctor also in the  clinic. He was so nice and was very confident about the procedure afterwards. Maybe 3Rd time lucky, who knows...  I'm now a few days into my 2ww. Im so nervous im afraid to even think about it. Fingers, legs and eyes crossed that it works. 🙈 

nite ladies 😘


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Fireside08  ·  09 Jan 2017

Hi all, I've just joined as I am searching and researching! online for help regarding couriers who are experienced in the transportation from country to country in relation to IVF. We are trying to determine where is best to being our fertility treatment. Ireland or the UK. Sperm is currently held in a UK hospital, but I am located in Ireland. I have been given a courier name by clinic here in Ireland, but I'm reading horror stories online about them. Does anyone have any experience in transportation of sperm from UK to Ireland??

Thank you!


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Hopefull17  ·  09 Jan 2017

Hi All

I hope you don't mind me jumping in on this discussion please. Like so many here, am ttc and so far no luck. 

2failed IUI's and 2 failed IVF's (long and short cycle). Low AMH and not great embryo quality are main issues.

Anon - In an effort to try and get better quality embryos I started taking  royal jelly and 200mg of COQ10. Can I ask what dose of COQ10 you were taking?

Thanks xx


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Hopefull17  ·  09 Jan 2017

Hi Anon,

I am about to embark on 3rd IVF, I started taking COQ10 (200mg) about 2 months ago but I wanted to ask you what dose you were taking? Like you, I've low AMH and had previously bad embryo quality.

Thanks xx


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Anon.  ·  09 Jan 2017

Bizzybee. .I'm glad you're doing well ..u must be 10 or more weeks now! Are you still feeling totally wiped from the meds? I wasn't on any of those just the cyclogest til 12 weeks but off everything now and doing great thank god. I've kept up my acupuncture but just reduced it to once every three weeks now. Find it so relaxing. My date is 22nd of June so there's not much between us then :) hopefully we'll both have a busy but great summe ahead!! 


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Anon.  ·  09 Jan 2017

Misshopeful I too was with a clinic in Cork and first time round had my dates mixed up hence I ended up on an extra long protocol. . Was on the pill for 6weeks.. which I feel suppressed my system too much as I was a really low responder wit the meds. We were successful the second time and I'm due in June but still so so nervous as it was a long and heartbreaking road. Defo research different clinics if u feel your not happy with current one. Xx


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Anon.  ·  09 Jan 2017

Hi everyone  ...sorry I'm a bit behind on catching up on posts!  Welcome all newbees. . It's great to hear everyone's individual journey and b able to try support each other.

First lady, my AMH is really low too and clinic told me there wasn't much we could do to improve this but my acupuncturist put me on a high dose of Co Enzyme Q10 supplement and I honestly believe between taking those and the weekly acupuncture it could have been the difference this time. If nothing else we just felt we were doing something different than the first time round so it gave a new glimmer of hope. I'm 16wks now and still so so nervous ! 


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Mimi81  ·  06 Jan 2017

Hi misshopeful, that's just awful.  The process is stressful enough without that.  We actually decided to go with a clinic in Belfast so fingers crossed it works this time. Best of luck 💖


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Wishful thinking  ·  06 Jan 2017

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear that Mishopeful. We went to a clinic in Cork today for an initial consultation for IVF(we had been seeing a specialist in limerick with monitored cycles, clomid, gonal f, trigger shots etc) and I'm slightly worried that it is the same clinic that you had issues with.  The lady we met was in her 30s and she said she would be doing the procedure for us if we go ahead with it.


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misshopeful   ·  04 Jan 2017

Welcome mimi81 I'm new to this forum too ☺. I'm not sure if we can give clinic names on this feed? I'm going to a clinic in Cork. I honestly would not recommend them. I would move only that I have one last embryo left. So I'm going to stay with them. 

They have messed up so much on me! I don't know where to even start. They mixed up my bloods, tried to overcharge me, customer service is a joke you can nevet get thtough to them. Honestly the list is endless. Also I was due to get a scratch done on my 2nd ivf and turns out that they (the nurse)got my outline/dates and meds mixed up so I had to cancel the scratch. Doc only realised this when I was on the theatre bed. Absolute Joke.  I was so upset. And they kind of made out it was my own fault for starting the meds That the nurse told me start. They gave me an option to go ahead with fet or start again the next month and schedule in the scratch. I went ahead with fet and it was a bfn. 

