Breast enlargement, your experience?

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xenia  ·  08 Dec 2016

No personal expiriences. Good luck

Me 31, DH 40. TTC 5 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st ivf Oct 15 BFP, Invicta. TTC for subling


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Isabelle13  ·  18 Nov 2016

Hi All,

Has anyone any experince with some clinics/doctors in Co.Cork?

Thinkingabout procedure every day - I lost weight and practically don't have a breasts anymore Undecided


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suziejay  ·  12 Nov 2016

Had my first consultation this week!!! went well, I'm very excited!! have one in kildare in another two weeks then I will make a decision. I'm so excited. . I want it done now :) tried on a few different sizes with my clothes, it was so nice to have a bust for for once - instantly felt more confident and more in proportion. he recommended over the muscle which I was happy about as have heard recovery is quicker? don't know how true that is! will wait and see what they say in kildare. looking at February for op.

decided not to go with wicklow clinic, found them a bit pushy!!! 


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Naydy  ·  28 Oct 2016

Hi Ruth, 

yes I suggested it to my ps to consider going on it,as a lot of plastic surgeons are on it and the professional advice you receive back is excellent. So here's hoping he might.Im just sorry I didn't have the courage years ago to follow through on what I wanted. Never to late as they say. 


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Naydy  ·  27 Oct 2016

Hi Ruby, 

Yes they are brilliant.2 months post op now and loving the new me🤗


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Rubykate  ·  27 Oct 2016

Thanks Naydy, I'm actually obsessed with Realself!!

i wish there were more Irish clinics and docs on there, but we're all so hush hush!!!! XX


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Naydy  ·  27 Oct 2016

Hi Ruby, oh how exciting . There's a great app it helped me emensily realself you should check it out . I wish you the best of luck . 


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Ruby  ·  27 Oct 2016

I think I know the clinic you are talking about... I would love to go ahead with the procedure but just cant afford it at the moment.

After research I had that clinic as my number 1 choice.

Looking forward to hear post op


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Rubykate  ·  27 Oct 2016

I know who you mean Nayday, and I've heard good things about them too! I just looked for someone who was IAPS certified because I'm a scaredy cat (even though that probably makes no difference really)....

im booked for nov 30...


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Naydy  ·  26 Oct 2016

Ladies I don't know the Wicklow clinic but I attended a clinic in Dublin who also have there clinic in Kilkenny . I had two procedures done in August and I'm more than happy with there service and aftercare. 


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Rubykate  ·  25 Oct 2016

So! I backed out of the clinic I was looking at even though the docs they are (currently) using are hugely qualified. Something about the staff, etc really put me off.

im going to have mine done with another clinic.

I feel he is WELL WORTH the consultation. He has 3d vectra imaging and the place is gorgeous. He's not pushy and carries out the procedure at very well known hospital in Dublin. Hope this helps!!! Good luck!!


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suziejay  ·  25 Oct 2016


after years of being unhappy and self conscious about my lack of! 

I'm at the stage of booking consultations now.. how do u know which clinic to go for? one in Wicklow I hear mixed reviews as it's not technically a hospital.. another which I have been in contact with have clinics in Cork and also dublin so am looking at those as they work with private hospitals and have registered general nurses involved

how long after consultations did ye actually have he surgery? this is something I will literally jsut tell boyfriend and immediate family about so interested to hear if others have noticed yours??!! 


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Rubykate  ·  29 Sep 2016

Thanks redred! I'm sure we are talking about the same place. Once or twice a month they have free consults in another city for girls who aren't close to Wicklow. 

Im glad to hear you liked the actual place because I found one staff member extremely pushy and a bit rude. But again the doc was amazing.

i have one more consult tomorrow in a Dublin clinic. They do the actual procedure in another clinic in Dublin, which is great. And it doesn't appear to cost more than the other place we are talking about. I should hopefully have my mind made up by then. DYING to stop think about it! 

Thanks again! X


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Red red  ·  28 Sep 2016

Hi Rubykate,

Im hoping we are talking about the same place but the one i referring to is in Co.Wicklow I didnt know they had a different place for consultations also.

But I have know a girl who recently got done there and would highly recommend it, she did say she recieved alot of phone calls before and after,

I have been for a consultation there and to another place in D2 that do the surgery in a different location in Co.meath to which theyve also came recommended to me by a friend, it was just I got a better vibe in the Co.Wicklow one (personally) I also am opting for Tear drop but the price jumped 900 euro with them.  

I have been researching the aftercare of both and Im non the less wiser on it the seem to be offering the same as per my friend whom got it done 3 years ago in the Co.meath location she cannot speak highly enough of her after care still to this day.


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Naydy  ·  28 Sep 2016

Hi M, 

i had mine over the muscle as I had lost the volume because of pregnancy. My St suggested over the muscle for a more natural look and I had enough tissue . Best of luck with whatever decision you make. 


