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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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# 57

Posted: 07/08/2008 12:15

I have suffered from IBS for the last 5 years - My brother suffers from Crohn's for nearly 20 years and they did every test on me under the sun and all they could come up with is IBS. You really have to watch your diet and eat healthy - cannot touch sausages, gravy, or cream!!! STRESS AND ANXIETY ARE A HUGE FACTOR. Feel bloated and the cramps can be unreal, I personally find Colpermin excellent after an attack and drink LOADS OF WATER - It helps!!! Drank jasmine tea one night last week after a chinese and It was the first time in years I didn't feel bloated after a chinese meal out and it relaxes you which is great!!!

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Posted: 16/07/2008 12:59

there are 2 different types of IBS. i have it for 15 years now. how i got it is i had a miscarriage and i got so depressed that i wasnt eating or taking that many fluids. i ended up in hospital. i had to have tests and they told me that i would have to get back to eating. i am since now on the mend, but my bowels dont work properely. i have to eat fruit and veg every day, which now i am on the mend. i have to take medicine if my bowels dont work after three days as i get terrible cramps. IBS wont ruin your day unless you let it. EAT PLENTY OF FRUIT AND VEG EVERY DAY AND YOU WILL BE OK.

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# 55

Posted: 10/07/2008 11:35

Hi,Hoping someone can help me. I am 21 and i think i have IBS since i was about 10. I have constant diarrhea sometimes i will go about 10 times a day when it's bad i cant sleep and everytime i go it's only small amounts. I take imoduim and arret like sweets just to stop it. I have no pain or cramps. I am terrified to go to hospital to have tests done. I never get constipated and i must admit my diet isnt too good can anyone shed some light on this please?

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# 54

Posted: 15/05/2008 15:42

I have suffered from IBS for some years now and have a particularly bad case of flatulence. I have tried various medications and diets however nothing seems to help the wind. Flatulence has put a huge strain on my relationships and social life and through IBS my confidence and self esteem has hit rock bottom- i hope i'm not the only one to feel like that.

I saw an article on the news the other day about these flatulence filtering pants- Shreddies. Has anyone heard of these? Worth trying if they work.

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Posted: 31/03/2008 12:36

I was diagnosed with IBS some years ago.
I get stressed very easily. I have three children.
I was not looking after my health. I was eating a lot of processed foods( although not overweight).
I don't drink often and don't smoke. I am not and never have been on medication for IBS. I was told to cop on with my diet and drink lots water/herb teas. I was told that I needed to eat lots of small meals ( healthy!) through the day as opposed to one big in the morning and one big in the evening which was causing my IBS. It worked for me.
I have since tried..peppermint tea, milk thistle capsules,ginger tea,stomach ease tea,green tea,aloe vera capsules, and all have worked fine for me. I now take the odd tiny amount of Epsom salts in apple juice to clear me out and am trying wheat/gluten free brown breads. I also shut up talking when I am eating and stopped gulping down my food/drink so fast..!!!!

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# 52

Posted: 20/03/2008 16:04

i was diagnosed with IBS a while back,had all them cramps, bloating and diarrhoea. i could have bowel movements up to 7 times a day and always have gas. i have recently tried a session of reflexology which is to relax you and i found this very good. none of the peppermint teas worked for me. for anyone who is suffering from constipation i would recommend aloe vera tablets, they help your bowels move. i also just gave up smoking and i dont eat anything fried and i find this really helps. when i used to smoke a cigarette i would aggrevate my stomach and its been quite good since i gave up. also DON'T stress its really the biggest factor. hope this helps

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# 51

Posted: 27/09/2007 20:00

Bloating itself is caused mainly by food although there could be underlying factors as well.
Some bloating can be down to certain allergics to certain food types wheat etc ie for example if u are coelic u can get a stronger reaction to certain foods

Regarding bloatingness and the lady that used by in bed for a part of the day
She should try and rule out certain foods drinks that cause conflicts or gas
As i have a stoma due to my UC and i notice more than not the foods drinks that have calming influences

Prior to my op what helped was peppermint capsules u can buy in the food shop
Aloe vera u can get this juice form
Buscopan i used get these on perscription from the doctor , to be honest they worked at the start , but at the end , they were like smarties so maybe they would be more suitable for mild stomach pain - as the idea of buscopan is to limit the stomach or alleviate stomach spasms accompanied with the bowel getting irrated

