Breast enlargement, your experience?

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Rachel2410  ·  04 Feb 2018

Hi. Has anyone been to or know anyone that has been to the mater private for breast augmentation . Thanks 


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Niamh95  ·  31 Jan 2018


Has anyone been to the Mater private clinic or the hermitage for a breast augmentation? If so how did you find them? Can't find any reviews on them online.


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Larsfenn  ·  17 Aug 2017

Ladies, please do your research before you get breast implants. I have implants 14 years now and have been so sick for the last 5 years. I have felt like I've been loseing my mind trying to figure out what's been wrong with me. I only discovered at the end of june that its most likely being caused my toxic implants. I'm explanting next week. Silicone is toxic, saline implants also have a silicone shell. Your body sees the implants as a toxic foreign object in your body and your immunine system starts to fight them off causing inflammation. Because the source of the problem isn't going away your body will continue to fight them by being in a constant state of inflammation. Also implants break down in your body over time, even if they don't rupture they will weep and the toxic silicone will spread through your body causing chaos. I've suffered from months long headaches, major brain fog, fatigue to the point I can't lift my head,terrible depression,multi joint pain. I feel like a 90 year old at times. Implants are not worth losing your health over. Even if they didn't cause all these symptoms, implants have to be changes every 8 to 10 years. This is not scaremongering, these are the real facts. As mentioned below there are Facebook pages, one being "breast implant illness and healing by Nicole" there are 22'000 women on there from all over the world, with hundreds more women joining weekly. Read all the stories before you decide on implants. Please.❤❤


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Laura123  ·  18 Jul 2017

Hi SuzieJay! Thanks so much for your detailed response! I had a consultation recently in Wicklow and I my main concern now is when I have kids will I be able to breastfeed. The Dr said that every woman is different and its very hard to know. In your experience and the experience of your two relatives who had the provedure done has it stopped you/them from breastfeeding? I would be so grateful for your opinion. Also can I ask you how your scars are now? Many thanks.


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Haley James-Scott  ·  18 Jul 2017

Hi, wish you best luck! I remember how I was nervous before my new boobs. I underwent this surgery in Prague. It was really an adventure. But I am so happy did it. You will feel ereat after surgery. Be prepared for healing, but results will make you more self- confident and happy again. Good luck and keep us updated.


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Lui cse329  ·  14 May 2017

Hi all,

I'm looking for a good BA surgeon in Ireland. I have a very petite body with flat chested. Very skinny type.

I went to one clinic in the east but the surgeon refused to take me for the breast augmentation because I had Macrolane injection before. At the meanwhile, I don't find him professional enough - because I have been doing research for a while, I have some basic knowledge about breast augmentation procedure - pros & cons for different implants. He failed to give me a thorough analysis about the choice of implants.

I wonder is there anyone here have Macrolane injection before then go for BA?

I do meet people that carry her implants for 15 years so far and still feeling great. In my opinion, the surgeon's skill is the most important.

Can anyone refer me to any surgeon in ireland if you have had good experience with your BA?

Thank you in advance.


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LEMCE  ·  06 Mar 2017

X2016 im gutted ive found out all the stuff i have about them. If you search "breast implant illness and healing by nicole" and join the group its gor 15,000 women talking about their illnesses and how they are gone once implants are removed.. its all mad tbh🙁🙁🙁


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Nervous Dolly  ·  06 Mar 2017

Hi, I am 14months post surgery now. Mine are under the muscle and tear drop.  Dont ask me size as I cant even remember. Just a little background, one side of my ribs are dipped in so I never would have even breasts.  After having kids one was flat with barely any tissue and the other side was normal with some tissue but not alot. I was made aware that mine would not be the same size but to me there is still some big difference but it is 100 times better than before.  My surgeon prob should have taken a few diff sizes in to adjust for the dip on one side and then plus I had some tissue on the other but that is a different matter.  So 14mths on depending how I sit I do get some pains but I put that down to the muscle still stretching over them.  My bigger breast does move to my arm pit compared to the other as it is bigger.  I dont regret getting it done but if I had nice enough sized breasts before I prob would regret it as Im sure that you can sleep on your chest but I wont out of fear, LOL. 