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Rubykate  ·  28 Sep 2016


my last post was meant to explain that I met the doc from Wicklow, but not actually in Wicklow. ( they have another consultation room elsewhere.) So I've never actually set eyes on the place. I really liked the doc tho.

do u know anyone who's had them done there recently?

they do soooo many, so I don't know why I'm scared now, but I planning on getting teardrops, under the muscle, so it has to be pretty perfect to work! 

They are NOT a hospital, so that's a bit freaky. And really the only bad thing I can gauge about them is the aftercare isn't (hasn't been in the past) too great.

but I'm wondering if now they've stepped up their game!?

LOVE to hear from anyone who's had their breasts done there recently....

 Thank you!! X


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Rubykate  ·  27 Sep 2016

Thank u for replying Redred!!

I had my consult elsewhere and the doc seemed REALLY QUALIFIED. It's just something about the clinics history, and honestly the pushiness of some of the staff that have me second guessing the place itself.

its hard to trust the "great reviews" on their own website!

but again, the doc I met with seemed hugely qulified!

Did you visit the actual clinic? Did it seem OK? 


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Maģgie  ·  27 Sep 2016

Hi guys had my boobs done 6mth ago I breast fed and they went very saggy I got silicone under the muscle and my left boob is still saggy.. my consultant said he can give me lift..or take out an put over muscle can anybody advise plz...ta


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Red red  ·  27 Sep 2016

Hi ruby Kate 

I'm the same petrified & going to push mine out till January, I went to a couple of places & personally like the wicklow clinic the best, 


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Rubykate  ·  26 Sep 2016

Anyone recently had your breasts done in Wicklow? Im petrified all of a sudden!!


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Nervous Dolly  ·  09 Aug 2016

Thanks for replying Naydy. She just said she doesn't do the procedure. I have one but it doesn't Annoy me too much, it will come out if pushed.  Another place told me the best thing to do was to get a piercing lol 

Hope u are healing well. 


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Naydy  ·  04 Aug 2016

Hi Bervous Dolly, inverted nipple I cannot even believe I'm saying the word out loud, I have been embarrassed all my life with them and they made me so self conscious, my ps had to do surgery on mine he done both on the day of my BA because it was cheaper to do it that way, the fact I'm finished having children my procedure will hopefully be 100% as all my ducts were cut, I have yet to see them yet as I'm still covered up, but I am super excited to see more so than my BA. Why did your PS not want to do yours? 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  04 Aug 2016

Hi Naydy

thats great u are too sore. I'm just over 6 months post op, I hated the first month to 2 months til they felt part of me but it's like I got them years ago or wouldn't even notice that I got them done.

Do u mind if I ask how they corrected ur inverted nipple. My surgeon said they couldn't do it. It doesn't annoyed me too much but would love to know if u didn't mind. 


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Naydy  ·  03 Aug 2016

Hi I am day 1 after surgery, have to say I was geared up to be very sore which is not the case thank god.i had 315 over the muscle and also had inverted nipple correction . I'm very excited to see the results. Cannot believe I went through with it I was so anxious . 


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Red red  ·  15 Jul 2016

Has anyone had their boobs done under Local anaesthetic ? 😁 I'm in the middle of research on clinics , what type & surgery 🙈


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Lola74  ·  09 Jun 2016

So happy I came across this board, just wondering if anyone has had their implants replaced? Ice had mine 16yrs and 2 kids later their not looking so perky 😕 plus I'm a bit bigger now so their quite small, just wondering if anyone has any information they'd be able to share . Thanks 


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Ba2016  ·  08 Jun 2016

I have my surgery booked for 4 weeks time. I can't wait to have it done I've thought about this for years so I'm excited to be finally getting it done. I have decided to go with teardrop implants and under the muscle. Still deciding on whether to go for 375cc or 420cc! I'll be off work for 5 days after the surgery so I hope that will be enough 😊


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Ruby  ·  16 May 2016

Have been reading the posts and it is making me want it done more and more. I have done my research and have made my decision where I would like it done. I just have to wait til I can afford it.  


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Dianam  ·  14 May 2016

Hi, thanks for all the advice and well wishes girls.  I've been avoiding reading up anything boobie related for the past few weeks to avoid working myself up over it!  I am now 3 hours post op and already I am so so happy.  I've no bruising and just a small bit of Swelling, and I'm delighted with how they look!  I am in pain but it's completely bearable so fingers crossed it stays positive! Anyone considering it - go for it!!


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Nervous Dolly  ·  24 Apr 2016

Yay Dianam, delighted u have a date. Something to focus on. I think from round 8 wks that's when the implants didn't feel foreign. It's such a strange feeling when they do but just believe they won't feel like that forever. I was crying at points like that but it def does get better. 


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Ems1  ·  22 Apr 2016

Hi Dianam, wish you best luck! I remember how I was nervous before my new boobs. I underwent this surgery at forme clinic in Prague. It was really an adventure. But I am so happy I did it. You will feel great after surgery. Be prepared for healing, but results will make you more self-confident and happy again. Good luck and keep us updated. 


