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Treating thrush with diet

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purple  ·  06 Jan 2010


i use a sensitive liquid from avon, and the wipes. there is nothing as bad a thrush. i remember once i got it so bad i couldnt walk. last year i was bleeding and i couldnt make out what it was from. i had a hysterectomy so i knew it wasnt a period i was getting, so i went to my GP. i got grunnal vangities. its a serious condition, only woman can get it and u have to be put on antiobics for it, no creams nothing like that can get rid of it.


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honbun  ·  30 Dec 2009

Hi I am new to this online discussion thing but have suffered for thrush since I was 19 am 41 on saturday. I followed a strict diet 12 years ago and got it under control, but in the last few years have suffered headaches body aches thrush on and off and now panic/anxiety attacks. Alcohol wine cheese chocolate sugarey foods are definintely what triggers it. Am interested in trying diet starting today. I value other peoples comments because I feel doctors dont really understand it


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Selina (Rumbo)  ·  26 Aug 2005
Hi there, You will find that after a while if you stay away from yeast, mushrooms and caffeine your thrush should disappear. I visited a homeopath 2 years ago and was put on a very strict detox for about 4 months and since then I have tryed to stay away from gluten, cows milk, malt, sugar, yeast and mushrooms. I find that if I have yeast, coffee or mushrooms the problem does flare up again. I bought a great book written by two Dublin teenagers called "What to Eat When you Can't Eat Anything" and it is excellent. Oh and Kallo definately make yeast free vegetable and beef stock cubes.

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knickers  ·  10 Dec 2004
Hi I too treated the thrush with diet and supplements. I read Hard to Stomach and got another books from the library "Could yeast be your problem?". I took all the info on board and tried the diet and supplements (something to kill yeast I can't remember the name of it off hand but you'd get it in any health food shop, acidolophis, garlic) & I came off the pill too. I didn't stick to the plan long enough but I can tell you that for 10 days it worked. As a result I find that now I notice much more what triggers my problem - red wine for example and am much more aware of what I eat. I do intend to go back on the diet & stick to it this time but be aware that its not easy so plan it, timing is important. Also if you are a tea/coffee drinker try to wean yourself off it slowly over say 2 weeks before you start the diet, so you don't go into cold turkey & get the shakes like I did !!

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Anonymous  ·  01 Dec 2004
The only advice I can give you is to try the diet. Buy the book I mentioned above (hard to stomach) or something similar & perhaps book an appointment with an alternative practitioner to have the tests done for yeast overgrowth, dysbiosis etc., All I can say is that, like you, I was getting constant thrush & other fungal infections. The diet was not easy but it worked! I haven't had a bout of thrush since (or anything else yeast/fungal related) and I haven't looked back. I think following the diet for a short while is a small price to pay for such long term relief. Good luck with it!

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Anonymous  ·  30 Nov 2004
I cant beleive im not alone on this im at my wits end i have recurrent thrush for over 5 years, my doc keeps giving me diflucan and cremas but nothing is working at this stage i dont think he can do anything for me. The diet sounds so hard. Im just afraid that its not Thrush and its something more sersious...Can anyone help me.....!

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Anonymous  ·  08 Jul 2004
Both. It sounds as if you have done really well on the diet. I often find that that initial energy surge that people get when they start to eat healthily appears to dip after a while but then evens out. I'm not sure whether it's a real phenomenon or an apparent one. You shouldn't feel disappointed as you have succeeded in clearing your yeast and fungal overgrowth. Keep up the good work!

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Anonymous  ·  07 Jul 2004
I was interested to read of your experience with this diet. I am the person who originally posted. Since posting I too have come off the diet but did stick to it rididly for 3 weeks. Although I am off it now I am still sticking to all the main principles - and as you say, I am now having all fruit, some carbs (brown rice) and wholemeal bread (mainly the yeast free type). I have stayed off alcohol & sweet things. So far I haven't had any return of thrush or athlete's foot .. but I have noticed a dip in my energy levels which had started to increase quite noticeably. This has disappointed me. I would be grateful for any further advice you can give on the problem. Are you a GP/Alternative practitioner?

