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Mirena Coil

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Joined: Jun 2008

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# 202

Posted: 18/06/2008 12:55

i had the mirena fitted october 2007 for painful periods and as a contraception. i am 17 years old and i worry i am too young to have it fitted. my periods stopped completely after i put it in but for the last two weeks i have had very bad abdominal cramps and spotting everyday which i think is my period. i am considering getting it out as i think there is something not right. i have been to my GP he was useless and said i had to be prepared for the side effects. help please anyone!!!

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# 201

Posted: 16/06/2008 20:24

To Alison
I have Mirena for last 6 months for treatment of fibroids. Didn't work. Too big 8X8 cm. Going to have Uterine Fibroid Embolization. I'm 45. If your fibroids are not this big it should work.
Pain will go away - mine lasted over month.
Alison M.

Joined: Jan 2007

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# 200

Posted: 14/06/2008 00:46

Hi All, I had Mirena fitted on 11th June '08 (following a D&C ) to "shrink fibroids" which were causing heavy prolonged bleeding including clots, which were not painful but very distressing. I'm 46 and my Gyn, recommended this to give me "5 good years". I'm not crazy about having this inside me but hoping the benefits outweigh the worry. Has anyone else been offered the Mirena for treatment of Fibroids? Has it helped? My stomach has expanded in the past two days. is that normal?

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# 199

Posted: 23/05/2008 14:36

Alas Barbie, I'm 35 no children an no desire ever have any but they won't refer me for sterilisation due to my child-free status.

Joined: Apr 2008

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# 198

Posted: 23/05/2008 09:28

Got the Mirena fitted 4months ago and just had it removed yesterday due to constant bleeding and stomach cramps. Doctor thought I has a STI and test results from swab came back clear. That was when I decided to have it removed. I had been on two courses of antibiotics for sti which was unnecessary because it was the coil that was causing the infections. Once coil was removed the doctor put me onto yasmin "the pill". I feel like I own my body again. Doctor also wrote a referral letter for maternity hospital so I can get sterilised. I'm 33 and have 2 children and thats enough. I'd a few glasses of wine before having the coil removed to relax and it worked a dream. My advice is get it removed if your having these symptoms as its not sexy going through this on a daily basis.

Joined: Feb 2008

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Posted: 19/05/2008 16:35

Anon: I'd need to ask a doctor, but one possibility could be that, the Mirena releases hormones over a period of 5 years. After about 5-7 years it becomes ineffective; I'm guessing this is because the hormones run out? So, when you have a new one fitted, maybe the body is exposed to a higher level of hormones? Also, although it's only a matter of minutes between having the first taken out and the replacement put in, perhaps the body still reacts to the new one as a foreign object: hence, side effects like cramps etc.

I'm only guessing here, but a lot of women seem to have one or two coils without a problem, then experience problems with subsequent coils. Although, you'd need to look at how many women had them fitted straight after to get a good idea: a lot of women have breaks in between, to start a family for instance

Joined: Mar 2006

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# 196

Posted: 11/05/2008 16:36

Hi I had my first mirina coil for five years, no problem everything went fine until towards the end of the time when i thought it was losing its effectiness and i was getting periods again.
Since i got my second one fitted a year ago i have had nothing but cramps and irregular spotting between periods but i guess it is my age, 46.
But it did save me from the really heavy periods i used to have. Has anybody else experienced these problems?

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# 195

Posted: 28/04/2008 16:24

Sorry Barbie, I misunderstood, thanks.
The difference between switching pills and getting a second mirena tho is that the first and second mirena are Exactly the same unlike different pills and if you get the second one immediately after the first (as in within minutes) then there is no adjusting for the body to do so why the side effects the second time I wonder.

Joined: Feb 2008

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# 194

Posted: 28/04/2008 14:57

macker: unfortunately, having had one without side effects doesn't mean it will be plain sailing with the next as well. Similarly with switching pills for example; you might have been fine with one, then switch and get lots of side effects. I guess it's just how well your body adjusts each time.

Joined: Feb 2008

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# 193

Posted: 28/04/2008 14:56


When I said reluctant to remove it, I meant after, say 2 months. Most doctors in England like to give it at least 6 months before removing it, unless it's essential it's removed. I was expecting 6 months of nasty side effects so this didn't bother me; however I do know people who were in pain after 3 months and just not getting on with it, and met some resistance when they requested that it was removed.

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# 192

Posted: 28/04/2008 11:00

Ditto Macker,

My first mirena was grand, awful insetion aside. The second one caused my blood pressure to drop on insertion and resulted in stabbing pains in the cervical region for the first year - I don't know if these are like period pain as I've never had period pain but then everything was grand for year, now on year three, my very much shorter period, has now disappeared, which I miss.
Apparently it's fairly common - better than having to take the pill every day I guess.

