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shady lady  ·  01 Apr 2014

hi Anonymous, 

Thank you  :) 



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Anonymous  ·  01 Apr 2014

Hi Shady, you can go to your GP if she is also a qualified gyn - as many are, and has experience in and is comfortable with fitting the mirena. Or you can go to a specialised women's health / reprodictive health clinic such as Well Woman or EveryWoman (IFPA). With either you will first have a consultation to make sure it's suitable, then (in the case of the IFPA anyay) you will be given a persciption for it and an appointment for a return visit to have it fitted - if you are having it fitted at the clinic / GP surgery.


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shady lady  ·  01 Apr 2014

hi, I'm in my 40's, and have been on Warfarin for past 8 months.  As a result, my periods are very heavy (ie i have to take day off work and change every hour on first day of period), come every 3 weeks and leaving me tired.  I hope to have the Mireana Coil fitted to ease periods.  Do I have to go to my own GP or can I go elsewhere?  


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Mariemac  ·  02 Mar 2014

Hi I am 39 yrs old fitted with Mirena for approximately 9 months. I had it fitted under GA ( it would have been a difficult fit because my cervix was pushed to one side after C-section) .I have had 3 kids- one normal delivery and a c-section with twins. I had taken the pill in the past with side effects- bad mood and low libido. I was dubious and nervous about the Mirena, but it's been great...I can't believe I am saying that because I was certain I would get side effects. My libido is back to a level I am happy with and I did not notice weight gain. Maybe a bit more acne before the period spotting time and every few months I get sore boobs...but to be fair, it's all manageable. My mood is normal. I know that everyone is different, but  can't say anything bad about Mirena. 


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Bernie11  ·  13 Feb 2014

I had my mirena fitted nearly a month ago. I had light spotting for about 3 weeks then my period arrived.  It definitely wasn't as heavy as before but it has gone on longer than it would normally, 7 days instead of 4 days pre mirena.  Everyone is different so you can't guarantee that you won't have a period or spotting 2 months after you have it inserted. It can take up to 6 months for things to settle down. I hope this helps you....


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snowfrill  ·  10 Feb 2014

hi im thinking of getting the mirena coil fitted as i want to stop my periods i use to have the depo injection which was very good havent had the depo for over 4yrs now so obviously have a monthly each month but whaat i would like to know is ive had 4 ceaserians 1 normal birth (which was a still born) im also diabetic n have an under active thyroid so im on insulin n eltroxine will or could i get any side effects as if i get it fitted it will be done in 1 month time n in 2 months im getting married so dont want any proplems at the wedding 


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A19  ·  27 Jan 2014

Can I be sure that the mirena coil is not an abortifacient?


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fig  ·  22 Jan 2014

Hi Ladies, I have had the mirena coil since 2001 (has been changed ) for the last 3 years roughly I have been getting left side pain and some right side pain with lower back pain and headaches. In 2012 had leep treatment for abnormal cells after a few abnormal smears. Last smear was clear and hpv negative. Have been to gynie for tests, bowel doctor for tests and ct scan. To get to the point I am wondering could mirena coil be causing these pains and coul it hide changes in the female area. Sex drive is also gone Frown Thanks Laughing


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millie1  ·  18 Jan 2014

Hi guys,

I had a Mirena fitted 5 days ago and also had a Hysteroscopy and D and C. I was very wary about the coil but this is the last thing to try before hysterectomy. I suffer with extremely painful and heavy periods and I've endometriosis. 

im feeling really bloated and uncomfortable like my uterus has been stretched to within an inch of its life! I'm spotting occasionally and at times get cramping. The cramps come even when I move - twist or turn.

I feel like I'm holding myself weirdly. I can't feel the wires of the coil but I'm holding myself weirdly. My bowels aren't working properly and I'm very tearful. 

is this normal? I don't know what to think but I'm starting to think the coil could've been a mistake. I've got bad headaches too and am so tired and have no energy. Could still be the anaesthetic but if this is the norm and this will continue ill have to get it removed. 

Please help, I'm starting to get depressed. 


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Bernie11  ·  18 Jan 2014

Hi Rmack had the mirena fitted 2 days ago.  No real problems, cramping light spotting which is settling down.  Have seen lots of bad reviews about the mirena causing acne, it's detailed on the mirena leaflet as a common problem, hopefully not for me!


