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MartinAngela Treacy1  ·  28 Jan 2015

Started gradual cutting down cigarettes 25/1/15, For some time now I have been getting irritated throat, I soon learned it is the nicotene, so I started cutting down, I am now down to 4 a day, with the use of Nicorette, Nicorette is also causing irritation of my throat, went to the G.P. All O.K., Keep on with my plan, and I am feeling good, keep on till I finally stop. Smile


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redicccc  ·  18 Feb 2013

I found a very specific reason to quit. Instead of general health, I stopped smoking to improve my run time and endurance. I quit just over two months ago and I can plainly see the improvement. It was when I realized that smoking was preventing me from being better at something that I had to put it aside.


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caoimhmart  ·  12 Sep 2012

Hi all,

I'm wondering if some smokers/ people thinking about quitting smoking would be able to help me out with some research?

I am currently developing a self regulation questionnaire for smoking cessation ( hopefully to be used in the future to gauge people's motivations to stop smoking or enter smoking cessation treatment). This preliminary survey is looking at exploring smoking behaviours and attitudes to quitting smoking. This survey will form part of my work towards a PhD at Bangor University, Wales on behaviour change. The survey is completed anonymously, can be saved part way through and takes around 15 minutes to complete. I have set it up online so that it is simple for people to complete it, and hopefully this will make it better for me to target larger numbers (Im hoping to get at least 500 people to complete it, ambitious I know...) I would be really grateful if you could fill it in and share it with anyone with whom you think it could be relevant. Here is the link to my research https://survey.psychology.bangor.ac.uk/smokingtsrq/ Please let me know if you have any further questions. Many thanks and best wishes, Caoimhe Martin



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misioCG  ·  14 Jul 2012

The company is located in Portlaoise Co. Laois


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tomboy  ·  13 Jul 2012

I don't know how you tried them because they don't ship to Ireland!

I believe in all that is seen and unseen.


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misioCG  ·  12 Jul 2012

I would just like to share with anyone who is genuinely interested in giving up or trying to stop smoking, I tried everything from patches, hypnosis,books, gum, you name I tried it, but then a friend introduced me to e-smoke.ie


and since I tried it I have'nt looked back, not that I am completely free of the cravings but with this substitute I know I am free of all the chemicals and smoke which have been harming my body and personality for nearly forty


years, my sense of smell is still returning, my fourteen year old son told me I don't smell like a cigarette ash tray anymore, which did shock me a bit, but I was also greatful for his honesty because it made me realise how many


other people would have got that smell and not be as blunt as a fourteen year old child  



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smoker?  ·  28 Jun 2012

Has anyone experienced head/neck tremors while taking champix to assist with stopping cigarettes. It is a slight side to side wobble, with a slight tightness in the back of the neck. Other less worrysome symptoms have been nausea, slight irritability and lack of motivation (depression??). All very scary, BUT NEED TO STOP SMOKING. Have COPD. cant seem to stop. Day 11  on the Champix.


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mcgm  ·  25 Jan 2012

Hi is there a more recent board for support I've just started the patches and would love to speak to others for support.  If there is another board please re-direct me.


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Anonymous  ·  22 Oct 2010

Hi Ness, well done. For the cravings try a tall glass of ice water with lemon and some really strong chewing gum - like stimrol or PK, if it;s still on the market or even a cinnamon stick for whatever snack you're eating.It'll probably sent you to the loo a lot until your bladder gets used to it but it worked for my Dad


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nessmb  ·  21 Oct 2010

Hi Im off the cigs 9 days! cold turkey.

gave them up 7 years ago for 2 & a half years Then went back on them its taken me almost 5 years to quit again! Im feeling pretty ok except im eating like a horse, chances are i would eat a horse if he galloped by... any ideas i've tried the chewing gum & water but all i want is crisps & coke. Help before i turn into a heifer!!!!!


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Anonymous  ·  18 Aug 2009

SamSam, cosmetic surgery is most certainly NOT the answer to losing weight following smoking simply because you don't have tim to exercise. No reputable cosmetic surgeon would EVER suggest that.


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SamSam  ·  17 Aug 2009

You need to exercise to gain back your normal weight.  But if your a busy bee and have no time for exercise, visit a cosmetic surgeon and consult him your problem.  Lollies are high in sugar and cannot help the problem although its a diversional way to keep you stop from smoking, but it can trigger in weigth increase.


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Billybob  ·  05 Jul 2009

Hi B-duke,

Need to give up the smokes meself.  Prone to chest infections and last week went to Dr and he put me on a nebuliser twice per day for 3 days.  A colleague of mine recommended electronic cigarettes.  Googled it and it appears to have a mini nebuliser of sorts in it.  Have you heard anything about these or maybe tried them?  I'm going to look into it now as would be interested in knowing a success rate.


