These Publicans are only bullies!

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Michelle (michelle33)  ·  04 Nov 2003
I agree with both comments. I will vote with for no smoking in public.

The Joe Duffy show was most interesting today. The whistleblower who was employed by a US tobacco company spoke openly about cigarette smoke being carsongenic and en par with the damaging affects of Asbestos.

I recall travelling to work in London and seeing the large tower blocks with sheets hanging from the windows - seeking their demolition and stating that Asbestos was a killer.

I also lived in Zimbabwe. I never quite put two and two together about tobacco and the two tier economy that existed.

Then one day I had visitors and I brought them to the Tobacco sales floor - it was then I realised that this was America in Africa like in England when you have US airforce bases planted in situ.

This is about Power, Commerce, cheap labour in Zimbabwe and other third world countries and funding regimes that do not comply with international conventions.

Each individual must take responsibility for their actions. We seek an equitable situation for our fellow human beings surely. If not, this should be an objective.

There is a lot of talk - is someone missing the obvious.

What about smoke detectors and the shrill noise they make if you let the food burn.......I would suggest if these were in pubs for example, the publicans could just leave it to other people who choose to frequent healthy environments to socialise. Just a thought!!!!!

Quote from Michelle
Petra Kelly - Green Politician in Germany
'We cannot feast on global resources while the world's poor struggle to survive on inhospitable lands. It is as simple as that. It is the rich who are making the world poorer. ENVIRONMENT AND POVERTY ARE ONE CRISIS NOT TWO

Back in 1992 - as I watched regularly Zimbabwean men leave building sites funded by the World Bank and IMF, I would secretly say o - no: it is starting all over again - a cigarette indicates prosperity. It was the same here in Ireland a few decades ago.

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Michael (michaelrooney)  ·  30 Oct 2003
I think the publicans have backed themselves into a corner and their testosterone levels wont let them backdown.They seem to have completely missed the point that over 70% of the population dont smoke and most of these do drink and I would suggest that a lot of them are lokking forward to being able to have a drink without having to go home smelling like a chimney.How will they feel when one of their employees sues them for having developed lung cancer as a result of having to work in a smokey environment

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claire (murphycl)  ·  22 Oct 2003
I really do think the minister is right banning smoking and the publicans are wrong objecting.

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Liam (liamjbradshaw)  ·  06 Oct 2003
To all the readers in the postings please take a minute to e-male with your vote. Please vote [Yes] or [No] as you please.Please vote to this posting on the decision of these publicans who are deciding to defy the government on the non-smoking ban in January 2004.[Yes]if you want the publicans to comploy with the proposed ban.[No]if you object to the proposed ban. Thank you for your partisapation.

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