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Breast enlargement, your experience?

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tiny90  ·  19 Oct 2014

Hey guys i am so unhappy with my boobs they were never big but after 3 pregnancys they are now really small :( i find myself constantly thinking and wondering about getting them done and have being considering this the last 3 years. My question is there any clinics or hospitals that would take installments to pay for the surgery, maybe a down payment and then installments? I would never be acle to get the price all together but could afford them over time im so depressed and down in myself 



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Mizzy  ·  02 Jul 2014

Does anyone have any advice on what to be prepared for after surgery? Clothes to wear that are comfy? When can you wear nice new bras? Suggestions on where to buy bras that fit augmented breasts?


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Stassi  ·  28 Jun 2014

Hi Neevey! I know this might sound ridiculous, but I was looking for a female PC, as am too embaressed in front of male PC to show my AAs!! Would you be able to let me know where you found your PC? Thank you!!


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Elmo88  ·  10 Jun 2014

Hi neevey! Thanks so much for posting your experience! How are your scars?im wanting to get mine done now hopefuly in the next few months! But im scared what my boobs will look like afterwards..will i hate dem more is my big fear!i had lovely boobs growing uo then gained allot of weight then i lost the weight Nd now im left with two horrible pointing down wards flat boobs :( im also looking at getting a tummy lift or tuck if anyone has had one i would love to hear thier experince! :) Can you let me know where you went for breat enlargement at thanks :)emily


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Neevey  ·  10 May 2014

I've just had a combined bilateral breast mastopexy/augmentation 2 days ago .(Thursday) I'm a young professional in my early 20's so found it hard enough to find Any personal reviews /experiences from people who had the procedure so I've decided to try and help any woman thinking of having it done!

So I was unfortunately blessed with saggy breasts and asymmetry . As a 23 year old this was quite an embarrassing thing for me. I've always been slim enough , however May have gained a few alcohol related pounds in university ! Anyway being a young professional I decided it was time to change my was truly destroying my confidence on the inside. So I attended my first consultation with my PS in Jan 2014 in Dublin. My PS described my breasts as deflated balloons ..too much excess skin a little breast tissue, for this reason I would need bilateral implants alongside a lift..quite frankly, at 23 I had the boobs of a 70 yr old. 

Im a bit of a gym bunny so I was conscious that implants would be heavy and big etc so I was a bit concerned how this would effect my gym routine and of course the last thing I wanted was for people to think "she's had a boob job" it needed to be subtle and natural looking. I decided to go with implants under the muscle, 220cc L breast and 190cc R breast ( this was to balance my asymmetry) I still wanted a bust to be approx a 34D-DD ( I had always had a bust and when I was a little heavier I did go up to an E so I wanted to look as though I had minimal work done). I had full confidence in my surgeon..she was fantastic , no expenses spared and booked my Op for May 8th 2014.

its now May 10th 2014 and I'm so happy with the results. 2 days post surgery ..I'm in a bit of discomfort .totally manageable under the control of my prescribed pain relief. I have a lot of swelling and bruising which is to be expected but I can't get into words how elated I feel having breasts which look pert round and sit where they're supposed to! I finally feel like a normal 23 yr old should feel. My scars look meet ( I'm still bandaged up) but my nipple placement look great and the anchor scar looks so neat. Safe to say I'm delighted. I can only imagine what day 7, day 14 and day 21 will look like!

please if anyone has any query about the procedure ask me! I only wish I could have found other experiences of the combined procedure on the net to calm my nerves and ask some Q! 

Neevey x


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Melissa Nestor  ·  02 May 2014

I’m finally going to get my BA done. I’m getting a lipo on lower and upper abdomen, flanks and on a small bit on my thighs. I tried losing weight, but it was really hard for the ab fat and the fat in flanks to go away, it hardly did! As for the boobs... Oh the boobs. Why the universe saw fit to make me so asymmetrical I'll never know. My boobs will be a tough job for a PS because there are several type of asymmetry: boob size, boob shape, nipple size and nipple location. As such it is very scary to think about what I may end up looking like. I am doing my best to select a qualified surgeon and thats about all I can do.


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Turner  ·  02 Apr 2014

when i was 16, i had the same measurements. then i am using boob pop now i am 17 . , i wear 38 C sized bra now. so just let your body grow naturally with boob pop.