As for illness, I dont feel any more tired than before. Same for my hair, it is thick and falls out as much as before.  I do worry what they do to my body but I have to think that I made my choice and Im happy enough with them and others have had it done with no worries. I think it is just down to your research on the make of the implant, type and surgeon,plus the person themselves in how their body will react, no surgeon could tell you 100% that you would be fine after having them done.  Hope this helps someone.


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suziejay  ·  06 Mar 2017

Hi Laura123, happy to answer any questions you might have but i dont think there is a direct/private messaging option on this site?! I am two weeks post-op tomorrow, zero pain or trouble! Amazed at how easy the whole thing has been :)

Personally, I think if you research anything you are going to come across scaremongering and bad reviews, etc., its just up to the person then to really inform yourself of the ins and outs of the procedure, really do your research and then to go with your gut. I completely understand how you could decide against getting it done from what you have read but in my case, i have been so desperately unhappy for years and years and no amount of negative reviews was going to stop me!! Two relations of mine (now in their 40s) got theirs done about 15/20 years ago in Wicklow and have had no trouble and are perfectly healthy, with 6 kids between the two of them.  I think this helped me when telling my close family about wanting the procedure, as they were aware of the two girls having had it done and how there was never any complications or worry. xx


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X2016  ·  02 Mar 2017

Lecme it's so annoying that we want these so much but what can we do I'd love to talk to someone who has them for years that would give a honest opinion I had a friend who got them bit never came out and said it so  I have noticed how she is always complaining of lack of energy hair thinning and maybe nothing to do but I would be so scared to chance it 


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Laura123  ·  02 Mar 2017

Hi Suzie Jay!

I would really like to hear more about your experience so far. I am booked in for next month and I think I sound like I am getting a very similar procedure to you particularly in term sof size etc.

I would love to hear more and even message you directly if that is possible?

Many Thanks, Laura


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LEMCE  ·  01 Mar 2017

Suzie Jay thank you so much for your swift response. I had begun to research again looking for a surgeon for a third consult you suggested, however in doing so ive totally went off the whole procedure. Its crazy because ive saved for the last 3 years to get it done😢. As i was researching implants brands/types i came across a thing called "breast implant illness" ive spent days reading about it. Even found a facebook page with 12k members who are all suffering with multiple illnesses daily as a result of their implants. From chronic muscle pain, to multiple scerosis and cancer. The idea is that all implants release toxins into our bodies. As implants are foreign objects our bodies reject them and over time break them down. As a result the chemicals and toxins enter our system and over time illness and pain begins. This is only a relatively new thing as you will find out if you google it. Because docs and surgeons are obviously putting these illnesses down to other things to protect their industry however all the women have the same thing in common:implants. Even hugh heffners wife has had hers removed in the last few months. Im not trying to scare anyone here, just want to raise awareness i case any of ye begin to experience any symptoms of breast implant illness. There is a facebook group "breast implant illness and healing.. " its women everyday sharing their illnesses and struggle and all are on a list to get their implants removed. There is even a lawsuit atm against a producer of implants in america because of these women. Im not trying to scare anyone, ive only found this page the other day after two consultations last week for my own augmentation. I set up this account last week because i was reading your stories about ur surgery dates so its all abit mad for me to be writing this too. But i believe i stumbled across that info for a reason and thats why im no longer going ahead with my surgery. I wont lie im gutted about it..even with everything ive read but i still cant take a risk like that. Im delighted you are happy with yours suzie jay (and a little jealous because in a wish i wish i hadnt found out all of the above) but please ladies, check out the breast implant illness page so if you begin to feel unwell you know what it is, because youre doctor wont 😣


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X2016  ·  28 Feb 2017

Hi girls were any of ye scared of the implants making you ill I desperately would love to get the procedure done but so scared that they will make me sick if left in for long time or did your doctors say that it's all made up on the Internet x


