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Lorness  ·  14 Oct 2016

I have been on dianette on and off over 2 years for acne on my back. It wasnt very bad but it definately affected my mood so i asked to put on something to clear it. i tried the antibiotics first but no good so my doctor suggested dianette. it went well for the first 4 months, the spots cleared within 2 months and i was delighted until the 4 month when i got a severe migrane! i came off the dianette at that stage as advised by my doctor. once i came off it things went back to normal the spots came back and even started on my face. it was probably around 3 months later and i convinced my doctor to let me try it again as i couldnt say for certain if the dianette had caused the migrane. plus i was desperate to get rid of the spots! i have been it now consistently for nearly a year. the spots are gone, my skin is amazing and my hair has improved. the ony thing is i have gained nearly 2 stone! Im definately not happy! its a catch 22, if i stay on the dianette i will be over weight which i worked so hard to lose in my teenage years only to have the same issue now. i have tried various diets fad and eventually paid for a nutritionist but no change to my weight. i feel better energy wise but still 2 stone more than i was and nothign seems to make a difference. If i go off the dianette i could lose the weight ( i hope) but the acne will return! i dont know which is worse! any suggestions for other pills which would help with the acne and make it easier to lose some of this weight. i currently hold my weight on my hips, boobs and tummy which makes sense with the amount of estrogen in dianette. any help would be appreciated Sealed


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John Williams  ·  11 Sep 2016


No, the difference in times you mention would not affect the efficacy of the pill. If you are worried why did you go online to get advice from anonymous people who know less about it that yourself? Phone the doctor who prescribed it or the pharmacist who dispensed it and get proper factual advice.


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mrc  ·  09 Sep 2016


I am currently on dianette and I take it everyday when I wake up but a lot of the time i wake up at different times from around 7am to 11am, would this higher the chance of reducing the contraceptice effectiveness of the pill?

thank you


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gem  ·  11 Jan 2013

Hi Guys,

I went on Dianette for three months to see if I could clear some of the darker hair from my face. At first I didnt notice the side affects at all. At the time I was doing a complicated course and put my moods down to stress. I also got some numbness in my calves at certain points during my monthly cycle so I came off it straight away as I was afraid of DVT. 

My moods were so bad at the time that everything my boyfriend did annoyed me and irritated me. I was constantly picking at him and I didnt know why, I put it down to stress. It got so bad we were always arguing and eventually led to us never having sex ....we usually have an excellent sex life and I couldnt understand why he never wanted sex. 

I came off the pill because the numbness in my legs and then my moods slowly improved. we started getting on better and gradually the sex returned. It was obviously my moods and arguing and picking at him that stopped the sex. Sure why would he want to have sex with someone constantly giving out about something?! It was only after all of this that I realised it was the pill causing the moods and not stress at all! Thankfully I am back on Yasmin and things are great now, no numbness and no horrendous mood swings!

Wasn't on it long enough to see a noticeable differance in hair growth but  I think I can manage a little hair on my face rather than feeling like that all the time. 


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YummyBella  ·  25 Jan 2012

Hi all

Like alot of you i have been suffering since puberty with acne, and Dianette really was the only thing that has worked for after years and years of trying anything else there was to try. I also have been told to stop taking it as long term use like in my case can dammage the liver. But thankfully my liver function tests were normal. I did also use the Dianette for contraception so have had the Mirena coil fitted which so far is working out well! But before i stopped the pill i explained to my new dr the fears i had regarding acne flaring up and she did some blood test on me. It turns out that i have high testrone levels for a woman and this is probably the cause of my acne and explains why Dianette was the only thing that helped me. So as a result the acne will almost definately return it's just a matter of time so i have been refered to an Endocrinologist and am just waiting the appointment.... Just posting this incase any of you have never been tested for testrone levels, prehaps this could be some of the cause of your acne!



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ngill  ·  05 Jan 2012

hi all, I am suffering from moderate acne and some abnormal hair growth on my face Frown, for which my GP put me on ginet 84 (dianette)recently . It has been 20 days and am noticing some red bumps (feels like a lot of blackheads , when you rub your hand against them) all over my chest , back and little  on my faceCry. My Gp told me that it was ought to happen because initially your body has to adapt itself to the excessive harmones being pumped in . Hence, I was wondering if anyone else had the same reaction initially on dianette? Also, if anyone experienced an increase in their breast size and within how many days or weeks or months  did the skin started to clear after intial breakout?

thanks Smile in advance!


