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Cat Dunne255  ·  29 Mar 2018

Hi. I'm on the marina coil almost a year, after having my first daughter. I had regular periods it it. Up until now, its been nearly two months and no period. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative..... I'm really scared as I have an ibd aswell..... What's going g on in my body???! 


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pebble  ·  06 Dec 2015

Hi, Mirena is in almost two years. Now I've got hot flushes and night sweats. I this OK? I'm 48.


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swad  ·  01 Oct 2015

can you get the coil fitted if you are overweight

can i get the coil fitted if i am overweight


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GF40  ·  11 Sep 2015

I have mirena coil in four years and one month - I have never had a problem with it.  I just have one question really - I have been getting my period in start and they have reduced, now they are not heavy at at not even a bleed just old colour bleed - I told this can happen.  This month I have no period at all. it this common. Do they stop completly.  Even though I have all side of effect of getting my period and build up to it.

I await your reply.



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Rmack  ·  03 Sep 2015

Ladies, if you are having sever pain after having the mirena coil fitted, have you spoken to your specialist who fitted it?  Honestly I would not be accepting the pain. I would get a second opinion. Unfortunately I have seen people go to one Dr and believe every thing they advise. So many people are ill-advised. I would see three Drs. There is such a varied level of expertise out there, its difficult to know who to see and what action to take. If its my body - pain = something is wrong. take action!


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Helga  ·  02 Sep 2015

I am about to get my 4th mirena coil fitted best thing ever bit of spotting now and again very happy with it 


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Bernie11  ·  26 Aug 2015

Everyone is different unfortunately.  I bled from January to April until I got it out.  I hope thingsg get better for you.


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Fifi90  ·  26 Aug 2015

I had mirena coil fitted 5 weeks ago after years of heavy bleeding and painful monthly cramps. I've been bleeding everyday since. When will it stop????


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Tay24  ·  06 Aug 2015

I have had my Mirena for almost 2 years. I used a tracking app to keep up with them. I've always been regular with maybe spotting here and there. June I missed my period completely. July I spotted on and off for 11 days. Now it's August and no period again. I can still feel my strings. They are in place. What's going on?! 


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CarrieK  ·  19 Jul 2015

After many years of struggling with painful periods, several unsuccessful attempts at IVF (one pregnancy but miscarriage), I finally decided that pain & misery & fistfuls of painkillers for almost half a year every year couldn't continue so when I heard friends & relatives talking about how amazing the Murena Coil was I asked if I would be able to have it inserted.  I was so looking forward to pain free lighter periods, or even better still, no periods. I had it inserted under general anesthetic & a few little bits & pieces done at the same time 2.5 weeks ago & although tender afterwards I was delighted that the years if misery would be over. However, they are not - I have had horrific lower abdominal & pelvic pain every single day since - it's so bad that I am doubled over in pain & just eating Difene & Nurofen Plus like smarties. I feel ok when I get up in the morning but by early afternoon the pain begins & gets progressively worse as time goes by. Went back to Gyne a few days ago - no immediate sign of infection so it was recommended I stick it out for a few more weeks before making a decision on whether to take it out or not. Has anybody had a similar experience & what was outcome? If I thought it might settle I'd stick with it but the pain is so vile I'm finding it hard to get up every day & go to work....thanks for any helpful info😞😰


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Rmack  ·  23 Jun 2015

I see almost everyone has some sort of side effect here. I have posted a few times before. It took about 6 months or 6 body cycles for my body to settle with the coil. Honestly i even battled with an anaerobic infection!  Its your body's way of handling change. Im glad i allowed my body to settle in, and 2 coils later and going through menopause i can say i dont want to know what menopause would be like without the coil. Yes i put on weight, but my age and slowing down has something to do with that. When you get to having your next coil replaced i suggest talk to your Dr and ask them about your concerns. I always ask my Dr to check that i am heathly inside. In Australia we have the choice if we want local anesthesia, i always opt for it.


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cibob  ·  21 Jun 2015

Hi i have had mariena coil fitted twice before.the second time i got very bad acne and very down for a period of time.i had mariena coil removed and went on yasmin pill but became very down on pill free week so bad i couldnt work and had to take medication.i have had mariena inserted again wednesday and mood has dropped.can anyone tell me has this happened to them.also if acne was goin to return how long would this take to start.any help is appreciated


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ellen05  ·  13 May 2015

Hi there,I got the Mirena inserted in March 2014, ever since I got it in I'm suffering with abdominal pains. I don't get a period I'm just wondering could anybody help me please


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fig  ·  16 Apr 2015

Hi, I have had two mirena coils over the years (I'm 44) but got the last one taken out Jan 2014 as even though I had no issues with it, I wasn't comfortable having it inside me. Anyway Dec 2014 I was told I have Pelvic Congestive Syndrome after a series of tests and GYN told me to get mirena reinserted to reduce pain (although pain is on both sides level with belly button not pelvic area) I have to be sedated for insertion as from having leep treatment four years ago. Anyone else suffer from PCS. 