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GinaM  ·  14 Apr 2016

Hi Dianam super excited your going through with a breast enlargement!! Communication is that he was more interested in what size he wanted in me and my surgery was delayed by 2 hrs that should have been a warning sign for me he didn't put any drains in me and I swelled up and was very uncomfortable I very much regret the surgery I wish I waited and went with a different clinic. I will definitely be getting my chest fixed/revision surgery with someone else😁 hopefully then I will be happy with my chest! All the luck with your surgery Dianam X


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Dianam  ·  13 Apr 2016

Hi - back again! Just an update (for anyone who cares 😜)  I went for consultations last month and bit the bullet, booked surgery for the 14th of May. Surgeon has picked either 265 or 295 which he will decide on the  day of surgery a a he uses a sizer. 

Im freaking out over thinking about things now,  like the thought of actually having foreign objects permanantly in my chest. I know they will eventually start to feel part of me like @nervousdolly said - but still making me question it all.  

For the past month I've been wearing two bras everyday so hopefully people in work won't notice. 

@GinaM I'm sorry you are unhappy. Do you regret having the operation in the first place or just wish there was better communication from the get go? 


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GinaM  ·  10 Apr 2016

Was wondering has anyone else on here had a negative experience with breast enlargement I had my surgery a year ago this month! And ever since I woke up from the surgery and seen my results I have been unhappy! The incisions are wonky and so is my right breast! They also look smaller then my initial consultation size! I was told that all there was available was the 310cc implant size whereas I asked for and went for a 2nd consultation and agreed on 360cc size where I was told the implants too 2 weeks to make and my surgery was in 1 week 4 days so I can't see how they would have given me the 360cc size! I also have no record/copy of anything showing me what implant size/implant type I have in!  I have been back for a consultation and expressed my concerns which have fallen on deaf ears I am completely stuck on what to do I am frustrated and depressed that I have spent so much money on looking worse then I was before and I'm only 23! 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  02 Mar 2016

Yay Sarahstr, glad ur doing good. The first few days are the worst, did u go under the muscle or over?

new - I went with Silicone. I felt with the gummy bear texture it was better for me. If u feel that we'd would be to soon May really isn't that far away. Just make sure u are happy with what u choose. 


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Newmeornot  ·  01 Mar 2016

Thanks for response @Nervousdolly. I have the option of an apmnt. next Wednesday if  I want,  otherwise I'll have to wait till doesn't give me much time for shopping around unfortunately. 

Did you all go for silicone or saline implants? All my research on-line seems to go for silicone as they're more natural looking? Surgeon also recommends  them.

Getting nervous now as seems to be happening so fast,  I really want them but hope it's the right decision...all that worries me is potential health risks.  



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Sarahstr  ·  29 Feb 2016

Hi everyone. So I'm out the other side of it and so far not regretting my decision at all. The worst part of the whole thing was getting the needle for a drip in, after which I fainted because I stupidly looked at the needle but apart from that everything went really smooth. I'm now four days post surgery and feeling good. Was very nervous beforehand but had full faith in the surgeon and all the hospital staff were lovely which really put me at ease. Although it was sore and movement was definitely restricted for a few days after the pain wasn't half as bad as I had expected it to be. The medication really keeps it low. I'm happy with the size I the start I thought maybe I should have gone a size bigger but I can imagine if I had gone bigger if be saying I should have gone a size smaller. They just look the size now that they did when I was wearing padded bras so nobody is going to notice. Have my one wk check on Friday and all going well I should be back at work next Monday.  I don't know If the fact I went for a small implant contributed to my relatively easy healing process so far but to anyone considering it , I say go for it :) 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  29 Feb 2016

Hi Dianam. Mine was 6k. A bit more than other places but when u feel comfortable with the right surgeon the money won't matter. I was quoted as little as 5k but stil wanted to go to with the dearer option.  I'm done great, they're softer now, 6 weeks tomoro and they feel part of me rather than foreign objects. I hope the consult goes well. Let me know. I had a consult with a man that does the surgery in clane and he seemed nice.

Newmeornot - I went with that clinic and got mine done in Blackrock, I went with a female doc but only as I was recommended her not as I wanted a woman doctor. The clinic is great and the Hosp staff are lovely. I only told my mum, sis and husband of course but didnt feel I needed to tell anyone else. If ur torn between two sizes I would go with the bigger as then u won't regret it. Mine are def not noticeable to others but they aren't far off the padding I was wearing before hand. Do this for urself and don't worry bout others, they don't live in ur shoes. Afterwards u won't care what others think. Prob best have more than one consult just to be sure otherwise u may look back and wonder. 


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Nervous Dolly  ·  28 Feb 2016

Hope all went good and ur on the other side of it now. Feet up and relax. 


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Dianam  ·  27 Feb 2016

Also how much did you pay for yours privately nervous dolly if you don't mind? 

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