-Another thing i have noticed that Stress can be a big trigger
-So maybe check if this is the case in any of ye're lives or particularly the first poster, cause to be honesst if this is happening he is prob getting more uptight and the whole cycle continues
-note Yoga defo helps - i did'nt start this until well after my Operation - and i def found a benefit
-I Do find that the doctors or medical prof will really only deal in proven tested formulas but wont think about yoga
-i'd be also thinking about good flora in the bowel , u can buy chewable pro biotics from chemist, or u can buy drinks like actimal -note some of these newly drink forulas might not be as good so read the labelling well in advance
-food wise , for me Gas caused wind, Beans !, Gas from green, as the bowel does'nt break these down as well - sweet corn is 'nt broken down, -- it might sound silly but fully chewing your food is another thing that helps - as we know if we rush food we can get heartburn
hope this gives ye any help

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# 50

Posted: 13/09/2007 07:39

Did anyone know of buscopan ibs relief, do they work and are they in ireland

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# 49

Posted: 13/07/2007 11:35

I have suffered from the cramps for years and again, I find that it's trial and error as to what works.

Cutting down (or better out) bread and wheat products helps me. Cheese which I love I have sadly had to mostly eliminate as it has a bad effect on me.

Hot water bottles never helped, colpermin never helped.. I've often had to go home from work as the pain was so bad.

The only thing that works for me is a combination of natural peppermint capsules which you can get in a health store (They seem stronger than colpermin), drinking peppermint tea daily and even better than peppermint tea for bloating is fennel tea. This really helps me.

Best of all has been linseed. I get the unhulled seeds and add them to yoghurts or even just have a dessertspoonful or two with a glass of water if I have a sluggish bowel or I I feel some bloating building up. They help keep things moving.

It's a cumulative effect. If you have a cramp, none of these things will be an instant fix, but if you start taking them daily, then over time you should see an improvement. I was getting cramps every week - now it's down to every 4 or 5 months.

I've also improved my diet a lot. I try not to eat any sugary foods, cakes, biscuits, tea or coffee. I try to include lots of vegetables and salads in my diet and I limit carbohydrates. I think potatoes were one of the things that were having a bad effect on me. And I know now that whever I have them, my tummy feels full, bloated and sluggish.

I often take a cup tea with a peppermint teabag a camomile and a fennel teabag mixed in. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I quite like it. Exercise and relaxation of course are also very important. De-stressing is easier said than done in today's world - but it's worth working at it.

Joined: Jul 2001

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# 48

Posted: 07/07/2007 00:24

And there in lies the big problem with IBS what works for one person doesn't work for another. Sadly trial and error is the only way to find what works for you. Which is a long hard road as people will have good days and bad days as they discover what helps their symptoms. Trust in your instinct and listen to your body its will tell you if it doesn't like what you're doing.

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# 47

Posted: 06/07/2007 13:04

I have been living with IBS for the last 16 years and have actually found that using heat on my cramps makes them even more severe. I have found that using an ice pack is helpful for me when I'm cramping. That and the peppermint tablets which are just fantastic!

Joined: Jul 2001

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# 46

Posted: 04/07/2007 23:51

Oh dear Kiwi, have you been to your doctor?? with pain like that you really should get it looked at some times it is very hard to see the bigger picture when you are trying to fix yourself. Make sure you are drinking 2 litres of fluids a day (water & herbal teas) and look into reducing leafy green veg (big wind makers). You may want to keep a food & bowel diary which can help you pinpoint problematic foods. Seeking some professional advice on your diet may be a beneficial way to go but with long lasting painful consitpation you really should get fully checked out. Believe it or not everyone breaks wind and I know the stinky stuff can be v embarrassing but don't let this put you off discussing it with your Dr. Easing off on your bread intake can reduce bloating. To ease cramps try and hot water bottle or a heated cushion. Good luck.

