In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) in Ireland

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Little Miracle  ·  17 Feb 2017

Dear Anon,

Sending you huge hugs, so sorry to hear your news. Please please stay strong and positive for your little baby, I guess you must be 22 weeks or so now. Try to take this step by step, I am sure the thoughts of surgery is very worrying but once that is over you can focus on your pregnancy again. The most important thing is your mindset and keeping as postive as possible, eating well and sleeping. Make sure you take as much support as you need from everyone around you. Life is just so tough!!

Sorry I disappeared ladies - had 4 failed IVF cycles last year and am just heart broken. I've low AMH and am 42 so its the end of the road for me now with my own eggs. Mulling over donor approach but finding it so hard to get my head around.



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Anon.  ·  17 Feb 2017

Hi Ladies sorry haven't been on or answered any queries in a while. I had some devastating news last week, been diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy ..I'm just so shocked and hurt. I don't know if the ivf had any link here but I'd certainly be asking questions if I knew there possibly could be. I'm having surgery in a few weeks which will hopefully get it all but need radiotherapy after baby is born. It's just so worrying .. after waiting so long for my Lil baby can't believe I've thus to face now. 

I wish everyone well on their journeys but for now I may sign out of ere.

Take care xxx 


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Hopefull17  ·  17 Feb 2017

First Lady, I'm so sorry to hear that. Please don't give up hope. I'm on 3rd ivf cycle so I know the heartache around this whole process. 

Did they say why eggs didn't fertilise in this case? Has your other half had all sperm tests done?  

I haven't had same scenario as you but my 1st IVF, got 12 eggs, 11 fertilised but as the week went on the numbers dropped off. We transferred 2 but quality was poor. At least we knew why it may not have worked - embryo quality. I then went onto see if I could improve quality with vitamins etc.

I know it's just horrible when these things don't go to plan but see if you can get follow with consultant asap to ask what happened and ask what to do next, i.e. Any other tests etc. Can sperm quality be improved? I know they don't promote vitamins but I do believe the right ones can improve egg and sperm quality.



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First Lady  ·  16 Feb 2017

Well what a change a few days can make. Had egg collection yesterday 4 eggs but only 2 good for icsi. Got call today to say both never fertilized. Absolutely heartbroken. Second failed cycle in a row. Does anyone have an experience with cancelled cycle and then successfully ivf afterwards? Just feel like I'm going backward. 


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First Lady  ·  13 Feb 2017

Thanks Newline, had another scan today have 6 eggs ranging from 15-22mm was told they are good to mature as they are over the threshold of 14mm. So I must do pregnyl tonight and egg collection on weds. Fingers crossed these eggs will make great embryos with icsi. I feel fantastic must say this short cycle has been easy compared to the long protocol. I'm so happy went from 2 eggs to 6 eggs in a few days. 


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Newline  ·  11 Feb 2017

Hi First Lady. 

I did the long protocol for my 1st round of ivf with Dr kahn .  Found it long and mentally exhausting like. I did get pregnant but there was no heartbeat at the 8 wk scan. I went back and did the short protocol which I found so much easier and transfered 2 eggs and have a 1 yr old girl from that cycle. I completed another short cycle in Nov and frozen 4 embryos as got the ovarian hyperstimiluation but am getting one embryo transferred next wknd so fingers crossed. I hope it all works out for you as it did for me with the short protocol. Best of luck 


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Hopefull17  ·  11 Feb 2017

Hi RenelIE

It could be implantation spotting. Fingers crossed for you that it is. Don't give up hope, spotting can be normal anyway and still result in BFP.

Robnyxx - no problem, did you get to do final test?

AFM, 3rd IVF done and on TWW. I had day 3 transfer yesterday of 2 embryos. I've never done a day 3 transfer, I'm not hopeful at all really because I know day 5's are high rate of BFP. Anyway 'tis done now and in Gods hands 🙏🏼



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Mimi81  ·  10 Feb 2017

Hi renel, it might be implantation bleeding....

thanks Robyn, I'm just worried about a blind transfer!

First Lady best of luck for Saturday💖

Misshopeful hope you are doing OK as well💞 


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Robynxx  ·  10 Feb 2017

So finally done my poas today after work and as I suspected it was a BFN..! I have a review on Tuesday I kno so soon but would rather get it out of the way tbh..!

So ladies I'm out for now.! Time to start saving and start again, well after I speak to dh about it, he's not so keen on going tru this hole rollacoster again.! But my heart is telling me not to quit, thank god we were blessed in 2014 with our little girl she and her sister will get me tru this 💗

Sending lots of luck to all you ladies I hope you all get the postitve's you all deserve xx


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ReneIE  ·  09 Feb 2017

Hi All,

I'm new here and just took the courage to write my first post :) I'm just after IVF that was done abroad, had a 3 day old embryo transfer on the 2nd of February and today got some ,,coffee with milk,, light spotting,  I am fricked out a bit. Anyone else had any experience with spotting 7 days after the embryo transfer? 


