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toffee1878  ·  04 Feb 2016

Hi All,  I have finally decided to go through with rhinoplasty this year and would appreciate any reviews/recommendations of anyone who has had the procedure done in Ireland wth an idea of cost etc.

I would be particularly interested in anyone who used Dr. James Small and Dr. Munish Shandilya as their surgeon.

My email address is 


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On.laura  ·  25 Jan 2016

Hi all have decided to get rhinoplasty and am between 2 surgeons James small and Munish shandilya would appreciate any reviews on anybody who has got one done by either surgeon thanks my email is


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Smack2015  ·  20 Oct 2015

Hi! I forgot to add to my previous post, my email is, if anyone can offer any information or advice!


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Smack2015  ·  16 Oct 2015

HELP!! Hey everyone! So i have decided to have rhinoplasty. Its something I have been thinking about for 10 years and finally decided to go ahead with. I have done alot of research and decided on a surgeon. Iv had 2 consultations so far and have decided on hump and tip reduction. Im meant to be meeting my surgeon again Monday to finalise a date. However now I have become extremely nervous and worried, not so much about going ahead with the procedure, but about the doctor I have picked. How do I know who the best option is? From his reviews on line, he seems fantastic, but the reviews are mainly on his websites! Is there anyway to tell who the top rated doctors are, I want a rhinoplasty specialist. Can anyone PLEASE give me some recommendations and advice! Im weeks away from surgery and dont want to make a mistake!


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Amzee  ·  05 Oct 2015

Hi everyone! Can anyone recommend a Rhinoplasty Surgeon from personal experience or from a family member or friend? Any iformation would be greatly appreciated! Like other people have mentioned reviews on  sites sound like advertising! My email is Thanks 

Looking for a reputable Rhinoplasty Surgeon


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Amzz  ·  04 Aug 2015

Hi everyone

i have been searching high and low for reviews on a good surgeon to provide a rhinoplasty. I would be very grateful for any of your suggestions. My email is


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Gaulv  ·  17 Jul 2015

As most posters have been saying, I'm finding it very hard to find any good recommendations for rhinoplasty in Ireland, I've posted to boards and had no definitive responses. If anyone could advise me on the best course of action for undertaking this procedure in Ireland, thanks in advance.


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Della22  ·  06 Jul 2015

Hi All

I too am looking into getting rhinoplasty in Ireland and would love to hear any previous experiences, good or bad, in particular any surgeon recommendations would be great.

Any info would be much appreciated, my email is!


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Anna May  ·  19 Jun 2015

Hi everyone. I have just joined up! I would really appreciate any info and help you could give me on rhinoplasty. I have always been unhappy with my nose but I am very keen to go ahead with surgery. I am getting married next year and would love to have it done before then. I have no experience with cosmetic surgeons and don't know where to start. I would love to have some personal recommendations. My email is Thank you in advance!


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HarleyK  ·  06 May 2015

Hey guys, I'm looking to get rhinoplasty myself but am having trouble finding a reputable surgeon. Most reviews I've found online sound like advertising so it's hard to distinguish what's real. If anyone has any recommendations or important information could you please contact me at 


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Lillylaur  ·  22 Apr 2015

Thanks for the reply CarolynLund! I would really appreciate details of the surgeon your sister went to, etc, would it possible if your could mail me same? My email is : . I would be so grateful for your time, thanks in advance :)


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CarolynLund  ·  20 Apr 2015

Hi Lillylaur, I think I can give you some information regarding Rhinoplasty. The average cost would be around $5,500. I havn't had one, but my sister has had it a year ago. She did research around 5-6 months for finding a good surgeon and at last found one she wanted. Her nose was kind of little swollen after the surgery for few days but the result was worth it. Do some research and make sure that you get the right surgeon. 



