Ankylosing Spondylitis

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derw24  ·  22 Jan 2009

i am on humira for 3 years now its great for my psoriasis which is clear, but my AS is very bad at the moment. i was in las vegas las summer and i was pain free for the 2 wks i was there and for 2 wks when i got back, but this irish weather is not good for it i think.



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Terbis  ·  06 Sep 2007
has anyone been treated with methotrexate for AS? If so how is it going?

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Pixie  ·  24 Jul 2006
Hi John I'm on the anti tnf therapy. I'm on a self inject version. I've tried 2 other types but had adverse reactions but thankfully this one isn't too bad. I was diagnosed with AS 10 years ago I did my exercises but can't take the NSAI's because I have a bowel disease as well. I didn't think the therapy was doing much until I had to stop it when I had surgery a few months ago My back started to stiffen up and got very painfully. I couldn't wait to get back on the therapy Its worth the small amount of discomfort to be able to get out of bed every morning with v little stiffness or pain. Best of luck with it but don't give up on your exercises you still need to do them even though the pain eases to keep up your range of movement.

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Anonymous  ·  19 Jul 2006
I have suffered with AS for over twenty years, it came to a head with me when I was injured at work, the result was I "cracked" the bony growth in several places, the pain was horrendous and I was in a wheel chair for eighteen months, at home for six weeks, bed rest in hospital for two weeks this went on for years, I eventually became twnty stone heavy due to steroids, although I am not recomending this option, I stopped taking the tablets, became more active, by walking throuhg the pain, and to some extent it is a case of mind over matter, I know my case is unique, but a full and active life can be had, you control it not it controls you. The other comment was correct it is usally the males that are more prone to this, and it is through the male gene this occurs. My late father was an as sufferer, as to are my brothers, keep active, follow the guidence of the physio's, and above all else be positive. My condition is from the tip os the spine to the c3 vertebrae, but I ride a motor cycle,garden, etc.

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femur  ·  14 Jul 2006
I know physio is reqired. Wasn't some person owho is swimming for charity. I know someone who has it for years has kids leads a very busy life but gets physio for it.

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Anonymous  ·  10 Jul 2006
Hi John,
I Might not be a whole lot of help here but Just to let you know that my Uncle and my Mum has AS. Apparantly it is more severe in males. Both were only diagnosed in the last 10 years. My uncle is very stooped and has a lot of pain but I think it is because he was incorrectly diagnosed for years, they thought it was an old back injury and never queried it further . My Mum gets it dfficult to get out of bed in the morning and sometimes is prone to uveitis but once she keeps up her physio she keeps well. She is attending Blanchardstown hosp. and on a new type of drug which seems to be working wonders bringing down the level of inflamation in her blood. I had the blood test recently and it was negetive. I\'m not sure but I think it is passed on genetically through the male

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Anonymous  ·  09 Jul 2006
Hi there

I have just been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis after a year of hell. I am due to go to hospital next week to be put on a new treatment called anti-tnf therapy - does anyone have any information on the treatment or Ankylosing Spondylitis itself?

thanks so much
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