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Abdominal pain, is it IBS?

Total Messages: 25    Latest post on: 11/12/2011 22:16     Page 1 of 1   Latest Post
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Joined: May 2008

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# 25

Posted: 11/12/2011 22:16

hi superstar

i have IBS , i get cramps in my stomach, but what u r talking about, to me, it could be your womb. i had similar pains like that, now this was 12 years ago,i had pain like i had never before, infections, upon infection,, i had to get my womb removed, ask your Gp, to refer u to the hospital


Joined: Dec 2011

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# 24

Posted: 07/12/2011 11:39

I have a pain down my front side, my fornt around my belly button and lower back right hand side. Im also getting random pain around my stomach and uterus area and left side of back also. In aug 2011 I was admitted to a+e with severe adominal pain, an ultrasound showed fluid around my appendix.  I was hooked up on antibotic's for 6 days before they deicded to do a laraoscopy. They found adhesions and removed them. They said that that fluid would of dispersed with the antibotics's. Ihad alot of pain afterwards but put it down to healing pain. Since then, iv been having the pain like i stated above. My doctors have done urine, blood, swabs and have all come back clear.  I got the mirena coil out dec  1st as i felt this could of been a contributing factor. On taking it out, the nurse said their was alot of murky fluid around it , that came out with it. I felt relieve afterwards for a couple of days, but a week on i can feel the intensity of the pain increasing. I do not have an appointment with gynaecolgist until march 2012 with another ultrasound ,which will be longer again. I have the option of paying to see a gynae sooner but i would not be able to get any procedures done as they cost alot of money when going private. If you have any feedback , id be delighted to here from you


Joined: Jan 2001

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# 23

Posted: 06/05/2009 11:48

Hi Pet, to be honest I am not surprised the hospital refused to do an enema on a young girl - enema can be very stressful so are not usually done unless absolutely neccessary. When you mention - the camera, do you mean a gastroscopy or colonoscopy? Also are you going public or private with her?


Joined: Apr 2009

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# 22

Posted: 02/05/2009 17:51

My young niece 14 complaining of abdominal pain attending hospital past six weeks. Finally did an Xray and showed her bowel very full of waste. Asked for enema but they recommended Movical three a day to clear. Presently waiting on camera at Crumlin Hospital. Anyone know where I can get this sooner as I would not take child back to Temple St.  Need to know where I can get camera done 'yesterday'  Appreciate any help or suggestions from anywhere..


vera (KOB72103)

Joined: Jun 2008

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# 21

Posted: 16/11/2008 13:22

I have been diagnosed with severe diverticular disease constipation. would colpermin or motilium help me with discomfort?

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# 20

Posted: 30/07/2008 09:07

My father was someone you could call a big strong man (6'4 and an ex GAA player) but he got his gastroscopy done under Gen A, no problem at all but doesn't remember any of it, naturally. My grandmother on the other hand had heavy sedation, - in preference to Gen A, at her own request (she was a very nervous woman) and did have vague memories of it but mainly of feeling dizzy and confused rather than any pain. But even at that, the consultant wanted to stop several times and have her get GA to complete it
The doctor who didn't wait for the sedation to take effect would certainly not have heard the last of me.

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# 19

Posted: 29/07/2008 17:48

Yeah I know, The rest of the family got it done in different hospitals, and have only vague dreamlike memories of wanting to swear at the doc, but they didnt wait long enough (or at all) for the sedation to take effect for this one. She said the big strong man who was in before her screamed too, so its not just her miraculous resistance to drugs! Anyway, she's sorted private cover now, and will never be back to that particular consultant again.

Good side was they found nothing serious on the test, a huge relief cos there's a history of bowel cancer in the family. So its still worth getting done for a lot of people to see if its really just IBS (I know, "JUST" IBS) but I strongly recommend asking them to give you plenty of time for the sedatives to kick in.