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jawaw  ·  20 Dec 2011

Hi all

I am 21, about 3 months ago woke up and i has such a bad pain in me side, when i say bad i mean i physical couldnt move with the pain never experienced pain like it before, went the doctor he said i had sciatica so just gave me some pain killer and sent me home, a month latter same pain occured again so i went to a different doctor and he he sent me straight to A&E where i went through so many tests. 

They found a cist on my ovaries the was 8X10cm was rushed in to get it removed, operation went grand all is well now, no pain. Went back for my 6 week check up and they but me on dianette, i was on it about 3 years ago and came off it cause i felt crap about my self and felt i gained some weigth. Since i have been back on it i have never felt so bad about my self, i am normally mad for going out have a laugh with me friends. but now all i wana do is sit in and go to bed. My skin hasnt been to bad i use the dermalogical range which i would recomened to any one who like me suffered with there skin, the clearing mattier works after bout 3/4 days its dear enought but like i always get it from christmas or birthdays gifts. Any know if i have to be on the pill since i had the operation cause at the moment its not really a good time for me to be mode swinging as with work i am constantly under pressure and by observed. Any one any simular experience. 



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Dani417  ·  06 Nov 2011

Hi! :)

I'm 16 and went on Dianette for severe acne and bad period pains. I went on it 18 days ago, on the first day on my period. I still have my periods! is that normal?? I have no pains or anything though but they are still there.

Also i have had unprotected sex since, i read on the leaflet that Dianette is effective immediatly, like for conterception, but is that the case when i am still on my period?? Is there any possibility i might be pregnant??

I was also wondering, on the 7 day break, are you still protected??

Thanks! :)


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drinkingbuds  ·  03 Nov 2011

Cool just started using dianette. wondering are you still  covered on your seven pill free days .


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KaKa88  ·  31 May 2010

hi mirben.

when i was your age i had very bad acne, it was on my face, back and chest and instead of goin on the pill my doctor put me on bymicin(not sure of the spellin but it is like that).

i found this absolutely brilliant, worked in a week or 2.

dianette is very good too but it can cause mood swings. it shouldnt affect your junior cert as it starts in a week or 2 but after a long period on it you might notice mood swings and maybe weight gain.

hope this hels you a bit and best of luck with your junior cert!! xx


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mirben  ·  23 May 2010

hi everyone

i have acne and tried many treatments but none of them worked.

i was prescribed dianette by my doctor and i took my 1st pill today.

im kind of scared about the side affects should i look out for something bad in the first few weeks as im doing my junior cert soon. i am only 15 and my parents are very against me taking the pill but they have accepted it.

how long should it take for my skin to begin improving??

please reply asap xxxx


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ann29  ·  13 Feb 2010

i was put on dianette about 5months ago for pcos, and since commencing on the pill first of all i was getting very bad migraines and increased appepite. i went back to my doctor about it and she told me that the headaches would settle and it was as a result of the hormones, they needed time to settle down and in relation to diet i was told to eat plenty of carrots and no i am not joking i was told to eat plenty of carrots.

then i noticed that my mood changed dramatically, i became very down in myself i had no motivation for anything. it is like i was depressed i knew there was something wrong. i went to 2 doctors about it and they both told me keep going with it until i went back to my gynae consultant.

i stuck it until this january and went back to my doctor again and told her i could not stick it i had to come off the dianette. i felt that it changed my mood so much, she put me on yasmin but i think the same thing is happening again should i come off the pill altogether? what are my other options? i am trying to lose the weight but it is sooo hard i feel like i am stuck in a rut and i dont know how to get out. i ask some of my girlfriends for advice but i dont know who to listen to, please help. is there a certain diet out there that can help either, any help would be gratefully appreciated


