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Amzz  ·  17 Jan 2017

Hi bullet147 my email is, could I ask you what was the surgeons name in Waterford. I went to see one of them this week.

thanks a mil


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Malak  ·  16 Jan 2017

Hi, has anyone been to or heard of John Curran he is a plastic surgeon located in Kerry. 


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Wilde123  ·  15 Jan 2017


I would love it if anyone who has had rhinoplasty with the surgeon based in Waterford would be able to email me about how much it cost them? 

I see a few mixed reviews about him here but I believe he would be the best fit for me.



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Suzanne Ní Clúmhá  ·  13 Jan 2017

Hi bullet,can u forward me any info on that surgeon please        


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Maya_Sam80  ·  13 Jan 2017


Hi everyone! 

I have jsut joined this conversation, asI find it very interesting. BULLET147, I was interested in the name of the surgeon in Cork, please! this is my email


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Aishling Kelter250  ·  13 Jan 2017

Hi bullet, could you possibly email the detail for the surgeon you had a good experience with? Is appreciate it a lot :) my email is


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Smack2015  ·  11 Jan 2017

Hi all,

Just in regards to below comments. I actually had rhinoplasty just over a year ago in November 2015. I done a lot of research and visited 2 doctors and decided to go with the doctor based in Waterford. I found him, professional, kind, and very thorough. I am 100% thrilled with the results I got, it has changed my life for the better. I couldnt recommend that doctor enough, he is excellent.


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Lolylols25  ·  10 Jan 2017

Hi Bullet147,

Please could you also email me the name of the consultant you went with in the end? I'm looking to get this done and had been interested in a consultant from Waterford who may be the person you are advising against.

I would hugely appreciate it.


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louloubell000  ·  10 Jan 2017

Hi Bullet147 Id be extremely grateful if you could email me thename aswell.

Thank you!


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BULLET147  ·  09 Jan 2017

I think I've emailed everybody so far who has asked. If I've missed anyone please let me know and I'll send you details.


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Superduper  ·  06 Jan 2017

Hi Bullet, could you email me the consultants name too please, I would appreciate it having had the same thoughts as you!


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Melissa Corcoran554  ·  04 Jan 2017

Hi @Bullet147, Really interested to find out about your surgeon could you please email me at . Thank you :) 


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moonstar  ·  01 Jan 2017

Hi @bullet147 could you please email me wer u went and surgeon please sounds very reliable. Much appreciated. My email is


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irishsue  ·  30 Dec 2016

I don't think my last comment was accepted but I was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with dr munish shandilya? he seems to be getting alot of good reviews on another forum. If you have please email me :) (email address is


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irishsue  ·  23 Dec 2016

Hey after getting a recommendation from here i'm going to book a consultation in the New Year Smile Also wondering if anyone has had any dealings with Dr munish shandilya? 


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BULLET147  ·  21 Dec 2016

By the way, for those of you who have read my post further down on this forum and are wondering who the surgeon I had a really bad consultation with is, I don't want to name names, but I will say he is based in Waterford. That should be a big enough tell.

And the the surgeon whom I had fantastic results with is based in Cork.


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Fitgal86  ·  20 Dec 2016

Hi Bullet

Can you also give me an email with the surgeon name please? it thank you! 


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JT85  ·  19 Dec 2016

Cheers for the response Bullet. Its


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Della22  ·  17 Dec 2016

Hi Bullet147,

Do you mind mailing me the name of your surgeon too? It sounds like you had a very positive experience and I am currently researching surgeons myself for a full rhinoplasty but not having much luck!My email is