I heard a clinic in Galway is good xxx 💖 best of luck with wat ever you decide 


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misshopeful   ·  04 Jan 2017

Thank you bizzybee for coming back to me. Wow you have been through alot. Fair play to you for keep going because its not easy! Congrats on the pregnancy ye must be so happy to have a natural pregnancy after all ye have been through. It's crazy but brilliant 💕 

I'm not sure what I'm doing even today and  my apt is Friday. My instinct is telling me that all will be fine I guess there's a fear there jno. I have been pregnant twice both natural pregnancies. 1st born a boy at 28 weeks but he is flying it now. 2nd a girl and she went over term. 

I suppose its because I know this is my last shot at it, we only have 1 embryo left and we won't be doing ivf again. And I'm so scared if the meds can have any bad impact on the baby or me? That google is a curse ☺. I mean there is so many meds to take. It's frightening at first.. I feel bad for even tying this but I can't help it. Hope you understand. I'm not trying to be negative. I really want a baby more than anything, and I've been waiting so long now I think that maybe if I do get pregnant it will be too good to be true and something will have to go wrong.  It that makes any sense. 

Now thats enough of me nattering on... thanks for the support 😉 💖 


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First Lady  ·  04 Jan 2017

Robynxx that you so much for sharing your story. You are right you only need one I must believe I can do it and it will work next time. I was quite stressed come the end of my last cycle it probably didn't do me any good. I have just arranged the short protocol cycle starting in Feb. Fingers crossed. Ivf no.3 praying for a miracle again! 😊 sending well wishes to everyone here xxx 


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Bizzybee  ·  03 Jan 2017

Busybee22 - Welcome! I have felt the same as you on a number of occasions but I've had to put any bad thoughts to the back of my mind. I'm going to be 42 when I have my baby and it scares the hell out of me. I have just got to believe that this time everything is going to be ok. So only you can make the decision. What is your instinct telling you? Has it worked for you in the past?  Some people are great at following their intuition. Maybe you just need a break after all you've been through?  It's exhausting this ivf lark. Good luck whatever you decide. 

Me 41, DH 41. TTC 7 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st IVF Sept 2012. Couldn\'t progress - bad swelling/pain after ER. Natural pregnancy Jan 2013. Early MC. Failed FET May. Failed fresh cycle Oct 2013 :-( Stopped FET, April 2014 (HRT problems). Natural FET June/July 2014 - stopped, follicles didn\'t grow to right size. Natural FET July/Aug - Pregnant for 1 week :-(. Fresh Antagonist Cycle, Aug 15 - BFP 12dp5dt - Miscarried at 22 weeks :-( Failed natural FET June 2016. Failed HRT cycle Sept 2016. Natural pregnancy Nov 2016.


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Mimi81  ·  02 Jan 2017

Hi girls, I'm looking for advise on a clinic in Ireland. We went to Prague in October and after IVF, ICSI we got a BFP.  Unfortunately at 8 weeks the baby's heart stopped and I had a D&C on 16 December. We are devastated like everyone else who suffered  losses on this forum, so I am wondering if anyone can advise on a clinic in Ireland, as I found the travelling stressful last time.  Thanks and good luck to everyone.  It was comforting to read the threads and to know we are not the only ones going through this. 


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Robynxx  ·  02 Jan 2017

Hi First Lady... when I started out this journey I really was clueless to say the least I was put on short protocol got 6 eggs only 2 went to the last hurdle after fertilisation, we used one and our beautiful baby girl was born she is 2 in march, we have a frozen one waiting were goin to use it soon have appointment end of Jan, so really all you need is one good strong egg, best of luck nd never giv up hope ladies 💗 Love to you all xxx


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busybee22  ·  02 Jan 2017

Hi ladies hope you don't mind me joining the group!!  I have gone through 3 failed iui cycles and 2 failed ivfs and just deflated and tired from the whole thing. I'm due to get my third fet done next Friday 6th Jan (frozen) and I'm getting cold feet. I don't know why? I really want this more than anything. I think I'm afraid of something going wrong if i do get pregnant.  Has this happened to any of you? My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy!! Im doing all the meds and with days to go I'm second guessing if u should go ahead with it. Your support would be appreciated x 💖 


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First Lady  ·  31 Dec 2016

Thanks Anon glad all is going well for you. 