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ni  ·  11 Feb 2010

Hi everyone,

I started taking Dianette about 4 years ago as I had terrible spots on my back. Within two months they had completely gone but I started getting light headed and almost fainted a few times so came off it. I went on Yasmin for a few months and it was hell, i was on an emotional rollercoaster so came off that. I went back on Dianette around a year later and have been happy ever since. I have had no bad side effects this time, my spots were gone and my chest size increased a lot (the same happened to my cousin and sister who went on it) but you have to be very careful on any pill. When you go to renew your perscription, make sure you get your blood pressure taken and if you dont feel well come off it straight away. Dianette is a combined powerful pill so smoking while on it is really not a good idea. Everyone will react to it differently as everyone has different vol of chemicals in their systems. To the girls who are unsure about going on the pill, it increases your chances of breast cancer but reduces your chance of cervical cancer. If taken properly your period will be regular and I suffer terribly from period pain and being on the pill really does reduce my symptoms. If you cant talk to your doctor properly about the pill or are unsure dont go on it weigh up what you will get out of it and go from there:)


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iggy  ·  29 Jan 2010

Hello everyone. Just reading everyones comments.

I had a smear test during the week and i got talking to the nurse about pill i'm on "Dianette" and she was shocked to hear that i'm on it for for nearly 13 years - went on it when i was 19/20. i had been prescribed this initially for PCOS - i suffered from irregular periods,some acne and excessive hair growth in certain areas, but what i didn't know until yesterday is that i shouldn't have been on it as long as i am, as it's the harshest pills of all on your body especially your liver. i actually may have liver damage now.And it's only now i've noticed that i'm very down most of the time now, can be really angry and just want to cry all the time and i've just realised these are all from taking this pill for such a long period of time, plus there is times i'm so bloated i look like i'm 4/5 months pregnant, the worse thing is that these hit you with a bang, so i'm gonna change over to Ovranette, so i would advise girls NOT to stay on this for long periods of time.


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elcall  ·  09 Jan 2010

Hi,i wrote a few months back when i was starting my third month of dianette and at that pont i had seen no improvements whatsoever in my skin.i am now on my sixth month and my skin has improved dramatically, it's the clearest it's been in years but i'm not certain if it can be contributed solely or even at all to the dianette, about two months ago i started using a product called e400 it can be bought in liquid or capsule form in any chemist or health shop no prescription necessary, you basically pierce the capsule and massage the liquid into your skin. it's designed to help dry, problem skin and is great for scars or any marks on the skin. after a week of using it my skin felt so much smoother and am so happy with the result with make up on you wouldn't know that i had any skin problem. so would absolutely recommend to anyone who's using dianette and unhappy with the result to start using e400 in conjuction with the dianette.


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tiinuu  ·  08 Jan 2010

hi i went on diannette like 6months ago and i had no success while i was on it.... then i privately went to dermologist and he saw me and priscribed roaccutane straight away ... i m on my third month and touch wood i am so clear now.... no zits few marks but they fading away quite welll>>> with nooo side effects ... i thort i wood get depreesed as i was already deprresed bout my acne... justt give it a go u wont regret:))


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sineadyb  ·  08 Jan 2010

I have tried everything and nothing has worked for me though quinoderm did for a while. I have been on dianette for three months now and i haven't seen any improvement. I went to the doctor yesterday and she told me that i should try roaccutane which im not too keen on doing as depression is a big side effect with it. Should i keep trying the dianette and see if it does eventually work (although the doctor told me that i should be seeing improvements by now) or should i start roaccutane?


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KaKa88  ·  20 Dec 2009

hi, was just reading the comment from 'shick'..

i am also dianette. i am on it to regulate my periods and it really is great for skin, but i have also found the my mood swings are all over the place. my bf comes home frm work to either finf me crying, angry or i can be happy as larry. im only 21 and dont want to feel like this..

does anyone one know any other pill that may help regulate periods but not be so severe on my moods haha.

i have also found that with dianete that i am rapidly gaining weight, i know im not helping it with my diet but i dont eat junk everyday, i eat fruit and veg and the proper foods but that doesnt help.



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shick  ·  11 Dec 2009

Hi everyone!

I'v been on Dianette for over a year for my skin which was prone to outbreaks of acne around my chin.

I was put on Yasmin for this before Dianette which didnt do anything for it! Then the doctor put me on Celeste, which caused an awful outbreak of spots across my forehead within 3 days or so of taking it so that was the end of that! then I was put onto Yasminelle which also did nothing!