Thanks, Della 


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irishsue  ·  17 Dec 2016

Hey everyone

i'm hoping to have rhinoplasty done in the next few months but i've no idea where to look for a good surgeon! There doesn't seem to be that many forums online for Irish people sharing their experiences! I had rhinoplasty done about 10 years ago and while it did improve my nose slightly it wasn't a great result and left me with a large bump on my nose! Looking back I rushed into it without doing much research on the surgeon and how skilled he was in this particular field. So this time I want to take my time and find the right surgeon and ask around for some opinions, I could travel abroad if I had to but I'd really prefer to have it done here if there is a surgeon in Ireland that is good in this field, someone who has rhinoplasty as a speciality or alot of experience with rhinoplasty. If anyone has any advice on what surgeons they would recommend or wouldn't recommend please give me a quick email I would be very grateful for any help! (I don't think the rhinoplasty I want is too complicated I just want the length & width reduced and I want to get rid of the bump) any help would be great, thanks!

my email is


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BULLET147  ·  16 Dec 2016

Hey JT85, what is your email?


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Vrooms  ·  15 Dec 2016

Bullet147 I would really love to know more about your surgeon and experience,  I have had a bump in my nose that I have hated since my teens (now 31) and have gone for 2 consultation and just really didn't feel comfortable with either.  I have such a fear or going through with it and no longer looking like myself.  Your surgeon sounds like the dream and would love to be able to try have a consultion with them and see for myself would they be a right fit for me as well.  my email is if you are availble to get in contact  


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Fitgal86  ·  13 Dec 2016

Hi guys. I've decided to go for rhinoplasty however I am looking at a surgeon in Russia. He's very expensive and the stay is 10 days long which is so inconvenient. If anyone is interested in chatting about it and possible travel share let me know. Also would love to hear from anyone who has got rhinoplasty in Ireland /Uk and is happy with the results? I just don't know if I trust surgeons in Ireland. Russia has an extremely high percentage of rhinoplasty operations. Thanks a mil. My email is 


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Jem80  ·  06 Dec 2016

Hi there, I am also interested in having rhinoplasty. I am torn between two surgeons based in the Dublin area but would be interested in hearing any recommendations or personal experiences. It's very hard to decide. Bullet147 I think I may have attended a consultation with the same surgeon as the one you didn't go for so I would be particularly interested to hear from you. My email is Thanks.


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JT85  ·  29 Nov 2016

Hi Bullet, could I possibly contact you by email ? Id like to know the name of the surgeon you had such a positive experience with. Cheers 


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Lulu1983  ·  16 Nov 2016

Hey Guys,

I've wanted a nose job since I was a child but after doing alot of reserach I still can't seem to find a good surgeon in Ireland. I'm based in Dublin but willing to travel if needs be. I'd like my hump and tip reduced. Can anyone recommend a great, reliable surgeon please? It's such a big decision I'd really appreciate any advice good or bad.

My email is

Thanks so much!


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Paul Ã\'Mórdha547  ·  14 Nov 2016


Im just looking for information on Dr Munish Shandilya. I am interested in getting Rhinoplasty with him. Please email


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alibear92  ·  07 Oct 2016

Hi All,

If anyone has had rhinoplasty with Dr Munish Shandilya could you let me know if you would recommend him as a surgeon and how much the procedure cost? my email is - Thanks in advance :)


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Lhol  ·  09 Sep 2016

Hi all,  I have also finally decided to go through with rhinoplasty this year after a decade of consideration.

I'm wanting tip surgery but have started to consider a full surgery of late.

I would appreciate any reviews/recommendations of anyone who has had the procedure done in Ireland, with an idea of cost for consultations and procedures. I am new to this and have only begun researching etc..any advice at all would be appreciated!


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BULLET147  ·  05 Sep 2016

I was very happy with my consultant, however I had a bad experience before this with another consultant. It was an absolute waste of my time and €150 for a consultation. Not once during my consultation did I feel I could trust this doctor, let alone trust him to go under the knife. Getting a straight answer out of him was like drawing blood from a stone. When I asked him how much the procedure was going to cost me, he continuously hummed and hawed before throwing out a ball park figure just to see how I felt about it. The man felt free to move the goal posts on a couple of occasions. He was interested in one thing and one thing only, bleeding me dry. He then advised that every patient he performs this procedure on has to get a psychiatric evaluation done (I presume so as to confirm they don't turn into a Michael Jackson) but what really made me laugh was when he advised the evaluation could only be performed by a physiatrist he had recommended whom is based in Dublin for a fee of €200. None of this made any sense to me seeing as I've never had surgery before and I just want to fix my septum, straighten my nose and reduce the bump. Such a disappointment. Unfortunately there are people out there who are vulnerable to fall for these kinds of antics but I would never tolerate this.


