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Anne   ·  13 Jan 2009

Hello Folks,

Anne here. the Specialist my husband attended has since passed away and I have tried my best to find out more information for you to no avail, I am so sorry.

I wish you all the best of luck for 2009



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Anonymous   ·  24 Dec 2008

Hi Folks,

When I was 22 I met my husband to be he was 29.  He had the worst case of Rosacea Acne you are ever likely to see.  He was a quiet guy, I would say shy and sensitive but appeared confident enough.  He was/is from Manchester and was head hunted to a big job here in Dublin.  The Rosacea only started when he moved over and had extra pressure (as long as I know him I now see it must have been one hell of a change, possessive mother doing everything for him and then a high pressure job and having to learn how to cook etc.) that was 1972.  He was afraid to go to a Doctor because he thought he has an incurable disease.  I knew him about 6 months and I managed to get him to go visit the GP, he in turn sent him to a specialist and it all got better from there on in.  It took about 6/8 months before it was gone, and I mean gone no red, no big boils dreadful etc.  

The specialist had tests carried out on bloods and stomach etc.  He was eventually given a prescription that had to be made up by the Chemist and he had to apply this white face pack every night.  He was also given a strong anti biotic.  It is a long long time ago, but I will search around for the prescription and if I do find it I will gladly post it on this site, but remember his case was the worst case this specialist had seen and he was able to cure it so keep that in mind. 

He was told to stay away from spirits and spicy foods because it can be caused from the acids in the stomach (I think) I am just the woman who fell in love with the guy!

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas.



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carla  ·  19 Dec 2008

hello i would like to know if there is any certain foods that can effect rosacea please could anyone get back to me with any information


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Kathleen (DCN69471)  ·  06 Mar 2008
I have found Rosacea is controllable with treatment from the Danne range of products - usually available in salons.

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Anne (ZSM52965)  ·  01 Aug 2007
I developed rosacea in my early thrities, nothing worked, tried creams, gels, avoiding foods etc. I was finally treated for mild adult acne with Accutane or Roaccutane and the side benefit was COMPLETE remission from Rosacea. I am five years without it at all. I think it is even more distressing than Acne, the spots are small and really painful, the bright red nose, total misery. I would recommend to all getting rid of it for good after one heavy but successful antibiotic treatment... ask your dermatologist.

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Anonymous  ·  29 Jun 2007
Hi all,

Thanks for contributing to this forum. I've a mild form of rosacea at the moment but find it does flare up very bad when abroad in the heat and sun. I've found that creams which work for female skin don't necessarily work for male skin so I'll give Darrens recommendations a try. Granted I haven't tried the stuff from purpleemu. I've been applying Rozex the last few months and have started applying sunscreen when out also. I will be sourcing Danne Kings sunscreen now I've come across this forum. It's a bloody nuisance really. I do believe food and stress has a part to play also so it can all turn into a vicious circle when it does flare up.
Best of luck :)

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Anonymous  ·  01 Dec 2004
I am 26 and have suffered from rosacea for as long as i can remember, although i didn't know what it was until recently. I have tried a number of antibiotics but found them of no help. I have also tried various creams etc. I have tried rosex cream but find it only makes my face redder. My face can get very red/hot and can be unbearable. It can happen in extreme heat or cold. Also i have red patches either side of my nose.I wonder if these are the symptoms other people have and what treatments they have used. I also suffer from extremely flaky skin when i try to apply makeup. I am currently trying a skincare treatment and will write again if it works. It has helped with the flakiness so far.

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Anonymous  ·  16 Jul 2003
I think I may have Rosacea but I am only 31! This year is the first time I have ever got anything like this; I always suffered from mild acne on my chin and nose but never on my cheeks. I hoped that in my 30s I would finally stop getting spots and start enjoying having clear skin, until this happend! Its really getting me down. At the moment I dont have it because I am taking a course of Minocin for my acne, so I wont know for definite until I stop taking the antibiotics and go back to see my Dermatologist. The reason I am staying on the antibiotics is that I am getting married soon and I want to have clear skin for at least that day. I dont agree with taking antibiotics for long term but at the moment I have no choice. I read there is no cure for Rosacea and just wondered is it really that hard to control without tablets? I know I am not alone here but just feel like I am doomed to have bad skin on my face forever... it seems so unfair.

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Anonymous  ·  08 Jul 2003
What causes rosacea, are there foods that can prevent its reoccurrence

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alphonsus  ·  26 Jun 2001
I have been suffering from Rosacea for a couple of years and it is a problem for other family members also. I was keen to get away from tablets and my doctor referred me to Dr Powell in the Mater Hospital. He prescribed Rosex Gel which I has used before with the tablets.Dr Powell runs a skin clinic and is doing a study on Rosacea. He prescribed a cream which I understand has been developed as part of this study. I apply this at night and apply the rosex gel in the morning. The good news is that it works for me and while it does not clear up the rosacea completely, it keeps it under control and I do not take any tablets.

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Anonymous  ·  24 May 2001
I've had Rosacea for about 4 years. It was at its worst before diagnosis. I tried the oxytetracycline (6 weeks) which worked reasonably well but then decided to see a specialist who said that it was not sufficiently strong. She gave me a prescription for a much stronger antibiotic which she said I should use a maximum of twice per year. I've used it once in four years. She also prescribed Metrogel - a topical antibiotic (a max of three tubes pa) I've found that this works very well - although I haven't used it for about six months. There's a great site - which will give you all the latest information. Using very mild cleansing lotion and make-up helps. I don't go anywhere without my Boots No.7 Coulor Corrective cream.

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Anonymous  ·  09 May 2001
I certainly haven't found any way of clearing acne rosacea without resorting to oxytetracycline. A dermatologist recommended using high SPF suncream, this however doesn't get rid of the redness. It seems to come on out of the blue and never really go away without a course of the oxytetracycline.

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Anonymous  ·  02 May 2001
Anyone know any treatments for skin condition Rosacae without taking pills??
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