So for the past year, I have been on Dianette which did wonders for my skin. I still get the odd spot but nothing really serious. I am beginning to notice that I am not myself on Dianette. I have awful mood swings, feeling depressed one minute and then it passes the next minute. I feel like everyone is getting at me, feel low about myself and crying a lot more than I used to. I am putting this down to the pill as i was never ever like this before.

The thing is though, if I come off this pill, my skin will break out again and I cant put up with that nightmare again! Does anyone have any alternative suggestions because I'm sick of feeling like this!!!Yell


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Roxy1  ·  09 Nov 2009


A dermatologist some years back recommended 'La Roche Posay' to me which at the time was difficult to get your hands on. I think it's the 'Effaclear' range within La Roche Posay that I usually use... but there are different types - they do a few different/separate ranges targeted towards acne prone or dry or high colour skin etc. They're only on sale in some pharmacists but I'm seeing this brand more and more in chemists now - all the range is in blue and white bottles which can be confusing but usually there's a trained 'Posay' sales assistant in the chemist that can help you (and he/she might have the brochue which helps!).  I found them great and not too expensive... another friend is using the 'Dermologica' range at the moment and is finding them good too...

However after years of trying different products I've come to believe that sometimes these products are just a surface aid to problem skin - the problem really does need to be treated from the inside out! Hopefully the Dianette will help you...

Also whenever you're back with your doctor again it might be an idea to ask him/her to prescribe a cream/gel for you? There are different ones depending on your type of acne. There are over the counter ones in the pharmacy also so you could pop in and have a chat with your pharmacist either.

Best of luck!


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Roxy1  ·  09 Nov 2009

Hi Maoi,

Glad to be of help!! Laughing

I tried 2 different Homeopath's and both were excellent. The first lady I tried took a career break hence the move to the second lady, however I wouldn't want to post her name without checking with her first to be honest (I've just sent her a text to check!). The last I heard she was not taking on any new patients as she appears extremely busy. She is listed on the below link of Irish Society of Homeopath's so I'd imagine all listed would be good??  - As a suggestion in the meantime I'd ask your local health shop to recommend a good homeopath which is how I sourced mine the first time....


This approach may not suit everyone but I believe is worth a shot! They'll look at your overall physical & emotional health and medical history and take an informed diagnosis of your problem. In my case my homeopath linked my bad skin to other problems I was having with my stomach - she felt the 'badness' was coming out in my skin if you like... her remedy sorted out my stomach and my skin!

Best of luck with this option if you decide to go with it!


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annonymos  ·  08 Nov 2009

hey, my doctor has only recently put me on dianette as i am starting to suffer from server acne this is only my 3rd week on dianette ,i never suffered from acne but always got few spots the odd time until a few weeks go my skin got very bad,em my doctor gave me a lotion too but that aggrvated my skin more then helped so i stopped using that , em basically im jus wondering is der any face wash dat will help clear my skin because ive tryed loads out der and my doctor advised me too stop write now im jus washing my face with water twice daily , did dianette jus do the job for some people or did they use other products aswel, if i could get a response it would be great :)) thanks ! x


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Maio  ·  06 Nov 2009

Hi Roxy1, thank you for your most interesting and informative post.  It made very uplifting reading.  Would you mind telling me the name of the homeopath, please, or maybe that is not allowed on this post?

Am delighted with your good news.  Actually, I did not realise that Minocin could cause liver problems after long term use. Eek!



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Roxy1  ·  06 Nov 2009

Hi All,

I read these threads with interest and thought I’d share my experience of these meds over the years – hopefully it might be of some help to someone!

Like some of you I had clear skin throughout  my teenage years and always considered myself one of the lucky ones until quite suddenly my skin became acne prone around age 19/20. Over the years I've tried ALL sorts of meds for acne treatment including Minocin, Dianette and more recently, Homeopathic treatments. I don’t generally suffer from painful period or headaches and my acne is hormonal, i.e. it is mostly around my chin, jaw line with the odd lumps on my forehead.

I came off the Minocin some years back. I had been taking Minocin for approx 8 months and it had really cleared up my acne! I decided I needed to give my poor old liver a break so I came off the Minocin for a period of about 2-3 months – needless to say my acne returned with a vengeance! So I decided I needed to go back on the Minocin – as soon as I took the first dose I had a massive allergic reaction to it and ended up in A&E presenting serious stiffness of joints (a side effect of Minocin). The docs were baffled by this and feared young onset of severe arthritis but thankfully once I ceased taking the Minocin this side effect cleared up.