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suziejay  ·  27 Feb 2017

Hi there! I am six days post op now and am delighted i did it. you will wonder what took you so long :) I went for two different consultations and they both said similar about size and where the implant would be placed. I think maybe your best bet is to go for a third consultation? You must be so confused! I was lucky after my two in that i just had to decide which surgeon i preferred, so i can't imagine how confused you must be now!! I think go for a third and when they tell you whats best for you, ask some questions referring to what the other two said just to clear up everything. Then you will have a better idea! all the best :)


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LEMCE  ·  24 Feb 2017

Hi ladies, hoping to get some advice as im currently so confused! I've had two consultations for BA to date in two different places. The thing is both surgeons recommended two completely different things. The first said teardrop inplants were not an option because of my current breast tissue so advised round under the muscle for the natural look I want to achieve. However the 3D imaging still didnt look natural to me, they were very round and quite far apart. Although I wasnt entirely happy with that suggestion I accepted that my options may be limited and trusted that was the closest to a natural breast I would get.

My second consultation was today and to be honest before I went in I sort of just assumed the surgeon would be recommending the same thing as the previous one had, and my only deciding factor would really be which surgeon I felt more comfortable with. However I was told the total opposite of everything I had been told during my first consultation. Instead this surgeon recommended teardrop over the muscle. He said this best suited my breasts now and how I wanted them to be. 

I am so confused, I don't understand how two surgeons can take all the same measurements yet come up with two totally different things? Has anyone else had experience of this after more than one consultation? I thought having more than one would make me more informed however I'm more confused than I was to begin with. I was hoping to have surgery around April after years of considering it but I feel everything is so up in the air now. Any advice is greatly appreciate, thank you in advance ladies. x


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Aoif052  ·  21 Feb 2017

Hi can anyone recommend a good place for breast implants. Im living in cork but willing to travel too 


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michellewho  ·  25 Jan 2017

Hi suziejay,

Yep I'm going to the one in Wicklow! :) Super excited! Are you looking forward to yours? Do let me know what CC you've ended up choosing when you find out! :)

That's exactly how I feel about mine, I don't want them really obvious but at the same time with the amount of money it's going to cost I said I might as well go a little bigger! Hoping they're not really obvious though (I've only ever worn push up bras so maybe they won't look too obvious) as I don't really fancy co-workers asking me about them in work.. But yeah, think I'll go with the 345CC! Thank you for your answer! 


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Naydy  ·  25 Jan 2017

Hi suzi I went to park west I can't recommend them enough I had what you are having done. 


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suziejay  ·  25 Jan 2017

Hi Michelle 

I'm booked for 21st Feb!! :) I need to ring the clinic again and check the CC that i'm going for as I was too concerned with how they looked to remember numbers!! I'm going to parkwest. I presume yours is Wicklow if you did the 3D scanning?

I'm a 34A too and I didnt want them to look too big as I've never had boobs so didn't want them really obvious.. but my surgeon said he wouldn't go any smaller than the ones I tried on as he needed to adhere to surgical rules e.g keeping two centimetres in the centre and they wouldnt look right if they were any smaller

I've spoken to a few people who have said the procedure and a lot of them say if you're between sizes, go for the bigger one!! One person I spoke to said if she was back again she would go a small bit bigger and that seems to be the feeling on the sites that i'm reading. If there isnt much difference i would say 100% go for the bigger one!! How are you feeling about it? :)


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michellewho  ·  25 Jan 2017

Hey everyone!

I have my surgery booked for the 19th of February (so excited!!!) but I've still yet to choose between two sizes.. 

The doc has advised me to go with either 300CC or 345CC and I honestly don't know what to do! I keep looking up pictures & videos of what people look like with either of the two sizes but obviously everyone looks so different so I don't know what mine would turn out like! 

I did the 3D scan and there's not much in the size difference in the scan that I can see.. So I'm kind of leaning towards the bigger size? I'm barely a 32/34A right now so I feel as though I'd rather that I went a little bit too big than too small as I basically have nothing now! But then I think but what if it's way too big!? 

Doc said 345CC would get me to a full C cup/small D. So confused as to what to choose.. Any opinions!? 


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Rubykate  ·  09 Jan 2017

Saline isn't very common anymore, as the new cohesive gels are very natural feeling and much safer than the old ones. Did you see the number I posted below? He's quite open to patients suggestions for themselves. I went under the muscle, recovery was a solid 4 days of discomfort. Not pain. Good luck!


