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SJ Perrie648  ·  06 Apr 2017

Hi Nin

Thanks very much for replying. Your response is very helpful. I am going to have a look at VRT and see if this helps me. 

I will also look into the herbs. What ones do you take and in what form? I have tried various meditation in the past so will try and do some yoga each day. 

I always try and stay active and walking always helps. Although often I'm out walking in such a dozy state I feel like I could keel over although thankfully that has never happened. 

I have cut out my coffee (i had about 4 strong cups a day) so will see if that helps at all and also cut down on sugary snacks as I often see that cutting affeine n sugar out has helped people. Not sure if you have tried this or any knowledge of this?

I am going to have a plan for the next few days to try and implement these changes  d also ensure I exercise send try and get back to a bit of normality. However as you know it is never a quick recovery when an episode happens.

Thanks again, Stewart 


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Nin16  ·  05 Apr 2017

Hi sj, sorry to hear you are unwell. I am a previous poster on this discussion and have shared Iam living with vestibular dysfunction since last June, root cause is vestibular migraine. I am waiting to see neuro martin Ruttledge to form a treatment plan and use vrt physio to try manage my symptoms, its helped hugely but still have to tackle root cause. The symptoms you have are very similar to mine on bad days. I have sturgeon for use when my eyes are very, very wobbly in my head but only for a day or two at a time and this helps calm the symptoms. 

I also do yoga and take herbs every day for the migraine. Not sure if my post is of any help to you. Hope you start to feel a little better soon. The biggest help to me has been vrt vestibular rehabilitation therapy so maybe have a look into this.

Take care


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SJ Perrie648  ·  05 Apr 2017

For last 10 years I have had varying instances of dizziness, spaced out occasions and unsteadiness. In recent u ears this has done on for weeks and sometimes months. I have had all manner of test and been to ear nose and throat and still no one can the bottom of it. 

It usually starts at work.  I work in artificially lighted office with computer. I work in complaints so it is stressful, although I rarely feel stress. It is always much worse int eh morning and seems to improve as days goes on.

It is hard to describe. It is dizziness but not in the spinning room kinda way. My eyes go funny and I feel unsteady like I am going to faint and unsteady on my feet. I then have to try and get to the toilet as I feel as if 'the lights are on but no one's home,'I hate the feeling, sometimes I manage to ride it out but often I end up going home. It generally appears to start after I've had a cold of bug or after a period I've been  exercising a lot.

The doctors eventually gave up and said it is something I will with as they cannot get to the bottom of it. l have been ok ish for last 6-8 months but over last week it has come back hard and I'm off work again. Doctor has given me betahistine but not sure how long it takes to work. Any advice or help would be much appreciated.


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niamhe  ·  15 Mar 2017

I cried - mostly with relief - reading this forum. I have had vertigo, and migraine on and off for the last year. I thought I was losing my mind this week.  I had chronic migraine many years ago but have been symptom free for a long time now.  I thought I was either going mad or dying these last 12 months. Going through my diary for the last 12 months I realise I have been in utter denial about the tremendous stress in my life. Its not going to help the vertigo which is just dreadful right now, but I do think this is a major cause.  My Gp is not very helpful but I will ask for a re-referral back to my neurologist, or perhaps ENT, I have had a lot of ear pain.  And I need to change a lot of other things in my life.  I hope everyone feels better soon, and thank you all.


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Sheila Barrett  ·  27 Feb 2017

I'm very sorry to hear about the problems that you are experiencing.  Your plight was brought to my attention by a patient who was reading the discussion, and I thought that I might be able to help you.

 I am a physiotherapist who specialises in the treatment for Vestibular conditions that can involve the symptoms of vertigo, dizziness and diseuilibrium.  And rememeber that vertigo is only a symptom and not a condition.  The most important part of our assessment is getting an accurate diagnoises, without this the treatment will not work.  

We specialise in the diagnoises and treatment of vestibular conditions - which is eveidence based - a mainstream medical management.

If you have any queries that you would like for me to answer don't hesitate to ask.  We are based at East Cork Physiotherapy Clinic, Midleton, Cork and we take self referrals from all over the country.