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Rmack  ·  15 Jan 2014

Hi Bernie11.  I have had 2 inserts now. I'm in Australia and they give you a local sedation, so don't remember a thing.  THe journey I can comment on though.  All positive and I'm a worrier when things pop into my head!  Pre-mirena was heavy periods and cramping and no energy. Post-mirena light spotting (did take about 4 months to settle down to this though), very light tummy pain, nothing to stop you in your step. Bit of weight gain but nothing major. Remember the body has suddenly got this alien piece of medical invention in it.  There will be a bit of discomfort in the first few months, treat your body well and listen to it to help it settle in with its new passenger :)

All I can say is swap the mirena every 4 years, I waited 5 years and it took months to settle the 2nd mirena. I am going through menopause and nothing much has changed except weight gain which can be controlled with a bit of exercise like everything else.  Cheers


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Jssia  ·  13 Jan 2014

Hi ,  I'm  now 4 weeks post marena fitting and  D&C , the headaches have improved " get one every 2/3 days.  I am still bleeding all the time, it's exactly like a normal period, I'm hoping things settle by week 6, because that's about the time frame after you give birth and your insides have been knocked around.  I don't have any cramping at all. 


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Bernie11  ·  13 Jan 2014

Thanks Anonymous for your quick reply it is much appreciated :)


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Anonymous  ·  13 Jan 2014

Hi Bernie, I had the mirena twice and apart from the insertion (which is why I didn't opt for a 3rd one) my exprience was mainly positive. If I was having it fitted under general anaesthetic, I would have no hesitition. I would say make sure you get adequate pain relief and get your perscription for ponstan forte filled in before your hospital visit - so you have it, to take at home. My periods were heavy before going on the pill (many years ago) but with the mirena, I used to have, literally, a spot every month. I did gain a little weight initially but this happens me with every contraceptive so not down to mirena alone.


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Bernie11  ·  12 Jan 2014

I am scheduled to go in for a D&C and mirena fitted next week because of very heavy periods and after reading these posts am so worried about having the mirena fitted. Would love to hear from anyone who has positive feedback. Thank you


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gerL123  ·  02 Jan 2014

hi there 

 Anyone suffered hair loss as a direct side effect of the mirena coil? I wish to make a complaint to the manufacturers of it in ireland. I have had the coil removed and hair is thankfully growing back. Doc said she'd never met anyone who had had this problem before. It cos me €250 to get put in I noticed hair coming out in clumps by 3rd week and thought it must be due to that. I then had to pay another €75 to have it removed!!!! shocking!!!

Anyone had the same problem and does anyone know who I should write to to make a formal complaint?




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Jssia  ·  28 Dec 2013

I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids,  measuring 5cm each. I have extremely heavy periods.  My specialist recommended having the coil to stop the bleeding and as I am 48 yrs old the fibroids would go away when I go through menopause. I had a D&C and a biopsy 10 days ago and had the coil incerted while under.  Since I woke in recovery I've had a constant headache and now have a period as heavy as ever, I was told it would take 3 months to settle in, I'm concerned about the headache, also I've noticed my eyesight slightly worse, are these side effects of marena coil.  


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mindy2  ·  23 Nov 2013

i had mirena coil inserted 4 days ago and already i am regretting it .i passed out in work yesterday and ended up in casualty with severe pain.they checked to see had it moved but it hadnt.i have such a bad pain down my right leg and have pains in my side like i am having contractions.i was told that i would have slight cramping [yeah right] for a few hours.four days later and a trip back to hospital and i am still no better.i was prescibed ponstan and paracetomol.please does the pain ease or has anyone else experienced extreme pain like i am?Cry


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tiara1972  ·  19 Sep 2013

Thank you so much!  Your post is incredibly helpful, logical, clear and easy to understand, which is refreshing!  I believe I will need to make an appointment with my doctor soon.  :-)  Thanks again, this is a wonderful group to be a part of!


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Anonymous  ·  19 Sep 2013

Hi Tara, good to hear your experience. First of all the limit on the mirena when used for contraceptive purposes is 5 years - this is pretty much universal no matter where you live, it the mirena is the same. For menopause it can be left in for 7 years so far as I understand as it is know to help with symptons. As for removal, I fund emoval far far easier than any insertion and as the insertion was easy for you (as it tends to be for ladies who have had children), the removal should be no problem at all. If you want to stay with the mirena, they can remove the old one and replace it with a new one at the same appointment. Tho you may be advised that as your old one has expired, that you have a break in contracptive protection. If you want to switch to another long term contraceptive like implanon, then that can be inserted and the mirena (where it is still active) would be removed 7 days later.

