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Posted: 31/03/2007 13:48

I was in the UK earlier this week and when coming in to land, both coming and going, I developed a severe pain over my right eye and what seemed to be behind the right eye.

Has anybody out there ever come across this and if so, would you know what could cause such a pain?

It only lasted for about 5 minutes in each case and happened on the approach or descent when preparing to land.

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Posted: 25/05/2006 21:30

Hi all. I have had a continous headache for the past 2 weeks. I went to my GP after 1 week who prescribed anti-inflammatories (Medusil). He said that it was a bad tension headache but I have never had one for so long before. It's usually only lasts a day. Any suggestions appreciated?

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Posted: 02/05/2006 10:05

Hi. I had the EXACT same thing. I went to an acupuncturist, and it completely disappeared. It wasn't only the acupuncture. He advised me to avoid certain foods and drinks: red wine; cheese; coffee; chocolate. Basically, common triggers for migraine. I was in AGONY. I bet this could work for you too. It happened to me in early pregnancy as well. Good luck!

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Posted: 01/05/2006 19:22

hi there all. i am at my wits end as i am 13 weeks pregnant . i have had a throbbing headache now for nearly two weeks. it is in the front , eyes forehead and seems to getworse when i stand or move. i have been to docs and hospital and had tests done but there is only so much they can do. it is tiring me out so much now that i dont know who to turn to. as i write this now i am in pain just trying to type on the keys. i have been told by docs that it is just migrain and to take paracetomal but they dont even work. god help me i cant go through rest of pregnancy like this.any ideas on how to beat this.

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Posted: 04/08/2005 14:11

I have been getting headaches on and off now for a while. I am in my late 40's and i usually get them around my period cycle and ovulation. However, i have missed two periods and i seem to be getting them more frequently. They are like (pins and needles sensation). Would this be the onset of menopause??

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Posted: 03/08/2005 18:04

my mam gets headaches frequently i just want to know is that normal at her age of 54.she usually gets them once a week.is it because of stress?
Nicola (BUP18967)

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Posted: 01/11/2004 22:52

i would like to say i have been suffering from sever headaches for about two years i get clusters headaches with sever vomiting. in the last two months my headaches have got worst i have them every day when i wake in the morning and all throught the night which has not helped my sleep. i went to see a phyiscal thearpist which involes deep massage. i haven't had a headache in 2 weeks. in say that i still see my GP and i am going for a CT Scan. i no it won't go away but every little helps

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Posted: 12/11/2003 14:20

To anonymous above of 12/11. I suffered with migraine headaches for several years until I discovered that food intolerance/allergies triggered them. In Sept & Oct I had bad headaches again, this time with cheek and face pain. It turned out to be a very bad sinus infection, although I had no 'runny' nose, etc. A headache should always be investigated if it does not clear with 24 hours. And as someone has suggested above, go to a different GP if necessary for a second opinion.

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Posted: 12/11/2003 10:55

I have suffered headaches for years often accompanied by mild nausea. Would have them most days in fact - a tight, tired type pain where I just want to close my eyes and sleep) Been to doctor on numerous occasions and to the migraine clinic. Not classic migraine type symptoms but the doctors recommended that I take preventative type medication as they diagnosed that I "probably" have migraine. However, I am very reluctant to take medication with strong side effects for the sake of a headache that is not that bad. However, I do get very fed up as I have them most days and would love to feel well again. Just wondering is there anyone with similar experience?
June (Junemc)

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Posted: 10/11/2003 13:31

I had a problem with headaches where I was taking pain killers every day (about twice a day). Then I read an article that there is a cycle of a kind of physiological addiction to normal over the counter pain killers if you take them too regularly, stopping them actually causes a headache, you take pain killers, etc etc. So I broke the cycle by trying to ignore the pain which worked. I still suffer with headaches and sometimes migraine, but not every day like I used to.
What I am saying is, if you took a lot of pain killers while you had the virus, you could have created a dependence on them within your body. Try to come off them for a few days and your headaches will gradually get better.

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Posted: 07/11/2003 22:47

To the writer on the 30th Oct.,
who has been suffering with bad
headaches, you have my deepest
sympathy,as I had a wild bad pain
in my head,for the past 3 or 4 wks.,and I also had facial pains,
and all my bones. I was scared as
I had a Brain Tumour removed over
20 years ago.T.G. it was a benign
tumour,I am lucky to be alive.
I know now that what I had for the
past number of weeks,must have been
the bug that is hitting us here in
Ireland at this point in time,as my
headache is gone,but I have got a sore troath.Take a tip from one who
knows from experience of headaches
in the past, if your headache is not gone go back to your Doc., and
if it means you getting a second
opinion,get it!! Do not neglect
yourself. Act now. It maybe only
the bug,it is better to be sure
then sorry. Let me know how you get on. Take Care, and good luck.
Ask St. Therse-Little Flower to
give you the courage to look after
yourself,and she will help you.

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Posted: 05/11/2003 09:01

I have been on the contraceptive pill, yasim, for the last 3 years and get my blood pressure checked every time i get a new prescription and I am a regular blood donor. I went into get a health checkup which is required once on the pill. I visited the female doctor instead and she noticed my blood pressure was very high.....155 over 100(norm is 120 over 80). I am now off the pill to see if my blood pressure is caused by the pill. over the past 2 weeks i have had severe headaches over my eyes and im so tried because of them. I was wondering if the headaches would be casued by the hormone change in my body. Has anyone gone through this high blood pressure problem due to the pill? im afraid to go the doctor to be told this is normal. Can anyone give me some advice

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Posted: 01/11/2003 19:03

i have been back to the doc and this time she said it seems to be a tension headache. i have to get plenty of fresh air and quiet time so i will see how this goes. she said to give it 3 weeks and if not gone to go back to her again.

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Posted: 30/10/2003 11:50

Viral headaches do not usually last for a month. This may have seemed like the most probably diagnosis at the time you were seen by your GP, but maybe it is time for you to go back and see him/her again for a review. There are numerous possible causes of the kind of headache you describe, mostly benign, but to differentiate between them much more information about them - and you - as well as a physical examination is needed.

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Posted: 30/10/2003 10:01

i have been suffering from headaches for the last month with a visit to the gp. i was told it was a viral infection. the pain is over my eyes, in my cheek bone and sometimes in my ears. it is generally a heavy type feeling. any advice
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