Joined: Oct 2006

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# 45

Posted: 04/07/2007 21:14

Many people are disgnosed with IBS when no other organic cause of their altered bowel/gastrointestinal habits can be found. Unfortunately the medical community can sometimes seem to write off this condition as a non serious condition, but i do appreciate that it can be extremely debilitating - witness all the many posts on this forum in relation to this! I would recommend that one gets oneself checked out to rule out anything else going on. Stress is definitely a big factor so stress management strategies are helpful. Diet is another big factor. A high fibre diet (especially including soluble fibre) works in the majority of cases but doesn't work for everyone. Probiotics (in bio yogurts, some yogurt drinks) can help. You may find keeping a food diary useful. Medication is sometimes prescribed. Looking at your eating habits is also useful (e.g. eating regularly, not rushing etc). I suggest going to see your GP and getting referred onwards if necessary. Getting to see a Dietitian can be very useful. You can download factsheets on IBS & Diet from the following websites - www.indi.ie (website of the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute) and www.bda.uk.com (British Dietetic Association).
Good luck!

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# 44

Posted: 04/07/2007 12:00

Hi need help! I have tried all most everything you could think of changing my diet and given up smoking and drinking,going to the gym drinking green tea and peppermint tea to taking metamucil to help with my bloting and to help me go more than 3 or 3 times a week.My stomach use to be so painful that i would be in bed for the day or i have been kown to pass out.The main prob know is my very bloated stomach and breaking wind and god it's so smelly and i can do this 20 to 30 times in a day.Please help what can i do!!!!!!

Joined: Jul 2001

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# 43

Posted: 02/06/2007 23:21

Firstly any case of IBS needs to be checked out to ensure it's not one of the IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) if these are rules out. Then it would be really beneficial seeing a proper dietitian, you can find one on the Irish Association of Dietitians web site. I have chronic crohns and the advice plan I follow with her has been extremely helpfull. Sadly IBS is not cureable but can be managed succesfully. Our bodies work in many different ways therefore you need an indivialised programme to help you. What works for one person may not for another. Seek out some proper advice

Best of luck.

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# 42

Posted: 01/06/2007 04:17

Im 26 and have been suffering from IBS for the past 5 years. I suffer from cramps which are relived after a bowel movement. i suffer from Diarrhoea as a result of IBS.
IBS had taken control of my life for a short period of time. I have tried several products on the market but the only thing that has worked for me and given me relief is a fiber supplement which i take on a daily basis. Im still not 100% but my condition has improved.

Joined: Jan 2006

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# 41

Posted: 25/01/2007 14:20

Irritable bowel syndrome is largely driven by stress and anxiety. We are not even aware of being stressed and anxious most of the time.
It is usually a deep sub conscious thing.
Flare ups happen usually around the time that something else is going on in our lives.
I found that complimentary therapies helped greatly. None of the prescribed medication did any good for me, I have to say.

Since I have tried complimentary therapies and started eating sensibly, I have had no problems with the IBS.
Just thought I would share this.

Joined: Jan 2007

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# 40

Posted: 16/01/2007 11:32

IBS can have such debilitating effects on ones life. For some, gut-specific hypnotherapy can alleviate IBS symptoms by up to 80%. To find a therapist trained in this method of treatment, check out the website of the uk register of IBS therapists, which includes therapists based in Ireland.


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# 39

Posted: 08/04/2006 00:02

Nobody seems to have mentioned fizzy soft drinks and carbonated drinks.The other thing I have found is thinking about how I am eating.
1. Sit down and sit up straight and eat at a table.
2. Eat slowly and chew many times
3. Breath out before you put food or drink in your mouth. ie don't swallow air
4. Try to avoid talking and eating
5. Breathe calmly before eating. Think about the state of your body. Is it calm and your posture not slumped?
6. Always think about the food going in your mouth and appreciate each mouthful ie don't guts
7. Walk calmly yet briskly for about 500 metres after a meal.Stand tall as you walk - pull the stomache muscles in.
8. No food 3 hours before bed time.
9. Then there's all the diet changes the rest of you mentioned.

Joined: Jul 2005

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# 38

Posted: 24/12/2005 01:37

I have IBS for years and recently discovered white flour products and dried fruit really aggrivate it.What did I eat today?Meusli with extra dried fruit for breakfast and crackers this evening.Am in a lot of discomfort now.Think Christmas has thrown me.So I strongly believe its diet related.
Joe (joet61)

Joined: Aug 2002

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# 37

Posted: 14/12/2005 10:15

Since one of the causes of IBS is fluoride (it irritates the mucous membranes, among other things), IBS sufferers might well benefit from considering the following evidence:

In Ireland, avoiding fluoride presents a big challenge: Most of the tap-water is fluoridated (with the industrial chemical, fluosilicic acid), everyone drinks tea (which can be very high in fluoride), most of the food contains agri-chemical residues (which are high in fluoride), most processed food is prepared using fluoridated water, most toothpaste is heavily fluoridated, and most prescription drugs contain fluoride. Even the beer is fluoridated; contrary to popular opinion- breweries use the local fluoridated tap-water, and they\'re unable to filter out the fluoride.