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# 18

Posted: 28/07/2008 11:44

Oh my God, Anon, NO-ONE, public or private should be screaming through ANY medical procedure and ANY doctor allowing this should rightfully be disciplined in the severest possible manner. If I were your relation, that would not be the last they had hear of me. To note - a gastroscopy can be done under GENERAL ANEASTHETIC unless there are contra-indication such as severe obesity or breathing problems or the patient requests sedation only. For a colonoscopy sedations should always be used also.

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# 17

Posted: 28/07/2008 10:57

Would definitely recommend gastroscopy/ colonoscopy type tests to rule out other things. My whole family has IBS type symptoms, one was misdiagnosed as celiac with a blood test, but years later coloscopy ruled that out, and she started getting treated for her real problem. These are not fun tests though. If your doctor recommends the tests, make sure you get well sedated, cos another family member had to get it done in a public hospital and screamed all through it.
Personally I get hormone related attacks rather than food. I've tried taking buscopan with little help, but I think colpermin and coming off the pill recently is finally easing my own symptoms.

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# 16

Posted: 19/03/2008 14:52

Hi, I attended the VHI clinic last Saturday with severe abdominal pain and a pain in my back. I was given an x-ray which showed up that I was 'bunged' up (pain in my back) and the doctor said that he suspected diverticulitis but to rule out any other 'nasties' Dr sent me for an ultra-sound. This came back clear but now he would like me to have a colonoscopy to rule out 'nasties' within my intestines (colon). I'm mid 40's. Dr recommended to change diet. Two vegetarian meals per week, reduce beef and lamb intake, up fish intake, eat youghurts, make sure to get in five fruit/veg per day. Porridge/bran in morning. Take fibregel at night time if necessary - keep an eye on 'stool' in otherwords don't get constipated. Infection can gather in little pockets in colon and this is what causes pain - so keep it moving. This can be managed with diet according to doctor - but if you get abdominal pain go to Doctor.

Joined: Mar 2008

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# 15

Posted: 06/03/2008 12:07

I have had pain also in my lower left side - I was pretty sure that it was caused by endometriosis (where the lining of the womb also grows on the outside of the womb, and also bleeds (internally) during a monthly bleed), but as I've been on the depoprovera injection for the past 3 years, thought this was unusual. I also suffer from IBS, but the pain does not feel like its connected to my large intestine (which is usually affected with IBS, so I'm advised)... anyway, I've just been hospitalised for the past week with this pain, and the hospital reckons that its not endometriosis related, but IBS related. I have previously taken buscopan for the IBS but only when I am effected by sharp pains & then diahorrea, but this is a different pain, sharp, but feels like its in my womb/left ovary. I have been put on colofac now instead, and advised to avoid painkillers especially with codeine in them(the pain is still bad, even though I've just been discharged), and take ibuprofen instead as this will not affect the gut like codeine based medicines do. I'm still concerned that the pain is still there, & if anyone could please help offer advise if they have experienced the same thing, and what their doctors have advised, I'd really appreciate it..... thanks.

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# 14

Posted: 06/07/2007 12:51

I've was diagnosed with IBS over 10 years ago and am not aware of any specific diet plan for it because different people react to different foods. Generally though, dairy, spices, alcohol are commonly reacted to, and for those who also get hearburn/indigestion, tomatoes and citrus fruits can also be difficult to digest. Hope this helps.

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# 13

Posted: 27/09/2006 01:21

I\'m the same as stephen. Would love to know a diet plan for IBS.

Joined: Jul 2006

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# 12

Posted: 16/07/2006 13:11

Six years ago i was diagnosed with IBS , up to recently the problem never caused that much hassle out of the ordinary , however in the last 2 months it has become an issue for me again with severe pains in my left abdominal area , heartburn , irregular bowel movement , and general health suffering . Stress at work does contribute a bit but i think my diet may be the main factor , has anyone any advice on what you can and cant eat/drink. Thanks

