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(Tuesday, 27th Jan, 2015)

Considering starting IVF but don't know where to begin!

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Rachel McCarthy282  ·  22 Jan 2015

Hi guys me and my partner of 3 years were trying for a year, when nothing was happening we knew something was wrong.. He's 23 and I'm 21, we are young yes so it all became a shock when he was told he was infertile after a lot of testing, they discovered his testicles never developed from a baby.. My partner is absolutely heartbroken as am I, everything seemed to be okay on my side from what the doctor said, We went to a fertility clinic and I honestly didn't find the doctor very helpful he didn't go into detail or tell us our next steps, basically said the only way I'll ever conceive is using donar sperm.. A few months on after doing a lot of saving and thinking i now don't know where to begin ! I don't want to wait years when the success rate lowers the older you get .. Any reccomendations or advice on what's next? I'd love to know how it all works I know you can't just jump into it , I've heard to have to undergo counselling before you begin the whole process.. Thanks a mill x 

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