It was following this that I turned to Dianette and was taking this for a number of years. After 2-3 months it definitely cleared up my acne but my skin did get worse before it got better. After a lengthy stint on Dianette I decided a break was required and I was urged by my mother to go and see her Homeopath...

I was a sceptic at first but having witnessed first hand how my mother’s homeopath had helped her I decided to give it a go. I can honestly say that this was the BEST treatment I ever tried for my acne! The treatment my homeopath prescribed for me involved a once off dose and after my first treatment I saw a difference in a matter of 4-5 days! No daily pills, no destroying your liver and acne free skin! From time to time my acne can flare up but a visit with my homeopath usually clears it right up again. This treatment may not be suitable for everyone but personally I cannot recommend it highly enough!!

I would also strongly advocate the Evening Primrose Oil which I take daily to assist the hormonal balance - Boots to a great own brand high dosage and it’s usually on one of those 3 for 2 promotions!

Hope this may be of help to someone! Best of luck!



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Maio  ·  24 Oct 2009

MY daughter took her first Dianette last night and nearly passed out this morn - nearly fainted in the shower, felt she was going to get sick (but didn't) terrible period pain.Had to go back to bed. As pale as a ghost. She was put on this pill for acne and for very bad period pain. she was on Minocin before this. I am very worried about the side effects of the drug and I am a firm believer in more natural methods, perhaps herbal or diet related. I hate the idea of her hormonal balance being interfered with while she is still a teenager. What do you think? Has anyone had any good results going the herbal route or a homeopathic MD?  Any ideas or help would be very gratefully accepted!



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Nyla  ·  12 Oct 2009

Hi I'm just new to this website found it under a search for dianette! I have been on Microlite for the past 9 years and changed to dianette 5months ago to try clear the skin on my back (not spots but doctor thought it might help)  well it hasn't but i have been getting painful periods and heavier than usual i was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same? Before i went on the pill i use to get them very bad but microlite sorted this. Thanks Laughing


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Millie  ·  01 Oct 2009

My GP just took me off the Dianette as it was making my migraines so much worse. I'm due back at the hospital in January but she said that they really should of put me on it seeing as I was prone to migraines and stuff.


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elcall  ·  29 Sep 2009

hi  tinuu, thanks for your response. i'll keep the fingers crossed it might still work for me!


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tiinuu  ·  29 Sep 2009

yes mine got worse


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tiinuu  ·  29 Sep 2009

yes mine got worse before get got better. basically the pill is taking out everything underneath the skin which would have come out within few weeks .. i'm  on since 7 weeks and i'mm seeing imrovements already.


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elcall  ·  26 Sep 2009

hi, i've been using dianette for the past month and half and have found that the acne i have, which is only on the lower half of my face has actually got worse. i know it's suppose to take three months to take effect but i was just wondering has anyone else who's face has cleared up by using dianette found that their skin got worse before it improved. or am i just one of the unfortunate few dianette doesn't work for.i would really appreciate any response to my query as the lack of improvement in my face so far is really getting me down. cheers!


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Anya25  ·  28 Aug 2009

I've been on Dianette for 3 months, to clear up acne. I had completely clear skin all through my teens, but acne cropped up when I turned 23/24. It wasn't very severe acne, but it was constantly there, and alot of people thought I was still a teenager because of the acne, which was very annoying when trying to get served in an off licence, etc.

I was aware of the side effects before starting it, and I was very worried about mood swings, weight gain, fatigue etc. but in the past 3 months, my skin has completely cleared up, I have suffered no side effects at all and I'm just so relieved to have clear skin.

I have actually noticed some weight loss while being on Dianette, but i'm not sure if that's a side effect of the pill, or just coincidental.

I would definately encourage girls with acne to try Dianette, especially if you've tryed everything else and nothing seems to work. I had tried everything else to clear up my skin, but when it's hormonal, there's pretty much nothing you can do. After 3 months, i have totally clear skin, with no scars or red marks (because i was very careful not to pick and spots while i had acne) I'm so happy to have tried it! Smile


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rachy  ·  24 Aug 2009

im on dianette for nearly 2 months now and ive noticed that i dont wanna be around people anymore just be by myself is this normal?? and im gone really moody and snappy !! is this just because im gettin used to the pill or will it last for the duration of the time im on the pill ??

please reply xx


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SamSam  ·  21 Aug 2009

One of the long term effects of contraceptive pills is ovarian cancer, that's the reason why your doctor advised you to stop it for a while. The problem is your skin is reacting, try to consult a skin specialist in for that particular problem or ask your ob-gyne to refer you to other medical experts since your problem is related to the medications that you are taking.