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Mizzy  ·  28 Nov 2013

Hi I'm thinking of finally going ahead with a breast enlargement procedure but have heard horror stories so would like some suggestions from women who have had the surgery. Silicon over saline? Transaxillary or incision below the breast? Which is best? Is it better to stay overnight after surgery?  

any suggestions and tips would be great!

thank you!


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JacquelineKimura  ·  12 Nov 2013

I’m 5’2 and weigh 105. I got 375cc. That size was perfect for me, I’m glad I went with my instincts anything smaller wouldn’t have been worth it and anything bigger than 400cc for me would have been too big. After the heal and whn the swelling is all gone, they would get a bit smaller. 


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Nat15  ·  21 Oct 2013

Hi Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It's been really helpful, I'm looking into getting a BA myself but am very nervous at the thought. Where can I get information on surgeons?


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sfonseka  ·  14 Oct 2013

Increase Breast Size without Gaining Weight

There are many gimmicks on the market that claim to increase a woman’s bust size. However, many of these same products cause you to gain weight and retain water. While bigger breasts may be your ultimate goal, it’s unlikely that gaining a few pounds is in the plan. The following tips will help you make your breasts bigger without gaining extra weight.

Wild Yam Root

Taking supplements like wild yam root can make the breast larger. This is because it can increase estrogen production in some women, which leads to a bigger bust. Wild yam root also balances progesterone in the body, which can help to clear hormonal acne. However, in addition to making your breasts bigger, you may also gain weight, particularly in your midsection and hips, as this is an effect of estrogenic activity.

Push-Up and Underwire Bras

Until you decide which natural breast enhancement method is best for you, you can wear a push-up bra. These bras can make your breasts look one to two sizes bigger, which could make you feel more satisfied with the way you look in your clothing. Bras that have an underwire can also help to bring positive attention to your breasts. These bras will definitely come in handy to help make your torso look slightly thinner, and you don't have to worry about having any invasive procedures to get the breasts you want.

A Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet and staying away from processed foods can also prompt your breasts to grow. Foods that are high in antioxidants like raw fruits and vegetables can also help you to avoid stretch marks and blemishes on your breasts and make your breasts firmer. If you're trying to enhance you breast size, it's also important to stay away from tobacco and alcohol. These substances can stunt the growth of your breast cells to stop development and have even been linked to breast cancer.

A Toxic-Free Beauty Regimen

It's best to eliminate all toxins from your daily beauty routine if you want your breasts to grow. Stop using deodorants that contain aluminum, as this can stunt the growth of your breasts and slow down the function of your immune system. Household cleaners and pesticides that are not natural and organic also contain harmful chemicals that can disrupt the natural activity of your hormones, which can lead to delayed, non-existent or fluctuating breast growth. Using dangerous chemicals to clean your home or grow your food and flowers can also cause mental and emotional disorders.

How to Make Your Breasts Bigger by 2 Cups within 4-6 Weeks -


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glittergal  ·  01 Oct 2013

Hi. I'm having a BA in a few weeks time. Has anyone got any tips for an easy recovery or advice on how to prepare?  


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sfonseka  ·  21 Sep 2013

Top 5 Advantages of Breast Massage

1. Breast massage can be done in the privacy of your home and is easy and effective. You also do not have to spend a lot of time doing it to achieve excellent results.2. Because the breast consists of tissue and adipose fat, massage is extremely effective in toning the tissue and improving the overall look of the breast. Tissue responds very well to stimulation and massage is the ideal type of stimulation.3. Just as in the case of exercise, massage helps to improve the contours of the breast. Although you cannot expect a huge increase in size by doing massage alone, there are massage techniques that mimic breast feeding which in turn stimulates breast development and growth.4. Embarking on a massage routine also has the advantage of putting women in touch with their breasts. Women who regularly massage their breasts are far more likely to notice changes in their breast tissue and have it checked out early on, which in turn saves lives.5. Massage in any form helps the body to release toxins and breast massage targets the lymphatic system which numerous women tend to have problems with.

How to Make Your Breasts Bigger by 2 Cups within 4-6 Weeks -


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Sakel  ·  05 Sep 2013

I had my first consultation today. Doc suggested 340cc anatomical unders as i am looking to go from an a-small b to a large C/small D.  I have another consultation next week so will be interesting to see if they suggest the same.

