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Hopefull17  ·  15 Aug 2017

Hey ladies. Just an update from me.

Went through 4th ivf, got to day 5 to be told by clinic they want to wait until day 6. Day 6 came but the 2 embryos didn't make it so cycle canceled. 😢

Gutted of course but onto plan B - either ARGC or DE.

Hope all is well with every one xx


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Chahra  ·  10 Aug 2017

Hi ladies 

Just wanted to let you know that I got my pgs results this morning and we have 4 normal out of 8.

hope everyone is doing well here 


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Hopefull17  ·  01 Aug 2017

Thanks Milly and Bizzybee xx - great to have support from you all.

First Lady, Chahra - best of luck x. 

I just finished 4 days of Gonal F. Rest of stims on Menopur & Centrotide, never used these drugs before. Only that it's my 4th time at this I'm sure it would be very daunting using these drugs. For whatever reason I'm much more relaxed on this cycle - I think all this BFN's have worn me down. I'd say EC will be around Aug 10th - I've always gotten as far as EC, fertilisation and ET but never get as far as testing. Please God this time - never giving up is my mantra now.

Hope all is going well with everyone here. XX


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First Lady  ·  31 Jul 2017


Just a quick update, started burselin injection on the 29th July. Doing acupuncture for last 6 weeks. Took some herbs but clinic said to stop so eating well drinking loads of water, off dairy products as much as possible also taking pregnacare vits and probiotics as I get really poorly in my tummy from all the hormones. I've also lost some weight so back to size 12. Just trying to be at the same point I was 4 years ago when I did my first Ivf and got pregnant. Anyone ever took probiotics during Ivf? 

Down reg scan 9th August. Hopefully will have lots of follicles that day. Will be stimulated with max dose of menopur 450ui. I'm a poor responder. Hopefully we get to egg collection. Just trying to stay calm take as much time off work as possible to stay calm. My daughter is 3 now she keeps me busy thank God. 

Love to everyone delighted so many of ye are pregnant or had babies Ivf is worth it don't ever give up x 


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Milly  ·  24 Jul 2017

Hi everyone

Bizzybee I can’t believe you are on leave already, its been such a long road and you are almost there, how exciting! Best of luck and We’ll all be waiting for the good news!

Chahra, how did you get on?

LadyB, like Bizzybee, I have been here too long, I can’t believe your little one is 2! Great fun these days I’d say. Good luck on the build up to Sept!

Little miracle, right behind you, 21 weeks last Fri and had the 20 week scan last week too, so all good, relief again!

Anon, I hope all is going well with your new arrival! Time to focus on getting yourself better now.

Hopefull17, I really hope this is your time, persistence will hopefully pay off for you too. Just to say during the 2ww, I felt absolutely the same on all my BFNs as I did when I got a BFP so try not to over analyse everything, easy said I know, I googled and read all the same stuff multiple times but it really doesn’t help, everyone is different. Anyway best of luck!


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Bizzybee  ·  24 Jul 2017

Hopefull17 - I did put a post up last week but it doesn't seem to have got posted.  The best of luck with your next cycle. Hopefully this one will be THE one.  Fingers and toes crossed for you.  X

Me 41, DH 41. TTC 7 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st IVF Sept 2012. Couldn\'t progress - bad swelling/pain after ER. Natural pregnancy Jan 2013. Early MC. Failed FET May. Failed fresh cycle Oct 2013 :-( Stopped FET, April 2014 (HRT problems). Natural FET June/July 2014 - stopped, follicles didn\'t grow to right size. Natural FET July/Aug - Pregnant for 1 week :-(. Fresh Antagonist Cycle, Aug 15 - BFP 12dp5dt - Miscarried at 22 weeks :-( Failed natural FET June 2016. Failed HRT cycle Sept 2016. Natural pregnancy Nov 2016.