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pebble  ·  16 Apr 2015

Hi, Well it looks as if I'm one of the lucky ones.  I hadn't exactly planned to get it, or looked for it, but periods were sooooo heavy and the pain was just too much; couldn't concentrate anywhere, that it was suggested and I went for it.

And I'm glad I did.  Like everything else I suppose there's nothing that suits eveyone, and you don't know till you try too.

So great for the lucky ones, and too bad for the not-so-lucky.


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wilbur123  ·  13 Apr 2015


I got my coil out on Saturday and feel better already, granted most of that is probably relief so I'll just have to wait and see but I do feel less anxious and my natural enthusiasm and positivity is hanging around which was up and down and totally unpredictable the last few years.  I meant to put down that I have been treat by this Dr for cysts the last year only for her to inform me (when I asked about them as one is weeping and just won't go the others are hard lumps now that erupt willy nilly) that oh yeah they might be related to the coil so I won't give you anything for them they'll probably go away on their own now, I was SHOCKED.  She has peddaled me antibiotic cream not to mention the price of two visits without mentioning anything about them being related to the coil possibly.  So ontop of all the other crappola I've had to deal with I've also been ripped off and lied to about this.

Her response to the side effects was "oh not everyone gets all the symptoms like you, most people just get some of them" they don't put that on the box.  The only ones she elaborted on were the "acceptable" ones listed ie Mood Swings being a definite yes yes from here like its to be expected, the cysts "possibly" but "possibly" enough that I wasn't being given anymore cream to treat and told they "might" clear up on their own, considering how non committal Dr's are I can take this as a given that "yes" they will clear up now she just won't say it for definite cos it'd be she's a comple see you next tuesday for not telling me so much on the last two visits that this is what I needed to do, get the coil out. And the sugar craving, I was told oh yes they will stop now, I asked when she says now when will that be, oh immediately I was told the cravings stop, so make of that what you will, so eating like an animal putting on weight is most definitely coil related.

The laughable part being she had zero interest in how this has affected me despite typing every word I said about all the side effects into her computer, all she was robotically concerned with was pregnancy, I was like helllo I told you when I said down I've had a circus of crap to deal with the last 3 years I've not been able to go on a date let alone anything else.  10 minutes later as I was leaving she went back into the whole rigamrole asking me had i had sex in the last week cos I wouldn't be protected you know and going forward what contraception was I planing on using, I was looking at  her saying I've just told you my hair is coming out, I've not been with anyone for nearly 3 years, and she was all oh right yeah, they don't listen and don't care, you are being peddaled a product the contraceptive product and they don't; want to know beyond that whats going on and any side effects you getthey will just prescribe you more crap to deal with them, for some reason taking it out is not on the menu, I think its just like that stuff they gave women for morning sickness saying its perfectly safe, then all the thalidomide kids were born, trust your body mrs, listen to it, get it out if your having any problems, nothing is worth your wellbeing.


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Rmack  ·  13 Apr 2015

I posted on here a few years ago. I have had the coil in for 7 1/2 years now, im on my second, best thing i did, never had that bad period pain since having it, nor a long 5-7 day heavy period, im 48 and going slowly through menopause, no big deal, put on weight over the years but it runs in the family, im happy with the way i am, random hair growth on face doesnt bother me, but have not had that bad like others. Its worth trying. You'll know if it works for you individually within 6 months. Everything settles generally.


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KateMcD09  ·  10 Apr 2015


All the symptoms you have mentioned is exactly they way I feel. I have made up my mind now I'm getting it taken out and not replaced. As you say it has messed up years of my life and am angry that I have stuck with it for so long now 😥


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wilbur123  ·  03 Apr 2015

Hi ladies

i have had the coil for nearly four years & im getting it out next week.  Ive had depression, weight gain hair growth on my chin & beyond, the hair on my head has gone very thin, i have a will of iron but have been incapable of sticking to healthy eating & the gym for more than two weeks at a time because the sugar and carb cravings are overwhelming.  I never had a sweet tooth before the coil but im like a sugar monster and miss depression the last three years it took a year for it all to come to a head & i stupidly have rationalised it away as other life events.  Its not.  Its the coil.  If anyone gets the above get it out its not you its this thing.  I cant wait to get it out life has been an endless rollercoaster the last 3 years something i have never experienced prior to this. I am a very jolly upbeat person but this thing drags ya down by messing with your hormones id be a bald narky fat old bint if i kept it any longer.  Im dying to keep a journal when its removed. I am raging i did this to myself without knowing the dreadful risks its robved me of 3 years of my life ive been that involved with how i feel on a daily basis losing confidence in my emotional and mental wellbeing & frustrated & upset not knowing why i felt so off on.  Ps i gave up smoking easy peasy so i know its not my lack of willpower keeping me over weight its this coil & its awful awful erosion on your wellbeing making you stuff your face


