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gjcbyrne  ·  27 Aug 2003
We live in the NEHB region. Our 2 and half year old son has CP and is unable to stand unsupported, crawl or walk. He was recently assessed for the Primary Medical Certificate(which would enable us to get a rebate of VRT and VAT on a specially modified car for him) and the Domiciliary Care Allowance.

The result of this assessment was that we can get the Domiciary Care Allowance but NOT THE PRIMARY MEDICAL CERT (PMC)!

The first of the criteria to be satisfied for the issuance of the PMC is that "the applicant must be wholly or almost wholly without the use of both legs"

We believe that our son fits this criteria, however, we have heard anecdotally that the NEHB does not provide PMC's in respect of children under 5, although I have heard of other children under 5 from other health board regions receiving the PMC.

My questions are:

Does the PMC only apply to children OVER 5?

Have Children UNDER 5 from any health board region received the PMC?
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