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Bizzybee  ·  20 Jul 2017

The best of luck Hopefull17. I hope this time is your time.  Will be thinking of you x

Me 41, DH 41. TTC 7 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st IVF Sept 2012. Couldn\'t progress - bad swelling/pain after ER. Natural pregnancy Jan 2013. Early MC. Failed FET May. Failed fresh cycle Oct 2013 :-( Stopped FET, April 2014 (HRT problems). Natural FET June/July 2014 - stopped, follicles didn\'t grow to right size. Natural FET July/Aug - Pregnant for 1 week :-(. Fresh Antagonist Cycle, Aug 15 - BFP 12dp5dt - Miscarried at 22 weeks :-( Failed natural FET June 2016. Failed HRT cycle Sept 2016. Natural pregnancy Nov 2016.


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Hopefull17  ·  20 Jul 2017

Hey ladies

It's great to hear all the good news stories.

Anon - hope you are doing well doll.

AFM - going for 4th ivf, starting end of this month. I took a 6 month break since last 1. Took new vitamins, upped my game on diet, changed acupuncturist, changed clinic so please God this is our time. 🙏🏼

Had a small melt down during the week at the news of a friend who announced her pregnancy - really delighted for her but just a reminder of how far away my dream seems. Anyway, say a prayer this works out for us.

Hope all is going well with others going through this journey xx


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Bizzybee  ·  18 Jul 2017

Hi All,

Sorry that I've been missing in action. I've only just started my maternity leave and can find the energy to put a post together!

Baby is due next week - eek! Never thought I'd be saying that. It's been an ok pregnancy (for the most part). Looking forward to the end result now though (and a little nervous!) as this little bundle is getting heavy.

Chahra-10 eggs is a great result. I hope you get some good news today on how they have progressed.

LadyB - I can't believe your little one is 2 now! I've been on this forum WAY too long!!  The very best of luck this September.  I hope you get your no. 2 miracle.

Little Miracle - So happy to hear all is going well for you. I know exactly how you've been feeling as we were exactly the same. It's such a nerve-wrecking time when you've been through as much as we have.  Keep up the positivity and the best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Anon - Huge congratulations to you and your little 'un.  I'm so happy for you after what you've been through.  You are made of strong stuff girlie and we all believe you can also get through this cancer treatment too.  Wishing you all the best and if you are well and able, keep us posted.

First Lady - The very best of luck with your cycle this month.  I didn't take pregnacare vitamins (gave me constipation) but instead took vitamin D and B12 every day for the whole of this pregnancy (and months beforehand).  I also took folic acid up to the 3 month mark.  I don't know if this helped us get naturally pregnancy this time around but I have read other people getting pregnant naturally and mentioning Vitamin D. Could be something in it, who knows?? Everyone is different I suppose but one thing is for sure and that is we're not getting enough vitamin D in Ireland.

Milly - How are you doing?  Hope the pregnancy is still going well for you.  Have you started to believe yet? I don't think we did until about 26 weeks! Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy.

McDublin - Delighted to hear your little one is doing great. It's been a long road for many of us here and it just shows you there is hope for everyone. We had finished our IVF journey and got pregnant naturally (straight after a failed FET). You couldn't make these things up. Best wishes to you and your new family!

Hello and baby dust to everyone else xx

Me 41, DH 41. TTC 7 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st IVF Sept 2012. Couldn\'t progress - bad swelling/pain after ER. Natural pregnancy Jan 2013. Early MC. Failed FET May. Failed fresh cycle Oct 2013 :-( Stopped FET, April 2014 (HRT problems). Natural FET June/July 2014 - stopped, follicles didn\'t grow to right size. Natural FET July/Aug - Pregnant for 1 week :-(. Fresh Antagonist Cycle, Aug 15 - BFP 12dp5dt - Miscarried at 22 weeks :-( Failed natural FET June 2016. Failed HRT cycle Sept 2016. Natural pregnancy Nov 2016.


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Chahra  ·  15 Jul 2017

Hi ladies 

thanks to everyone who asked about me and wish me good luck. 