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Anonymous  ·  07 Jul 2004
I see a lot of women with recurrent thrush for whom conventional medicine has failed. I have tried some on John McKenna's dysbiosis diet but - as some of the posters above say - it is very difficult indeed to stick to and many just give up. However, I have seen very good result with just stopping all processed foods -sugars, white flour etc, and allowing all fruit, vegetables and natural foods, wholemeal bread (including yeast). I advise stopping alcohol, but one or two women have found that they can drink a lager that's suitable for diabetics (can't recall the name offhand) without any problem. I save the really prohibitive diet for those not responding to this simple healthy one.

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bernie (VKP15348)  ·  06 Jul 2004
I used the diet approx 18 months ago - in desperation really as I too had ttried numerous medications. It was dificult at the start but the bloated tired feeling started to go within the first week. I drank huge amounts of water to flush out the toxins from the thrush/candida breaking down. during the second week I felt worse and my breath, sweat etc became quite fetid. By the end of the first month however I felt great, had lost that bloated feeling and the thrush and athletes foot had gone, my taste for sweet things had vanished so much so that even now the taste of coke is repulsive - I cannt beleive I once enjoyed it. I find now that white bread is dinamite for encouraging thrush and regular live yogurt helps. The irritable bowel diagnosed 10 yrs ago has gone. I'm not as rigid as I was, but couldn't ever eat as much refined carbo as I once did.

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Anonymous  ·  26 Jun 2004
I have suffered with thrush for most of my adult life. I tried all the diets, cut out alcohol and starchy foods etc., but no joy. I was recently diagnosed with depression and I now take anti-depressants. Three months into the course the thrush disappeared. I had read that it was stress related and now firmly believe this. I have never felt better and thankfully no thrush.

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Anonymous  ·  17 Jun 2004
I have found that alcohol definitely makes my thrush 'flare up' - particularly beer & wine. I have had Athlete's Foot & fungal nail infections & have been told both are direct causes of having a yeast overgrowth in my digestive system. Scary, isn't it! Yes, the diet allows you to eat meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc., basically anything that isn't processed or marinated in anything you can't have. You will find that after you get over the initial "shock" of not having your usual foods & any side effects/cravings you won't feel that hungry. That really surprised me as I thought I'd be starving. Interestingly my sugar cravings have completely disappeared since following the diet too. Long may that last. As I said before I can't recommend it highly enough (although obviously I haven't finished the regime yet myself - just half way through it). I will keep you posted & maybe you can do the same - would love to hear about your progress. Either post here or you can email me at Good luck!

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Anonymous  ·  17 Jun 2004
N here again. Yes you are allowed meat but nothing processed, book recommends organic where possible. As for athletes foot, yep get that too & I definitely think its all related. Can't say for sure what food stuffs make me worse but thats great if you already know wine affects you, go off it for a while & re-introduce in a few weeks ?

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Anonymous  ·  17 Jun 2004
Thanks for your reply re. book. When you mentioned other fungal infections, I also suffer from Athletes Foot, and it is all probably related. I am really suffering today, as I had a glass of wine last night. Did anyone find that alcohol and in particular wine made it worse. Are you allowed meat on the diet.

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Anonymous  ·  17 Jun 2004
Hi I bought the Hard to Stomach book a few weeks ago, recurrent thrush also, and am going to start the diet next week (I came off in the pill in the mean time as this can add to problem). Would be interested in knowing how you are getting on over the next week or two. Can you post update ? Thanks N.

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Sallyanne (equip)  ·  16 Jun 2004
Dear Anonymous,

I had heard of the Candida diet before but didn't know much about it. I bought a book called "Hard to Stomach: Real Solutions to Your Digestive Problems" by Dr John McKenna. I found it very good. He goes through different digestive disorders (fermentation, dysbiosis, etc) & the various side effects each has. The fermentation diet he outlines seems the exact same as the candida diet. I suffered with recurrent thrush & other fungal infections too. The diet is no easy ride though! It has practically no carbs (apart from veg), no starchy veg (corn, peas, etc.), no dairy (apart from live yogurt), no yeast, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol. Surf the net for Candida Albicans & see what you find & perhaps check out your local library for the above book before you decide to buy it. I am on my second week of the diet now - so far so good! The cravings/headaches in the first couple of days were hard but I'm flying now. Good luck with it!