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May11  ·  08 Mar 2015

Mirena: the other side of the story - "Xiao et al.4 found that Mirena was associated with substantial systemic absorption of LNG and recorded serum levels of around 500 pmol/l. This is equivalent to two LNG-containing ‘minipills’ taken daily on a continuous basis", BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Volume 114, Issue 10, pages 1307–1308, October 2007)



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May11  ·  08 Mar 2015

"Restoration of Fertility after Removal of Extrauterine Mirena Coil: A Case Report and Review of the Literature", Case Reports in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Volume 2011 (2011), Article ID 189565, 4 pages http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2011/189565


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May11  ·  08 Mar 2015

Thankfully I think I had the mirena removed before it did longterm damage to me. Just to warn others. Do lots of research before you take the plunge, personally I don't think it's worth the risk. Medical article  - "The LNG-IUS also suppresses oestrogen production.....may bring forward the menopause." (International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology 2005 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1471-0528.2005.00691.x/full)


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pebble  ·  27 Feb 2015

Had Mirena put in 12 mths ago - life is now normal.  The severe pain I'd had is gone, and the bleeding was so heavy I had no comfort and couldn't go anywhere.  Bliss now :). Suppose it's not for everyone like anything else.


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KateMcD09  ·  22 Feb 2015

Hi all, I am looking for some advise. I am 46 yrs old.  I have my second Mirena coil in and am due to have it removed now in May as the5 years are up. Has anyone had a 3rd fitted straight away or do you take a break? At no time did my periods stop, I still had a normal period every month, well almost normal as it could be anything from a 21 day cycle to a 38 day cycle !! My period last week was the only one where I could say it wasn't a period just spotting. I also suffer from back pain and mild depression, I'm wondering is this a side effect from the Mirena? Would appreciate any feedback 


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Dee  ·  16 Feb 2015

Hi Bernie, thanks for the reply.... Its been nearly 4 weeks now since I the coil fitted and it looks like the bloating Im experiencing isnt going to go down.... I think my body has to have a period or something major to relieve the tension / bloating - I have been spotting now for the past week but still no reilef - my belly is still so swollen - do you think caffiene or alcohol could affect the bloating? I drink two cups of coffee a day and drink some wine at weekends - the reason I ask is that I seemed to swell to twice the size after a few glasses of wine on Saturday night - so unfair!!!! I've been trying to be super healthy juicing greens every day but nothing is working, not even accupunture which normally relieved the bloating for me.... gonna give it another month and then decide whether to get it taken out -.....


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Bernie11  ·  15 Feb 2015

Hi Dee, it's hard to say as everyone is different, I gave it 3 months but it wasn't for me. I also had breakouts, never had spots or acne as a teenager so it was awful.  I too was emotional all the time and bloating was a daily occurrence for me.   Go with your own feeling, apparently things settle down for some people, maybe that might happen for you, I just couldn't wait any longer, good luck....


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Dee  ·  08 Feb 2015

Hi Ladies..... I have been diagnosed with multiple Fibroids & was reccomeneded to have a Hysterectomy - I'm 41 and have no kids so this is not an option for me at the moment. As a younger girl I suffered from major cramps, heavy bleeding, fainting etc during my period - this subsided when I started training for marathons - then I suddenly got severe bloating so I visited my GP. long story short - I opted for a DNC, Lapraoscopy & having the coil fitted. I was hoping that having this procedure would end the PMT, bloating etc - I had my op (the very first ever) on Jan 23 2015 and this week ( two weeks later) I am severely bloated again (not gas) it looks like 3-4 months pregnancy ( as it always did) and I'm very weepy and emotional - does this pass? How long do I need to wait? I am back training, running and lifting weights (I am very small 6-8) but I cant take the crying and bloating any longer - also my face has errupted too!  I look like a teenager - Sorry to sound so whingey - I know I'm not seriously ill but I need some advice from any likeminded ladies out there - any help? Thanking you in advance - does it right it self after a while???


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ellen05  ·  21 May 2014

Hi I had the mirena fitted in 8 weeks ago, i'm suffering with a lot pain in my back to the left side in da back its really annoying me any1 out there able to help me please


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Bernie11  ·  03 May 2014

Millie1, I didn't feel any pain having it taken out, a little uncomfortable that's all like a smear.  I felt the same way you did, do what's right for you.  I had spotting for a few days the my period arrived about three weeks later and it was normal, heavy enough but manageable.. I had the mirena in for about the same amount of time you did, it might be easier after you have it taken out if it's not in for very long and the hormone hasn't built up in your system, not sure about that maybe someone else could verify that. It was the best thing I did, had a few headaches but they were easily managed. I will manage heavy periods going forward with medication. I hope this helps....