Egg collection was yesterday   10 eggs and few small

They used half Icsi, half ivf :) will see what will happen on Monday. Pgs results after 2 weeks 🙌🏻 I can't wait 😩 Good luck to everyone 


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LadyB  ·  05 Jul 2017

Hi everyone! 

It's been a while since I've been on! My little miracle was 2 in May, what a joy 😊 . We had a failed cycle again in September with no embryos to continue. We have since been advised to go with a sperm donor so in the process of picking a donor and hoping to cycle again this September. Anyone used or using a sperm donor? I see there's a lot of good news on here now xx

I'm 36 dh 37. Diagnosed with diminishing ovarian reserve, FSH 8. Husband diagnosed with CBAVD (no tubes) BFP following FET. Vanishing twin but still pregnant with one lil miracle and due on May 9th. Little miracle now 2! Trying again for a sibling ❤❤


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Little Miracle  ·  03 Jul 2017

Hi Ladies Smile


Anon - I am sending you the biggest hug. I am so thrilled to hear of the arrival of your little prince. This is such great news to hear!! You have been through such a tough time, just want to wish you the very best for your treatment. As you say, we are all so much stronger than we think. Keep well and let us know how you and your little man are doing! Also, I’m hoping your friend is doing well and had positive results.

Milly – so happy to hear you are doing well and now at 18 weeks it’s definitely real for sure. I am just 3 weeks ahead of you and feel exactly the same, I pinch myself every day and take nothing for granted.

First lady – sending you baby dust for this month!!

Chahra – the very best of luck for this month, waiting for the screening results is always hard too. Fingers crossed

AFM – I am 21 weeks this week, still cant believe it (after 4 failed IVFs last year). Everything looked good last week on 20 week scan. Praying every day for the coming months and for all you ladies too. Stay positive xx


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First Lady  ·  02 Jul 2017

Hi Milly,

This is great advice. I like it everything in moderation. Ok I thought this herbs busy was crazy so good to know others have tried it too. 

Anon - major congrats I'm thrilled for you on the birth of your baby although I know the cancer diagnosis must have been so crazy. I had cancer too in the past so can relate to what you say. Mind yourself and I will say a little prayer xxx 


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Milly  ·  30 Jun 2017

Anon, that is just fantastic news, congrats to you!! And wow at 8lbs 9, there was no harm coming early! The very best of luck with your chemo, I’m sure it won’t be easy with a newborn, but still, he will keep you positive!

FirstLady, I also did accupunture once a week and found it good. She also gave me herbs which I was a little cynical about but I took them anyway, and they obviously didn’t do any harm. My only advice would be everything in moderation and try and carry on as normal as possible, otherwise you will just stress yourself out. I did go off dairy for a previous cycle but I didn’t this time, if anything I had more, drinking a glass of milk with my lunch every day. Just do what you feel works for you, everyone is different.


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Chahra  ·  30 Jun 2017

Hi everyone

Anon :( I am very sorry to hear that. You battled IVF and I'm sure you can do it with cancer and you ll be well very soon. On the other hand you have your little miracle congrats you are a very strong lady. 

ivf: today I took the last pill of Northisterone so I will bleed within 3-5 days and then start my protocol ( it is short protocol), the collection will be around the middle of July 🙀  I am very scared this is my third round :(. the transfer will be after screening so maybe after one or two months. Good luck everyone please pray for me. 


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Anon.  ·  28 Jun 2017

Hi Everyone 

Hope you're all keeping well. I haven't been on in a couple of months and I was so thrilled to log in tonight and find so many happy stories!  This is our year so hang on in thete all of you who havent got your BFP yet. It WILL happen xx 

AFM.. our beautiful son was born by c section on May 26th ..4wks early but this was elective as my oncologist was eager to get me recovered from my c section so I coukd start my dreaded chemo :( he was 8lbs 9.5ozs all the same and is now almost 5wks an thriving thank god. 

