Fungal Infections/Candidiasis

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Anonymous  ·  25 Sep 2008
I have trush for years. I have tried creams and medication that my GP recommended, but to no avail. My partner has it also, and it is putting a strain on our relationship. Would somebody out there be able to recommend either a natural remedy, someone that has a cure, in general anyone that can relieve us of this problem. Is there anyone that speciales in candida. I would be grateful of some good advice.

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Anonymous  ·  26 Jun 2007
Hey Guys,

This seems to be an old conversation but i've got some fungus crap on my penis... there just small dots under my helmet...

I've used canesten cream from my GP but i've had no change in the last week... any tips? Has any one else had this problem?

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Anonymous  ·  05 Mar 2003
hi, i have suffered from trush for over 3 years, i was treating it myself with over the counter medication, but since then ive been to the doc 3 times in which i have received more cremas and pesseries and oral tablets. but after 3 weeks its back again im at my wits end please has anybody got some advice they could share with me. i would be so greatfull.

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Anonymous  ·  05 Mar 2002

I have this problem with the vaginal area.

I have a discharge from the vagina which smells foul and doens't seem to be thrush.

It doesn't itch, nor are there warts of any sorts.

I fear that it might be an STD but I am too embarrassed to go to my Doctor to check it out . . .

Can anyone help me out??


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Anonymous  ·  07 Feb 2002
vaginal itching not thrush

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lynnd  ·  14 Jan 2002
I have suffered with thrush for the past 7 years and have tried every method there is,my last hope was natural medicines so i went to my local health shop and got a suppliment called acidophilus plus the are digestive aids but they contain 2 billion lactic bacteria which are the good bacteria that we need to keep the yeast from building up in our system .I have never looked back,and i dont get trush anymore.So for anyone out there suffer no more.

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Anonymous  ·  05 Jun 2001
I had a similar condition on my penis. It cleared up with homeopathic treatment. Working with a classical homeopath who resolved the problem. The agents which cause fungal infections are everywhere. An imbalance of some sort makes one suceptible to infection. Homeopathy is very good at treating imbalances that lead to chronic conditions of this sort.

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Anonymous  ·  03 Jun 2001
I suffered from thrush for 15 years until I read a book called Thrush by Jane Butterworth. This book explained about controlling thrush by cutting out sugar and yeast in the diet and eating natural live yogurt. I found this treatment of enormous benefit

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Linda (Amylou)  ·  30 May 2001
Re Candida.

I have been diagnosed with Candida only two weeks ago. I am a yeast free diet. I also take drops to kill the yeast. The help you need is available. Try your local Health Shop. Stick with the diet, it will be worth it. I know many others who have had Candida and are now well again.Remember it takes time.

Good luck.

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Anonymous  ·  29 May 2001
My friend suffers from candida & she got all the info she needed from her local health shop,she was told to stay away from yeast & products with yeast in them,not only has she lost weight but she feels good,its worth a try to ask @ your local health food shop.Good luck.

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Anonymous  ·  26 May 2001
I have been suffering from various fungal infections for the last 3 years. Firstly a stubborn skin fungus on my groin which took a year to clear, then oral thrush which I cannot clear despite several anti-fungal gels, creams and tablets, and now thrush on my penis. I am thoroughly fed up, and have done some research on the internet which seems to indicate that it may never clear. It seems like I have Candida overgrowth but I have not had this tested or confirmed. My doctor doesn't seem to take it seriously. I have also tried a herbal remedy which didn't work. I would love some positive advice.
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