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Nin16  ·  20 Feb 2017

Hi Rhona, in June 2016 I sat at work and got an awful headache plus dizziness, nausea, spatial issues, vision took me 4 weeks to get a diagnosis...vestibular migraine which leaves a trail of vestibular's now mid Feb and I still live with it, but I am 90% there. I have stayed away from medication and started vestibular rehabilitation therapy by end of last june. I have had a lot of pain in head and eye and on a waiting list to see martin Rutledge to hear his thoughts on it.  I understand the fear you are experiencing, its a dreadful time. Google vestibular migraine and see have you some of these. I had all so was in the chronic category. I go to the balance centre in dublin for vrt...would have been lost without it.

Stay calm and take it easy, rest up as much as you can and listen to ur body. Anxiety makes the symothons worse. 

Take care 


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Robynn Cambridge816  ·  19 Feb 2017

Hi I'm Robyn. About 3 months ago I was sat at my computer at work and all of a sudden I went dizzy and thought I was going to faint, I didn't thank god, since then I have felt this wobbly/dizzy/on a boat feeling ever since. went to my doctor and he said its maybe labrinthitis and some vertigo. He prescribed me with betahistine and said this would help. I've been taking it for about 2 weeks now and don't feel any different, I feel completely normal in the morning when I wake up and then it gets worse as the day goes on. I'm so terrified as I Don't feel like me anymore. It's very scary and distressing and has brought on a lot of panic attacks that I haven't had for years. I feel like I'm constantly drunk and my eyes can't focus. I feel irritable and scared all the time. Really would like to speak to someone who feels like this and has come out the other end :) thanks 


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Carole58  ·  28 Jan 2017


this past thursday i had terrible vertigo after sitting up in bed in the evening

i have had this once before but not to this extreme and it cleared up in a few days

i went to the dr and he gave me serc

how long does this take to work?

i am very distressed as 15 years ago i developed severe dizziness sitting at my work computer...the earth seemed to turn upside down...and i was in a state is disequilibrium for many years

i have an earache in one ear and dizziness vertigo spinning when i sit up 

any help would be appreciated and i just cant stop crying


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farmygurl  ·  20 Oct 2016


I've just joined this forum and noticed BREDA's post.  I have chronic Labrythitis, and am just starting to try and connect with others who have it.  I am dizzy ALL the time, and sometimes more nauseous than others.  I've only fallen twice, but am always worried it will happen.  It makes me VERY tired, and being tired makes the condition worse, so it's a vicous circle.  I've done VRT which worked, but it's come back.  I've just started getting headaches that come just before a dizzy spell.  Anyway, I am now considering Acupuncture and wondered if any one has had any success here?  Many thanks....


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Nin16  ·  19 Aug 2016


I got a vestibular migrane mid june and have been living with the fallout since, my balance was destroyed and i'm subject to vertigo and all that goes with it. Am off work and unable to drive. Its a dreadful condition, very debilitating. Am doing vrt and its helping and have stugurn for nausea. I am making progress but all very slow. Doing accupuncture and drinking herbs too.

Is there a support group in irl that i can join? 

Thanks a mill


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Lou2464  ·  26 Jul 2016

Just been diagnosed with Vertigo!

I have been suffering with dizzy spells/room spinning on 2 occasions on waking over the past 8 weeks - causing nausea & vomiting. Thought I had caught a bug/virus - but after the second episode & the nausea & dizziness not going decided to see the dr!  he prescribed Serv 16 and said I had an inner ear imbalance & had to see him again in 2 weeks, and that I may need further investigations. this is my 5th day on Serc & was starting to feel better yesterday, but this morning I have woken with lightheadedness & nausea again & feeling yuck! How long do these tablets take to work? It does say on the pack instructions that they can take a while! Should I be re-visiting my GP?!? Thanks for reading 😊

Lou 😍


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Breda labrynthitis  ·  29 Dec 2015

At the moment I have been diagnosed with Labrynthitis. Have had lots of physio from a Vistibular Physiotherapist but unfortunately I still have dizziness & off balance in i.e. supermarkets or busy places. I am to go to The Beacon in Dublin for Balance Test next week.  It is quite expensive & not covered by VHI.  I live in Cork. Would love to know is there a similar facility in Cork or has anybody any experience of Balance Test in the Beacon.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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plga7  ·  25 Aug 2015

Just responding to Neesee. Stemitil is an anti-nausea drug, as far as I understand it. It isn't actually doing anything for the vertigo itself. I had similar symptoms  beginning in 2010 - regular vertigo attacks leading to nausea and nothing to be done except lying down until it passed., which usually took 4-8 hours.  I eventually was referred on to an ear specialist who diagnosed Menieres disease, which is a disorder of the inner ear that causes hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo. I was put on a drug called SERC for the vertigo, stemitil for the nausea and, when the stemitil didn't really work, a stronger anti-nausea drug that still didn't really help. I don't want to alarm you but just to be straight, I was getting regular (i.e. at least monthly, sometimes weekly) attacks right up to 2013 until it burned itself out with bad hearing loss in one ear. Hopefully this is not what you have; hopefully your vertigo is a temporary thing caused by something else. BUT just in case I would urge you to get on to your GP about being referred on to an ear specialist if it doesn't clear up in a week or two.