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Lillylaur  ·  09 Apr 2015

Hey guys, I too hope to get this surgery some day, been wanting it since I was 12 ! Turning 26 this year and think its about time cause it bothers me so much. Anyway, was just wondering if ye know what the going cost is for open rhinplasty? I must do alot research yet and meet consultants so I want to know what to expect. I am from Cork so if ye know of places there would be great to know. Also would not mind if I had to go to Dublin. Thanks and best of luck to all :)


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BULLET147  ·  07 Apr 2015

Hi Greeneyes. I hope it goes well for you on the 9th. If you could let me know how you get on I would really appreciate it


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Keraz  ·  02 Apr 2015

Hi Greeneyes. Best of luck on the 9th.. hope it goes perfectly!  Would you mind emailing me the details of your surgeon? I'm still at the info gathering stage so would appreciate any info you learned getting to this stage. Email is


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Greeneyes2  ·  30 Mar 2015

Hi I was suppose to have Rhinoplasty today but surgeon was unwell and surgery cancelled, to say I was disappointed and hungry(!!) was an understatement but these things happen and I am glad my doctor made the decision if he is unwell. He actually contacted me himself this morning so I didnt end travelling to hospital etc. I trust this doctor and surgery now scheduled for the 9th April, i cant wait.


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BULLET147  ·  21 Mar 2015

Hi Everyone,

As with all of you, I am having a hard time finding a surgeon that is reputable and nearby my area. Can anybody provide me with information regarding their own experience and the surgery that the had this operation performed. I too am living in Cork so nearby would suit. But I'm concerned about finding the right surgeon. If somebody is kind generous enough to share their info with me I would be so appreciative. My email is

Thanks all


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Greeneyes2  ·  18 Mar 2015

I will keep you posted. I am excited but very nervous but going for it, I have final appointmenr surgeon this Friday so need to have all my questions etc in order, any suggestions of questions to ask I would be grateful to hear. Thanks.


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flyer81  ·  16 Mar 2015

Hi Green eyes ,I would love to hear how you get on . I plan to get mine done in May and am extremely nervous. Best of luck with the surgery :) 


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Greeneyes2  ·  14 Mar 2015

Ok have date for surgery, am so nervous, hope it all goes to plan..I have no problem emailing about my experience if people want. Its in little under 3 wks.


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surgerydubai  ·  13 Mar 2015

I had my surgery in Dubai about a week ago and very happy with results – i got perfect (full open rhino, remove dorsal hump and reshape tip)... I had shop around for 5 month to find right surgeon. I mainly chose the surgeon because I feel comfortable with him and very good imaging done. My advice for you is to consult with all and go with your gut. Do your research, have your consults... and good luckLaughing


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big tree  ·  02 Feb 2015

Would really appreciate your recommendations for rhinoplasty surgeons in Dublin. Email me at Thanks in advance!


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derp  ·  01 Feb 2015

I forgot to leave my email address in my previous comment. As I said, I'm looking for info about rhinoplasty in the Beacon, Dublin, from anyone who has went there. Namely price of the procedure. Thanks very much.I can be contacted at 


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Greeneyes2  ·  14 Jan 2015

Hi I have decided to get the surgery this year, if there is anyone out there with genuine recommendation please contact me at

Thanks ever so much. 


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derp  ·  13 Jan 2015

Hey everyone, I'm determined to save up and get rhinoplasty surgery this year (I previously broke my nose in an accident) and I'm hoping someone can help me. From the research I have done I have heard good things about the surgeon in The Beacon, Dublin. Has anyone had surgery there before, or is about to? I cannot find any information on the cost of rhinoplasty in the Beacon anywhere, so if anyone has any information about the cost I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


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Silkyday  ·  11 Jan 2015

Hi all. I am determined that this year I will get a rhinoplasty, having put it off for 15 years. Why is there no reviews to be had all across the internet? You are told to research the surgeons but how can you when all that exists is advertising and even in the forums nobody commits to an opinion about one? The nose clinic seems to have put a lot of work into their website and blog but can anyone vouch for their surgeon? I would really appreciate it if you could share your experience of rhinoplasty with me and point me towards a trusted surgeon or away from a charlatan! Many thanks.


