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Michelle (michelle33)  ·  11 Dec 2003
Hi Martin

I am glad you wrote to irishhealth.com. The Government are not in earnest.

I have written one lever arch file on Disability related matters. I circulate ministers, the National Disability Authority, the Irish Association of Suidologists, Amnesty and feel totally horrified by the inability of our so called representatives to interact in any way.

Trinity University face my application to Equality and Law Reform for their total inability to grasp Mental Illness and Brain Damage. Reports have been triplicated in some cases. If Academia cannot broaden the agenda in education, then how can we expect graduates who take posts in say the NDA, Amnesty, to engage in a realistic fashion with those they claim to represent.

Academia; the Govertment with the exception of say two ministers; media representatives etc. are perpetrating stigma and fear instead of inclusiveness.

A paper was written by Professor Quinn 'from Charity to Rights' I wrote to congratulate him on his input and suggest several inputs.

5 letters later asking for a response - I got none. In the end I included - the right to die might as well be added now given the inability of academics and others to comprehend, to have manners; and who quite evidently judge the person and the endeavour is their academic paper. Again no response.

I wrote to Dan Neville and Irish Association of Suicidologists. Because I choose to be open to my life experiences, these supreme beings in society determine my invisibility. This is about power relationships.

When can we as people become visible. The advert about the homeless and their invisibility applies to a lot of people.

It is the bureaucracy that is perpetrating the 'us and them' scenaria.

I strongly object.

There are organisations gaining cudos with booklets; publications etc. on mental health who hold in such disdain the 'mentally ill' being who does not fit their methodoligical concept as no doubt perpetrated by our eminent universities.

I regard my entry to Trinity as that of a mutant - I have really enjoyed it there but challenge the clone version that must graduate. I am bipolar therefore my scope is expansive......I am tired being told that their system of making modifications is to make me focus on a narrow spectrum.........

I left - I completed my 15 pages essay Can you say mental illness is a form of social deviance.....I could not complete the other 4. You see the content re-iterated my perspective, my consultants perspective and neuropsychologists perspective.....They could not even understand.

It is these people who advise Government..............who represents who?

Ironically, I am a representative for the mentally ill on Trinity National Flexi-plan programme. This will lead to interesting outcomes if energy permits.

Bertrand Russell
'Into every tiny scheme for arranging the pattern of human life, it is necessary to inject a certain dose of anarchism - enough to prevent immobility leading to decay, but not enough to bring about disruption'
(Skeptical Essays 1960's)

'Prejudice is harden to split than an atom'

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Anonymous  ·  09 Dec 2003
After the recent budget we have learned the true nature of this government.

It is now clear to all that this government is going to do very little for
people with disabilities .

There will be a meeting held on Saturday 14/12/2003@ 14:00 in the teachers
on Parnell st to discuss how the people of this country can register their
objection to what this government is doing.

This meeting is not just regarding disabilities, but I feel that it is important
that people
with disabilities should attend in large numbers to register our dissatisfaction
the performance of his government.

The disability bill is due to be published soon, and this may be our last
to show the government that we are not prepared to tolerate the situation
was foisted upon us the last time. Remember that was 2 years ago and we
still have
not received the rights that we deserve. Our justice minister is on record
as saying
that he feels that rights inhibit the business mind. I am taking this to
that the new bill will be as unacceptable as the last one.

Can you please send an email to acknowledge receipt of this contact
and to let me know of any special requirements that should be made.

If you know of anyone who you feel would be interested in attending this
Please pass their contact details on to me or alternatively pass this message
onto them.

I urge all people with a disability to try and attend this meeting.

Martin O'Sullivan
Tel: 087 8289243
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