What can you do if you want to avoid fluoride? Avoid all tap-water. Get a distiller or special fluoride filter (all rather expensive). Buy organic foods and drinks (expensive). Buy non-fluoride toothpaste. Stay away from sources of fluoride pollution such as coal smoke, ESB and many other factories. Drink imported beer, etc., etc.

It all tends to be expensive. And at the same time, the Government is spending vast amounts of taxpayers\' money to keep fluoridation going. See www.fluoridesandhealth.ie

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# 36

Posted: 09/12/2005 23:34

Monseur You need to see your doctor a few minutes of embarrassment are worth it to help release you from this cycle. Seeing as this is a new development in the way your body functions it really would be worthwhile getting checked out. Your doctor has an army of treatments available from diet advice to meds that can help control or disapate flatulance, when a problem like this starts to close in on your life its just worth going for the chat. Best of luck.

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# 35

Posted: 08/12/2005 20:17

I am suffering from very embarrassing flatulence. It creates a very distinctive smell of something dead or rotting flesh. It only has to be a very small amount of flatulence to create this obnoxious smell. It lingers in my clothes and underwear for a very long time. It is so bad that I have to chance clothes sometimes three times a day.I have been suffering from this problem for about six months now and it seems to be getting worse.I have changed my diet a few times but to no avail. I do not eat hardly any red meat nor do I drink alcohol very much.I am 50 years of age.

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# 34

Posted: 08/11/2005 10:22

Mimi, firstly you are not on your own there are many people out there will these feelings. I used to feel physically sick for days before going out for the night anticipating all the embarrassing incidents that could happen. You need to look at your diet either by eliminating items yourself ie don't eat peas for a week or two but keep everything else the same then try the peas again and see if there is any increase in wind(they seem to cripple me with wind). Do this with all your veg but be mindful of getting your full daily intake from other veg. I have found that chicken seems to case alot of bloating and wind in me and the heathy people I know. Or you can see a dietian to help you with this. Try calming herbal teas. If the meds your doctor gave you aren't working go back its worth giving up one weekend out to pay for a visit and review your treatment IBS is very individual and look into seeking help through an alternative therapy. There is some very good advice in the other postings on this topic. We all have been there Good luck you will get there.

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# 33

Posted: 03/11/2005 21:07

I have been recently told I have irritable bowel syndrome. I'm 19 years old and I really wish there was something to make this go aeay for good. I suffer from extreme flatuence, bloating and burping. I feel nervous for about a week before going for a night out because I know that I will smell! I know that this sounds preety petty in comparison to other peoples problems etc but it is really embarrising for me. It has resulted in me becoming somewhat anti social and I dread travelling in a car with anyone. My doctor has given me colofac but I find it hasn't made much of a difference. Someone please try and advise me on what to do as I feel helpless and alone. I feel no one has the same symptons as myself. Please help.

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# 32

Posted: 06/11/2002 12:17

As the previous poster, I find colpermin fantastic when IBS raises its ugly head (always when I'm suffering from stress). I also find an actimel (or other probiotic drinking yoghurt I'm sure) every day keeps it away.

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# 31

Posted: 06/11/2002 12:10

I went to a homeopathic specialist. She recommended Aloe vera Juice 3 times a day and a Lycopodium tablet half an hour before meals. Also Udos Digestive Enzmes. I treated my last attack with Colofac and Buscopan for 5 weeks with no success. Symptoms calmed down after 2 days back on the homeopathic regime.

Joined: Oct 2002

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# 30

Posted: 29/10/2002 14:08

My pharmacist recommended peppermint oil capsules called Colpermin and they have definitely eased the spasm and bloating. He also recommended that I cut down on insoluble fibre like bran and increase my intake of soluble fibre such as oats and fruit and veg.