And  I would also say that even if you do have Menieres, I did come through on the other side eventually and there are ways you can manage things so that disruption is minimised.

One key thing to be careful of is to avoid falling in to the trap of getting anxious about getting a vertigo attack. You can find that you start worrying about travel abroad or other things in the future becuase "what if I get an attack". This happened to me for a while until I get on top of it, and it can take over your life. I'd really just urge you to take it a day at a time, and if it happens know that you will cope, even with the four kids, jobs, flights, etc. I had attacks while doing public speaking, on holiday (twice!) and at my father's funeral! And I lived to tell the tale. So try not to get anxious about it, becuase that is a real risk. Two other things that worked for me - 

1. Cut out caffeine - I did this and it helped a lot. 

2. Try to reduce stress (difficult I know) but again it might help. 


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Emma47  ·  24 Aug 2015

My meds took about 6 weeks to work. My vertigo is still ongoing after 15 weeks altho now under control with Serc16 (I am gradually coming off Stemitil as told by my GP hat over use can cause Parkinson type side effects). I am still very dizzy first thing in the morning and need to eat and take meds before I feel 'human'. I began driving 4 weeks ago but only when I feel it is safe and I went back to work today for the first time in 15 weeks.


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Neesee  ·  21 Aug 2015

Hi, I am new on here & in need of some help/advice. 2 days ago I woke up feeling dizzy when walking about then yesterday it got really bad to the point of just moving my eyes made me feel dizzy & nauseous, I have a constant buzzing in my ears but when I move it goes to a very loud pulsating noise & I feel as if I'm going to fall over & the room is spinning. 

I went to my GP today who informed me I had vertigo & tinnitus he prescribed me Stemetil 5mg twice daily. I'm a mum of four so very busy but have just had to take to bed as I can't move my eyes/head without feeling sick & dizzy.

I am wondering has anyone taken this medicine & how long does it take to work if it will work?  I'm traveling to Florida end of Sept with my family & im so hoping I will be over this by then as I can't imagine a 10hr flight feeling like this & then not being able to enjoy our special trip to Orlando. 

Many thanks to anyone who can offer me any tips or advice.


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Emma47  ·  18 Jun 2015

I had a vertigo attack 12 yrs ago that lasted a week. This attack started over 3 weeks ago and has veen horrendous. I can't drive or work I'm on Stemetil and Serc16 and still very dizzy yet suddenly last night it went!!! Lying in bed and and still no dizziness. I am praying it has disappeared as quickly as it arrived


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Willowmar  ·  30 Dec 2010

Hi Im new to this site, found it by accident but im so glad to find that there are others out there with the same condition. I've had vertigo on and off for about one and a half years. I didn't know there were different types my doc just told me I had vertigo and prescribed serc 16. While its a help it dosn't allieviate the symptoms completely, I still get disorientated and each day I wake up wondering will I make it to work today, as walking can be difficult when you feel like your legs are going to buckle under you. Sometimes when stopped at a crossing and the lights change I find that I can't move as I have to focus on how big a step I need to take to get down to the road. Most drivers look at me as though Im nuts. I work in an office that deals with the public and sometimes I stumble around the waiting area trying to get to reception, and lately I find that i'm developing a shake in my hands. Waiting for a bus is a nightmare and I keep feeling as though i'm going to fall over, but knowing now that i'm not on my own helps.


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gosh  ·  09 Nov 2010

can anyone tell me if it is safe to fly to England next week?I was diagnosed last week and am on Serc



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plga7  ·  02 Nov 2010

Vertigo is different for everyone, but one friend who'd experienced it said that it's three very bad weeks, three weeks of somewhat bad but mostly bearable, and then three weeks with it kind of lurking in the background - it might come on a bit if you've a cold or are run-down.