Very nervous about getting the size right as I dont want them to look too big.  Only telling a couple of friends and hoping no one else will notice as i am wearing padded bras all the time at the moment. Also dont want to be left wishing that I went for bigger.  So hard to know!!

My email is if any of you want to chat via email as it takes a while for the messages to go up on here.  Would love to hear from anyone with BA experience as hoping to get them done now within the month.  So excited but also very nervous about the whole experience


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AllyBx  ·  05 Sep 2013

Hi Burgundy. I was just wondering would you be able to mail me and tell me all about your experience. I am planning on having my boobs done in the next few months but i dont know anyone who has had one done before so im understandably nervous and would love to talk to someone who has gone through with this procedure. My mail is allystxx@hotmail.comAnyone else who has had surgery in Ireland can feel free to mail me tooThanks guys Tongue out 


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Burgundy  ·  02 Sep 2013

Hi sakel I'm feeling good I was very sick the first few days from the meds I stopped taking them on day 4 .after that started to get aching muscles in the top of my arms a d my back is very sore between the shoulders from sleeping sitting up but every day it gets easier .in the morning your boobs ache till you start to move around yesterday my boobs started feeling different I think the muscles started to relax and the implants are starting to drop the pressure on my chest is not as bad now since the muscles relaxed I think I'm doing pretty good best advice I can give is to keep moving around or else you go stiff.let me know how you get on its very exciting and nervous at the same time how big do you plan on going my dr would not go any bigger than 330 and he was right the size is perfect for my frame.


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Sakel  ·  30 Aug 2013

Hey burgandy. Hows the recovery going? Are u back doing normal tasks yet? I have my first consultation next week. Cant wait :)


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Boobless  ·  29 Aug 2013

I did stay overnight cos I had a six month old baby at the time. After around a week I was ok. It's painful at night and hard to lie down but I thought it would be worse. I was on alot of painkillers. The surgeon was lovely and do were the staff. 


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Whitewi  ·  26 Aug 2013

Boobless thanks for reply, did you have to stay in overnight & what was recovery like?


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Burgundy  ·  26 Aug 2013

Hi sakel per op 34aa post op 34c/d hopefully I know more in a few weeks the meds are very hard on the stomach if you get it done make sure you eat plenty of food with the meds I feel good just my stomach is upset talk soon.


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Sakel  ·  26 Aug 2013

Glad to hear everything went well for u burgandy. . Cant wait to hear your progress .  What size were u pre op and wat size do you hope to end up with?


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Burgundy  ·  23 Aug 2013

Hi girls I'm home went down for surgery at 1150 woke up around 1 could not stop shaking a lot of pressure on my chest and muscle were going in and out of spasm like contractions very painful nurse gave pain killers straight away into the drip so I was grand about 20 mins later no problems with my arms just aching a bit I was able to tie my hair up and dress myself.I am delighted with the results I had 330 xhp silicone unders the surgeon was brilliant he really knows his stuff that was the highest he would go I think he was spot on with size when you girls get yours done try not to sit around I think moving around is better you won't be as stiff.I will probably be very sore in the morning after sleeping I will let yous know more later.the staff were brilliant all lovely and very helpful I am delighted I chose the avoca clinic sorry this is so long any questions girls just send a message talk to you all later.


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Burgundy  ·  22 Aug 2013

Hi girls thanks for the good luck wishes I was talking to Sarah in river medical but you have to stay overnight they put you in one of the hospitals in dublin .I didn't want to stay in overnight because one of my sons has autism so he could get quite upset and the cost is higher with river medical but they are very nice when I was talking to them ok better go thinks to do before tomorrow I will write back after op bye for now.


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Ruby  ·  22 Aug 2013

Thanks for all the replies. Good luck for your op Burgandy looking forward to hearing how you get on. 

I was looking at River Medical but Wicklow is only 10 mins from where I live.



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Sakel  ·  22 Aug 2013

Brilliant thanks girls. Would love to hear how u get on Burgandy. Hope it all goes smoothly for you


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Burgundy  ·  21 Aug 2013

Hi sakel I am getting mine done this Friday in wicklow so I will let you know how it goes getting nervous and excited only 2 more days.