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b_duke  ·  16 May 2009

Ok, DO NOT take the careless approach to Campix that Nono has recommended. Although campix does have a decent success rate with people wishing to quit smoking, it now comes with an FDA warning in the US that requires pfizer to inform users of the clinically proven side effects of suicidal idealisation, suicidal thoughts, personality irregularities, depression and in some cases night-terrors (different than nightmares) have been directly associated with the drug. If you have had ANY psychological or mental illness (including depression, anxiety etc.) I would stay away from campix. If you feel that you may be vulnerable to psychological disorders, inform your doctor when discussing campix as a method of quitting.

Nono, please to NOT make recommendations about mental illness as you clearly have a zero understanding of the dangers of a drug like campix on a person who may be vulnerable or who may already suffer from a mental illness. Most mental illnesses are related to a temporary or chronic chemical imbalance in the persons chemistry, not the commonly associated "having a rough time". Personal problems do exasperate these problems but they are not the primary cause so please keep your opinions to yourself, they have no place in an advice forum.

I have smoked for 12 years and have yet to find a suitable method of quitting. I have recently had a cancer scare (which I have yet to find out the results of) and I am now more motivated than ever to quit. I have reduced my smokes from 20 to 5 a day in the last number of days as I am disgusted with them. I was wondering if anyone has found those new lozenges helpful? I would also like to explore the hypnosis method but have only heard of temporary fixes stories!


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sammi  ·  14 Mar 2009


I was off the smokes for 13 yrs. Went back on them about 2-3 yrs ago. Stupid i know.

my husband gave up by seeing a hypnotist which worked. I went to a hypnotist who was very good. And i was off them for 9 wks, it was brill, like i never smoked, then silly me, i went back on them. Pyschlogically you need to be prepared. Alan Carr's how to give up smoking is a good book to read. It helps to get to the deep rooted pyschological reasons WHY we continue to smoke, and it explains the nicotine addiction really well. We know we should'nt smoke and for most of us when we are smoking, we feel rotten, but just can't stop.

After reading the book i will be going back to the hypno to give up. As i'm weak and it's just easier to smoke.

It needs to be a good hypno, if one of them is telling you nicotine is not addictive, keep your money and go elsewhere. I say that cos I went to a different one again who was closer and was no good whatsoever. I got painful cravings for a certain period throughout the day every day. Again i succumbed.


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Nono  ·  06 Mar 2009

Hi Billybob

Some people have underlying mental health problems which their doctor should identify before they put them on Champix.

I agree Champix may not be for everybody, but these kind of scare stories are pointless as they may prevent a person trying a medication for themselves, which might in the long term save their life. I have never heard of the story you relate. If it did happen... God only knows what else may have being going on in the life of the person in question.

The funny thing is; I did not feel in the least bit depressed or low while I was taking Champix. But occassionally in the last few months I have felt down. The simple analysis for this = stinking weather+ weight gain+ long dark evenings=enought to make anyone feel down, despite this I was not tempted to smoke again.


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boy  ·  06 Mar 2009

Hi all, I have very serious lung disease. I'm still smoking. I have tryed all products out there but cant get anything to work. First the doc told me I had lung cancer and then it was emphysema. It's hard to believe the lot of them about anything. I lost both parents to lung cancer in the last three years. There is all sorts of help for druggies, abusers and creeps. they can go to rehab or whatever. Smoking is the highest killer in heart disease and of course cancer. There is more people killed by smoking related illness than the number of people killed on our roads.

Russell the Man


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Billybob  ·  06 Mar 2009

I've read horror stories about champix about people going totally mad.  An article I read in a newspaper was about a man in champix in the states who murdered his family as a result of them!  I'd rather smoke, thanks.


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Nono  ·  06 Mar 2009

I posted on this site on 13/3/08 when I was taking Champix tabs to aid smoking cessation. I have now being off the deadly smokes for 14months. Champix really worked for me. Not only do I not smoke, I dont want to smoke and I am even unhappy to be around people who do smoke. I truely feel that I am a non smoker now and will never smoke again. Believe me the small amount of discomfort ( dreams and a little nausea) can be controlled by reducing the dose of the Champix to suit you an an individuel, My advice is stick with the Champix it works. The tablets are expensive but well worth the long term savings both financially and on your health. 

Good luck with the effort.


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dudley  ·  05 Mar 2009

If you were off the cigs for 2 years and got caught into having that sneaky "one" and are now back smoking agin ......dont feel too bad. I know people who have been off them for 27 years and then got caught . I personally got caught after 2 years off being free(8 years free now) I will never get caught in a million years!!! Im a clinical hypnotist, and about 85% of my clients are smoke free in 2 hours!!! 70% of them have no "Cravings" at all!! Even though medical science have termed this amazing word Craving. Theres a very easy way around this!! Check out you local hypnotist for advice on the help you need or your GP. I am based in Naas and the West. And a finally word to all those smokers...... "Its never too late for you to Stop with Intention, to kick the minging smelling putrid vile hand to mouth rotten habit into Orbit and get absolute full power and control over your emotions and feeling using the powerful lSubconscious!!!

