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Anonymous  ·  09 Feb 2007
my mother has been recently diagnosed with a nodule on her thyroid - i.e. a goitre problem which was affecting her swallow. surgery had been organised. however doctor wants to give her a CT scan of the whole area including her chest - is this normal or are they just checking her lymph glands?

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Michelle (michelle33)  ·  12 Dec 2003
Michelle says hello.

Thyroid deficiency.
I take medication called Lithium and unaware to me this can cause thyroid deficiency.

I became quite debilitated over a number of months last year. There was a heavy weightedness about my body and real exhaustion as well.

I went to my GP and he suggested a thyroid blood test. Yes I needed the drug to correct metabolism. I had to take the tablet for nearly two months before the effects were noticed.

The transformation is amazing. I take one tablet each morning. The 'leady' weightedness is almost at bay.

It is necessary to ensure taking the Eltroxin each day because one day without you really notice.

The exhaustion and muscular pain are also gone.

I know it relates to iodine. I think iodine is found in seaweed but if you have the blood test and you need eltroxin I would really advise taking it. It makes a real difference to your quality of life.

A quote:

G.K. Chesterton
'Education is simply the soul as it passes from one generation to the other'

Good luck

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Anonymous  ·  09 Dec 2003
Does the tryroid need iodine to function properly? What are the natural sources of iodine? Does iodine help a sluggish thryoid gland?
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