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Robynxx  ·  09 Feb 2017

Hopefull thank you again for getting the link to old posts it has put my mind at ease as iv done nothing much differently than last time only last was fresh and this cycle was a fet.. my lining last time was 8/9mm at transfer and this time my lining was 10.2 the week b4 transfer... 

firstlady iv had both transfers done with the guidence of U-S x

ok so today I'm mentally prepared for the official test day 2morro..! It is still quiet hard having to do the final one just to confirm the negative..! Wouldn't it be great if tings turned around the last few days..! 

Ok so is anybody still with hari..(rotunda ivf) last time I was der it was so different to this time.. I wasn't as confident and there was all new consultants.! I didn't get the same vibe this time.. and b4 started my meds wen the nurse was giving me instructing sheet I told her my daughter had been infected with the chicken pox the week b4 and shud I be concerned she told me it would hav been fine she asked wat my daughters name was and wrote it on the top of her page.! Now this might sound mad to you but I got a sense that oh she's writing that down to say I already have a toddler so it doesn't really matter if this works again.! 🙈 now it was prob me being paranoid but that's how I felt ☹️ Xx ps sorry about the rant girls x


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Mimi81  ·  08 Feb 2017

Hi, can anyone advise me on embryo transfer with ultrasound compared to without? In Prague I had transfer with US guidance but the clinic I am looking at now they don't use US.  Has a one any advise on this? Thanks.


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First Lady  ·  08 Feb 2017

Hi Robyn, sorry about your negative results its a very tough process. Misshopeful have fingers crossed for you. 

As for me I'm on day 6 of short cycle have. Has scan this morning. Have 8 potential eggs but 2 are growing better then the rest so nurse said there is a likelihood my cycle could be cancelled. Have another scan on Sat. I'm on max dose of menopur 450iu but have only done 4 injections. Annoyed eggs are uneven in size but nurse said that's common on short protocol just wish dr had said that instead of saying there is no difference. I've only ever made 4 eggs maybe they might stimulate me a bit longer. Anyone have an similar experience? I've low egg reserve hubby poor sperm but my fsh is normal and I've had one daughter through icsi before. Fingers crossed for Saturday. 


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Robynxx  ·  08 Feb 2017

Thank you hunnie best of luck after your ec xx


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Hopefull17  ·  07 Feb 2017

Hey Robynxx. 

Im at home after EC resting up and was a little bored so I went through past pages. I found one of your posts May 2014 where you were starting out with cycle. Link is here - hope its the right one to get you closer to your older posts



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Robynxx  ·  07 Feb 2017

Does any1 kno how to go bk and look at old messages from 2014 🙈 I wanna see wat I done different last time I got my BFP but can't remember myself Tia x


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Robynxx  ·  06 Feb 2017

Thank you misshopful.. 

Tested again today at 12dp5dt ad BFN again so deffo think that's me out.! It was our only frostie so I dunno wat were goin to decide next.. oringial test day is fri so unless a miracle happens from now till den 🙏🏻... 

bug hugs and sticky dust to every1 x


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misshopeful   ·  03 Feb 2017

RobynXxx I know what you are going through and it's awful. I tested early (day 11) and got a BFN. But don't give up just yet. 8 days might be a lil too early. Fingers crossed for you xx 💕


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Hopefull17  ·  02 Feb 2017

Hi ladies

Robyn, I haven't been in that situation, sorry to hear you got BFN, hopefully you are testing too soon. Fingers crossed you get BFP xx 

Corkie hope all went ok at EC, I'm heading to same new place next week for EC. 3rd ivf attempt so praying this time works. Was there today for scan I'd say they are still settling in but no issues while I was there.

Anon, reading some of your older posts, can you say which acupuncturist you are going to? I'm with one in Cork but I'm not sure if he's right one for me. Can I also ask were you on puregon for your BFP? What dose were you taking? Had scan today (day17) and was disappointed with number of follicles. Back again in a few days to check progress. I'm on 375 puregon.

thanks xx


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faithangel  ·  02 Feb 2017

hi everyone im new to this page. Im attending a clinic in cork. Ive had a failed iui so we have just started a short cycle of ivf. on day 2 of my injections feeling pretty sick today i assume this is normal. Ive got all my fingers and toes crossed.  its such a wait and see game it teally is hard. 


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Mimi81  ·  02 Feb 2017

Hi all, Robynxx I really don't know if you are testing too early but try and stay positive until you know for sure, I know it's so hard.

misshopeful I'm gutted for you, I really hope the acupuncture is beneficial.  I've had 4 treatments now and I'm booked in for 23rd Feb to get the ball rolling on our second IVF in a new clinic. 