Regards Dudley Hayden


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robbo  ·  27 Aug 2008
I know champix aint for every one, go to the doctor anyway, its worth trying but its not worth it if there are bad side effects. i have been lucky that i have had no bad side effects, except for occasional nausea and mad dreams! gaining weight is a problem ok, but trying chewing gum and drinking water. sounds boring but it is effective.

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laney  ·  27 Aug 2008
hi, tried champix, worked great, no side affects. only thing i put on nearly 1&half stone. i was off cigs nearly 6 months, went on holiday and started again! i intend to go back off them soon using champix again cos all the other smoking aids didn't work except champix

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siobhan  ·  27 Aug 2008
was on champix,and was violently sick,had all symptoms right down to the itching in my fingers,blackedout at one stage!cut the dose by half but still very ill so quit champix and started smoking again.
disgusted with myself,however I will try again when the Children go back to school and will give it a shot cold turkey.

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robbo  ·  26 Aug 2008
I am 33 and been smoking heavily since 15. I am on champix and would recommend it strongly. you still need willpower but champix helps so much, i am off them 6 weeks now but i have smoked at the weekend when i was drinking not many though 1 or 2. but overall this is my best attempt. i need to not smoke completely for a month and then i will have overcome the fags. I already can never imagine myself smoking ever again. I rarely think of them at "trigger times" now. If you really want to stop you will, is what i have learned and if you have a relapse and smoke just continue your attempt, you will eventually learn not to give in to temptation. read up on nicotine addiction and your brain, know your enemy. see what cigs really are - a disease. only when you stop for a while you realize that cigs never helped with stress, nerves but actually made it worse. I feel calmer now that i dont smoke and i have an extra 2 hours a day now cause that 2 hours before was spent smoking, now i am using it to be more active and get things done that i always put off. I am also free of the worry of getting some fatal disease. I feel fresh in the mornings and not coughing and retching anymore. As far as i can see, first few weeks you are lost without cigs and it is hard but you do get to a stage of what was i thinking all these years of smoking? bottom line is everyone smokes because they are addicted, saying that you enjoy smoking etc is fooling yourself and others. Even the "pleasure" you get from inhaling is simply relieving withdrawals. once you kick the addiction you will have a proper perspective on smoking. I am not there yet but almost, i have nearly broken the habit, just sever the addiction completly is left now which i have almost done too. this is my story on it so far, hope it helps.

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Anonymous  ·  14 Mar 2008
Simple but worked for my Dad. Try substituting a tall glass of water and some strong chewing gum for whatever snack you're eating.
It'll probably sent you to the loo a lot until your bladder gets used to it but it worked for my Dad

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Anonymous  ·  14 Mar 2008
I have taken Champix on prescription since the middle of Jan. I have no problem not smoking, no withdrawal symptoms, mood very stable, indeed no appetite for smokes. I look at others smoking and I am glad that, that's not me! My biggest problem is over eating, Although I do not feel like smoking, I have a need to supplement it with something else. I'm like a school kid opening fridges and cupboards looking for something to satisfy my ^ want" I know I do not want to smoke but I still have a need to be taking something into my body. I have put on 1.5 stone ., I'm not happy about this and would welcome suggestions to help me reduce my food intake while still staying off the smokes. I am already taking regular exercise.
Champix have definitely helped reduce the withdrawal symptoms, the worst side effect I experienced was the surreal dreams and occasional nausea, which I managed by taking Champix with food. I also reduced the dosage by half. Instead of taking two a day I reduced it to one a day. I did not take medical advice on this a I did not feel it warranted the 50 fee. Since I reduced the dose the dreams and the nausea are not as bad. Love to get some advice on the eating thing, I'm worried that I may go back on the cigs if I continue to put on weight.

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siobhan  ·  22 Feb 2008
Hi Guys!
sorry to admit but after 6 months of cold turkey Im back on the smokes!
really sickened with myself as I fell into the trap that caught me before(when tipsy)thought it was ok just to have 1 smoke but eventually and over the Christmas when I was out my resolve was weakened,now back on them full time,but I will not beat myself up over it and will probably go the champix route next time,may 1st I think will be the day.