By chance somebody contacted me regarding my experience with this doctor and mentioned another doctor's name to me. She had Rhinoplasty and advised that this doctor did a great job on her nose and couldn't express her satisfaction with the end result and his professionalism enough. I booked a consultation and it went brilliantly. This doctor listened to what I had to say and showed a glowing interest in the position my nose was in and what I was looking to achieve. He didn't beat around the bush. I valued his honesty, opinion and knew this was the guy to the job. Before I could even give him the green light he told me to go home and mull over it for a week before getting back to him.


After a week of mulling I called back to his office and booked the procedure with him. All I can say is that the procedure went fantastic. I had the procedure late afternoon and went home the next morning. A few days after the procedure I went back and he took the small cast off my nose. I genuinely thought it looked fine but he took such pride in his work that he thought we could straighten and shape it a little better. So I went in again the next day and was out again the next morning. There was very obvious swelling for about 2 weeks but after that it was less noticeable and it reduces completely after about 2/3 months. It’s been 9 months since I had the procedure and I am so happy with the results. There was no issues with pain either. He prescribed pain killers which seemed to do the job because I didn’t feel any discomfort. The breathing has never been better. After so many years of not being able to breathe through my right nostril it feels amazing.

9 months later and I'm still over the moon with my results. 


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Kate Shanahan287  ·  01 Sep 2016

Forgot to add my email


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Sophie Ryan862  ·  28 May 2016

Hi All, 

I've finally decided I want to go ahead with nose tip rhinoplasty. Has anyone out there had the same done in Ireland? Good and/or bad results? What plastic surgeons would you recommend? Any help at all would be much appreciated. Please email me - 



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Ems1  ·  22 Apr 2016

Wish you good luck! Keep us dated!


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Jonezy  ·  14 Apr 2016
Hi everyone! I have finally decided to go through with a rhinoplasty this year and would love to hear any suggestions, reviews and recommendations, from anyone who has had the procedure done in Ireland/N.Ireland.

I would be particularly interested in anyone who used Dr. James Small and Dr. Munish Shandilya as their surgeon, but also would like suggestions of other surgeon's as well. 

Please email me - 



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Steff123  ·  04 Apr 2016

Hi does anyone know if there is any room for negoatiation on price quoted by surgeon?


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LaGill  ·  01 Apr 2016

Hi Everyone,

I too am looking into getting rhinoplasty in Ireland and im new to this. Would really love to hear any of your experiences, good or bad, and if you have any surgeon recommendations, that would be great too :)

Dont know where to start so whatever you know will be helpful and really appreciated!

My email is:


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Chloeee  ·  29 Feb 2016

Hi guys was just wondering if it's cheaper to just get the tip of your nose done 


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Shabaz1971  ·  25 Feb 2016


I am looking for advice also on where to go to have my nose re-done. I had it done in my twenties but at the time I only had the tip made smaller and since have regretted that I didnt get it broken and made smaller. So want to get a few prices and suggestions of where I can go?

Appreciate your advice.


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Annabella1000  ·  21 Feb 2016

Hi supermon87 could you email me your surgeon ? I would really appreciate it . It's so hard looking for a good one . Thanks again 


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Annabella1000  ·  21 Feb 2016

Hi I'm interested in having a nose/tip job . I'm 25 now and have hated my nose since my teens . I live in Dublin but I'm willing to travel for a good surgeon. Can anyone recommend a surgeon ? If I give you my email could you send my some information.  Good or bad ? It's a really big decision 

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