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X2016  ·  05 Jan 2017

Hi can anyone tell me if they had saline implants and if so how are they getting on with the recovery etc


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Rubykate  ·  16 Dec 2016


01 4915738


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Naydy  ·  15 Dec 2016

I went over the muscle couldn't believe how quick recovery was I had two days bed rest at home and pain free. Just take it easy. Best decision ever. Real Self got me through reading e everyones operation  experience. Best of luck . 


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X2016  ·  14 Dec 2016

Thanks so much for getting back one more commen because I know u have no reason to be answering me was it a I name of clinic I know I can't type the name out just I would love to go to some one u recommend 


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Rubykate  ·  14 Dec 2016

Just for the first few days. I took it reeeeeally easy for the first week, because I went under the muscle. I hope you can find the same surgeon and meet with him. I'd been to several cinsultations, but he was the one I felt most confident with. Please do your research and be sure of what it is you Do and Do Not want. There is a website called "real self" that I've found super informative.

wishing you the very best. RK


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X2016  ·  13 Dec 2016

Thanks for getting back to me rugby lane did u find the recovery hard 


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Rubykate  ·  12 Dec 2016

Hey there!! I know I can't be too specific but look for the consultant plastic surgeon with a clinic in Ranelagh. I'm not allowed to mention specific names I know, but you should be able to find him. He's on the irish board of plastic surgeons and he is fantastic!!!


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X2016  ·  11 Dec 2016

Anyone guide me on where is a good clinic to get a boob job


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X2016  ·  10 Dec 2016

Hi just hoping to hear from anyone who has gone true with it


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xenia  ·  08 Dec 2016

No personal expiriences. Good luck

Me 31, DH 40. TTC 5 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st ivf Oct 15 BFP, Invicta. TTC for subling


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Isabelle13  ·  18 Nov 2016

Hi All,

Has anyone any experince with some clinics/doctors in Co.Cork?

Thinkingabout procedure every day - I lost weight and practically don't have a breasts anymore Undecided


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suziejay  ·  12 Nov 2016

Had my first consultation this week!!! went well, I'm very excited!! have one in kildare in another two weeks then I will make a decision. I'm so excited. . I want it done now :) tried on a few different sizes with my clothes, it was so nice to have a bust for for once - instantly felt more confident and more in proportion. he recommended over the muscle which I was happy about as have heard recovery is quicker? don't know how true that is! will wait and see what they say in kildare. looking at February for op.

decided not to go with wicklow clinic, found them a bit pushy!!! 


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Naydy  ·  28 Oct 2016

Hi Ruth, 

yes I suggested it to my ps to consider going on it,as a lot of plastic surgeons are on it and the professional advice you receive back is excellent. So here's hoping he might.Im just sorry I didn't have the courage years ago to follow through on what I wanted. Never to late as they say. 


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Naydy  ·  27 Oct 2016

Hi Ruby, 

Yes they are brilliant.2 months post op now and loving the new me🤗


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Rubykate  ·  27 Oct 2016

Thanks Naydy, I'm actually obsessed with Realself!!

i wish there were more Irish clinics and docs on there, but we're all so hush hush!!!! XX


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Naydy  ·  27 Oct 2016

Hi Ruby, oh how exciting . There's a great app it helped me emensily realself you should check it out . I wish you the best of luck . 


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Ruby  ·  27 Oct 2016

I think I know the clinic you are talking about... I would love to go ahead with the procedure but just cant afford it at the moment.

After research I had that clinic as my number 1 choice.

Looking forward to hear post op


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Rubykate  ·  27 Oct 2016

I know who you mean Nayday, and I've heard good things about them too! I just looked for someone who was IAPS certified because I'm a scaredy cat (even though that probably makes no difference really)....

im booked for nov 30...


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Naydy  ·  26 Oct 2016

Ladies I don't know the Wicklow clinic but I attended a clinic in Dublin who also have there clinic in Kilkenny . I had two procedures done in August and I'm more than happy with there service and aftercare. 

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