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Pamela (EWX68966)  ·  19 Feb 2008
Ive been taking Champix for 8 weeks now. I dont think I would recomend it to anyone because of the side affects. If you have given up smoking before cold turkey I think I would stick to trying that method. The first couple of weeks were fine, after that it kinda went haywire: 1st theres the Tremors (The first time i felt it I thought that ireland was having an earthquake while i was lying in bed as my body was shaking but apparently this is something got to do with the central nervous system?). This happens about once a week or so and usually when I have had a drink the night before. 2nd if you have too much to drink you get very very depressed (and im not the depressive type!!) but i found I was really low at times and felt very alone ...so I gave up having a drink because of it and feel a little better (just a little bit by the way). 3rd my family and husband say my personality has changed. I can get very angry, (over the top sort of angry) over stupid things which seems to be a lot of the time!. They are repeatly telling me to go off the tablets but I dont think myself im completely ready yet because i feel i would start smoking again. 4th.Nausea. this happens some of the time after taking the tablet and I have to try and hold the tablet down by taking deep breaths for about a half hour so as not to vomit it back up. So If you think its worth going on these tablets go right ahead and of course its done the job so far, and I have stopped smoking since the 2nd week of being on them but Im still not sure if its worth it........

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laney  ·  10 Jan 2008
im on amitrytilin cos its anotherway of helping with bad migraine attacks & eltroxin for thyroid although the amytriptylin does make you very drousy so maybe thats whyi dont know i might try another doctor just to see what they say .thanks

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Anonymous  ·  10 Jan 2008
Did you mean amitryptylin - which is a sedative, and may have been perscribed for insomnia or amitriptyline which is used in the treatment of depression.

There may be contra-indications but I would ask why and insist in seeing the list of contraindications. You are entitled to that.

In my experience, some doctors try to evade perscribing expensive meds for medical card patients or try to push a generic on them which are cheaper but may not be suitable.
A good way to check is to attend a different doctor as a private patient - just don't mention your medical card status and see what they say and if the two stories match up. My mother-in-law has done this and the difference has been remarkable

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Anon  ·  09 Jan 2008
If your Doctor won't precribe Champix to you it is because it is contraindicated because of the drugs you are already on. It has nothing to do with money. He is doing his job looking after you, not trying to con you.
Any of these new 'give up smoking' drugs are still in their infancy and have side effects. They are not to be messed with especially when you are on other, quite heavy medication.

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Anonymous  ·  09 Jan 2008
I'm on thyroid meds - thyroxine for underactive thyroid.
What is amitryptylin for. I have never heard of champix. Is it a form of sibutramine?

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laney  ·  09 Jan 2008
my doctor wont prescribe champix to me said something to do with other medication i take . is ther anyone thats on thyroid tablets & amitryptylin been perscribed champix cos none of the medication im on is listed on the champix info on who cannot take it.im on medical card could be that they wont give them cos of the price?

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siobhan (EHB64793)  ·  19 Sep 2007
Champix is a new drug that suppresses the urge to smoke! You start taking this tablet 1 week b4 u give up I think.The best way Betty 2 find out about it is to google "champix"

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Betty Humpter  ·  18 Sep 2007
What is champix? Every morning I get up and say I'm not smoking then within an hour of getting to work and the day in day out stress of it all I end up having one.

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siobhan (EHB64793)  ·  18 Sep 2007
Hi Ziggy,
I was just onn boards.ie checking out Champix. It looks like the real deal

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siobhan (EHB64793)  ·  17 Sep 2007
I'm sorry that I didn't put the cash away I would have a nice few bob now, I don't feel like i have saved money there is always something else to spend it on-like a cleaner!!
But i am surprised that I did'nt really find it hard this time I think I just really got fed up going to the pass machine all the time for money for fags and it was coming to the stage where I was buying 40s instead of 20s

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Ziggy  ·  17 Sep 2007
Has anybody tried medication Champix (Varenicline) ? I'm on the second week of a starter pack and I would be interested in anyone who is on their 1st , 2nd or 3rd month of the course.

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Charlotte (MBM29174)  ·  15 Sep 2007
Siobhan, I think that I am heading for an inhaler myself! I'm quite wheezy at the moment but October is on its way and I always get a bad chest infection then. However I never got one this February. It must be the smoking ban all the same although I hate to give into it. Still the doctors must be feeling the pinch and must be short on cash with the shortage on chest infections. It could break them yet! Wouldn't that be funny??? The ol' fags were bringing in a nice steady nest egg for them all along. I saved myself about 100 euro there in February. Great idea about getting someone for the housework! I might just take that up.

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siobhan (EHB64793)  ·  12 Sep 2007
Well charlotte,it's so hard u would wonder if it's worth it but I was very wheezey and over the last few days didnt use the inhaler at all so that must be good,however the match is on tonight and will involve a few drinks and I will miss my "friend" its really like some whore has cut my heart out and my best friend had died!as for house work,there are a load of young ones looking to make a few bob!You would be doing them a favour!!
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