With regard to spotting  - as with any non-menstrual bleeding, you don't mention whether you have had a cervical smear test within the last 3 years  - I would presume you have but if not I would very strongly advise you to have one done as soon as you can. I know here we have a national screening program and you may have gotten it done with your last mirena checkup but if that was before the 5 year expiry, then another may be due.

Although you have had to bleeding the 5 year limit indicates when the progesterone is depleted - so the device is still in place but there is no pregesterone protection, which inceases the risk of pregnancy, therefore not having a bleed is not neccessarily an indication of effective contraceptive protection.

I can't really advise on costs as you are in the U.S. - tho your BMI, according to your weight is bang in the middle of the target for your height :-)so if the mirena is having a positive effect on that and you're pleazed with it overall, then going with a new one might be right for you.


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tiara1972  ·  19 Sep 2013

I live in the US, am 41 years old and am no expert at all on the Mirena coil except for my personal experience.  I want to note that I have had the same Mirena coil in my body for over 8 years right now...it was inserted in 2005.  I love, love, love my Mirena and am very nervous about having it removed (but sorta think it is probably time to start considering a change or replacement).

I had this wonderful thing inserted after my second child,  The insertion (as best I can remember) included a little pinching and a bit of cramping, but nothing like my heavy periods in the past--very worth every twinge.  My bleeding lessened every month and well before a year in, I had no periods at all.  Heck, I don't even know what it means to have a period anymore.  The only time I have experienced any spotting at all in the past 8 years was after "wildish" sexual times.  I have been married for 19 years so these "wild times" happen pretty rarely, but when we get a little crazy, I might have spotting afterwards, which, well, makes some sense.

According to the laws, my Mirena is wayyyy past expired (I believe the US limit is 5 years and in Europe maybe 7 and I am way past both), yet, I personally doubt that either limit is completely accurate since I still have no bleeding or even spotting, which I have used personally as a trigger or guideline for when I should start to REALLY pay attention.  So far, I am in a "business as usual" relationship with this little thing.  

I also want to note that I am one of the lucky ones that has had no side effects  that I can identify.  I am on no drugs, have had no hair loss, mood swings, not gotten pregnant, and in fact, my skin has improved----weight is typical given my age- right around 154 lbs, I am about 5 foot 8 inches tall.  I am no super-model.....  (I had terrible reactions to the pill, so there was no way I was going down that road again and the Mirena coil actually surprised me.) 

Since I know/think I need to get to a doctor, when the finances are right (any decision will be paid out of pocket as my family pays out-of-pocket for doctor visits now), I am looking for a bit of advice on what to do and I wanted to share my experience with this awesome group.

Seeking your thoughts!  Thanks so much!



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Awareness  ·  08 Aug 2013

Hi girls. I have fibroids and I have created a meetup group in Dublin, Ireland. I have started this group because I want to meet more women in a similar situation, and to provide the space for other women to meet face to face, to exchange experiences and to support each other. If you are in Dublin and are interested in this group, please contact me on




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Rmack  ·  22 May 2013

I'm 46, no children, I first had a mirena coil in 6 years ago because of heavy bleeding and cramping.  It took about 3 months to settle heavy bleeding and cramping, a bit of pain coming from the area of the left ovary, but that settled down.  I also got an anaerobic infection which was treated.  I waited too long to replace this mirena, getting a new one just after 5 years.  The new one has been in now for 12 months, bleeding is a little heavier than when I had the first one in, but I'll replace this after 4 years!  apparently the transition is much smoother, i'll keep doing this until I'm 55!  I don't think the happy patients typically leave comments, if they aren't looking for solutions then they don't get involved.  I'm happy except for my weight gain but I don't know if that is related to the mirena, could be, or it could be the ice cream and chocolate!


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Debanon  ·  28 Apr 2013

I have had a Mirena for 8 yrs. The first 6 weeks were horrible. I even contemplated having it out. But I held in there. Everything settled down now its the best thing I ever did. I got mine due to massive bleeding. I had my tubes tied so contraception wasn't an issue. I could never work while I was like it. For the first couple of years I had light periods. Then it changed to spotting. Now I haven't had a period in about 2 years. I'm 53 and I don't know if I've gone through menopause yet, but I'm not having this miracle out to find out. The docs say the effect of it has run out, but I don't care. It stays where it is. Until I know that I won't bleed like I did 8 yrs ago its going nowhere. Best thing I ever had. You just have to hang in there when its first put in till it settles down. You body isn't used to it so is probably trying to get rid of it, but after a while it is fantastic. Ill leave it in forever if I have too, as it gives me no trouble.  My Mirena saved my life. 