If there's ever living proof required of 'What doesn't kill you makes you stron get then I'm it' !! I never thought I'd face anything worse than IVF battle but then a cancer diagnosis during pregnancy!! Just shows we're made of strong strong stuff ladies so please keep positive and allow your mind to control your body xxx

Age 38, one child aged 4 natural pregnancy after 2years, two failed IUI in 2016 followed by one failed IVF. Got BFP in Oct 2016 from 2nd IVF . Diagnosed with breast cancer @20wks pregnant, had lumpectomy @25wks (March 17)


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First Lady  ·  28 Jun 2017


I will start the long ivf/icsi protocol next month. Have been minding myself the last few months in preparation cutting down on dairy products taking supplements. Also have my second session of acupuncture coming up said I'd give it ago as a lot of people here recommended it. I'm doing 1 session a week that's all I can manage to find time for. Lady also gave me chinese herbs not sure if anyone here has experience with them? Hopefully acupuncture will help increase my egg numbers & quality and improve blood flow to my uterus. I got a lovely warm feeling in my tummy the last day when she did it so hopefully that's a good sign! Any advice/comments would be appreciated. 


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Milly  ·  27 Jun 2017

Wow it has been quiet on here, I haven't been on myself but hadn't received any emails about updates, where is everyone gone?

Time is flying by, how many weeks are you Little Miracle?

Bizzybee, you must be almost there??

I hope everyone is gettng on ok whatever stage you are at.

AFM, 17 weeks now so starting to become a reality, i didn't think it was real for a long time. Besides being tired everything has been going fine so fingers crossed it remains that way. Its been a long long road to get here but i am also proof that persistence pays off. 

Best of luck to everyone


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Little Miracle  ·  22 Jun 2017

Hi Ladies, How is everyone doing?


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Hopefull17  ·  05 May 2017

Oh that's fab little miracle. Here's to a healthy pregnancy for you and all other BFP's here. Xx


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Mcdublin  ·  05 May 2017

Hi ladies, little miracle I'm thrilled for you. To all the rest of the ladies don't give up. My little girl turned 12 weeks today. She is thriving. We were on this journey for such a long time and we are blessed to have her. 


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Little Miracle  ·  04 May 2017

Hi Ladies,

I got my test results back, still cant believe it, we are low risk for chromosomal abnormalities. Girls, please keep positive, I hope my story can give hope to those still trying. I have just turned 43, have tiny ovarian reserve at .7 (should be 8), 4 failed IVFs last year but against the odds fell pregnant naturally in Feb. I was told in January by 3 different clinics in Dublin to give up on my own eggs but we kept trying! We had our 12 week ‘booking’ appointment today at Holles St and all is looking great so far. Miracles do happen!Smile

Anon – Hope you are keeping well, you really don’t have long to go now maybe 7 weeks or so? Sorry to hear about your friend. I really hope she is doing OK and will get positive results. We had the Panorama test done, similar to the Harmony test, these are non-invasive, so basically it’s just a blood sample from me and there is no danger to the baby. This test checks for chromosomal abnormalities, so checking for the more common syndromes such as Downs and Turners. We got our results back and are so relieved, we are low risk thank god!! For those who have a high risk result they can then go on for further tests such a CVS which is an invasive test taking cells from the placenta and although 99% accurate does pose some risk to the baby. Fingers crossed for your friend!

Nikkig – really hope you will get the all clear to go ahead with another transfer soon, make sure you get lots of rest so you are fighting fit ;0)

BizzyBee – Wonderful all is going great for you

Milly - I am just 2 weeks ahead of you, hope it’s feeling real for you now!!

Chahra - best of luck with your PSG at the Beacon – I know it only too well!

First Lady – It only takes one good egg, remember that. My reserve was crazy low just .7 but I still got 4-6 eggs per cycle.