Congrats to those who had positive results and the rest of us will hopefully get there this year💖


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Corkie007  ·  02 Feb 2017

Oh Brain that's awful for you. What was she thinking. Surely there was somewhere that she could have left you to calm down and have a cup of tea or something. 

Hugs xx

I had 14 follicles and they got 13 eggs. I'm delighted. I have a high AMH (25) for my age (38) but still it's a relief to get so many eggs. 

Hopefully we'll get a good number fertilised tonight. We had to convert to ICSI last minute. My husbands count was lower then they had expected. So fingers crossed. 

Hope your scan goes well on Saturday and things improve xxxx 


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Robynxx  ·  02 Feb 2017

Hi everyone well I'm 8dp5dt (frozen transfer) tested early and got a BFN..! I'm gutted the clinic told me to test on day 16 oringinally.. so am I out of the game or is their still some hope..? Any1... as I'm literally goin out of my mind..! Any1 get a BFP after a bfn 😢 When they tested early.? Thanks in advance 🙁


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Brain  ·  02 Feb 2017

Hi Corkie007, thanks for that at least someone else felt the same. I was in the new place this morn wow its lovely and i had a lovely nurse. Gave me disappointed news so of course i had cry and she got all awkward and left me off t reception to book in again crying... its some service for the money we give them🙄 best of luck wit your egg collection very exciting for you hun. How many follicles did you have. Very disapointing morn for us. Little growth and tonit will be day  8 of the Gonal F. 2 small follicles on right and 1 and a tiny one on left. Not a good sign she said. Scan again on sat. Ivf prob wont be a runner. Xxxx


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misshopeful   ·  01 Feb 2017

Hi girls sorry I havent logged on in a while. I got a BFN on my last transfer so I needed time out to take my minds of things. I started accupunture this week. I'm not giving up yet ☺

Corkie007 best of luck with the 2ww. It can be nerve wrecking. 

Anon congrats on the news that ye are having a boy. It's fantastic!! It won't be long now and he will be making his grand arrival. 

Best of luck to all the ladies on this post where ever ye are on the ivf journey. Stay positive xxx 


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Corkie007  ·  01 Feb 2017

Hi Brain,

Funny you say that, I am attending the same clinic (EC tomorrow) and I had the same experience.  I'm kinda used to not seeing the doctors too often but the nurses were under alot of pressure.

But I've had 2 scans in the new clinic and normal service seeems to have resumed.  They are alot calmer and back to their usual selves.

I have noticed that it's alot busier than it used to be. So maybe they are a little under staff for the numbers.

Hope your treatment goes well for you.  Good luck for your EC.


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Brain  ·  31 Jan 2017

Hi everyone, so glad to finally find some discussion on IVF. Wishing you all the very best. Its a tough journey this road. ANON i see ur comment on cork as that is whom i have started my journey with. I know there are 2 clinics in Cork. Are u allowed t say on this which one thou. Im on the long protocol and egg collection is due next week. No mention of scratch etc. Only met the main dr when we went t check it out and havent seen him since. 2 times i was dere was nurses and always rushing no times for questions. Especially last week when i was being scanned - as they were moving premises and had no interest in me and my questions. Embarassed


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Mcdublin  ·  30 Jan 2017

Hey everyone, sorry I've not been on. I am now 35weeks pregnant and we are both doing well. 5 weeks to go. It has flown by. I also took CoEnzymeQ10, royal jelly and drank a lot of healthy smoothies and I ate a lot of pineapple. I also did a meditation called Systemic Kinesiology. It focuses your mind. Welcome to all the newbies, it's a tough but you are in the right place with this forum as the ladies are so helpful and they will get you through. Will keep ye all updated on the next few weeks. Xx


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Robynxx  ·  27 Jan 2017

Hi everyone hope you are all holding up ok :) 

had my frozen transfer on 25th (wed) so I am on day 2 of the dreaded 2ww Today (fri) I am trying to keep normal and try not think about it... I'm getting little cramps I dnt kno if it's a good sign or bad..! Only time will tell 🙏🏻.. best of luck to any1 on the 2ww :) 


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Hopefull17  ·  23 Jan 2017

Thanks so much Anon. Xx Just upped my dose! 🙏🏼 Here's hoping it works 

That's so funny re your little girl, the innocence. 


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Anon.  ·  19 Jan 2017

Hi Nikkig. ..great to hear from you ..and delighted all went well wit treatment and you'll b able start new session in no time ..keep positive now xx

Hopeful 17 I was on 600mg of Co enzyme Q10 for about two months before thus cycle and acupuncture weekly! ! Had an Endo scratch done before this cycle too so all of those defo helped get our BFP this time.

Busy Bee & Mc Dublin how are you both doing?  