Joined: Oct 2002

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# 29

Posted: 29/10/2002 12:36

My pharmacist recommended peppermint oil capsules called Colpermin and they have definitely eased the spasm and bloating. He also recommended that I cut down on insoluble fibre like bran and increase my intake of soluble fibre such as oats and fruit and veg.

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# 28

Posted: 09/10/2002 11:01

I was diagnosed with IBS years ago. I tried all sorts of diet etc but nothing seemed to work. It started to act up again last September which was definately due to stress. I had all sorts of tests and the Doctors couldn't seem to find anything wrong. So I started to eliminate foods myself and discovered that monosodium glutamate (MSG) played a huge factor. Its in lots of foods such as packet soup, sauces, roasted peanuts etc. It has really helped since I cut this out. But it does take patience and reading the ingedients on foodstuffs before buying them.

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# 27

Posted: 03/10/2002 16:53

I have had IBS for many years now and was also diagnoised with having Candida, both have similiar symptoms, however after attending serveral doctors both medical and alternative I finally got some advice which helped me alot from a doctor in Ferbane, Co. Offaly whom concentrates on algeries. He put me on a diet of the following; boiled red meat or lamb only, with steamed or raw vegetables, 3 pots of natural yougart daily and 3 lts of buttermilk daily. Needless to day I could'nt drink the buttermilk but, I did eat the yougart and cut out carbos for a couple of months and found myself feeling alot better, I still eat the yougart and try to stick to the diet although I do have rice now and potatoes on occassions, but I avoid wheat completely.
Hope this helps some of the viewers.
Patricia (Truley)

Joined: May 2001

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# 26

Posted: 02/10/2002 18:34

Try INTRA it will help.
Call 087/2360394

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# 25

Posted: 25/09/2002 14:47

I have suffered with IBS for 2 years and I have tried a lot to try and sort out this problem. Recently I started having Clonic Irrigation done and it has seems to work. The girl that does the Clonic Irrigation on me said I am suffering with Candida, she has advised me to cut down on yeast and dairy products.For someone who only went to the toilet once to twice a fortnight and now going twice a day it seems to be my solution.

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# 24

Posted: 19/06/2002 17:16

i too suffer from ibs. i take lepicol. it promotes healty bowels. you can get it in some chemists with no perscription. i find that it helps me awlful lot.

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# 23

Posted: 31/05/2002 10:35

I thought I may be suffering with IBS. However I do not suffer with pain. I get regular Flatulence problems and also constipation which seems to be getting progressively worse.
clodagh (clodaghf)

Joined: Jun 2001

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# 22

Posted: 08/05/2002 09:20

I was suffering from IBS for a number of years but only found relief recently when I changed my way of eating ( for other reasons) and cut down on the amount of carbohydrate I ate.
I kept a diary for some time and it was pasta/bread/cakes that set it off each time.

so now, I don't eat pasta/bread and I don't eat anything with white flour.
cutting down on refined carbs ( ie manmade food ) can help the body in many ways.

I also gave up coffee and anything with caffeine(coke etc) as I identifed these as a trigger also.

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# 21

Posted: 01/05/2002 20:43

anyone have a brief summary of symptoms, I suspect I may be suffering with IBS.

Joined: Dec 2000

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# 20

Posted: 01/03/2002 23:17

About 10 years ago I was told I had IBS. For years I was getting all the symptions mentioned in these message. I eventualy went to someone for kinesology (not sure of spelling), and she told me what foods to keep away from. I was amazed. I was told not to eat beef but I could eat lamb. Cream and fish and eggs were also out. I was very sceptical but I have to say it actually worked. I did not have to run to the loo every day. You should go and have it done. When I went I thought it was 'quackology' at its best, but it worked for me.

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# 19

Posted: 28/02/2002 12:07

A doctor suggested that I might have IBS. I suffer from the usual discomforts Bloatted Insomnia etc. and is brought on by stress(over-tired). Are Chest pains and muscle pains in arm(occur left-side only) symptoms of IBS? I'm aware that these are the symptoms of heart problems but I got the all clear when tested.

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# 18

Posted: 22/01/2002 10:17

Diet is the key .... read this www.eatwithoutfear.com.

Fizzy drinks are very bad, ie Champagne !*..!!

High diet fibre can also cause problems, my worst was after taking a high fiber substitute.
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