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TracyDoll  ·  08 Jan 2015

Hi flyer81, I'm a resident of Dublin and only last year I've moved to Toronto. Yes, it is very hard to find a good rhinoplasty surgeon in Dublin. Even you find one; it is hard to find a genuine review about them online. I had a nose septum correction to be done and had been searching for a good surgeon but failed to find one which also suits my comfort level. Those which were good enough are too expensive to handle. I got a promotion from my job and I had to move to Toronto last year. I must say that I'm lucky enough to get the placement here, as you could find some of the best surgeons here in this city. In Nov, by end, I had my correction surgery and I'm comfortable now with my breathing. I would need to take care of my nose for couple more months, and then I hope everything will be normal. 


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flyer81  ·  30 Nov 2014

Hi Supermom87 , 

Finding it hard to locate a good reputable rhinoplasty surgeon in Dublin . Could you please email me the name of the surgeon who did the revision surgery please and details . My email address is  Thanks:) 


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flyer81  ·  26 Nov 2014

Hi ST087281. Was thinking of getting rhinoplasty done on a Dublin but unsure of were to go.  Could you please give information regarding where you got your procedure done. I am only new to this forum. My email address is  Thanks 


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Hall  ·  28 Oct 2014

For nose smaller with out surgical try nose right tool works best, its a tool that reshapes your nose originally developed for trauma patients. 


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rhinoplasty allure63  ·  22 Sep 2014

Rhinoplasty reduces the size of the framework of the nose over which the skin is draped. The skin itself is not touched


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st087281  ·  21 Aug 2014


I got septorhinoplasty in Dublin in june 2013. My nose was broken and crooked from an accident years earlier. It was the worst decision of my life. My nose is bigger, more crooked and deformed at the tip, I have gone to several consultants and they say i will need to get rib cartilage to improve my existing nose. Please be careful who you go to.


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Keyy  ·  19 Jul 2014

Hey everyone, I'm a 19 year old, have always lacked confidence in myself due to my very long nose and would really appreciate someone's advice as to the best surgeon to consult with in northern Ireland/republic of Ireland. 

Email - 


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Molly123  ·  23 Jun 2014

It is no secret that many times people are not satisfied with their plastic surgery results. But the good news is that most of the procedures can now be revised. I had my first rhinoplasty surgery from US and I was very unhappy with the result. But instead of mourning over it I decided to correct my nose. After a year I got a revision rhinoplasty procedure at Toronto. This time the result lived upto my expectation. I wish I had gone to this surgeon the first time.


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alibear92  ·  08 Jun 2014

Hi guys,

I'm 21years old and have hated the bump on my nose since i was 12. I'm finding it difficult to get much information about which doctor/surgeon people recommend in the Dublin area. If anyone has anyone information on who to go to or generally how their own rhinoplasty experience went I would appreciate it. I am just looking to get the bump removed - no tip reshaping as I don't want to look different from the front. Please email me.

Thanks in advance



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samanta33  ·  24 May 2014

Congratulations for your new nose. People tend to say that when a nose had been operated it´s very difficult to correct.


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Supermom87  ·  11 May 2014

I had a nose job 5 years ago and was really unhappy with the tip. I went to see a surgeon in Dublin about my problem and he did a revision rhinoplasty for me last September. I am absolutely thrilled with my new nose. I am getting married this summer and i wanted my nose to look  great in the photos. Wish I had gone to this surgeon in the first place.


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JT85  ·  06 May 2014

Re Melissa

Hi Melissa, sorry to hear you're unhappy with the results, I've heard it takes up to a year for the swelling to go down so you might have to wait a few months to see the results!


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Melissa Nestor  ·  05 May 2014

I got rhinoplasty to remove a hump on my nose, now I actually wish I'd never done it. This nose looks longer and kinda like a "hoo" nose. I'm not sure if I'm just very over critical about my nose, or if it does actually look bad and big. I also can't breath our of my nose. I want to get another procedure but everyone I ask say I'm crazy and i shouldn't.


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sarahdelee  ·  29 Mar 2014

Hi guys,

While choosing a surgeon to get the nosejob done, make sure that he/she has the medical certification and license to perform the same. I happened to read in a cosmetic surgery information blog about a woman who had been performing plastic surgery at her home secretly since 7 years without a medical certification or license. This is very very dangerous which could even lead to death. So be wise in choosing the right place!

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