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Anonymous  ·  16 Jun 2004
I suffer from thrush for years. Up to now, I have found that acidophullus has helped with the problem, but this doesnt seem to work anymore. I find the biggest cause of thrush for me is alcohol, especially wine. I am very interested in the diet mentioned here. I was wondering where could I get a copy of it. I would appreciate if anyone could let me know.

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Anonymous  ·  16 Jun 2004
Many thanks to you both for replying.

John - can I ask you some questions? How long did you stay on the diet for in total? And how long before you felt substantially better? As for the soda bread recipe, is it just a regular soda bread recipe except substituting the flour for Spelt flour?

I'm into my 2nd week of the diet now & so far so good. Actually I'm feeling a lot better already although I still find I am fatigued getting up in the morning (apparently this is something to do with a fermentation process going on in my digestive system which leaves you feeling 'drugged'). I'm hoping this will pass.

I have stuck with the diet rigidly in everything I have eaten - except I did have one blip. I made soup with an organic stock cube that I thought was ok but discovered afterwards that it had yeast extract in it. I was gutted, especially as I've been trying so hard. Just wondering if this one blip would be enough to have scuppered all my hard work - any ideas?

If there is anything else you recommend I do I would much appreciate it. I have been using ground linseeds to combat any associated constipation & I can't believe how well they are working.

And so - onwards and upwards - let's hope I'm feeling a whole lot better in the coming weeks.

Thanks again!


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John (jonmac)  ·  16 Jun 2004
I had a related problem with Candida, and cut out all of the contributing foods. It took some doing, but I feel so much better I can't believe how bad I was. I also suffered badly after eating white bread, and for the past 6 weeks or so, I've been baking my own soda bread using Spelt flour, available through some health food shops. This is helpful for gluten and grain intolerant people, and it also solves the fibre problem, as I now have no problem with the colitis I was diagnosed with late last year. All I can say is if you don't feel well, it's worth sticking with the diet as the detox element will work wonders for your well-being, and in 2 to 3 weeks you should begin to feel the difference.

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Eimear (ciramcd)  ·  12 Jun 2004
No I have used this diet to specifically treat thrusch but am very aware of it. I do not have have thrush thought maybe I had sytemic candida. Cutting out carbs and sugar definitely works as I did a lot of research on the diet. It actually is very similar to the Atkins diet. After what is termed die off and your addiction to sugar goes you will have more energy and the if you have fatigue it will also go. My neighbour used it to treat her thrush and it cleared up completely. Look up candida on the net and you will find loads of support sites. (thrush is a form of candida).

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Anonymous  ·  11 Jun 2004
Has anyone treated recurrent thrush through their diet?

I have had thrush almost the entire time since mid April & despite 5 courses of Diflucan, canestan cream & pessaries, live yogurt, tea tree, probiotics & acidopholus it keeps reoccurring.

The last course of Diflucan seems to have more or less cleared it up & now my Dr has suggested I treat it with a diet. I started this on Monday. It is extremely strict - I'm not allowed most starchy food (which includes most carbs), no sugar-rich foods, no yeast-rich foods, no processed foods, no dairy, no caffeine & the only three fruits I can have are grapefruit, rhubarb and papaya!

I have been on the diet for a work & although I had awful withdrawal symptoms for the first day or too, I'm okay now. I have to stick strictly to it for a month and then wean myself back on certain foods. The idea is to completely kill off the fungi.

I'm just wondering has anyone else been successful in using a similar approach? I don't mind doing this if ultimately it works - but it's so strict that I need to know it will!!!

If you have followed it - have you any tips for not getting constipated while doing it? My body is badly missing carbs & fibre for bulk!!! Also, how did you feel afterwards - great, ok or just the same?

If anyone else has any tips for beating thrush long term, please please let me know.


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