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shivy  ·  16 Aug 2009

i have been on dianette for about 7/8 years and it hs done wonders for my skin,i have never had anymood changes either, but i only have one fear, my doctor wants to take me off it as i have been on it a long time, but i know when im off it about a month my skin will start to get worse again, does anyone know an alternative for ance ??


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Millie  ·  11 Aug 2009

I just started on the Dianette and I actually think my skin has got worse! I know I have to let myself get used to it but at the moment I am incredibly moody. nauseus skin is soooo sore as are my breasts.

I'm going to give it a chance to settle but I am not impresses at the moment


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Acorn:)  ·  07 Aug 2009

Ok, well I've been taking dianette for 2 years or so, and just wanted to give my opinion/advice to anyone who needs it.

1. It worked wonders for my skin. It really did. I was also taking antibiotics for a while and when i finished those my skin stayed perfectly clear. I stopped the dianette for a bit not long ago and my skin began to break out, once i got back into it.....voila. Its brilliant.

2. I won't lie, at the beginning, it affects your mood a bit. But hello, of course it will, they're hormones. You just have to weigh out the pros and cons... Be a bit moody on and off for 1 or 2 months.....Or be depressed by the never ending battle with acne. I think its well worth it.

3. Weight gain... Drink plenty of fluids, to minimise water retention. That's the only thing that'll cause a few extra pounds. it'll be fine, i never put on much, except for growing up!!..You're chest will get a bit tender, but it'll pass, don't worry. =)

4. Health problems.....Waaay more risk of blood clots when you're pregnant. Being young, normal weight, and not a smoker is ideal, but problems are v.v rare.

it saved me so much. gave me confidence and finally helped me to have clear bright skin, something i never thought possible :))


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Hollersss  ·  17 Jul 2009

hi everyone

been interesting reading the clashing views on this!

I'm 17, and over the last 3 years my acne has got progressively worse, it was only about a year ago that i started official medication to try and treat it but 10 months of anti-biotics did absolutely nothing to help and ended up just totally wrecking my immune system. The little tub with the spongey top that someone mentioned? Zineryt? Well, i'm glad it worked for someone as it did nothing for me. So i've just started taking Dianette, i'm only on day two, for my acne. Nothing nasty's happened as of yet! But I was wondering, all these horrible side effects that it COULD have, does anyone have any advice on how they could be prevented? Even obvious ways, i'd just like a bit of help?

Would be much appreciated, thanks :)


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amy  ·  14 Jul 2009

hey, i've been using dianette for the past four years and while i have gained weight on it (about a stone and a half) i think that thats mainly due to growing up and lifestyle. im currently on a healthy eating regime and have found that although i have tended to gain weight quickly i lose it just as fast, without using any crazy diets.. my major concern is that my periods have become an almost brown colour, are extremely light and quite stingy in consistency(gross i know!) i have used dianette as a contraceptive method in the past but in recent months have been also using condoms as i heard of the scare stories associated with falling pregnant on dianette as well as suffering from occasional ibs. im wondering if anyone else has experienced the same period problems. mine also usually start on day six after finishing my last pill and stop on the day im to take my next dose. Please answer this as its causing me a lot of concern.


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LisaB_19  ·  11 Jul 2009


I've been using Dianette for a few months now and its improving my skin even though i still get some spots, however i noticed my mood is changing and i get snappy and react to situations alot quicker and badly, i'm naturally a really bubbly person but i notice that little things are getting me down, this would be out of character for me. I've always had weight problems and with Dianette i did put on weight, i'm trying to lose it atm but i have noticed that ive been wanting to eat more since i started it, i have issues with my weight and notice that Dianette makes me more angry about how i look and i often just break down and cry, my friends have said they notice a change in my personality. I'm thinking about stopping Dianette but am really worried about my spots coming back worse then they were or just as bad, does anybody know any other tablet that works on spots??



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