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(Wednesday, 22nd Oct, 2014)

anxiety/feeling withdrawn

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Zo123  ·  16 Oct 2014

Hi everyone, This is very hard for me to explain I think I have been experiencing anxiety I would really like to know if anyone has experienced what I am feeling on a daily basis. Im 19 years old and I have just started a course in college. I had a very bad virus about 2 months ago and I have been extremely fatigued. About 3 weeks ago I experienced a very bad panic attack were I felt like I was falling out life. Now on a daily basis I feel anxious and withdrawn from life I also feel detached when talking to people. I feel like I am going mad as I have never experienced this before or gave taught to anything like this. I am experiencing this everyday and I feel like I getting worse. When i go to sleep i wake up thinking i am still in a dream i feel so detached. Today I forgot everything I did I feel like my brain is blocked. At first i did not think it was anxiety as I have never experienced this before. I went to my gp who has done blood tests which have came back clear. She suggested to take a week off college which I have done but I do not feel like this has helped as i feel the same.

I would aappreciate if there was anyone on this who has experienced this or felt how I am feeling that could help me and give me advice I would be so greatful as I feel like I am going mad. 


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