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Aimeeh  ·  20 Sep 2017

Hi LadyG,

I'd be really interested in knowing which surgeon you will be attending in London.

Would you mind dropping me a mail at It would be much appreciated. 



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Flo  ·  07 Sep 2017

Hi Ciana, I think I'm booked in with the surgeon you used in Nov. Can you forward his details to me so I can confirm.


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LadyG  ·  06 Sep 2017

It is always interesting to read reviews and look at the words and phrases used in them - I did notice very similar phrases - almost cliches used in a number of reviews - I would advise you to read the reviews relating to the surgeon you are considering carefully- it's so difficult to know who actually posts these - wish someone had given me this advice 


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2k1  ·  06 Sep 2017

Hi @bullet147 could you send me info I life in Cork and looking for good surgeon


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Sinéad McConn-1r  ·  04 Sep 2017

Hi Ciana,

Please can you email me the details of the surgeon.


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Nife8889  ·  30 Aug 2017


I am very interested to hear about your circumstances op.  Would you mind contacting me on

I am finding it difficult to speak directly to anyone who has had a Rhinoplasty operation in Ireland.  I would really appreciate your advice and opinion



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LadyG  ·  30 Aug 2017


I did not have the successful outcome described by Ciana - it's important to carefully consider all options- I'm going for revision in London.


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Jem80  ·  28 Aug 2017

Hi Ciana, would you mind sending me on an update of your progress or any other information you may have. My email is

I think I had a consultation with the same surgeon but I didn't go through with the surgery in the end as I was a bit skeptical of all the positive reviews posted. There's no pics with any of them or follow up comments so I was concerned as to how genuine they were. Also I find the whole psych evaluation thing a bit of a rip off. Any info you have would be much appreciated. Thanks 


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Tazza40  ·  01 Aug 2017

Dpm, could you please email me all the details of your surgeon, and the cost of the procedure.Thank you. My e-mail is 😉


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LadyG  ·  31 Jul 2017

That is good, however , I am going to London for revision with a surgeon as Irish surgeon did not prove successful- so I think it is important all avenues are explored.


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DPM  ·  31 Jul 2017

Thanks so much for posting... I am so glad to hear it went so well, bet you are so happy you are on the other side now.

I'm considering getting it done early next year abroad but am so nervous because the surgeon didn't hold back on the fact that he cannot guarantee how it may look. 

Do you think one week off work is enough? 


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ciana  ·  22 Jul 2017


I am  post op and felt that I should post here as I really wanted advice all last year in Dublin.... I came across this forum the night before my op and realised that my surgeon was been spoken about and not in a good mannerFrown ..which wasn't great timing!...but my outcome has been fantastic

My experince is-I went for a consultation last year with another surgeon in Dublin-he could do it-cost 5,500-but something did not fit-no issues or concerns explained...seemed wrong and he also does breasts and other surgeries so I didn't go ahead.Like all of you I spent a year trawling the internet and what came up in all review in all countries was not to go with PS's but surgeons who speacialise in ENT also.

I went with the surgeon who asks you to do the Psch evaluation in Waterford/Dublin-I agree waste of money and moreso time ...I was clear re why I was getting it and feel my docor's referral if there was concerns would clarify this...anyway apart from that part from the start he was honest re what I could expect-it actually threw me a bit-discussed swelling time it could take to settle etc etc..talked re months rather than weeks....some issues I had really not considered 

By the time I saw him a second time I had loads more questions and  had read loads re swelling and timescale. I asked him honestly woudl it be a success and he siad yes but when I woudl se teh final result eh coudl not answer as everyoen heals differently. I went ahead - I don't know why but I trusted what I had heard and also him as a surgeon. I felt he answered all I asked and did not sugar coat anything-he really gives you good n bad-makes it very realistic.Cost was 7,600 and 300 for psych so near 8,000.

Op went well sore throat first night -went home the next day...had cough sweets that sorted it and after it flew-no issues at all...eating everyting straight away includng drinking tea ,no pain, no numbness..nothing...not what  I hadexpected...I had loads of soft food , straws etc purchased..all binned . Some bruising around the eyes and cheeks-clear after the week.

When I went to get the cast off I was well prepared for this schedule of swelling but I was so pleased with the result and this was on the day the cast came off! Was there swelling...yes a little but tbh I could have walked into work/met friends. It is swollen at the tip and is slightly bigger than  I would like but it far exceeds my expectations and I know as each day/wekk passes this is reducing.To be that happy after a week is not what I expected at all and I wish I had done this much sooner.I could easily go to any event etc and even with a bit of swelling it looks so much better friends/family  are really surprised...I think you get what you pay for .


