IBD Social/Support Group!!!

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gotguts  ·  15 Jan 2011

IBD Social/Support Group!!

Hi!! I've Crohn's so I never had a look on this thread before!But I'm trying to organise an informal support group/social group for people with IBD in the Midlands. The Facebook page is very originally entitled 'I have IBD Support Group'so come 'Like' the page. The idea is to meet up with fellow IBD-ers!! just something informal (tea, coffee, whatever takes your fancy!!) A few of us met up last wk & we're going to meet again in March.So anyone with IBD - Crohn's or UC - who is in the Midlands is more than welcome to attend & bring friends & family if you like!! Though we won't be regionalist - If anyone else wants to travel to us you're also welcome, the more the merrier!!!Feel free to PM me about it if you like, or drop me an email (again originality here, how I came up with it I'll never know!) @ihaveibd@gmail.comThanks & Take Care!! 

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