Joined: Apr 2008

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# 191

Posted: 25/04/2008 19:15


Just wanted to find out if anyone has had problems with the 2nd mirena. I have had the 2nd one fitted 16 months and for the past month have had abdominal cramps similar to period pain all the time - Ive had it checked and all is in order, waiting on smear results but am freaking that this could continue long term. Wonder why after 6 years of trouble free mirean - why now?

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# 190

Posted: 14/04/2008 09:43

Barbie, I would be very concerned if your doctor is reluctant to remove the mirena - as it is only effective for 5 years and after that should be removed

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# 189

Posted: 14/04/2008 09:16

South East. It's true - it can be done by the gp if they are qualified in obs/gyn and you're comfortable with their experience level in that specific skill. I went to my womens clinic and the charge was 150 also - including the iud and the six week checkup.
Please do be aware tho' that male GP's, provided you are comfortable with it of course and they are qualified to do so - which many are, will also fit it for you. So there is no need to be referred to a female Consultant obs/gynae - unless you want to.

Joined: Feb 2008

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# 188

Posted: 11/04/2008 13:02

Anon: I guess that's one of the benefits of living in England lol. As much as I occasionally criticise the NHS, it does have its advantages. All contraception is free over here, which is good. They do bang on about the cost of the Mirena though (some doctors are reluctant to remove it for instance); however on balance it probably costs the NHS less that prescribing the pill for 5 years, although the initial outlay is high

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# 187

Posted: 10/04/2008 19:44

I have Mirena for 7 years now and it has been so easy. Fitting both times was very easy and done by my GP and even though they had appointment booked for 30 mins I was on my way home in 15. The charge last Sept was 150 and that included a six week checkup. I think the family planning clinics are more expensive. Some people I know have had to go to Consultant obs/gynae as there was no female GP locally and the fee was far higher.
Around here in the south east there are a good few female GP's who take referrals from local male GP's for the fitting.
My sister has a medical card and it is fully covered by the GMS for the prescription and fitting. And her male doctor referred her to a local female GP and her medical card covered that too.

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# 186

Posted: 02/04/2008 15:02

Yes, that's true Barbie, it must be perscribed before it can be purchased at the pharmacy.
Free on the NHS??? Wow, I'm impresssed. It's not even available on public health here and if it was we'd probably be menopausal by the time we came up on the waiting list. It's not covered by Health insurance unless its fitted in hospital (as per referral) but it's a speciality and not every gynae is willing to do it but as a result it will more than likely cost more than a regular doctors apt.

Joined: Feb 2008

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# 185

Posted: 02/04/2008 14:39

Anon: a Mirena coil must be fitted by a doctor, so cannot be purchased over the counter.

In England the coil is free of charge on the NHS; I believe the cost of the device is around 90, so privately you would be looking at 90 plus the cost of the doctors time.

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# 184

Posted: 02/04/2008 12:31

Don't worry Dolly, whne they remove your mirena, they can fit another one straight away (during the same appointment if you wish) but bear in mind, it should be replaced / removed after 5 years not six.

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# 183

Posted: 02/04/2008 12:29

Anonymous, under the DPS - Drug payment Scheme. No family or individual has to pay more than 90 per month for their medicines. This will include anything else that your else that your gynae / GP has perscribed for the procedure - your painkillers, muscle relaxants etc and anything else that was perscribed in that calendar month.

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# 182

Posted: 02/04/2008 10:22

I suppose everyone is different. With my first mirena, the side effects only took about 4 days - aside from about a two month period! Which didn't bother me to be honest.
But with the second one, I had persistent abdominal and cervical pain for nine months!!
But with te pill I had zero side effects for the entire time - over nine years..... that said I went straight from one method to the next so maybe this had some effect.
It's worth bearing mind tho' that women on the pill may have a higher risk of cervical cancer (and lower risk of ovarian cancer) but are also more likely to have it detected as having the pill perscribed compels you to go for a smear every couple of years. Remember - a combination of regular smears and vaccination lowers the risk dramatically.
It was my own obs/gyn who told me that the best time to give your body a break from contraceptives (as they used to recommend to my mohers generation) is when you want to have a baby!

Joined: Feb 2005

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# 181

Posted: 02/04/2008 10:10

I had the mirena fitted six years ago after years of torture with very heavy bleeding, it wasnt a bad experience , Ihad pain for a few days and sore breasts, didnt gain any weight, I have only bled two times since, It was the best thing that i ever did, i dread the thought of having to part with it later this year, I would advise anyone to a least give it a try, if it works it is wonderful.
Maryo s

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# 180

Posted: 01/04/2008 22:13

Just wondering how much does the mirena coil cost to buy in the pharmacy?