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Keanocar  ·  18 Jul 2017

Bullet147 I forgot to include my email address


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Keanocar  ·  16 Jul 2017

Hi bullet147 could you also send me any info you have please? Surgeon recommendation, price? I don't want telling too many people about having it so for how long will I be house bound after surgery? Also are the follow up appointments much time after surgery? I'm going travelling towards the end of the year so would only be around for 3 months afterwards


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Nife8889  ·  13 Jul 2017

Unfortunately I have posted questions regarding Rhinoplasty in Ireland and have not had any replies. I'm wondering if perhaps this forum is now closed???


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Allnamesused  ·  11 Jul 2017

Hi everyone

Thinking of getting Rhinoplasty done in ireland. Can anyone recommend a good specialist and whats the average price of procedure to be done. Tks 😊


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DPM  ·  05 Jul 2017

Hi all.... I'd love to hear about your experiences with Rhinoplasty and if there are any recommendations you have for Irish based Surgeons or ones abroad. It's hard to find information online. 

Thanks so much!! 


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Visk83  ·  29 Jun 2017

Hey, great info, can you please send me more details on I found a post on about some good surgeon from another forum but it seems that there were some changes there so I would like to go to Cork, and I would really appreciate your input. Cheers


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Lala123  ·  08 Jun 2017

Hi bullet147,

I would love to hear about your experience in cork. Could you email me on Thanks 


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Bubbly  ·  27 May 2017


Could you please send to me too. Thank you


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Sue k  ·  05 May 2017

Bullet please forward details on too me too

pretty please


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M1993  ·  04 May 2017

Hi bullet147

Could you please send me any information you have with regards to surgeon and cost etc. Thanks

my email is 


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Sue k  ·  28 Apr 2017

Hi bullet147, I would really appreciate if u could send me ur surgeons details, he sounds really good


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xxStarxx  ·  29 Mar 2017

Hi Bullet147,

Could you please e-mail me on the name of your surgeon.

Would be very grateful for a reply


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Katie87  ·  28 Mar 2017

Hi Bullet147,

Can you please email me the details of your surgeon?

Many thanks!


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Barnsy  ·  20 Mar 2017

I have wanted this operation done for years now as my nose has affected my confidence for a long time now. I am seriously considering getting rhinoplasty done this year and would like some more informaton. bullet147 could you send me on the info on your surgeon in Cork? how much did this cost? If anyone else has any other info that may be helpful or can share their experiences could you please send me an email. 


Thanks ('',)


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Nife8889  ·  15 Mar 2017


I am currently considering Rhinoplasty and feel I really need some sound advice from someone whose already been there and done that!

I'm an older lady whose life has been inhibited by the size of my nose. My main concerns are 

1. How do I tell family and friends about my operation?

2. Will the results live up to expectations?  I just really want to feel and look 'normal' (at the minute I feel like a bit of a freak show)?

3. How do I choose the right surgeon? 

Any feedback would be so welcome.

My contact email is


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Nife8889  ·  14 Mar 2017

I would really welcome some feedback on how you felt post rhinoplasty

What were others reactions?  How did you approach the subject with others, or did you say nothing?

Any advice would be much welcomed



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M Lyons213  ·  13 Mar 2017

Hi Bullet147,

Would you mind emailing me the name of your surgeon. My email is

If you ahve any other info about your experience I'd really appreciate it, I don't really know where to start!

Thanks a mil


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Aimeeh  ·  12 Mar 2017

Hi Bullet147,

If you don't mind, could you please email me the name of your surgeon.

my email is

many thanks


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Danielle729  ·  11 Mar 2017

Hi Bullet, Just wondering if you could email me the name of your surgeon in Cork? I went to the surgeon in Waterford for a consultation, but now I'm not sure if I should go with him!


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Miami87  ·  09 Mar 2017

Hi Bullet147

Could you please forward me on the name of your surgeon in Cork. Really want to find someone reputable. 

My email is:



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LadyG  ·  06 Mar 2017

Going to someone in London for revision...


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Laura Hartin968  ·  06 Mar 2017

Bullet147, could you please send me on the name of your surgeon in Cork?

My email is


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jenny coote105  ·  06 Mar 2017

I am going to have rhinoplasty. does anyone have any information on a good surgeons in ireland thanks.


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MaryCrow  ·  27 Feb 2017


I had septoplasty carried out in 2014 to fix a deviated septum. I have had no improvement in my breathing and my nose now appears more crooked. I am now considering revision septoplasty and would be very grateful for any recommendations of surgeons. My email is, many thanks.


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BULLET147  ·  24 Feb 2017

Hi Evelyn87, I messaged you back on realself


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evelyn87  ·  23 Feb 2017

Bullet147, could you please forward me your surgeon? I think I messaged you on realself. I don't want to give out my email, but I'll message again on realself in case you reply. 

Anyone found a good surgeon in Ireland? I need revision surgery : (


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Gav213  ·  22 Feb 2017

Has anyone had experience with aesthetic surgery Ireland??


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KraSmith989  ·  20 Feb 2017

Hi Bullet147 or anyone else, 

Could you send me the name of the surgeon you went to please, this would mean the world to me I am terrified.



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