I had very bad vertigo two months ago (and posted to this site at the time), but after about a month it was under control, though I still am occasionally disorientated. I used SERC, which may have helped, though it's not clear to me whether the vertigo would have gone away anyway. I am now off all medication and it's okay. But I completely understand and relate to that feeling of waking up every morning hoping you'll be okay. Keep your spirits up because it does get better eventually!


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dho  ·  02 Nov 2010

Eversince falling in washroom 30 days earlier i am having vertigo.I went to ENT and then to Neurologist for this.My ECG,EEG,CT SCAN,neck X-ray have been done.All these tests are clear by thr grace of God.During first week i was put at Strugen and now i am having Serc 16 for last 10 days.My vertigo is 80% better.This waiting period of complete recovery is very agonising.Every morning i get up with ahope that may be i am over with it today.Anyone with this experience can tell me how long my vertigo still take to settle?


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AndreaTammie  ·  13 Sep 2010

Im so relieved that I am not on my own with god awful disorder, I was told i had it when i was 17, as far as i remember it wasnt too bad, just a little bit of dizziness here and there, i was put on steriods and some other tablets which i cant remember the name and after a while i was fine...

I then began to get older, with no dizziness and thought to myself was that all in my head because i was grand since, about 6-8 weeks ago it hit my like a train that i wasnt all in my head, and it was back with a vengance..

The dizziness started fairly mild and I could still continue with my day as normal, then i couldnt keep myself steady and could stand for too long for fear i might fall over, then the headaches started, after that came the nausea and vomiting..

I thought today i finally had to go to the doctor, she prescribed me with Serc-16.i hope they dont take long to start working, im in college studying Nursing and its very hard to concentrate when my head is spinning..

I find that driving really makes it worse and actually brings it on, but im 22 and i need to drive myself to college, i dont have another choice, anyone have any advise on how to make driving easier??...Id really appriciate and try anything that might just make my day easier..



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loulooper7  ·  07 Sep 2010

Hi there

Huge empathy for you, if you would like tips for handling your vertigo or just to let off steam please pm me on

Warm wishes and good health

Lou :)


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plga7  ·  06 Sep 2010

Like many people who have posted here, I have recently experienced vertigo.

About two weeks ago, I was suddenly struck by a feeling of dizziness. I lay down for an hour before I started to feel better. When I woke the next morning, I was a bit groggy, but felt fine and forgot about it. One week ago, I was flying back to Ireland (short flight - about 2 hours' long), when the dizziness returned, this time far worse. I felt completely incapable of moving, and any attempt to do so resulted in an awful feeling of nausea. When I got off the plane, I was physically sick.

Since that time, I have had constant dizziness (with different levels of severity, ranging from light-headedness to complete inability to move) and ringing in my ear, and near constant nausea. On 5-6 occasions, that dizziness has intensified to the point where everything seems to spin, where movement is impossible - and in all cases, I've been physically sick.

I have pain in my right ear, and indeed over the last year or so had been to my GP about slight hearing loss in that ear, and was (and still am) awaiting an appointment with ENT specialist.

So basically the condition is that I've had hearing loss gradually over the last six months, and then had one dizzy spell, followed by another far more serious dizzy spell which has lasted (with varying degrees of intensity) for well over a week. My hearing is okay, except that I have a ringing in my ear. I have occasional pain in my hear which radiates down to the back of my neck. I'm a 35-year-old male in otherwise good health.

My GP has given me bi-vurten, and I am taking 6 of those every day (that is 3 x 2). It's made some difference, but not much. Certainly not enough to allow me to do things that I need to do - like going to work, doing jobs around the house, etc. Like many people who've already contributed to this forum, I find the idea of going outside slightly nerve-wracking, from fear that I'll be sick or get 'stuck' (as I was during the last week when I found myself having to cling on to a bus-stop for 20 minutes before I could move off).I am still going outside anyway, but it's getting to be a strain.

My wife is doing her best to support me, but I can see that it's starting to take its toll on her that she has to take on so much of the work around the house and looking after our child etc. I'm fortunate in that I can do a lot of my work from home but because I'm not 100% I'm starting to fall behind. So I'm running out of patience, and feel like I'm really starting to be a burden.

I'm very concerned about all of this because I've never really been sick for so long (nine days now and counting). I've seen from some of the contributions that this condition can go on, and on, and on. I guess it seems like I just need to wait to see the ENT specialist, and by the sound of things on other posts I can expect an MRI scan etc.