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Teenybop2000  ·  21 Aug 2013

Hi sakel. I got mine done in Wicklow in march. I paid 3950. The reason it's meant to be cheaper is cause u don't get an over night stay . I went in for 7am and was out by 3pm. I am happy with the results . The thing I didn't like was that I wasn't have anyone allowed wait with me in the room before I went to surgery so that was but nerve wracking .  . Hope this helps :)


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Boobless  ·  21 Aug 2013

Got mine in waterford in 08. It cost 6000 back then surgeon was lovely. All went well. 


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Sakel  ·  20 Aug 2013

Has anyone had their surgery in Wicklow.  Were you happy wiht the results?  I have a consultation there soon and price seems a lot less than other places so wondering have people had good results from there?


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Burgundy  ·  14 Aug 2013

Hi kellie I sent you a email let me know if you got it ok talk to you later.


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Whitewi  ·  13 Aug 2013

Has anyone had ba in Waterford? Would love to hear how it went, how much etc


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kellie993  ·  13 Aug 2013

Thank you for your reply. Would it be possible for you to email me on, id like to know the name of the clinic and maybe if you didnt mind you could let me know how th op went. Thank you


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Burgundy  ·  13 Aug 2013

Hi kellie I am getting mine done in August in wicklow mine cost E3,940 the 40 is your post op bra hope-this gives you idea of prices. You can pay up to 6 thousand, everywhere has different prices hope this helps.


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kellie993  ·  11 Aug 2013

hi im a 20 year old female. Iv wanted a boob job since I was 16. Im working on getting down to my goal weight at the minute. Im a 34c at the minute. I would like to go to a double D. Could anyone please tell me how much it cost. I dont know anyone that has had it done so I have no clue where to even begin looking. Thank you


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Ruby  ·  30 Jul 2013

Thanks for all the recent posts, really helping me with my decision. I know all implants are differenet but on average what price, would €5000 be a rough estimate?



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Boobless  ·  29 Jul 2013

Hello all

i had BA 4 years ago. I'm 36 now and was always a AA. I got round 280 cc over the muscle. I have never looked back. I couldnt even fill any bra and hated buying tops or dresses. Now I don't even think about it anymore. Fours years and another baby later, my implants are a little crinkly at times, only because I have no breast tissue to cover them really. One of the best decisions I made. Everyone's reasons are different forhaving it done. I'm happier in myself. I was never self confident. I just didn't feel feminine. The only people that I ever told werey sister and obviously husband. No one ever paid much attention after as I just wear normal bras now, not the big gel filled ones I depended on. Best of luck with whatever decision you make. 


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Burgundy  ·  29 Jul 2013

Hi teenybop thanks for the info about recovery.I am getting 330 hp silicone under the muscle I'm 5/10 and 8 stone 10 lb athletic build so I don't want to look out of proportion did you go bigger and whats your stats if you don't mind me asking.


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Teenybop2000  ·  26 Jul 2013

Nic 96 . Maybe you rushed into getting ba. I've no self esteem issues, I just felt more fake wearing a padded bra than gettin my implants. I'm not sure what you had but I got ones In proportion with my body shape and size, they look and feel natural. But thanks for the advice, hope you sought the help you needed.


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deflated boobs  ·  26 Jul 2013

Hi ladies after many years of considering breast augmentation I finally took the plunge! I am just over 2wks post op & I feel fantastic! I'm thrilled with the results! I had no pain at all I could t believe it & was out & about after 5 days! Here's the catch I got mine done abroad in Thailand. I know it's scary the whole process is and I talked to 3 women who had theirs done before here in Ireland & I had their head fried with questions. So if anyone wants to email me with any queries I am more than happy to help out! It helped me loads taking to others & also YouTube have 100s of vlogs on people's experiences and it really is true what they say everyone's recovery is different! But I do think yrs of research,talking to others who had theirs done, finding a top surgeon & hospital, and making sure you are sure are key! Like I said anyone who wants to ask questions I have no prob In doing so!


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Nic96  ·  25 Jul 2013

Girls I would seriously reconsider having implants! I just had mine removed after 12yrs of feeling like a big fake & being really unhappy with myself. If your self esteem is already low, fake boobs aren't going to make you happy!

I have never been happier being all natural and don't regret for one minute not having them replaced!!

Seriously girls you're better off to invest your money in building self esteem ie counselling, psychotherapy whatever does it for you.

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