At what age do men lose interest in sex?

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nicola101  ·  09 Apr 2017

Can I say I'm a 36 year old professional woman with a very low sex drive,I'm considered attractive,caring,intelligent. I'm going on a date tomorrow hoping my 50 year old prospective boyfriend could cope with regular sex once a week. The last time I'd sex I was 29 I was lucky enough my last boyfriend had ED so the most we could do was very basic. I've never had a high sex drive it's just boring to me compared to what I can do for myself it's not intimacy to me at all... I fully respect anybody that needs it but why fight it constantly putting high libido up as a marker of worth and self esteem,I'm happy in myself by the sounds of the highs and lows I've had friends really hungry for it then ten years in have zero desire at all,least I can promise saturday morning or evening make your move of I'm reclaiming my brains for other things until next week, all this it's about  staying young nonsense pff just find your equal,enjoy it and hope it lasts.

I think men and women both are similar.


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Louise Philbin087  ·  18 Oct 2014

To the people saying women lose interest in sex after 40 - wow! We must be living on different planets. My friends and I are (almost) all in our 40s. I'm definitely at my sexual peak, which has shown no sign of nadir yet. Most of my friends are busily having babies, and the ones who aren't appear to be busily practising. 

We are all much more interested in sex, and enjoying it more, than we ever have in our lives. I only know of one who has gone off sex with her husband, rather than off sex itself. Perhaps the women you mention just don't like the sex they've been having, rather than not liking sex itself.

Are the women in their 40s you know unhealthy? Anyone who is obese or has some other worrisome medical condition may not be interested in sexual intercourse. At age 40 there is no reason to let yourself fall apart. People are not only looking better into their later years these days - they can be healthier, too.


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mikecork  ·  02 Jan 2014

Well I'm 25 and gone off sex. Don't know you just in the last year. Not interested


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Anonymous  ·  26 Jan 2012

Mad, he really should see his GP, you could go with hom for support or he could go on his own. It may be a hormonal problem - blood tests will help diagnose and there is medication which can help or he may be affected by stress or by other meds he is on.


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Madforit  ·  10 Jan 2012

I'm a 35 year old female. My partner is 47. We haven't had sex in two years because he has lost his sex drive. Apart from missing making love to him, I very much want a child and am worried about my age. I don't think it's the pressure of me wanting to have a child is what's putting him off. He lost his sex drive way before I ever mentioned it. Plus he insists that he adores me and does want kids. Can anyone out there help? I'm desperate!


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caliban  ·  05 Aug 2010

Men only lose interest in sex when they're about 6 years dead !!


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Anonymous  ·  03 Aug 2010

Just4me, there is absolutely NO medical justification whatsoever for routine circumcision. No medical authority anywhere in any developed country in the world supports it and most completely oppose it on medical grounds alone. Removing a perfectly healthy functioning part of the male antomy is medically unsupported, risky, harmful and unethical - PERIOD.

The soltion for the removla of bacteria is WASHING. Would you advocate the removal of healthy teeth to prevent plaque build-up? Of course you wouldn't - you'd brush them.


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Just Me4  ·  30 Jul 2010

Hi, I and my wife in our 80's had good sex life. Unfortunatel she died some years ago. So that put an end to a happy life style.

On another topic is it better that a man be circumcised for hygienic reasons. If you do not shower daily then bacteria builds up under foreskin, Right or wrong. JustMe4 


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Straighttalker  ·  30 Jul 2010


surely thou jest?  Most men only lose it in the box and some not even then!!


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purple  ·  26 Jul 2010


r u on any medication? my hubby is on meds and he found it hard to have sex. i had to make him go to see our gp as it took nearly a year before we had sex. my gp gave him the same meds as you got and it worked.


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nikki  ·  26 Jul 2010

I am 56year old male. Up to a year ago I always had a good sex drive, however for the last year I just dont seem to have any interest at all.  My doctor gave me ciallis, and this will give me an erection, but my problem really is the total lack of interes in sex. Could I have a low testosterone level. Any suggestions welcome.