Joined: Feb 2008

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# 179

Posted: 01/04/2008 20:42

Helen: side effects should go away within 3-6 months, so really you need to give it about 6 months, unless they are severe. Other hormonal methods are similar: for instance my first 4 months or so on the pill were hell, then my body got used to it and the side effects vanished.

If however you're still experiencing problems after 6 months, it is unlikely it will settle, and probably means it just doesn't suit you, and so it would be wise to have it removed.

Homer: the general side effects do not take ten years to go away. With the Mirena in particular, the hormone is delivered locally and so lasts in your body even less than with other methods. You can experience a period of adjustment when you come off any hormonal method of contraception: much like that experienced when you first go on it, as your body adjusts to the new state (some women who have had the Mirena removed refer to it as a 'post-Mirena crash). This however should only last a few months at most.

Certain things can take longer: for instance, women who have been on the combined pill for over 5 years have an increased risk of cervical cancer, and this will only diminish once they have been off the pill for five years.
Helen (JCM70111)

Joined: Apr 2008

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# 178

Posted: 01/04/2008 14:44


I had a Mirena coil fitted about three months ago as part of my treatment for endometriosis, I also had an ovary removed. My question is to do with the side effects. Ever since having it fitted I've been extremely tired and my weight has gone up even though I have been exercising most days. I also get sharp pains in my lower back when I sit down.

Has anyone any experience of the coil and whether these side effects eventually go away? I am due to go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks and I am seriously considering asking him to take the Mirena coil out.

Thanks in advance.

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# 177

Posted: 31/03/2008 11:29

Silent, if you dpon't get it removed after 5 years, its efficacy is no longer garaunteed - I.E. You risk pregnancy and also ECTOPIC pregnancy which can be highly dangerous. Also, the risk of infection may increase. I also had a bad experience with insertion but removal is a doddle - less unpleasant than a smear. If you are concerned you could switch to an implant after removal if you don't want to go back on the pill. But if you really want to give the moraena another go, get a referral to hospital and have it done under aneasthetic.
A word of warning Homer, while your wife's illness is truamatic and stressful, she neds ot be aware that she still needs to protect herself from pregnancy - which could have grave risk, depending on the type of cancer she is battling.

Joined: Oct 2005

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# 176

Posted: 30/03/2008 17:40

does anyone know what the consequences are if the coil isn't removed or replaced after 5yrs, mine is in nearly 7yrs and i'm terrified to go get it replaced. Getting it in was a horrible experience and afraid to go thru it again.


Joined: Dec 2005

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# 175

Posted: 28/03/2008 23:29

My wife is in 9 year's of remission of cancer. During the course of her remission she had the Mirena Coil Procedure done. After having it done her moods were all over the place this baffled her Gynae / Oncologist. In the end it had to be removed the side effect's were too much. Ireserarched at the time on her behalf & foun that she was not the only woman who had side effect's. She then went onto an Injection called Depo-provera . That was even worse so it had to be stopped today her mood's can be quite bad so bad she imagine's she is having a breakdown & she gets emotional. We have been informed the Mireana coil & then the Depo-provea will take 10 years for side effects to leave her body. My wife is of the impression that she maybe going throught the change. Yet my research on this I am running into brick wall's.
We have turned too alternative medicine Female Essences help only help. dont cure the moods
Sepia & or Agnus Castus Homeopathic remedies she is also taken seem to give my wife a break. She is bookrd in for a blood test but my research has found even a bloodtest does not give a full picture for closure on her ailment's
And a note for men .
You may keep it a secret if you want to. But you wont be helping yourself my advice face it seek medical attention Alcohol I know Men who have turned to drink but it makes matter's worse.
Dont be afraid to open up about it talk to someone who UNDERSTAND'S.

Warm Christian Love & Good health.

Sonia (POP55353)

Joined: Nov 2006

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# 174

Posted: 28/03/2008 19:30

Thanks Lisa,Anonymous and Barbie86 for your replies to my query. I'm due to have it fitted in april so i'll go and give it a go. I also hate the idea of having to remember to take the pill every day. Thanks again Sonia.

Joined: Feb 2008

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# 173

Posted: 26/03/2008 15:26

I'm due my six week check tomorrow. On the whole, so far so good. My period stopped the day after I had it fitted (14/02/2008); I spotted for a further 1 1/2 days and since then nothing: no spotting or period.

