Breast enlargement, your experience?

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Nervous Dolly  ·  24 Apr 2016

Yay Dianam, delighted u have a date. Something to focus on. I think from round 8 wks that's when the implants didn't feel foreign. It's such a strange feeling when they do but just believe they won't feel like that forever. I was crying at points like that but it def does get better. 


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Ems1  ·  22 Apr 2016

Hi Dianam, wish you best luck! I remember how I was nervous before my new boobs. I underwent this surgery at forme clinic in Prague. It was really an adventure. But I am so happy I did it. You will feel great after surgery. Be prepared for healing, but results will make you more self-confident and happy again. Good luck and keep us updated. 


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GinaM  ·  14 Apr 2016

Hi Dianam super excited your going through with a breast enlargement!! Communication is that he was more interested in what size he wanted in me and my surgery was delayed by 2 hrs that should have been a warning sign for me he didn't put any drains in me and I swelled up and was very uncomfortable I very much regret the surgery I wish I waited and went with a different clinic. I will definitely be getting my chest fixed/revision surgery with someone else😁 hopefully then I will be happy with my chest! All the luck with your surgery Dianam X


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Dianam  ·  13 Apr 2016

Hi - back again! Just an update (for anyone who cares 😜)  I went for consultations last month and bit the bullet, booked surgery for the 14th of May. Surgeon has picked either 265 or 295 which he will decide on the  day of surgery a a he uses a sizer. 

Im freaking out over thinking about things now,  like the thought of actually having foreign objects permanantly in my chest. I know they will eventually start to feel part of me like @nervousdolly said - but still making me question it all.  

For the past month I've been wearing two bras everyday so hopefully people in work won't notice. 

@GinaM I'm sorry you are unhappy. Do you regret having the operation in the first place or just wish there was better communication from the get go? 


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GinaM  ·  10 Apr 2016

Was wondering has anyone else on here had a negative experience with breast enlargement I had my surgery a year ago this month! And ever since I woke up from the surgery and seen my results I have been unhappy! The incisions are wonky and so is my right breast! They also look smaller then my initial consultation size! I was told that all there was available was the 310cc implant size whereas I asked for and went for a 2nd consultation and agreed on 360cc size where I was told the implants too 2 weeks to make and my surgery was in 1 week 4 days so I can't see how they would have given me the 360cc size! I also have no record/copy of anything showing me what implant size/implant type I have in!  I have been back for a consultation and expressed my concerns which have fallen on deaf ears I am completely stuck on what to do I am frustrated and depressed that I have spent so much money on looking worse then I was before and I'm only 23! 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  02 Mar 2016

Yay Sarahstr, glad ur doing good. The first few days are the worst, did u go under the muscle or over?

new - I went with Silicone. I felt with the gummy bear texture it was better for me. If u feel that we'd would be to soon May really isn't that far away. Just make sure u are happy with what u choose. 


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Newmeornot  ·  01 Mar 2016

Thanks for response @Nervousdolly. I have the option of an apmnt. next Wednesday if  I want,  otherwise I'll have to wait till doesn't give me much time for shopping around unfortunately. 

Did you all go for silicone or saline implants? All my research on-line seems to go for silicone as they're more natural looking? Surgeon also recommends  them.

Getting nervous now as seems to be happening so fast,  I really want them but hope it's the right decision...all that worries me is potential health risks.  



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Sarahstr  ·  29 Feb 2016

Hi everyone. So I'm out the other side of it and so far not regretting my decision at all. The worst part of the whole thing was getting the needle for a drip in, after which I fainted because I stupidly looked at the needle but apart from that everything went really smooth. I'm now four days post surgery and feeling good. Was very nervous beforehand but had full faith in the surgeon and all the hospital staff were lovely which really put me at ease. Although it was sore and movement was definitely restricted for a few days after the pain wasn't half as bad as I had expected it to be. The medication really keeps it low. I'm happy with the size I the start I thought maybe I should have gone a size bigger but I can imagine if I had gone bigger if be saying I should have gone a size smaller. They just look the size now that they did when I was wearing padded bras so nobody is going to notice. Have my one wk check on Friday and all going well I should be back at work next Monday.  I don't know If the fact I went for a small implant contributed to my relatively easy healing process so far but to anyone considering it , I say go for it :) 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  29 Feb 2016

Hi Dianam. Mine was 6k. A bit more than other places but when u feel comfortable with the right surgeon the money won't matter. I was quoted as little as 5k but stil wanted to go to with the dearer option.  I'm done great, they're softer now, 6 weeks tomoro and they feel part of me rather than foreign objects. I hope the consult goes well. Let me know. I had a consult with a man that does the surgery in clane and he seemed nice.