So we met Dr Kahn for our follow up appt. Explained how I felt so sick and run down by end of this cycle. They were as surprised as us that this cycle didn't work. Said there isn't much I can do to improve egg quality. I'm on my pregnacare now and spirulina. Not sure what else to take? Embryos were average and because I had previous pregnancy that were optimistic. 

Because I'm a low responder to stims Dr suggested we do the short (flare) protocol. He said no difference anymore between long & short cycle but in my case short would be less tiring and I'd be mentally in a better place. I was pretty stressed come the end of the ivf process. 

Has anyone here had success with the short protocol? Dr said my egg numbers will likely be the same but going to up my dose of menopur to 450iu the maximum.  


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Bizzybee  ·  22 Dec 2016

Hi Anon - I'm so sorry to hear you're sick again. As if you hadn't enough going on you have that to contend with too.  I hope you get better soon and are able to enjoy the Christmas break.  I too have had a sinus/throat infection but luckily for me my NK cells managed to kill it off within 2 weeks.  I also just drank plenty of hot lemon and honey drinks with a little bit of sugar. They say that is better than the bought stuff. Although you can't drink too much of it when pregnant as the acid doesn't help your teeth!  Try it anyhow and see if you can knock it on the head. I had my dating scan last week and I'm just over 8 weeks pregnant now and due at the end of July. Haven't organised my OB yet - long story - but hope to get it sorted soon and get called in for first apt.  I'm completely exhausted right now as the prednisolone is wakening me up at 5am every night and sometimes I just can't get back to sleep.  It's also given me really bad thrush in my mouth which is horrible. My innohep injections are not playing ball this time around either and seem to be all painful and leaving big bruises.  So overall I feel pretty yuck but if that's the baby and the hormones just doing their thing then I don't mind, I just want a healthy baby in July. One more day left at work. YAY!

Me 41, DH 41. TTC 7 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st IVF Sept 2012. Couldn\'t progress - bad swelling/pain after ER. Natural pregnancy Jan 2013. Early MC. Failed FET May. Failed fresh cycle Oct 2013 :-( Stopped FET, April 2014 (HRT problems). Natural FET June/July 2014 - stopped, follicles didn\'t grow to right size. Natural FET July/Aug - Pregnant for 1 week :-(. Fresh Antagonist Cycle, Aug 15 - BFP 12dp5dt - Miscarried at 22 weeks :-( Failed natural FET June 2016. Failed HRT cycle Sept 2016. Natural pregnancy Nov 2016.


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Anon.  ·  20 Dec 2016

Hi Ladies ..sorry haven't been on I've been sick with yucky sinus infection ..first one three weeks ago which I had to take an antibiotic for and now I've had a relapse and I'm back on the antibiotics :( I absolutely hate taking them! 

Bizzy Bee ..big congrats ..omg that's wonderful news!!!! Have you had your dating scan done? I hope all is going well xx

First lady ..hang on in there ..It will work next time pls god xx main thing I did different was I had an Endo scratch done and also weekly acupuncture which I really believe was the difference!  I'm juat 14 wks now and still goimg for the acupuncture. 

Little Miracle how is the new cycle going for you? 

Hope everyone else is taking a well deserved ans relaxing break from it all to enjoy Xmas year brings new beginings so stay positive xxxx 


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Bizzybee  ·  11 Dec 2016

Thanks for all the good wishes girls. We're still pretty much in shock but i think everything seems to be going ok so far. Extremely tired after a mental 2 weeks. looking forward to xmas and getting our dating scan this Thursday. 

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and plenty of babies in 2017! 