I've noticed a couple of spots on my face and shoulders which I think could be connected, but nothing major. I've also noticed some mood swings, but nothing as bad as those I had on the pill.

I was expecting to put on weight, as I did with the pill, but I've been surprised to find I've actually had less of an appetite, and have lost a couple of pounds. I'm now at what I call my 'healthy weight'.

The only downside is that for a week I've had stomach cramps, which have been crippling at times. I've seen the doctor and everything is OK; the cramps occurred when my period was due and continued through what would have been my period. The doctor thinks it's just part of the settling in, and also my body going through the motions of a period without actually having one. The stomach cramps have eased since Saturday, so if the worst comes to the worst, it might mean that for a few days each month I have to take it easy and take strong pain killers, which in balance I can cope with.

I'd suggest giving it a go for a few months, then if it isn't for you have it removed. Regarding the pill to expand your cervix, I don't know anyone who's had this. If anything fitting is much easier when you've had children; the cervix stretches much more easily. I haven't had children which apparently makes it more painful; they used anaesthetic gel and the fitting itself wasn't too bad at all, painful for a few seconds, though afterwards I was in agony for a few hours.

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# 172

Posted: 25/03/2008 10:50

Sonia, I have had some symptoms but it has been well worth it. I never had the tablet to expand my cervix tho - but then I never had children.

Joined: Dec 2007

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# 171

Posted: 25/03/2008 06:02

Sonia ~ I have had the mirena coil fitted after having only one child and was also given the medication and it worked wonderfully. The procedure was a little uncomfortable but nothing like I imagined it to be. I was also very stressed prior to getting because of all the horror stories but I can tell you I have had mine since December and have had no problems. The first month after I had a very lite cycle and since then I have had nothing. The only thing I have had to deal with is a little more acne but it is finally starting to go away. I love my mirena and can't imagine having to go back to remembering to take a pill everyday I have recommended it to all my friends.
Sonia (POP55353)

Joined: Nov 2006

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# 170

Posted: 21/03/2008 15:38

I have been advised to have the Mirena coil fitted after having two children. I'm booked in for it to be fitted by my gyn. As they have to give me a tablet to expand my cervix. Am a bit nervous now with all the horror stories that i am reading is it worth getting it done now or not. I have lots of questions now that i need answering before i get it done. Has anyone got it done and not ended up with all the above symptoms.

Joined: Jan 2008

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# 169

Posted: 19/03/2008 13:20

Thank you Mac and Anon,
I will just have to bite the bullet, make the call to my Doctor and get it sorted...I feel a lot better about going now as other women have obviously been in similar situation...I will post back on how I get on....thanks

Joined: Sep 2004

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# 168

Posted: 18/03/2008 13:18


Sorry about the ectopic pregnancy, but I'm very happy that you're doing well. It's a scary experience, but if it's caught early can be dealt with.
Glad to be of help.

Marianne (QCT69525)

Joined: Mar 2008

Posts: 2

# 167

Posted: 18/03/2008 10:57

Hi Marti,
Thank you for your advice... I was pregnant and it was ectopic. Had an op last week everything is fine but i lost my tube. Doctors were amazed because the coil didn't move, apparently its very unusual. Thanks again.

Joined: Mar 2008

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# 166

Posted: 15/03/2008 12:46

i have the mirena coil in for nearly two years now and my periods are now lasting for nearly two weeks recently and the pain is starting too. doctor cant see the threads at all so have to go for an ultra sound scan. the doctor says now i am inflammed too from it. am sick of the coil now. was going too get it removed altogether but am going on holidays for a week next friday and feel if i get it out before that i will have pain and worse periods. dont know what to do for the best.

Joined: Jun 2005

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# 165

Posted: 14/03/2008 17:12

My doctor has advised me to get the mirena coil fitted as i am now suffering with very bad migraines,and have to come off the pill.I am in 2 minds as iv heard bad stories,anyone help??

Joined: Oct 2006

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# 164

Posted: 14/03/2008 16:58

Tee you are not being stupid - if you can not find the strings and couldn't since day 1, I think it means that the strings were cut too short. I could not find the strings either and I had a scan done to ensure the coil was still there. My GP tried to find the strings to remove the coil but to no avail. I was referred to a gynae and she could not find the strings either. So in the end I had to have a D&C to have it removed.

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# 163

Posted: 14/03/2008 15:44

Tee, I too could not feel strings from day one. and had to have it removed after 2 months because of really bad pain and bleeding. My GP couldn't remove it and referred me to my gynie who did - it took awhile and was uncomfortable and a little painful but manageable. Not half as bad as I had envisaged and certainly not as painful as it was whilst I had it in!
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