Newmeornot - I went with that clinic and got mine done in Blackrock, I went with a female doc but only as I was recommended her not as I wanted a woman doctor. The clinic is great and the Hosp staff are lovely. I only told my mum, sis and husband of course but didnt feel I needed to tell anyone else. If ur torn between two sizes I would go with the bigger as then u won't regret it. Mine are def not noticeable to others but they aren't far off the padding I was wearing before hand. Do this for urself and don't worry bout others, they don't live in ur shoes. Afterwards u won't care what others think. Prob best have more than one consult just to be sure otherwise u may look back and wonder. 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  28 Feb 2016

Hope all went good and ur on the other side of it now. Feet up and relax. 


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Dianam  ·  27 Feb 2016

Also how much did you pay for yours privately nervous dolly if you don't mind? 


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Dianam  ·  27 Feb 2016

Thanks @nervousdolly,  yeah some places seem very dodgy. They are very much a business - trying get as many Sales as possible,  so I wouldn't trust them with such a serious surgery. I'm booked in for a consult with the doctor  related to clane during this month. I'm going to go to my gp for a referral also! You seem to be getting over it quite well which is good. 

@sarahstr hope everything went okay for you and you can tell us your  experience! 


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Newmeornot  ·  27 Feb 2016

HI Girls,

I've been reading some of the discussions and find them helpful. I'M 36 and planning on getting a breast enlargement next month (if they can fit me in). I have been thinking about it for years, I'm a small 34B and I'm 5'10'' so feel out of proportion. My previous boyfriends have always put me off getting one, but now that I'm single I feel free to do it. I have begun to hate wearing padded bras to have shape, and would just love to wear nice lingerie and bikinis that dot have pads! I haven't told anyone what I'm planning on doing, I know my mother and sisters will try and talk me out of it, and they'd be shocked at the idea of it...but they all have decent boobs, so wouldn't understand and they'd be worried. I don't feel I can even tell some of my friends, as I don't want to be judged, it's a personal thing for me and I don't think most people are accepting of altering your body cosmetically, so I feel kind of alone and kind of sneaky that I am doing this without telling those close to me, but I don't want to talked out of it.

Because of this I am not going for a large size, more a C shape that will be in proportion of my shape, when the consultant did the 3d visuals of what my breats could look like with the different sizes, I really liked the larger size (he recommends going for a more natural looking size)...but because I worried it will be too noticeable I am going for a more natural size. I really don't want people to notice that I've had a bood job. I know I shouldn't care what people think, but I do, so afraid of going too big and then being self-concious.

Has anyone had any similar concerns or worries?

I've only been to one consultant in the Aesthetic clinic, and found him really good...and reviews online were good too. I know I should probably shop around, but it's already costing 5K, so spending another €300/400 is too much right now. They were also really nice in there, and the surgery is in the Blackrock Clinic so hoping it will all be OK.

Also, how has anyone found reaction from a boyfriend/partner or new boyfriend after you telling them you've had a boob job? Not that that's hugely important, but I'm curious to what the general reaction is. I'm currently dating a guy, only about 6 weeks and I haven't told him either...waiting for the courage, as I don't know what his thoughts are on cosmetic surgery, a lot of people I know are so against it and all pro accepting yourself and body etc. I believe oin doing whatever makes you happy!

If anyone would like to share their stories, or how they feel post op it would be much appreciated.

Look forward to some responses.



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Sarahstr  ·  25 Feb 2016

Decided on the 265 so hopefully they won't be too big. Getting admitted now at half nine, the nerves are kicking in big time. Fingers crossed it all goes okay now 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  24 Feb 2016

Do check in, least u can plan ur day. Are u in over night or just day. Bring some biscuits or something in case ur hungry after the tea and toast. 

