In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) in Ireland

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Munchkin10  ·  16 Apr 2018

Thanks Milly, I can imagine how in love you are!  I really don't think I will have a problem there as the reason we want another child is because we absolutely love being parents.

We have an appointment in SIMS on Friday morning so we will find out all then.

Thanks again.X


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Milly  ·  13 Apr 2018

Hi again

I look on my son as completely my own, genetics don’t enter my head, he is just gorgeous. Yes I think about what and when we will tell him but we’ll deal with that in a few years, society will probably be a lot more accepting by then! 

We were in sims, I will be just 44 when we try again and age didn’t seem to be an issue at all.


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Munchkin10  ·  09 Apr 2018

Thanks so much for the replies.

We were blessed with a daughter after first attempt at IVF when I was 42, using my own eggs.  Tried again, got pregnant but miscarred and decided to move on with our blessing.

Lately we have been thinking strongly and talking about another and neither of us ever thought we would do DE but we are going to request a consultation with Sims. Travelling would be difficult for us.

I would love to hear any feedback about the idea that it wouldn't be my baby genetically if it worked but I guess once you carry and give birth that soon pales into significance.

I am 45 and just wondering if those of a similar age had any specific reactions from the Clinic?

Also, how long does it take between starting and transfer?

Are there any legal implications around DE?

Probably one of the biggest issues would be whether to tell the child and how it might impact on them but of course, nobody can ever know that. Does counselling help with that?

Really appreciate any feedback, thanks so much.X


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Milly  ·  06 Apr 2018

Hi Munchkin10, after multiple failed ivf attempts I went the donor route and I’m happy to say I had a beautiful baby boy last year at 42 on the first try. I still have 2 embryos and hope to go again this summer. Let me know what you want to know


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fairykisses2  ·  06 Apr 2018

Munchkin 10 , hello and welcome,

I did doner egg with partners sperm in alicante spain.

I first rang cork fertilirty clinic and did shared care.

Meds and scans in cork transfer in spain.

1st time didn't succeed  the second time resulted in b/g twins

Now 3!!

Hope this helps ps was 46 when i had them 😲😲😲😲


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Shell109  ·  06 Apr 2018

Munchkin 10, I have done two rounds of Ivf,  one fresh and 1 frozen. We are considering donor eggs. Sims do the donor cycle. I currently attend Rotunda but am looking to change to Sims.  Accordinog to their website it's around  €7000. I have spoken to other women who have gone abroad to places like Prague and Budapest where it is much cheaper. 


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Munchkin10  ·  06 Apr 2018

Hi.  Seems very quiet on here lately so not sure how active it is but worth a try.

In my mid-forties and considering donor egg but no idea where and if to start. Think I may be too old but have a 3yr old and would dearly love a sibling. Always thought I couldn't do donor because it wouldn't be mine genetically but thinking a bit different now.

Would greatly appreciate any advice, experience etc. that anyone is willing to share. TIA


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AnnieIE  ·  30 Jan 2018

Hi girls,

I am in Ireland less than 6 months, but under my first IVF treatment here and I was wondering why is it so hard to find private laboratories in the Waterford, New Ross for making Beta bhcg blood test. Undecided

I am private patient.

Please if you know where can I do it, please let me know. 

Thanks a lot!


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Chahra  ·  29 Jan 2018


please help 

Iam 6dp5dfet 

tested yesterday and I saw a light second line. But the same day afternoon I was on a v bad cramps the brown discharge, couldn’t sleep all night and tested again this morning and it was Positive but still have brown discharge and cramps. Anyone experienced the same thing? 


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Freya Miller468  ·  12 Jan 2018


Hello girls!

I want to share very delightful news. I am 4 months pregnant after previous unsuccessful IVF efforts.  

Thanks to ivf with donor egg, I finally got pregnant.

Wish everyone good luck!


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Hopefull17  ·  26 Dec 2017

Ladies, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wishing baby dust to all who are still working through fertility treatments for 2018. 

I’m taking a break from forums as we give it our all in 2018 to make our dreams of a family come through.



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Bizzybee  ·  18 Dec 2017

Hi all,

Haven't been on in a long while but thanks everyone for your good wishes.

First Lady - Congratulations on your pregnancy. So thrilled for you!!! Hope all is going well and wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy.

McDublin - Great to hear all is well with you and your little princess. I'm sure your all looking forward to Christmas this year!

Nikkig- Can't believe you're pregnant now too! Congratulations and keep up with the positive mental attitude! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Milly - Huge congratulations to you! So happy for you and your DH. Can't believe we both have boys now especially when we both thought it may not happen for either of us. My wee man is almost 5 months now and he's an absolute joy. We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas together as a family and I bet you are too. All the best to you and your precious new family.

Welcome to all the new members. I hope you all get your own bundle of joy. I'm sorry I won't be of much use to you now as I won't be participating much any more on the forum. I've been on it for years and it's now time for me to concentrate on my own little miracle.  Wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New year.