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millie1  ·  01 May 2014

I've decided to get the coil out. I'm fed up with the side effects and it's not helping me one bit. I've given it as long as I can. It's not for me but doesn't mean it's not right for everyone else. 

is is painful being removed? And will I get cramping and heavy bleeding afterwards?


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Avy  ·  30 Apr 2014

Hi everyone.

I came off the pill 3 years ago and developed acne. my doctor put me on tetralysal for that and i got the coil fitted. I didn't notice any immediate side effects.

I gave up smoking a year ago and naturally put on some weight as my appetitie increased.

I'm finding it really difficult to lose that weight now, despite going to bootcamp 3 times a week.

Also my ankles and feet are swelling and i have a pain in my left leg all the time, more like a dull ache like my leg is going to burst or something. its weird.

my doctor referred me to a nephrologist (kidney specialist) in Dublin. I was told that there was extra protien in my urine alright and that could cause swelling but its not severe enough to do anything about, i was sent away with furosimide (water retention tablets) which don't really help.

I asked my doc if all this swelling has something to do with the coil. he reckons not, and i've gotten a second opinion but yet after a lot of googling, seeminingly swelling in hands and feet are a side effect.

I'm torn about getting the coil removed as of its not the problem then its a waste and its expensive to get it back in and it suits my lifestyle and i get no period but if i could determine if it is the problem then i would get it whipped out immediately as this swelling is so uncomfortable and my acne is getting me down and the fact i can't seem to lose weight

has anyone had similar experience or can offer any insight?

thanks in advance


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Anonymous  ·  23 Apr 2014

Hi Jssia, I don;t knoiw all your history of course but just so you're aware, something as major as a hysterectomy is not indicated for fibroids, even large ones. These can be effectiveily dealt with by myenectomy , which a a lot less major and shorter recovery involved.


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Bernie11  ·  22 Apr 2014

I had my mirena fitted early January and had it removed at the beginning of April. I was bleeding everyday despite being on oestrogen tablets. I was putting on weight, my appetite increased so that didn't help I guess!  My libido was very low. My skin was breaking out, I was very tired, was feeling bloated all the time and suffered from constipation for the first time in my life.  I couldn't go on with it I had to get it out. Life's too short to be miserable. I wasn't sure how long it would last and if problems would go away and come back as they do for some people. I spotted for a week after removal, no other issues, I feel so much better, so glad I got it out.  That didn't hurt at all, do what's best for you....


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Jssia  ·  22 Apr 2014

Hi Millie I've had pretty much the same symptoms as yourself, my specialist recommended I give it 6 months before getting it removed. I'm booked in for a hysterectomy in July but she thinks the coil might be the answer. I've got multiple large fibroids and had extremely heavy bleeding. I'm going to stick it out now that I've come this far, my symptoms are easing a bit now so I'm optimist , my advice is give it the 6 months then if things don't work out go for the hysterectomy . 


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millie1  ·  22 Apr 2014

I've had my coil in since January and have had a really bad time with it. I'm bleeding everyday and while not as heavy as before I've piled on the weight and somehow have started to have menopause symptoms. This I can't deal with and want the coil out. 

Has as this happened to anyone else?


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Jssia  ·  18 Apr 2014

Hi all, I'm now 4 months since coil was fitted, spotting/ light bleeding finally stopped 1 week ago, I was wondering about libido, mine has been zero since day 1 of getting coil fitted up until then I was fine, does anyone know if I will get back to normal or if there are any supplements I could take that might help ?


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shady lady  ·  18 Apr 2014

Hi Anonymous,INR stands for international normalized ratio. Its used to determine the clotting tendency of blood, in the measure of warfarin dosage. Normal range for the INR is 0.8–1.2 but for therapeutic anti coagulation a higher INR range from 2-3 - using anticoagulants such as warfarin.  I'm on warfarin due to dissection of carotid artery. 


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Anonymous  ·  17 Apr 2014

Hi Shady, what's INR?


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shady lady  ·  16 Apr 2014

hi, I had Mirena Coil inserted on Monday, had INR checked today, it was 2.8 two weeks ago, now INR is 4.8.  Did INR level increase because of Mirena? Thank you.


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Bernie11  ·  03 Apr 2014

Just an update from me.  Had my mirena taken out yesterday.  Had pretty much every symptom I could have. Was bleeding from day 1 which was back early January even though I was on eostrogen tablets for a while, it didn't stop the bleeding. Got it to help with heavy bleeding but while the bleeding wasn't heavy it was every day! Gonna see how I get on before I decide what to do next.  Have read a lot of different reviews and everyone is different but it wasn't for me.  Looking forward to not having any hormones in my blood stream!

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