Babyhopes- so wonderful to hear your great news, congrats on Baby Rebecca ;0) We were just about to go down the donor egg route also when we got our good news.

Baby dust to everyone xx


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Milly  ·  26 Apr 2017

Babyhopes, what a lovely story, congrats!! And great you have the babysitters al sorted!


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Babyhopes  ·  25 Apr 2017

HI All

I just wanted to come on here to share a good news story. I was on the group last year. Quick history I am now 33 DH36. we both have a 14yo from previous relationships. one boy and one girl. we had low sperm count and I had high prolactin stopping ovulation. first round of icsi Sept 2015. two blasts transferred unfortunately neither implanted. second round in April 2016. two blasts to be transferred unfortunately the day of transfer we got through dreaded call to say both died over night. Devastated was an understatement. I went through a very tough time. Attended counselling to deal with the grief, our only option now was donor egg as it turns out my egg quality was poor. so trying to get a good egg and mix it with a viable sperm was next to impossible. Anyway we went for donor egg counselling and agreed to go ahead. took a few months out and were due to sign papers in Aug. I found out I was pregnant naturally in July! Mixed emotions, never believed it was really until we saw that heartbeat flicker. an extremely tough pregnancy but it was our baby's way of letting  us know it was there 😊 I gave birth to our little princess Rebecca 6 weeks ago. I had to come off the site last year as I was overwhelmed by the BFPs and just kept wishing it was me and I became obsessing with seeing who was pregnant and I just needed to clear my head. I see some old members are now also pregnant or have babies, congrats to all and to everyone else please don't give up hope, miracles do happen x


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Bizzybee  ·  20 Apr 2017

First Lady - best of luck with your next cycle. Hope it's the one for you!  You should take Q10 to improve egg quality. Can't do any harm, eh? 

Chahra - good luck with the screening and the beacon. Hopefully all will work out for you too.

Milly - I'm 26 weeks now and all going well so far.  Thank God.  Being watched carefully and was delighted to find out on Wed that baby is normal weight and of average size for my time line. Just got word that I'm low in iron though so have to start iron tablets :-( I know most people are divisive on dopplers but we got one and it's been great to have.  Ok so it may not give out good readings but once you know what to listen for, it is so reassuring.  We started using it at about 14 weeks and even used it the other day when I thought baby was quiet. If you watch some youtube videos of people using it you'll know what to listen for. We got it on amazon. Anyway thought I'd let you know in case you had been considering it. 

Me 41, DH 41. TTC 7 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st IVF Sept 2012. Couldn\'t progress - bad swelling/pain after ER. Natural pregnancy Jan 2013. Early MC. Failed FET May. Failed fresh cycle Oct 2013 :-( Stopped FET, April 2014 (HRT problems). Natural FET June/July 2014 - stopped, follicles didn\'t grow to right size. Natural FET July/Aug - Pregnant for 1 week :-(. Fresh Antagonist Cycle, Aug 15 - BFP 12dp5dt - Miscarried at 22 weeks :-( Failed natural FET June 2016. Failed HRT cycle Sept 2016. Natural pregnancy Nov 2016.


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witchylady  ·  20 Apr 2017

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t posted in a very long time sorry for the long post. I pop in and read updates every now and again since I have the most brilliant 21 month old little man Dara who is my world and can’t stop talking about him I really don’t want to upset those of who are still struggling. 

Milly – I had no symptoms of pregnancy, not even morning sickness or cravings for my whole pregnancy.  Only when the kicking started and my huge belly you wouldn’t have known I was pregnant.

Busybee – I was never more delighted to read that you were finally pregnant and gotten past your 23rd week.  I am so happy for you.  I was so nervous of losing Dara I bought myself a doppler on ebay and if I didn’t feel movement I got it out and listened to his heartbeat! 

Congrats to everyone who have finally gotten their BFPs it’s nerve wracking until you reach the 21 week mark every twinge every cramp you are wondering is that it! You don’t stop worrying about them from the minute you get the BFP. 