Baby dust to all xxx

Me 42, DH 42. TTC 7 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st IVF Sept 2012. Couldn't progress - bad swelling/pain after ER. Natural pregnancy Jan 2013. Early MC. Failed FET May. Failed fresh cycle Oct 2013 :-( Stopped FET, April 2014 (HRT problems). Natural FET June/July 2014 - stopped, follicles didn't grow to right size. Natural FET July/Aug - Pregnant for 1 week :-(. Fresh Antagonist Cycle, Aug 15 - BFP 12dp5dt - Miscarried at 22 weeks :-( Failed natural FET June 2016. Failed HRT cycle Sept 2016. Natural pregnancy Nov 2016.


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Chahra  ·  15 Dec 2017

Luna mae

sorry to hear that 

I would  change the clinic if I don’t feel ok, or something went wrong. 

I changed the clinic three times. Good luck


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Chahra  ·  15 Dec 2017

Hi everyone

its been a long time since I have been in here.

milly congratulations very happy for you, and congratulations to all new mum to be:)

update: I have 4 Pgs normal embryos ( from July)

I was afraid to go for transfer I am very scared ladies this is my third round, and Can’t remembrt how many times I did transfer. So this month I contacted the clinic and they gave appointment for Scratch next Monday and the transfer will be around the middle of January.

 Any advice will be appreciated ladies especially about caffeine how you managed to stop it. Also progesterone injection 👀🤪 I’m looking for a nurse, I don’t think I can do it myself. 

Wish me luck and good luck to all here. 


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Luna Mae  ·  11 Dec 2017

Hi Ladies,

Hoping for some advice. We are TTC since March 2016.

We started visiting a clinic last May 2017 so far only had one cycle of TSI is this slow progress in your opinions? Thinking of starting a new cycle of it this month but am wondering should we wait and try a new clinic? We have had all the tests done etc so Im conflicted? I dont want to lose a month either in the switch! I just feel like we're getting nowhere but do these things just take time. Finding the run up to Christmas tough thought this time last year I'd be a Mum by now or at least expecting! Feeling disheartened!


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First Lady  ·  08 Dec 2017

Milly this is absolutely brilliant news! A little boy how wonderful is that he has no idea how much he was wanted and now much he will be loved. Have a great first Christmas together as a family of 3.

Nikkig - wow congrats 9 weeks is excellent I hope you are feeling well. Of course the 12 week scan is important but with each day that passes the chances increase in your favour. 

AFM - I'm nearly 18 weeks feeling well. Next May can't come quick enough. 

Merry Christmas to everyone x 


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Hopefull17  ·  08 Dec 2017

That’s fab news Milly, huge congratulations xx 


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Mcdublin  ·  08 Dec 2017

Hi everyone, milky that’s is fantastic news, huge congratulations and a big hug and kiss to your new baby boy. My little one is now 10 months and she is just a blessing. Good luck to everyone on this journey. Don’t give up hope. Xxx


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Milly  ·  08 Dec 2017

Delighted for you Nikkig, fingers crossed everything will remain well with you. It’s terrible but you wish your life away to 12 weeks and the worrying doesn’t stop even when they get here!!


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Nikkig  ·  08 Dec 2017

Massive congrats Milly. I am now 9 weeks 2 days from my third transfer but am remaining cautiously optimistic till my 12 week scan ❤ I dnt go on forums as much cause my mental health was in tatters over reading about failures and unsuccessful treatments. I feel sometimes the less you know the better positive mental attitude is the only way forward.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas 🎅🎄 


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Milly  ·  06 Dec 2017

Hi everyone

its been a while since I have been in here but I’m happy to say I am back with good news. My little boy was born a month ago and he is perfect, I still don’t believe he is here and won’t be going back!

I had many many disappointments along the way but this forum was a lifeline, it doesn’t seem to be as busy these days.

So all I can say is remain positive, it really can happen, even when at the back of your mind you think it never will. We threw the kitchen sink at it and it eventually worked

positive vibes to all of you still on the journey.


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AlishaJ  ·  15 Nov 2017

Hi Mimi81, 

Thanks a lot for your answer, appreciated. 

I think we will try Ukrainian clinic. Prices are very attractive. I've read that Ukraine is one of the best country for IVF/Surrogacy cause it is legal. 


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fairykisses2  ·  14 Nov 2017

Hi, just dropped in and thought that to all those considering ivf abroad, we went to alicante in spain, i used de. This was done thhrough cfc and spain. 

Time passed and no bfp but eventually one resulted in my wonderful , crazy b/g twins.

Acupuncture definitely helped and a pma was a must especially seeing i was so old lol.

I turn 50 next year and the twins will be 3 this year.