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Seaotter  ·  16 Nov 2006
Well into our 60's, my wife and I enjoyed a great sex life. The touching, stroking, gentle massages, soft kisses...ah, such pleasure! The final act of the passion play is far less important than the closeness that goes before. Sex used to be a 5 minute affair and now may take half an hour. Patience is rewarded!
Now, I am having some problems with ED and am working with my GP to see if the problem is tractable to modern medicine [not just a V-pill!]. He says that the pituitary gland is very important in this problem and that he wants an MRI to see what is going on there. In his view, 75-85 years of age is no bar to healthy sexual function. Look at Abram and Sariah in Genesis!

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Anonymous  ·  15 Nov 2006
Actually, Anonymous, my friends find that no longer having to think about contraceptive protection (being past the age where thay can concieve) this frees them up so much more to enjoy their sex life. I can't think why they would lie about it. Afterall, if anything, if they were having difficulties in that line, all they would be offered is help, understanding and advice. We have known each for years and years.

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Anonymous  ·  15 Nov 2006
Well,thats great but are you sure your friends are being honest.
For many women, once they either go past the time for having children they loose interest in sex.
Your views and those of your friends are 1 thing and my views and those of my friends are another.
Neither group is right or wrong but it goes to show that there are at least 2 groups of women out there and none of us are to say which is right or wrong. Both approaches are personal choice, thats all

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Anonymous  ·  13 Nov 2006
Gosh Angela, I don't know how many women you know in their 40's and 50's, but in my own circle, we all seem to be enjoying a healthy active sex life (we're late 40's to late 50's). We've gone as far in our careers as we're likely to go, we're free of the stress caring for babies and small children and our financial worries, for the most part, are behind us so maybe that frees us somewhat.
As for men learning to curb it - I can't say I'd like if my husband did that as for me, it still is a big deal.

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Angela  ·  10 Nov 2006
Most women over 40 lose interest in sex.
Its not the menopause that causes this, its just not seen as a big deal.
I can say with certainty that all the women I know from 40 to late 50\'s are no longer having an active sex life. Maybe its to do with raising children, stress whatever but thats the way it is.
As for men, they never loose their libido but they do learn to curb it.
They don\'t have a great deal of choice, when you think about it!!!

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Anonymous  ·  03 Nov 2006
While it's true Sean that menopausal women can have difficulty with sex and this is usually resolved with medical treatment - that is generally occurs around mid to late 50's
But if a women as young as 41 or 42 is losing interest in sex that is significant of another deeper problem, either medical or more likely in the relationship.
An honest, open frank discussion might be a good idea or relationship counselling may help.
Bear in mind too that some women, especially smokers go off he pill at around 40 and (assuming they don't want children at that point) may have difficulty finding a contraceptive to suit until they reach menopause and that can present a huge barrier to sex.

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Seanmac  ·  03 Nov 2006
I am 64 and still interested in sex, and able to perform without any chemical aids. However it is my experience, and that of my male friends that most women lose interest when they pass 40.

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Anonymous  ·  08 Jul 2006
my partner is 75 and he's quite able-- except when he was ill he's never had a problem-- I should think any man would want to see the doctor if getting an erection was becoming difficult because that could clearly be indicative of another, greater health issue.

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sea otter  ·  13 Dec 2005
There seems to be some misunderstanding of what "interest in sex" really means. The male eye seems attracted to the right shape even to near-death! But, many of us will suffer some lack of hormones or poor blood circulation, or some other physical defect that will affect our ability to "rise to the occasion". A bad case of the limp tool is pretty devastating and frustrating. When it happens often, men will just give up and not try. We might still look at the right skirt, but just grit our teeth and order another pint if we are convinced that the fun is all over. My experience has been that a visit with an endocrinologist, some lab work and the proper meds can restore a great deal of lost function. It's really not a matter of age.

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Rob  ·  10 Dec 2005
Patricia you are right on both counts, R has no bussiness making that remark at the end of his posting, what else is this type of website for except to discuss problems in the hope someone else can help. Also if everyone signs themselves as anonomous it would be impossible to carry on conversation.
To all the anonononmusses out there--- Please use some name, even if it is not your own.

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Anonymous  ·  08 Nov 2005
R, I think your posting was rather unkind. The guys were just looking for some help.

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Patricia (GMC11099)  ·  03 Nov 2005
Never! I have to agree with the two "anonymouses" (any chance of the anons getting a nickname so we can call you all something rather than "anon").
Men never lose interest in sex, ever. Men may encounter difficulties due to illnesses, certain types of medication, for blood pressure, for example, extreme exhaustion, but lose interest.....they sure don't.