Me 41, DH 41. TTC 7 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st IVF Sept 2012. Couldn\'t progress - bad swelling/pain after ER. Natural pregnancy Jan 2013. Early MC. Failed FET May. Failed fresh cycle Oct 2013 :-( Stopped FET, April 2014 (HRT problems). Natural FET June/July 2014 - stopped, follicles didn\'t grow to right size. Natural FET July/Aug - Pregnant for 1 week :-(. Fresh Antagonist Cycle, Aug 15 - BFP 12dp5dt - Miscarried at 22 weeks :-( Failed natural FET June 2016. Failed HRT cycle Sept 2016. Natural pregnancy Nov 2016.


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excited2013  ·  03 Dec 2016

I'm very sorry to hear ur news first can b so cruel at the best of times..thinking of u both at this time x x x.

Bizzy wow this is fab news..I hope everything works out for u both and ur baba..x x x take it easy. .


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First Lady  ·  02 Dec 2016

Thanks everyone for the kind words. Your support means a lot I know we are all in the same boat so to speak.

Wow bizzybee that's amazing! I'm thrilled for you. It's great you have the ability to get pregnant naturally. I think me and my husband need to make more of an effort to try time things around my ovulation. You are right this Xmas might be a good time! 

Anon did you change anything between your failed and successful ivf (i.e. different protocol or anything). 

I have my review with Dr. Khan at cfc on the 22nd of Dec so waiting to see what he says. Will aim to start next cycle in Feb.

Talk soon girls & keep well xxx 


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Newbie36  ·  02 Dec 2016

Congratulations Bizzybee! 🐝🎊

Lovely to hear such happy news! 


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Mcdublin  ·  02 Dec 2016

Oh Bizzybee I'm am so delighted for you. Fantastic news. Feet up now and take it easy. 


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Bizzybee  ·  01 Dec 2016

Hi girls. Been missing in action of late but keeping up with everyone. work's been incredibly busy and I'm wrecked at night (Anyone else hate the winter?! ).  I also didn't want to even think about ivf until next March - and even at that we weren't sure we'd do it again. But.... something amazing and truely unbelievable has happened - I'm naturally pregnant. I KNOW.  Who'd of thought?  We weren't even actively trying! We're both completely stumped and have no explanation as to how or why it happened (apart from the obvious!). I was expecting my AF to be late after being on the HRT so thought nothing of getting to day 36 and no show. So on day 37 I took a test and got a BFP. The shock we got. I previously lost a natural pregnancy on day 38 so we couldn't relax with the news. I rang the clinic and they told me to start back on the meds and asked me to come in for an intralipids. That was today - less than a week since I got the BFP.  I'm now 6 weeks pregnant and although it's a bit early, they took a scan and found a very faint heartbeat. Unbelievable. I'm back in 2 weeks to properly date the pregnancy. This is it girls.  We are NOT doing anymore Ivf's. We've now made that decision. Oh and we cancelled our review which was supposed to be in 2 weeks time! We have a really good feeling about this one so let's hope it goes the distance. 

First Lady - apologies for the above after you've just had bad news. So sorry to hear it didn't work out for you.  Don't give up. Over Xmas you'll be nice and relaxed and might get naturally pregnant.  happened us after a cycle. And yes, the short protocol is much easier especially when it comes to the no. of apts. There's not as many and it's quicker all round.

Newbie36 - How are things going for you?  How's the chest infection? Did you get an antibiotic?  Good luck with the transfer.

Little Miracle - Sorry to hear about the chromosome defects. Must have been tough to hear.  Can they do anything to prevent that or is it pot luck? 

Nikkig - The things we have to do to get pregnant. I hope your surgery in Jan does the trick for you. 

Anon - great to hear all is well with you. Keep doing what you're doing and please God you'll have a baby next year.  Are you going to start telling people soon? 

Me 41, DH 41. TTC 7 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st IVF Sept 2012. Couldn\'t progress - bad swelling/pain after ER. Natural pregnancy Jan 2013. Early MC. Failed FET May. Failed fresh cycle Oct 2013 :-( Stopped FET, April 2014 (HRT problems). Natural FET June/July 2014 - stopped, follicles didn\'t grow to right size. Natural FET July/Aug - Pregnant for 1 week :-(. Fresh Antagonist Cycle, Aug 15 - BFP 12dp5dt - Miscarried at 22 weeks :-( Failed natural FET June 2016. Failed HRT cycle Sept 2016. Natural pregnancy Nov 2016.


