blood in urine and antibiotics

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Anonymous  ·  03 Jul 2006
My 13 year old son has passed a small quantity of blood about 4 or 5 times over the past few months. He has no pain or discomfort. Our GP sent samples of urine and blood for analysis and everything came back clear. My son then had a renal ultrasound and thankfully everything was normal. The GP referred him to a consultant who advised cystoscopy and urethoscopy(?). We went privately and my son had the procedures today. I was told that the consultant would speak with me after theatre but when I was in the recovery room I was told that the consultant would speak with me in the ward. The consultant neither appeared nor communicated with me. At my request a junior member of his team (whose english I found v. difficult to understand) but who was v. pleasant came to the day ward and told me that my son's bladder was red and inflamed and that he has to go on a course of antiobiotics for 5 weeks - three times daily for the first week and one at night for the next four weeks as a prophylactic measure. When I asked what caused the inflamation she shrugged her shoulders and said that urine and blood samples were sent for analysis and the consultant would let me know when we returned for a check-up in 6 weeks time. I have several questions about this. Firstly why would anyone perform an invasive procedure and run tests afterwards which had they been done beforehand might have obviated the need for surgery? Secondly I still don't know what might or might not be wrong with my son and what could have caused his bladder to be inflamed and I am very worried. I don't know if this will be a recurring problem or not or if it is an infection how could he have contracted it? I feel a discussion with the consultant could have answered some questions. Thirdly why is my son being given a broad multi-spectrum antibiotic for such a long period of time to treat an as yet unspecified cause? The overuse of broad spectrum antibiotics has been highlighted many times in the media. What happens if he gets an ear infection for instance? Which antibiotic is prescribed then? Whatever about the 7 day course I don't know if I should give him the 4 week prophylactic dose. I'd appreciate advice.
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