Miss hopeful ..thinking of you today hope you get the BFP u deserve xx

AFM had 18wk scan today and found out its a boy!  We're thrilled but my 4yr old Lil girl is devastated as she wanted a sister end of! The innocence ..if only she knew the pain n heartache endured to get ere!

Love you all ..have a great weekend xx


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misshopeful   ·  18 Jan 2017

Thanks for the reply mimi81 I really appreciate it 😉.  

I called the clinic today and the nurse told me to test first thing tomorrow morning. If the test is negative then it is more than likely that the transfer did not work. It would 13 days after my FET. I have cancelled my blood test in Cork on the nurses recommendation. She suggested I go to my GP to get it done instead. But it all depends on the result of the HPT in the morning. If its negative I dont need to go for the blood test at all. I am still hoping that I tested too early, I would love to get a positive result. I am hoping  for a miracle!! 💕


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Nikkig  ·  18 Jan 2017

Hi all I'm back welcome to all the newbies, mcdublin and busybee hows the pregnancies going? Had my laparoscopy yesterday, had a hcg and a d and c, home now and recovering!! Got some good news in my results so I'm just waiting to get going on my nxt ivf cycle! Onwards & upwards hopefully 2017 is my year :D


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Mimi81  ·  18 Jan 2017

Hi misshopeful, you are testing a bit early and it depends on the hpt. Wait until you get your bloods done until you know for sure, it's so hard I know but try and remain positive until then🙏💖


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misshopeful   ·  17 Jan 2017

Thanks Mimi81. Best of luck with the accupuncture. Let us know how your getting on with it. I was going to do it before this FET but I didnt have enough time to fit in enough sessions to get the benefit from it. It supposed to be very good. 

I couldn't wait any longer so I took a HPT today and get a BFN. I'm devastated. Is it possible to test too early?? My FET was done on 6th Jan. Also is it possible to get a positive beta after a negative home test. I'm due at the clinic on Friday 20th Jan for my blook test😩. I'm so deflated!!! 


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Mimi81  ·  11 Jan 2017

Oh misshopeful I really hope it works out for you..i have everything crossed for you💖 It's such a long 2 weeks and every cramp and niggle is so significant🙈  Stay positive anyway..

I have booked a 12 week course of acupuncture and myself and dh have started maca supplements so who knows what might happen before we cycle again in the summer🙏 No harm in hoping.


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misshopeful   ·  10 Jan 2017

Hi Wishful thinking I'm so sorry I hope I didn't scare you too much. I dont know maybe, I just had a run of bad luck. Just make sure you confirm dates and double check things for your own peace of mind. I met a lady doctor in the clinic a few weeks back, she was a Spanish looking lady. She is a new doctor there that if its the same clinic. She was actually really nice and very helpful to me she went through my scan results and my outline to make sure that I was ok. So don't worry you will be fine xxx 💖 

Mimi81 best of luck. Fingers crossed now all will work out for ye! Keep us updated ya 😉

Anon thanks for your reply. It's really encouraging as I am new to these kind of chats but I'm loving them. They are great motivation and keeps me sane!! Congrats on the news ye must be thrilled. I have heard that accupuncture is supposed to be really beneficial when doing ivf. I tried to get an Apt before my FET but I couldn't get one. 😭

So ladies I got the transfer done last Friday Jan 6th. My 3rd ivf procedure by 3rd doctor. Not by choice!!!!!! He is a new doctor also in the  clinic. He was so nice and was very confident about the procedure afterwards. Maybe 3Rd time lucky, who knows...  I'm now a few days into my 2ww. Im so nervous im afraid to even think about it. Fingers, legs and eyes crossed that it works. 🙈 

nite ladies 😘


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Fireside08  ·  09 Jan 2017

Hi all, I've just joined as I am searching and researching! online for help regarding couriers who are experienced in the transportation from country to country in relation to IVF. We are trying to determine where is best to being our fertility treatment. Ireland or the UK. Sperm is currently held in a UK hospital, but I am located in Ireland. I have been given a courier name by clinic here in Ireland, but I'm reading horror stories online about them. Does anyone have any experience in transportation of sperm from UK to Ireland??

Thank you!


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Hopefull17  ·  09 Jan 2017

Hi All

I hope you don't mind me jumping in on this discussion please. Like so many here, am ttc and so far no luck. 

2failed IUI's and 2 failed IVF's (long and short cycle). Low AMH and not great embryo quality are main issues.

Anon - In an effort to try and get better quality embryos I started taking  royal jelly and 200mg of COQ10. Can I ask what dose of COQ10 you were taking?

Thanks xx


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Hopefull17  ·  09 Jan 2017

Hi Anon,

I am about to embark on 3rd IVF, I started taking COQ10 (200mg) about 2 months ago but I wanted to ask you what dose you were taking? Like you, I've low AMH and had previously bad embryo quality.

Thanks xx

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