So sorry to hear that some of you are having a horrible time. Fairy dust to you all! 

Rebelmac – I said I would answer you as you are going through something similar to what I went through.  We were trying to conceive on our own for 2 years, (I was 37 when we started all this) 

We were referred to a giny in 2011, she did a HSG test (injecting dye into the womb and watching it on X-ray to see if the tubes are clear).  This came up clear at the time. She prescribed me Clomid, which I took for 4 cycles starting in Jan 2013, I had a scan every month and bloods to make sure I was ovulating.  I had terrible cramping around ovulation it felt like something was going to explode out of my stomach.  On the 4th scan it looked like I had a cyst on my ovary.  She left it a couple of months and scanned again and it hadn’t gotten any smaller so she decided to remove it. 

That’s when everything changed.  Went for keyhole surgery. There was no cyst it was stage 3 endo and my left tube was mangled and attached to my ovary & bowel. It just looked like a cyst on the scan. She did another HSG test and my left tube was ‘slow to drain’ also and she advised that I go for IVF. In hindsight I think Clomid made my endo worse but I have no proof of that. 

So we went to CFC in Cork in Dec 2013.  They did all the tests on both of us, DH was fine.  They said because of the mangled tube I had to get it clipped off so we had to go back to my giny to get this done.

The endo was so bad she couldn’t do it with keyhole she had to do the full laparotomy.  I had to wait 4 months before I could attempt IVF.

We started the long protocol in May 2014.  This was abandoned in June due to me not responding to the meds the way they wanted me to.

We started the short protocol on my next cycle.  We managed to get to egg collection and they transferred 3 embryos that July but it was a BFN

We had to wait 3 months before attempting again – it was our last chance we couldn’t afford to go a 4th round so late September 2014 we started our last round on short protocol, they increased the dosage also.  We collected 12 eggs, 10 fertilised, 8 made it to day 3, so we went on to day 5 and 2 Blastocysts were transferred on the October bank holiday weekend and one of those took!

I had Dara on the 19th of July 2015. 

You are worried about only being 34 and just married etc.  If I had known sooner that there were issues with my fertility I would have started much younger.  I’ll be 44 this year and my only regret is that I’m not going to be able to give Dara a brother or sister.   

Go and talk to the staff at whatever clinic you choose.  Get all the information you need.  Get all the tests you need to get done, you may need corrective procedures before trying for IVF or IUI.  If you do you’ll need recovery time before starting on any protocols.  Long protocols take up to 3 months give or take, short protocols are done in a month to 6 weeks. 

All the procedures take time and you might be lucky and get pregnant naturally or on your first round of IVF or IUI but it could also take some time.  


tcc 3 years, I'm 41 he is 36. Endometriosis issues. 1st cycle abandoned in June 2014. short protocol 3 embryos transferred on day 3 July 19th BFN on Aug 3rd. 2 Blasts transferred on 31st of Oct 2014 tested 9dp5dt faint bfp. Baby Dara was born on 19th of July 2015


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First Lady  ·  20 Apr 2017

Hi Everyone,

Congrats to all those pregnant can't believe all the natural pregnancies its such great news. To all the couple's still ttc I feel your pain.

AFM had my amh tested before next round of long protocol icsi/ivf which is to start June. Results came back with a level of 11. Was told its in the range for my age (lower end) and is in alignment with my AFC of approx 8 potential eggs pre cycle. Praying to God our next cycle will work as its our last one. Hubby has finally quit the fags so that might help embryo quality if we get that far. Praying for a natural miracle in the future. Wondering if anyone knows there amh level and has success with low egg numbers. 


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Chahra  ·  20 Apr 2017

Hi ladies, I hope you are doing wellLittle miracle: thanks for asking :) after a big confuse. I decided to continue with beacon. I will do Pgs with them so I hope this will help. So sorry to hear about your little embryos :( but it's better than miscarriage, good luck next time.Anon: Pgs / screening test embryos for abnormalities. PGS makes it possible to screen embryos to select only those chromosomally normal. 