But if anyone has any suggestions for things I can do, if only just to manage the dizziness a bit better, I'd be very glad to hear them.



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loulooper7  ·  22 Jan 2010

Hi there

The vertigo is set off by many things and the key is not to avoid those situations but to confront them head on. I know it is scarey but if you start with the avoidance as I did 4 years ago it will creep up on you again! My ENT says that the virus can lay dormant and flare up. If you have been diagnosed with Labrynthitis for definete then I would ABSOLUTELY seek help from a Vestibular Rehabilitaion Therapist. I am 5 months in now and I am back shopping with the kids,attending family events,going to dinner,all of the things that I had avoided for years! If you need any info or just want to vent about your fears etc. please email me on

Don't give up becasue you are not alone! This is something that can be controlled once you stop letting it control you :)

Please please look up this site as it helped for me to realise I wasn't alone with this:

Stay strong,

Lou xx

*Ps any stimulants coffee,sugar,alcohol,motion in cars,lifts,even someone moving the bed when you are sitting on it can bring on the dizzies so best to cut down or out altogether :) (not the bed part ha ha ha although it really helps if your partner/kids understand why you need balance sometimes so theyneed to support you)


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Anneli  ·  21 Jan 2010

Hi Lou

I was too quick to think I was on my way to get better. Two days ago I got a really bad head ache and took some tablets, then the day after, yesterday I was dizzy again. Today it is even worst. I'm so upset, I thought I was out of the woods. I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow to see what he says. I haven't been back since the first appointment so I assume it is for the best.


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Andkav  ·  21 Jan 2010

Hi. I am new to this website. I put in a search for serc 16 and here I am. I am at the moment at home from work following my third bout of vertigo since Christmas eve.  Doc reckons I came off the Serc way to soon (I stopped taking it as soon as I felt better!!) and that is why the re-occurence.  I am at the moment on both Serc and Stemitil even though I have stopped vomiting and being Nautious.  Doc says I have to stay on them for a month.  Like everyone else here I am so scared and confused. I know that there is nothing dangerous about this but that is no good to you when you are spending days in bed and can't stop getting sick with all the dizziness ets. I have been diagnosed with Labrynitis and I have had an MRI which came back normal, which I know is great news!! I have had episodes since 2007-2008 and they seem to be getting more frequent. I nearly missed my son's communion last May and I am dreading my Son's confirmation in April as I think I am going to be sick - which is awful. Hubby dosen't seem to get this fear and tells me not too worry about things I have no control over.

I am sorry for about the waffle on and would really like to know is anyone on both Serc and Stemitil at the same time for a long period of time. Also I am very interested in the foods etc. I wasn't aware that certain foods could bring on attacks and please don't tell me Chocolate can or else I will be really upset Laughing..


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loulooper7  ·  21 Jan 2010

Great to hear!glad you both coping and looking forward Wink

Out of interest I was wondering how people would feel about a "Dizzy" based information website/support group? The worst part of alot of vertigo based conditions is that you feel so confused and uninformed.

Please email me with your views




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Jackie  ·  19 Jan 2010

Thanks Lou, Anneli

Nice to know it's not just me.  I had a bad cold for about ten days before the vertigo hit.  Thought I was just about getting rid of the cold, and then the dizziness started. I'll try be more patient with the medication.  Doc upped the dosage yesterday, and I think there may be a small improvement today, so I'll keep hopeful.  Thanks for your advice/support.


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loulooper7  ·  19 Jan 2010

Hya Jackie

Empathy first of all, we all know what you are going through :(

Were you ill before you had the attack of vertigo? Was the initial attack for very long and was there vomitting etc..? Neither of the drugs will work immediately im afraid and I know that is the ab worst thing you could hear right now. Either could work eventually but you really need to investigate why you have had a sudden attack of vertigo. Did you have a cold prior to this? Ear problems,blow to the head etc..? Only a very small number of vertigo cases are serious but they are all a symtom of something else not a condition in itself. Could just be stress or migranes etc.. did you have a particularly stressful xmas? (i know they all stressful:)

Jackie its not all bad there are tonnes of things to do to get yourself back on track,mainly positive thinking,dont stress yourself further. Try not to let the dizziness inhibate you,push through it if you can :) Diet and exercise can help heaps and chatting to a family member or hubbie etc.. can take a tonne of stress off.

If you still bad after a week go back to your doc again!