Joined: Nov 2005

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# 11

Posted: 29/11/2005 19:14

Since the age of 7 i have suffered with abdominal pain in the lower left hand side of my abdomen, i had an m.s.u.g. done and it was discovered that i had a slow draining kidney but the pains persisted, by the age of 15 i had the pain regularly and was gettin serious urinary tract infections at least once a month and was then perscribed antibiotic ater antibiotic which has left my immune system weak and unable to fight a lot of infection, docters then tried to tell me that it was a psychological problem, i persisted and at the age of 17 i was finally diagnosed with IBS and a kidney disorder i am now 18 and on a lifelong antibiotic to control the problem

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# 10

Posted: 21/12/2004 09:45

It could be pain associated with ovulation.
Lautra (YRJ21953)

Joined: Dec 2004

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# 9

Posted: 21/12/2004 09:35

Hi I have been diagnosed with IBS but think it could be PMT related.I has a laposcopy but they found nothing but I seem to have the pain a week befor my period starts and have an upset stomach as well. Do you think this could be PMT related and if so any siggestions as to what may help?

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# 8

Posted: 12/07/2004 07:35

Thank you Philip for this information. I am the first poster. I do agree that the doctors seem to suggest IBS for any kind of pain in that area. I was never actually tested, they just diagnosed my symptoms. Next time I will suggest diverticulosis to the doctor. Its not bad at the moment but comes and goes regularly. Hope you are feeling better. Carmel
philip (philipdbyrne)

Joined: Jul 2002

Posts: 3

# 7

Posted: 09/07/2004 14:34

I had pain in the same location as described by the first writer. I too was given a diagnosis of IBS which appears to be a bit of a 'catchall' diagnosis. The pain was not constant but came and went over many years but became worse as the years went by. Eventually I was diagnosed as having severe diverticular disease. This is a non malignant diseaes of the bowel which usually presents in the lower left abdomen. The reason I went undiagnosed for so long is because of my age . Iwas thirty when the problem started and it is much more common in elderly patients. In my case I needed surgery but am now in full health with no recurrence. Surgery is not normally required for this condition. It may be something that you or your GP need to consider. Good luck.

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# 6

Posted: 08/07/2004 08:20

Interesting point on allergies / intolerance. I found my problem to be wheat related and now avoid wheat products, using spelt flour or rice flour instead. You might also liek to keep this in mind.

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# 5

Posted: 07/07/2004 18:41

weight loss, abdominal pain, nausea, feeling bloated, and tired. You may be lactose intolerant. I had your symptoms and was thoroughly investigated but ended up finding the source of my problem bya process of elimination. Try cutting out all milk based products, cheese,icecream, lattes etc for at least two weeks and see if there is a difference. If not you may need to see a gastro enterologist. good luck

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# 4

Posted: 07/07/2004 11:33

If it's hormaone related, goign on the pill may help.

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# 3

Posted: 06/07/2004 17:17

My old doctor told me I had IBS for two years. But soon after a couple of years it turned out to be a stomach ulcer! you might consider getting an endiscope done, to see exactly what the problem is. Hope this helps.

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# 2

Posted: 04/07/2004 18:38

I have this terrible abdominal pain mainly on about the fifth day of my periods. It is so bad that i can not move i would not be even able to go to casualty as it is so bad. I was in hospital two months ago with it and they put it down to hormonal but my GP keeps saying it is IBS. I feel there is a lot of trapped wind inside the pain usually lasts about two days i am so confused as to what it is and nothing takes the pain away.

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# 1

Posted: 12/03/2004 11:01

I have had a pain in my lower abdomin (left hand side, so not appendix) for roughly 3 weeks now. It is not so bad that I cannot stand or go to work but it is sore most of the time. I think it is something to do with my intestines as I was told years ago that I had IBS but it had gone away. However, I can't remember having this pain the last time. Also I could be slightly constipated today and tomorrow I could be the opposite. The pain is sometimes a little in my lower back also. I have been under a bit of pressure lately and perhaps this is the cause. Do you think this is IBS? I don't want to go back to the doctor again to be told it is stress related. I have taken up yoga to relax. I don't think it has anything to do with my reproductive system as I feel everything there is pretty normal. I am 28. Please answer me if you think you know what this might be or if you have any advice, thanks.
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