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(Tuesday, 21st Apr, 2015)

Full Medical Examination - Where?

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Anonymous  ·  26 Sep 2004
The best free medical test you can get is by ringing up an insurance company. Tell them you want to take out a mortage protection,they'll send you for a full medical,and I mean a full medical.This medical won't even cost you, and the GP will give you a fair idea before you leave if there is anything wrong with you.

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Anonymous  ·  07 Sep 2004
My partner gets a full medical check up every year at our GP's - like above it is a Medical Centre where there are about 5 different GP's and a practice nurse - he goes in fasting - however we live in Dublin - I don't know about other parts of the country. I'm not sure if these tests may be also available at St.James' Hospital?

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Anonymous  ·  06 Sep 2004
Your best option here is go to a Medical Clinic where the G.P. has a Practice Nurse. You need to make an appointment first with the doctor and he/she should be able to give you a follow-up appointment with their Nurse for full blood tests. For cholesterol test, you need to fast 10 - 12 hours before your blood test is taken. The clinic should also be able to advise on ECG; 24-hour blood pressure monitoring. Depending on what part of the Country you are living in, you should be able to find a clinic nearest you in the Golden Pages under Doctors. Good Luck.

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tom (OKG17554)  ·  06 Sep 2004
I can't give you any suggestions but can say that your not the only one,which is why I hav'nt visited my doctor in over 5 years.I always felt like i was on a production line,2 minutes of attention and then I was out the door.It's very difficult not to feel cynical about GP's,it seems to me their primary concern is to get the fee and be rid of the patient.I hope you get the info you need.

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Anonymous  ·  04 Sep 2004
I've been meaning to do this for a while now but keppt finding it hard to find one.
Where can i get a full medical examination?
I mean one that tests your general state of health eg, lungs, heart, blood tests for cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, prostate etc.
I've visited several GPs over the last few years and asked them to give me a full check up. 'Ah sure your only young' they say and then listen with the stethoscope and thats it. When i mention i was told in the gym that i had high blood pressure they fob that off too. Its happened several times now, so i thnk i might as well just go to a medical center and pay for the works.
Anyone have any ideas where i can go and what it costs? Can any of the money for this be claimed back?
Thanks in advance
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