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Milly  ·  19 Apr 2017

Hi girls

Nikkig, you poor thing, you have seen enough of the Rotunda for a while. At least you are getting back to normal, you'll be ready again before you know it. Mind yourself.

Anon i hope you are recovering well. It will all be positive now for the next 10 weeks! Your poor friend, i have no idea on the tests but god the waiting times are awful.

little miracle, i hope you got on ok with the scan yesterday, another waiting game! Fingers crossed for you.

Bizzybee, how many weeks are you now? Excited?

AFM we had our viability scan yesterday, so was anxious going for that, but all was good and exactly as it should be. 8 weeks tomorrow. I dont know if there was more relief on the doctors face or ours. started feeling a little tired this week but otherwise im fine, just dying for toasted sambos this week! Still dont actually believe its happening.


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Bizzybee  ·  18 Apr 2017

Hi all,

Forgive me if this post is repeated. I posted it yesterday but it doesn't seem to have been updated on the forum.

Anon - I'm so sorry to hear you had to go for more surgery. You poor thing. I hope things start looking up for you now. You've had enough bad luck at this stage. At least baba is doing well.  He must be as strong as you!  Keep up the positivity and we're all thinking about you. CAn't help you on those tests you spoke about - don't know anyone who had them done - but feel for your friend. Can't be easy.

Nikkig - So sorry to hear your news but glad your OHSS is subsiding. Make sure you take some time out to recover so you're raring to go for your FET which we all know is sooooo much easier than starting a new cycle.

Little Miracle - Hope your tests come back normal. A 2 week wait for the results is awful. Hopefully everything will be fine and the fact that it's a natural pregnancy should help. You got this far on your own after all!

Milly - hope you're keeping well.

Me 41, DH 41. TTC 7 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st IVF Sept 2012. Couldn\'t progress - bad swelling/pain after ER. Natural pregnancy Jan 2013. Early MC. Failed FET May. Failed fresh cycle Oct 2013 :-( Stopped FET, April 2014 (HRT problems). Natural FET June/July 2014 - stopped, follicles didn\'t grow to right size. Natural FET July/Aug - Pregnant for 1 week :-(. Fresh Antagonist Cycle, Aug 15 - BFP 12dp5dt - Miscarried at 22 weeks :-( Failed natural FET June 2016. Failed HRT cycle Sept 2016. Natural pregnancy Nov 2016.


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Nikkig  ·  18 Apr 2017

Anon I'm so sorry to hear all the cancer cells aren't gone but 30 weeks wow :) 10 more weeks till you have your bundle of joy in your arms :) and hopefully then u can have Ur treatment and get on with life as a new mammy.. Anyone else who's currently pregnant hope all is going ok for ye guys. And anyone starting a new cycle or on the 2ww the very best of luck. I am currently sat here in the rotunda had my final scan for ohss my ovaries are gone back to normal and the fluid has disappeared. Waiting to seey doctor now to ask about our frozen transfer and hopefully won't be long till I'm back here for my next transfer :)


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Anon.  ·  17 Apr 2017

Thanks Little Miracle ..I'm being really positive so hope I can keep it up! Do you mind me asking what tests you're having done at the beacon  .is it like the first trimester screening?  I'm just curious as I've a very close friend who was full of the joys of het 10wk 1st pregnancy but at an early dating scan they suspected more fluid than normal behind baby's neck so she's was referred to holles st for the first trimester screening scan and bloods but has to wait for the results of the bloods to confirm if there's any chromosomal abnormalities. .it's pure torture on her! She can then do a further test called CVS I believe which Is more invasive but 99%accurate  but again it's a 2ww for results ..she feels so lost and alone.

Has anyone ever had that CVS test done? She's just terrified!!! 