Men may lose interest in a wife/partner, but that is a different matter.


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carol (UCA20270)  ·  26 Oct 2005
hi,i dont think men ever lose their sex drive, in fact, i think a man is in his prime at 50? if he does lose interest it may be due to poor health etc.

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R  ·  26 Oct 2005
To the man in his thirties with wife and the man aged 27 girlfriedn aged 26.
Maybe you are not good in bed and thats why your partners don't initiate sex with you. They could be bored by what you do. Or they could be getting it elsewhere.
Either way, if you want a good sex life with your partner you really should sit down and communicate with HER!
Your not doing the situation much good by talking to us....

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Anonymous  ·  23 Oct 2005

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Anonymous  ·  22 Oct 2005
Having achieved my 70th year, I wish to comment that libido or sex drive seems to be affected by medications, extra weight, cares at work, alcohol and just about every other thing in life at some time. Men definitely slow down and become less able, experience softness when firmness is needed. A cooperative partner can find ways to compensate for a lot of that. If there is no erection, though, the problem is often as simple as a hormone imbalance that a GP can help correct. [Cialis and Viagra aren't really needed if the body is in balance.] So, if you are having it tough, confess that you need some help and look up the doctor. You and your lady will both be happier.

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Anonymous  ·  12 Jun 2004
never! he may loose interest in the same person he has been with over many years, give him a new model, it will soon wet his appetiate and revive his waning interest However this may not be either possible or a desired route to pursue, he will dream on literally and where is the harm in that , expressing a continuing interest even only in his mind is perfectly acceptable and more power to any man who is able to achieve this free and dare I print this,God given gift.

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Anonymous  ·  11 Jun 2004
To the man in his thirties whose wife has lost interest - you really need to sit down and talk about the reasons for this. Or seek counselling. Has sherecently had a baby or is she scared of gettign pregnant? Does she find sex unsatisfying for some other reason. That kind of strain can put the relationship under huge stress

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Anonymous  ·  10 Jun 2004
I would imagine age has very little to do with it.

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Anonymous  ·  10 Jun 2004
In response to the man with the 26 year old girlfriend and her loss of sex drive: I have just turned 50. In my experience, when I was in my 20's and until I was about 35, I had a very minimal sex drive. I enjoyed sex but, if I didn't have any, I didn't much care. But, once a woman hits 35 and beyond, in general my hormones started to fluctuate and kick into gear. I then and since then have had an insatiable sex drive, so much so that I was worried. Men however, as they get older, don't lose their drive as much as their stamina. So I've found that older women are more physically or sexually suited to younger men whose sex drive is still strong and have alot of need. And older men are more prone to be attracted to a younger woman and not for the reasons you would think. It's not a look thing as much as the fact that girls in the 20's just arent very demanding sexually and often don't mind if there's not much of it. It's a trick of nature but, there you are. Just my opinion which is not to say anyone else feels like me.

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Anonymous  ·  10 Jun 2004
I'm 27 and my partner is 26, we have been in a relationship for the past 7 years. The sex is really good when we do make love but I seem to always be the one who initiates it. She is on the pill and that may contribute to the low sex drive I suppose but lately it seems to be more and more few and far between that we make love, surely a woman does'nt lose interest at 26??

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Anonymous  ·  10 Jun 2004
Try being a man in your mid thirties with a high sex drive and a wife that has no sex drive, once every three or four months if lucky, or under the influence of alcohol.

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Anonymous  ·  10 Jun 2004
I know mayn women in their 60's who have a great sex life - due in part to HRT. If a man is loosing interest as early as 50 he needs to investigate if there are problems with erectile disfunction

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Anonymous  ·  08 Jun 2004
No such thing as 'too faithful' you are either faithful or you are not! I would like to think that you are faithful because of the person they are and the love you have of them as opposed to how many times a week you get it.

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Anonymous  ·  07 Jun 2004
Can I please reverse the question and ask, What age women loose interest in sex at?. Is it at 40 +.

On the other hand I'm in my early fifties and I'd have it every night if it was on offer. I'm in a long standing relationship and I find I'm the one who has to do all the play for pleasure. My problem is I'm to bloody faithful to my partner.

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mary (maurs)  ·  04 Jun 2004
Is it true that after fifty men loose interest in sex?
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