Stock up on ibuprofen and paracetamol. That's all I was taking after for a week and u can alternate them every 3 hours. Get some antihistamines as u may get very itchy with the healing. I got E45 cream for the scars but only use when doc advises. 

Just relax after for as much as u can for the week. I might find urself sleeping more but that is just side effect from surgery. Other than that I hope all goes well and let me know how u get on. Do u mind if I ask what size u decided on then?


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Nervous Dolly  ·  24 Feb 2016

Do check in, least u can plan ur day. Are u in over night or just day. Bring some biscuits or something in case ur hungry after the tea and toast. 

Stock up on ibuprofen and paracetamol. That's all I was taking after for a week and u can alternate them every 3 hours. Get some antihistamines as u may get very itchy with the healing. I got E45 cream for the scars but only use when doc advises. 

Just relax after for as much as u can for the week. I might find urself sleeping more but that is just side effect from surgery. Other than that I hope all goes well and let me know how u get on. Do u mind if I ask what size u decided on then?


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Sarahstr  ·  23 Feb 2016

Thanks for all your advice . Actually not feeling nervous at all anymore. I don't know if it has properly sunk in that it's actually happening this Thursday. Feeling really calm about it. They haven't rang me with a time for the op yet... They said I would find out the week of the op? I better ring tomorrow morning. Any last minute tips?? 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  18 Feb 2016

Wow not long now. This week will just be a roller coaster of mixed emotions for u. I'm happy u have a size sorted that's one thing off ur list, it is def by far one of the hardest decisions.

I didn't ask about holidays but be careful not to get sun on scars. I have no pain at all now and I'm 4 wks. They are a bit softer now too. By May u will be well adjusted but check with ur surgeon as they all have different guidelines. Don't go to mad on sports bras as ur size will alter. Enjoy the sleep now as it may be disrupted after surgery. I can sleep on my side now just to give u a thought on how different u will feel from between 3-4 weeks onwards. 

Def do stop reading up stories. Just think by next weekend u will on the other side of it. 


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Sarahstr  ·  17 Feb 2016

Hi nervous dolly. Aw thanks, it's tomorrow week. Can't believe it's so soon now. Had another appointment on Monday past, got my bloods done and tried on the implants again. This time the secretary that said I'd regret not going over 300 said that the 295 looked too big on me and to go with the 265. So I'm happy with that decision. Got a few sports bras today for afterwards. Think I am just going to stop reading up on it now until the op is over a few horror stories online lastnight and it's just making me more nervous . Did anyone ask how soon after the op you can go abroad on holidays? My friends are going the first week in May and I'm thinking I had better not go just incase :( how is the pain for you now nervous dolly? 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  17 Feb 2016

Hi Sarahstr 

how are u now, just checking in. It mustn't be too long for surgery. Have u thought any more on sizes?


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Nervous Dolly  ·  15 Feb 2016

Hi Dianam 

no prob, everyone needs someone to talk to. I found an app/website Real Self very helpful. It's more American but there is some from Ireland on it. Don't worry bout the needles, think of the end result. 

Research the IAPS to ensure u get a certified plastic surgeon. I was the same as u and didn't think on the money, I went to Blackrock, fantastic staff. U can stay for day or overnight.  The woman who done my surgery was recommended to me by my GP.

I went to park west but I didn't find the man there that great for sizing but I heard loads that do and have had great results. Be care of those implants u asked about too as I asked with my surgeon and she didn't recommend them at all. Go to more than one consult too.  I went to the clinic linked to clane and they sounded good and Wicklow but I just kept having doubts on that place. 

Oh and I had no drains at all, just plasters over incisions.


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Dianam  ·  13 Feb 2016

Also does anyone have polyurethane implants and if so what their  experience has been like? They sound like they are really good! 

@nervousdolly thanks for sharing your story on this,  I'm so so nervous too even though I don't have anything booked yet!! My fear of needles and the likes is ridiculous, I feel nauseous thinking about it.  Could you tell me if you had to get draining tubes removed after the surgery? I don't think it's something I could face which is stupid I know 😂


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Dianam  ·  13 Feb 2016

Hi all, I am 23 and I'm finally in the position of being able to get a BA after years of feeling down over my small chest.  Finding this page is a godsend as their is so much has info and helpful advice.  However,  I am having such a hard time trying to decide on where get it done.  I haven't gone for any consultations yet but I am between the clinic in parkwest Dublin, the clinic in clane,  or to an actual private hospital.  I know the private hospitals are more expensive but I would rather pay more as it's such an invasive surgery I'm not going to focus on cost and I feel like it would be safer.  But then on the other hand I would chose a cosmetic hospital over a private hospital because the surgeons in the cosmetic places are doing BA's constantly and focus solely on them.  