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kellyhanlon  ·  06 Mar 2013

I had the mirena coil taken out after 31/2 years as i was the same, i felt very down and didn't know what was wrong with me, i had it out over a year and half now and since had a baby, i would never consider getting it back in again, after much research and speaking to a new lady gp she informed me that if you have bother with any hormone contrapception ie. pill you will more than likely have it with the mirena coil, this was the case for me, i have since had a copper coil fitter which does the same thing only it has no hormones in it, why this is not offered in the first place i do not know i had research it and had to ask for it, only one dr in the practice fits the copper coil and it can last up to ten years.  Good luck with the Mirena hope it works out for you.


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sord  ·  06 Mar 2013

Hi - I was off the Pill for 2 months before having the coil inserted! Thanks!


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Anonymous  ·  06 Mar 2013

Hi Sord, quick question - are you going from the pill to the mirena? i.e. having it fitted during your 7 dsay break?


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sord  ·  04 Mar 2013

Hi everyone - I had the mirena coil inserted almost three weeks ago for contraceptive purposes! In the past my periods were usually very light and pain free. Since having the coil inserted I have had a heavy-ish period for over a week now, moderate cramps but nothing that wont go away after 1-2 pain killers. I have had very bad experiences on the Pill (became quite sad) and using condoms (always tore and total mood killer for me) so I am trying to give my body a fighting chance by increasing my serotonin levels naturally (excercise, nutrition etc) and taking evening primrose oils also. I am wondering if anyone can offer any more advice on how to help my body adapt to this coil. I really want this to work for me so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Smile


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mammy23  ·  27 Feb 2013

Has anybody else noticed this or is it just me???

Doctors, Gynae's, Nurses etc. refuse to admit there might be problems with Mirena. 

I've read a good few comments from various people of all different ages on this site as well as others and it baffles me that so many people are unhappy with the Mirena, telling their doctor and the doctor telling them "oh that's not a side-effect of the Mirena"

I had my Mirena fitted in Jan 2011 for the same reasons as most - heavy periods / contraception.  I wasn't happy with it from the start; I thought I was loosing my sanity at one point as never in my life was I as depressed over nothing.  Finally got it removed yesterday so hopefully things will start to feel better.

Anyway my final point is that we know our bodies better than anyone else - if you feel the Mirena is working for you keep it in your lucky so don't let other peoples bad experiences put you off.  But for the rest of us if you feel there is something not right get it out.

I am going back to using EVRA patches for contraception - much handier than taking the pill.  Wear 1 patch for 1 week, a new patch for the second week, a new patch for the third week and no patch for 1 week

Wishing you all the best


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Ms Jez  ·  15 Feb 2013

HI I'm 49 yrs old and had coil fitted last Jan '12 because of heavy periods and for contraceptive purposes. And that's when the problems really started, approx 7 weeks after I had terrible pains, contractions, went back to where I had it fitted, it was still there and they sent me for a scan, it turned out I had fibroids, a polyp and an ovarian cyst. During all this time I was still bleeding, which then got worse, accompanied by pains like period pains. After a couple of hospital visits where all they did really was put me on a pill for 3 weeks to stop bleeding - which it did for about a week only to come back worse than before, a visit to my GP who said between the pills and coil I shouldn't have been bleeding and sent me to A&E for a D&C...which they refused to perform cos they didn't think I was bad enough. I guess one has to bleeding on to the floor and totally aenemic for that. So eventually had another scan in September which showed that polyp & ovarian cyst had gone but still multiple fibroids. So Dr's decided cos I was still bleeding heavily that they'd perform a hysteroscopy and D&C, remove mirena and re-insert one. After careful consideration and discussion with sisters and female friends I decided that I wouldn't have the coil re-inserted. They performed the op at beginng of December '12, for about 3 weeks after I had really very heavy bleeding, then it stopped for about a week and then I had what I think was a period for a week (it's hard to know when there has been so much bleeding). That was about 5 weeks ago and I've only started bleeding today. I had an appointment at hosp today for results of hysteroscopy and all was clear and I've to see how things go and go back again in 6 months. The thing is....I don't know if the mirena coil caused all of this, and every doctor I've spoken to has denied that it could, but I feel that the coil did if not cause it  did contribute to it in some way, possibly even exacerbating it. I don't know how it is going to go in the coming months but I do feel better for having gotten the coil out. I know it works for some people, I know 3 women who think it's brilliant, but, I also know 2 women who had very similar problems to mine. So in my small world that's a 50/50 chance, so if anyone was to ask my advice on whether to get it or not I would say just do your research and get all sides and opinions.