Best of luck with your testing though and pls god this will be your little miracle xxx

Age 38, one child aged 4 natural pregnancy after 2years, two failed IUI in 2016 followed by one failed IVF. Got BFP in Oct 2016 from 2nd IVF . Diagnosed with breast cancer @20wks pregnant, had lumpectomy @25wks (March 17)


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Little Miracle  ·  14 Apr 2017

Anon – sending you huge hugs – so sorry to hear you needed further surgery. Fabulous to hear your little man is now 30 weeks and doing so well. Stay well and positive!!

Nikkig – big hug to you too, so sorry to hear your news. Thankfully you have more frozen buddies so I have everything crossed for you…

Milly – how you getting on?

Chahra – let us know how you get on. I also had screening at the Beacon on my cycles, unfortunately they found issues with all of my embryos after testing so I’m very glad we did the tests.

AFM – 9 weeks now, miraculous natural pregnancy after all the failed IVFs. Have a scan & tests on Tuesday to screen for abnormalities – terrified after all issues before!! 2 week wait for results…

Happy Easter Ladies & baby dust to all Innocent


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Milly  ·  14 Apr 2017

Hi girls

Anon, hope you are doing ok after the 2nd op. I can't believe you are 30 weeks, wow. Hopefully all will be well now, talk about a rollercoaster, take care of yourself.

Nikkig, hopefully you are doing ok!


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Anon.  ·  13 Apr 2017

Hi Girlies

I've been reading your posts n I'm So happy for you all on your BFPs yet heartbroken too for all of u still struggling :( 

Honestly. .best advice I can give, esp in light of our recent events is to STAY POSITIVE & totally concentrate on each step at a time. Try not look to far ahead ..DON'T GOOGLE and defo don't dwell on what ifs xx

AFM ... I recovered really well from my first lumpectomy only to be told at my 2wk follow up apt that unfortunately the margins weren't clear & there were still some cancer cells left behind so the best way to treat was to repeat the op which I've had done just today! So pls god this time we'll get a clearer outcome xx

On the upside, our Lil man is now 30wks & thriving thank god..he's been constantly scanned and seems oblivious to all that's going on so pls god that will continue and after this recovery I can just focus on his arrival :) the worry never goes away so I just can't wait to meet him now :)

God bless you all & hang on in there xxx

Age 38, one child aged 4 natural pregnancy after 2years, two failed IUI in 2016 followed by one failed IVF. Got BFP in Oct 2016 from 2nd IVF . Diagnosed with breast cancer @20wks pregnant, had lumpectomy @25wks (March 17)


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Chahra  ·  12 Apr 2017

Nikky, so sirry for your loss, i remember when i had ohss , they cancelled my cycle and transfered next month. Beacause the pain will increase if you get bfp. drink lot of water and i hope your little embies will make you happy soon. 


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Milly  ·  12 Apr 2017

Nikkig I am so sorry to hear your news, mind yourself now. So was it the OHSS that was the problem? at least you have some frozen and you can make a new plan. Take care!


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Chahra  ·  10 Apr 2017

Thanks ladies for your reply and kind words. 

Yes, Rotunda are good as well as beacon. I have review appointment in rotunda, I ll see what they will say.

On the other hand, I will send my immune tests( which I did in rotunda and found high NK cell) to the beacon and see. 

Then I can decide if I continue with beacon or move to rotunda. 

Thanks again and I hope everyone is doing well. 


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Nikkig  ·  10 Apr 2017

So ladies we lost our baby, was an amazing quality egg, lining was good & uterus was receptive, baby implanted but didnt go any further, wud be 5 weeks now but hcg levels rose thats y ohss got worse then they rapidly declined, today they afe only at 19.. so wel b back for our fet as soon as my ovaries go down and i have 2 bleeds. We have 5 embryos left so thank god no stimulation & injectables for our fet.. hope all the pregnant ladies are doing well & mindomg themselves and baby dust to everyone else. Hope we get our rainbow baby after this 💚💙💛❤💔

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