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Mcdublin  ·  30 Nov 2016

Oh First Lady, I'm so sorry. This journey is a very hard one. Take time out, enjoy Xmas. Take care. Xxx


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Nikkig  ·  30 Nov 2016

So sorry first lady, I've don't the short protocol, injections for 11 days then egg collection and transfer on day 5 it's about 2 weeks or a little more over all!! Thanks Anon it's a pain but hopefully it will work! Best of luck to all u ladies, gonna take a break from the ivf chat now get over Christmas and see what happens!! Wish ye all the very best of luck, whethe ur only starting, or are pregnant, or on the 2ww hope it's a happy outcome for ye all. And hope ye all have a very happy Christmas and and even happier New year 🎅🎅🎄🎄


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First Lady  ·  27 Nov 2016

So girls my test was negative a BFN. Obviously disappointed but what can I do! can't let it get me down with Xmas around the corner. I really did feel the same as last time during the 2ww v.tired, emotional and nausea day & night so they must be side effects of high progesterone. Alot more cramping which was quite sore and 2 times it woke me up at night. I did test early and got 2 faint positives so maybe whatever was there just didn't continue. That's nature I suppose. 

Need to focus on next ivf #3 early next year. Thinking might start Jan or Feb. Maybe short protocol would be easier anyone know how that works? the nightmare of juggling all these appts begins again. That's the worse part.

Will try acupuncture next time. Anon, where do you it? Would you recommend? 

Sending well wishes to everyone! Xxx 


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Newbie36  ·  24 Nov 2016

Hi, i haven't been on here in ages. Congrats to all who got good news recently and wishing everyone else well too. I'm on day 9 of oestradiol, transfer in a couple of weeks hopefully. I've had a chest infection for 6 days but haven't gone to see my doc as i don't like antiobiotics. However i feel awful and can't shake it so i've given in and made an appointment. To cut to the chase, i was wondering if any of you took antibiotics pre-transfer and is that ok? 😷😩😪


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Little Miracle  ·  24 Nov 2016

Hi Ladies,

Anon - I am so so thrilled for you, what a wonderful Christmas pressie you have this year;0)

Nikkig - Wishing you all the best for Jan, sorry to hear of the issues you are having

First lady - I've my fingers crossed for you

As for me - Unfortunately my last attempt ended in tears! After screening my little blast, the results showed it  had chromosomal defects!

So I've started my 4th round of IVF this week, on short protocol this time, as usual I am living in hope ;0)

Hugs to all xx


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Nikkig  ·  24 Nov 2016

Hi anon, I am going for surgery on the 17th of January, possibly to remove damaged tubes and see can they stop the fluid build up!! And they will do a dye test and a few other bits aswell!! Two more weeks say u can't wait to shout it from the roof tops :)


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Anon.  ·  23 Nov 2016

Hi Nikkig. ..gosh that is frustrating !  How did your apt with Dr.Mocanu go today?

Yea I juat think  I'll b way more relaxed after the 12weeks. 10 tomorrow thank god so the weeks are flying x

Hope all is well with everyone x


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Nikkig  ·  18 Nov 2016

Hi anon no didn't get to start stims in October as I was hospitalised for a build up of blood collecting in the right side of my bicornuate uterus it's become a major issue, meeting with doctor Mocanu on Wednesday to see if he can surgically intervene and sort the situation, so frustrating twice I had to stop my cycle!! But I'm still staying positive!! I'd say u can't wait to get to 12 weeks and relax a bit!! 


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Anon.  ·  18 Nov 2016

Thank you so much for your well wishes Nikkig. We are 9 wks now but still so nervous, hopefully by Xmas we'll be relaxed enough to tell people. how are you getting on with HARI this time? have u started your stims yet?

Love to everyone & happy Friday x


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Nikkig  ·  15 Nov 2016

Delighted for you first lady best of luck with your 2ww, delighted for u also anon plz god I will have a good pregnancy right to week 40 and deliver a beautiful healthy miracle 💜💜

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