Any opinions or advice would be much appreciated.  Has anyone had surgerys done in either of the places mentioned?  Thanks xx


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Nervous Dolly  ·  10 Feb 2016

No apologies for questions. I'm not currently working. They say u could go back after a week so u should be safe enough as long as it's not heavy lifting. I'm still in a sports bra but I find them comfy enough. My doc said I could wear non wired bras but Just ask ur doc as they may have different guidelines. The place I went to u can go home the same day but I stayed in and was happy myself to just to have the nurses just in case but u don't have to either. It's up to u and depends how close u live to the place. If u live far away u can book into a hotel or stay in Hosp. 

My stitches are dissolvable so I had follow up appt 2 wks later for them just to check all was ok. 

If u are going over the muscle I hear that is a quicker recovery. My muscles tense up doing things to accommodate the implant. It's a strange feeling but feels normal now lol

Ur nipples will get very sensitive and sore after for a bit too. Maybe even numb but it's normal. I had a feeling as if something was leaking like fluid running down my breast but my doc says that's normal and it was for a couple of days. Just in case u get that. 

I always thought of more questions when I left my consult than when I was in there. 

I can't think of anything else but ask away and hope I can help. It's always nice to have someone to ask something to. 


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Sarahstr  ·  09 Feb 2016

Thanks a million ..I feel a bit more at ease now. Did you have to take long off work? Iv booked off a week and a half. Hope this is long enough. Are you free to go home the day after the op? Do you have to get stitches taken out or are they dissolvable? How long afterwards do you have to wear a sports bra for? Sorry for all the questions, got a bit nervous doing my consultations and didn't ask as many questions as I should have. 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  09 Feb 2016

I went with 290cc (brings me to a 32D at moment, thinking my final result will be a 32c) I was very flat before so I only wanted the shape I was getting without a bra. I found it sore the 3 days after but I was on ibuprofen and paracetamol through out the days so it was manageable. I do find it tough some days not being able to just do all the things that I could do before surgery but u do need to take ur time, I'm very impatient. I have some asymmetry so I am now too after surgery but I was well informed before hand of that. 

An odd time I do regret it but again that is me being impatient but I think about the times I will be able to fill a swim suit and other things like have a shape. 

I'm normal enough now  I went under the muscle (which I think takes longer to heal) so I still get tightness in the chest muscles but it comes and goes  it's just accommodating the implant  

As for boob greed. I think a lot of people go through it. I'm def not one of them. If anything I'm happy I didn't go bigger. When I was at my consult I had the doc keep putting in sizes til I got to the point of that is too big. Though every consult I went smaller. It depends on if u want others to notice too. 25cc or 50cc won't make a difference if ur torn between sizes it's more 100cc that will make a difference. I just wanted a handful and I have more than enough. If u can show ur consultant pics and shapes it may help get an idea.  

Hope that helps. 


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Sarahstr  ·  08 Feb 2016

Hi Nervous Dolly. 

Thanks for getting back to me. 

How are you feeling three weeks post op?

Is there much pain at this stage?

I just told work today that I needed time off so at least thats another thing off my mind.

Do you mind me asking what size you went for?

I hope i'm making the right choice. 

The surgeons assistant told me I might regret not going bigger but I don't want big, I just want a handful. 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  08 Feb 2016

Hi Sarahstr. 

Im 3 weeks post op tomoro. I was like u, so nervous. I was so scared the day before, it was all I could think about and I was crying too and on the morning of it as well. But it was fine. I went in and I had to wait hours which was bad but bring something to occupy ur mind. The nurses and people are great to ease ur mind and when they put the anaesthetic into ur hand u feel a bit fuzzing but it just knocks u out. Any questions u have feel free to ask. If I had to have surgery again I don't think I would be anywhere near as bad. 