Feel free to email me


Lou (dizzies for 4years due to viral ear infection)


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Anneli  ·  18 Jan 2010

Hi Jackie

I was on Serc 16 and then Prochlorperazine that is probably more or less the same as Stemetil. I took myself off them as they didn't do anything for me. The latter just made me more dizzy and more unstable when I was walking. Now I'm slowly getting  better, most of my dizzyness is gone but I still  loose my balance at times. My head is also better, I can think better and it is not fuzzy any more. Today is my 18th day since it started. I'm crossing my fingers that I might be back at work in a week or two. I'm also confined to home since it started. I hope you feel better soon Jackie.

All the best



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Jackie  ·  18 Jan 2010

I had sudden onset of vertigo last Monday 11th Jan.  Been confined to home since then.  Serc-16 didn't help at all, and after 5 days on that I was switched to Stemetil.  It's now day 4 on that, and I'm as bad as ever, heavy, painful headache, fuzziness, behind my eyes sore.  Is there hope that the tablets will eventually kick in and let me get back to work and back to normal?


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Anneli  ·  11 Jan 2010

Hi Lou

Thanks for your reply. No I did not have a cold but my right ear was ringing as it can do sometimes, not often though. I am fine otherwise, but got migraine sometimes. My doctor thought it is Vertigo and based that on while doing the pen test my eyes where jumping when following the pen. I will follow your advise and go back as I have had it for 11 days now and no change at all.

Thanks again



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loulooper7  ·  09 Jan 2010

Also did you have a cold or any ear problems prior to new years?

go check out some very simple vrt (vestibular rehabilitation therapy) exercises online but do them with someone with you xx


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loulooper7  ·  09 Jan 2010

HI there

Empathy first of all :( secondly did the doctor give you a diagnosis or say what he thought it might be? Are you normally in good health etc..? Serc will work but it depends on what is wrong with you really. If it is a viral thing and you have some sort of inflammation it could take a while longer for you to feel right again,if you have say BBPV you could fix the dizziness with a trip to the ENT to have the Eply exercises done. Dizziness is a symptom not a condition so I would go back to your doctor if you are still not well after a few days, ask questions its your health!


Lou :)


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Anneli  ·  08 Jan 2010

Hi again

I woke up on new years day feeling really dizzy, went to my GP last Tuesday and was prescribed Serc for Vertigo. I feel really bad with constant dizzyness if I move the slightest but if i am still it's not so bad. But I found it a nightmare, I can't drive so I can't work. I can't walk strait so can't go out. Been reading everything I can find on the net, that has helped a bit. You are saying a while for the tablets to work is that like a few days or so?


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loulooper7  ·  08 Jan 2010


They take a little while to work but what were you prescribed Serc for?


Lou (Please feel free to email me


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Anneli  ·  08 Jan 2010

Hi all

I have been priscribed Serc 16 by my doctor but they don't seem to do anything for me. How long does it take for them to work? Do I need to take them for a few days befor I would notice any changes or do they work instantly?


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mkelly  ·  05 Jan 2010

hi guys - I work for the health section in the Irish Times and I am writing a piece about the impact that vertigo has on people's lives. It's an issue that hasn't received much if any attention in the health media and there is a lot of confusion about what causes it, what impact is etc. I am interested in talking to someone who has vertigo about what impact it has on their lives, what treatment options are, what symptoms they get etc. If anyone is interested please drop me an email to or call 087 987 1080. This is for next Tuesday's health supplement (12th Jan 2010) so will need to talk by end of tomorrow (6th). Best Regards Michael Kelly.


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loulooper7  ·  02 Nov 2009


Physio works but you have to stick with it,it wont happen over night. Some people I have spoken to are into their 2nd year and still a little dizzy sometimes. When you haven't had an episode for 2 full weeks, you are considered "cured" but my ENT says that some people will always be dizzy even a little but that your brain will eventually compensate. My own GP says and quote vertigo is not a condition it is a symptom and I ab agree with him. Although certain foods,alcohol,caffine even a severe drop in pressure in the weather can affect vertigo,they are not the cause and further tests should always be carried out to rule out other conditions such as meniere's etc..




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purple  ·  02 Nov 2009


my answere to your mail, do u used vinegar in any of your cooking, i was told by a specialiast that vinegar can cause this, i have stop using it, but i do get a dizzy head now and then virtigo is not curable, but its not dangerouse to have either, so no worries, serce is the best for it as that doesnt make you drowsey like stemital.

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