I wish you all the best on your journeys and hope it works out for you all and if you are feeling old just think of me

Hugs and fairy dust to you all xxxx


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Mimi81  ·  14 Nov 2017

Hi alisha, we had IVF in Prague last year. It was successful but ended in miscarriage unfortunately. We had our consultation and scans in Dublin but I found the travelling stressful so we decided to go with GCRM in Belfast this time. We have our consent appointment with them now in January. I'd be happy to answer any questions on treatment abroad that you have. 


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AlishaJ  ·  14 Nov 2017


 My two IVF efforts were unsuccessful. Now I am going to take further measures. Decided to change the place.

I’ve read a lot about this issue and studied the market.  Were choosing between Ireland clinics and Ukrainian ones.  They are said to be popular for infertility treatment.

 Does anyone have experience of IVF abroad? 



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Nikkig  ·  09 Oct 2017

Also Massive Congrats Busy Bee 💙


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Nikkig  ·  09 Oct 2017

Hi ladies, its been so long since I was on here, been dealing with my losses 💔 going onto my third transfer now, started prepping for my lining on cd12 normally I start oncd3 im staying cautiously optimistic. Hows everyone doing? Many Congrats First Lady, and Mc Dublin I cant believe your baby is in a walker already 😱 where has the time gone?


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rsaunders  ·  27 Sep 2017

Has anyone any experiences with or


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rsaunders  ·  27 Sep 2017

Wonderful news First lady!


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Mcdublin  ·  21 Sep 2017

First Lady a huge congratulations to you. What wonderful news. Have a wonderful pregnancy and take it easy. On the home front my little princess is 7 mths already. The time has flown by. She's sitting up now, crawling a little but flys around in her walker. She has brought so much happiness. I wish you all luck on this rollercoaster ride. Fairy dust to all


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Milly  ·  20 Sep 2017

Fantastic news First Lasy, delighted for you!! Mind yourself now!


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Hopefull17  ·  20 Sep 2017

First Lady, I am so thrilled for you!!! Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months for you and little baby. God bless doll xx


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First Lady  ·  19 Sep 2017

Hello ladies, some good news I am pregnant and had 6 week scan today and all is fine with the baby so far and as it should be we even had a heart beat! We are thrilled. Please God it all goes to plan now. What a rollercoaster thanks everyone for your kind words and motivation through the process. For me I think the acupuncture definitely helped even just to calm the mind and make me relax enough to allow implantation to occur. Baby dust to all you ladies x 


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Overwhelmed lady  ·  28 Aug 2017

Hi ladies,I'm new to this and wanted to maybe hear some success or what to expect stories.Im 36 and TTC since January but knew I wasn't ovulating and went on clomid for 6 months,then femara for 3 months while waiting a clinic appointment. Opk  showed a lh surge every month and blood progestorone levels indicated I ovulated. Went to fertility clinic to hear I have 2 follicles on my right ovary and 8 on my left.AMH came back at 1.88pmol/ml do they suggest straight to ivf. Mind is going mad with worry. A


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Hopefull17  ·  27 Aug 2017

Thanks ladies xx

Best of luck First Lady. Please God you get your BFP

Bizzybee - congrats on arrival of your baby boy!! So thrilled for you and such an inspiring positive story. 


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fairykisses2  ·  25 Aug 2017

Bizzy So so delighted on your news. I cried!!

Mamy many congratulations, and have a wonderful time xxxxxx


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First Lady  ·  24 Aug 2017

So we had a 5 cell and 7 cell embryos transferred today fingers crossed no harm in remaining positive I suppose! It only takes 1 good one x 


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Mcdublin  ·  23 Aug 2017

Bizzybee what wonderful news. Congratulations and enjoy every minute 


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First Lady  ·  23 Aug 2017

Bizzybee congrats so delighted for you a baby boy how wonderful enjoy every moment it was a long road for you.

AFM - So of my 10 eggs 6 were mature and of that 5 fertilised normally. Hoping to have day 3 transfer tmw have acupuncture planned before and after the event. Fingers crossed. 


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Milly  ·  23 Aug 2017

OMG Bizzybee, that has just made my day. Having been through a lot of the journey at the same time as you, this is just the best news, congrats and enjoy every second!! Thanks for letting us know. i hope the emergency c section wasnt too traumatic and you are recovering well.

Hopefull17, really sorry to hear it didn’t work out this time but you’ve the right attitude, onwards and upwards, it’s the only way. I hope you are coming to a decision on plan b, you always need to have one.

First lady, I hope your little embies are coming along nicely and a transfer is in sight. I did Acupuncture as well and I really think it helped.

Agree with Bizzybee, I took D3 and B12 as well.

Chahra, how are you getting on. We also did PGS testing and I really think it was worthwhile, at least you knew what you were transferring was viable. Did you transfer yet?

AFM, 26 weeks now, and all going well. A little tired and getting bigger but that’s all good! 

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