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Sarahstr  ·  08 Feb 2016

Hi everyone. I am booked for breast enlargement surgery for the end of this month . Starting to get really nervous, and starting to have second thoughts about it just because of my fear of the operation itself. It's something I've wanted now for years though so I really want to go through with it. Decided on going with a 265 size implant. Would really like to chat to someone who has been though this procedure to hopefully settle my nerves 


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Jillz  ·  06 Jan 2016

Hi guys?

I'm 21 and over the past year or so have seriously been considering having my boobs done!! I used to have huge boobs and an average/small figure but I've lost weight over the past year and my boobs are soooo saggy!! I used to love them and now I can't stand to look at them.. it's like there's no elasticity in my boobs they're just soft and saggy!! People even comment on how my boobs have shrunk, which can be annoying but the size isn't the main issue for me now!! Anyone here have the same issues?? Can you get a brest lift at the same time as augmentation or is it better off to do them separately?? Or will implants fill out the skin?? Would really love to hear your stories.



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Nervous Dolly  ·  23 Nov 2015

Hey. Could anyone recommend any experience with the clinic in Wicklow. I'm hoping to book with them in next month or so.


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annie  ·  16 Nov 2015

Hi I see a few posts here without replies so I thought I'd give a quick update.. I got a BA back in 2010 in Dublin.  I didnt go to any of these advertised clinics but I got a referral from my doctor.  He referred me to one of the top BA and reconstructive surgeons in Ireland.  it was more expensive than some of those advertised but this is your body, and its an invasive procedure so I really dont think you can scrimp on something like this. Its not like botox or fillers that will dissappear after a while themselves.   I was in hospital overnight and released the next day.  As it turned out my procedure was not straightforward as I had a congenital problem called tubular breast disorder which made me even more glad I went with such a well qualified surgeon.  Its now 6 years later and I have a few small issues which had been raised as possibilities to me at the time of the op.. the first is that one breast was a bit saggy to begin with and we had to decide at the time whether to do lift at the same time which I opted against because of the anchor scar it would leave.. I do now notice a difference between this side and the other which has remained perfect. It seems like the implant has moved a bit to the side but its barely noticable and not noticable whne I wear a bra.  I'm obvioulsy just more aware.  The other small issue is that I can feel the edge of the implant in that same breast which has a slightly scalloped feel.  this is because of mild contracture (caused most likely by my continuing to smoke!) but is not noticeable to anyone else other than I poke at it a bit.  I knew with my disorder I'd never have perfect perfect breasts but I have to say he did a very very good job.. so few small things over time but overall it was still the best decision I've ever made.


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Gsea  ·  12 Nov 2015

Hi has anyone got breast augmentation in cork please and could you recommend any place


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Beckie101  ·  08 Oct 2015

Hi all 

a question to anyone that has a BA done for a few years have you experienced any complications since I've read a few horror stories that have accrued in the years following the surgery anyone that could let me know of their own experience, and would you need a follow up surgery in 10 years ? 


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jossierr  ·  18 Aug 2015

Hi Ladies, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences via this thread. I have been scheduled for the breast augmentation surgery for next week. All your advices and suggestions are going to be really helpful. I'm really excited and nervous as well.


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bekah_c1  ·  06 Aug 2015

I've been really wanting to get my boobs done I'm 20 and know it's a big decision to make so young but it's something that I've taught about and researched alot, I've been looking at going to belgium for the procedure has anyone went abroad or no of anyone that did? I feel more secure having the procedure done in Ireland but it's alot cheaper abroad 


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placidway  ·  04 Aug 2015

Have you tried Mederma? It works for many types of scars.


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blanca70  ·  31 Jul 2015

I had my breast implants installed last month. It looks so much better than my old flat chest. The recovery was smooth and quick. But the scars still remain. How long does it take for it to fade. Can anyone suggest me a few creams.


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Beyoch  ·  24 Jul 2015

 I've been using boobpop products for almost two months now and in that little of time I have already experienced growth! 


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tiny90  ·  19 Oct 2014

Hey guys i am so unhappy with my boobs they were never big but after 3 pregnancys they are now really small :( i find myself constantly thinking and wondering about getting them done and have being considering this the last 3 years. My question is there any clinics or hospitals that would take installments to pay for the surgery, maybe a down payment and then installments? I would never be acle to get the price all together but could afford them over time im so depressed and down in myself 


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