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Rebecca lee  ·  28 Jan 2013

Hi all, I have had my mirena coil inserted 5 years ago I will be 54 years old in feb. overall I have had positive benefits I had it inserted due to very heavy periods and for contraception. Certainly stopped the heavy periods but recently I went to my family planning clinic to have it out but advised to leave it in another year but unsure ax to weight gain effects . This might be the only negative effect I might have . Anyone out there have similar experiences? 


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Fiatwrecker  ·  21 Aug 2012


An MRI scan consists of essentially a large magnet spinnning in a defined direction to line up all the hydrogen atoms in the molecules in your body which when put together by a computer gives a picture. An MRI will only move metal - which the Mirena is not. [If the Mirena was mad of metal it would quite literally have been ripped out of you in teh MRI machine]

With regards to Xrays a mirena will show up because the mirena had a substance in it that shows up on XRays but is not metal.

So to answer you question no the MRI machine could not have moved your Mirena [however that doesn't mean that it hasn't come out - ie. if you've passed any large clots in a heavy period it may have come too. Best check to see you can feel the strings, or go to your GP to do a speculum examination to see the strings or do a pregnancy test].

Also, no method is 100% so there is the VERY MINOR chance [0.001% 1 in 1000 people] that you are pregnant with the coil still in site. A negative pregnancy test should put your mind at ease


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mammy23  ·  20 Aug 2012

Thanks Sugarcube - I'll give it a try anyway.  Can't do any harm.

Jimmay1 - I get pregnancy feelings sometimes and have done since the mirena was fitted.  Some mornings i wake up feeling sick sore boobs etc but think this is just another side effect of the mirena as this has been happening for over 2 years and no baby!


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Jimmay 1 :)  ·  17 Aug 2012

Hi gang... Well I got the marina cool in months ago and iv been with t my partner with the past three years as I'm not ready for more kids....I went for an MRI a good few weeks back so I was just wondering could the MRI scan have effected the marina coyle maybe move it or something???as I'm getting a lot of pregnancy signs  anybody know ???? Has that happened to anyone


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net  ·  16 Aug 2012

Find all your answers here..................Kiss




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sugarcube  ·  16 Aug 2012

Hi Mammy23,

I was like that before i had the coil fitted it didnt ease it which i thought it would.i was very emotional arguing with everyone for no reason at all didnt want to do anything r go anywhere.

a friend of mine reccommended i try vitamin b6 and evening primrose oil which i have to say i feel great since doing so. It may help you, do go into a health shop and enquire with an assitant.

Hope this helps 


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mammy23  ·  15 Aug 2012

I got the Mirena fitted in January 2010 and it helped solve some of my problems (heavy periods for many days at a time sometimes months with no stop) but since i got it i feel overly emotional all the time and seem to cry alot for absolutley no good reason. I feel as if i am going mad sometimes. I'm always down and feel depressed most days. I was never like this before.

I had my son when i was 18 and love him to bits, i would love more children sometime but not until i'm financially able. So i have tried most contraception available. I had the implant fitted for 3 years - the first 1 1/2 years was great no complaints, bleading every day for the other year and half. I tried the injection but made my period even worse. Tried the patch - for the 3 weeks i wore a patch i was fine but couldn't leave the house for the other week as i bleed so much.

I dont know what to do, i feel like i need to get this mirena out for my sanity but don't know what i could use after as contraception. I spoke to my Gyne about being overly emotional and she just laughed it off saying it's not got anything to do with the coil but from reading other posts i think she is wrong.

Any advice?

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em81  ·  01 Aug 2012

Great thanks, not as anxious about it now. 


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000000  ·  01 Aug 2012

Mirena coil for me has been brilliant this is my second one to have fitted.I would recommend it.I'm one of the lucky ones who has not had a bad experience or side effects from it.


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lovie  ·  01 Aug 2012

Hi,I'm on my 2nd Mirena Coil and i've had no bother whatsoever..best thing i ever did for myself

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