Finger nail tips and psoriasis

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LibP  ·  08 Aug 2009

Dovonex Scalp lotion is suitable for finger nail psoriasis. I've been using it for years now without much success, but it's all I know of. Also Betnovate cream helps slightly.


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niki  ·  04 Aug 2009

hi just wondering if anyway has the same problem are any recommendations. When i was younger i caught my toe nail in the door, it never grew back properly. Instead a thick green/brown nail grew back. I'm very paranoid about this and dont show off my toes at all. Does anyone know if there is anything that can be done to replace the nail.

any comments would help.



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Neo  ·  18 May 2009

Hi..looking for some help guys...i have had psoriasis under ny fingernails for a few years now. I am currently using diprosalic scalp application on them.Ive been applying it twice a day for the last 3 months now but it doesnt appear to be helping.I visited a skin specialist who prescribed me this treatment and asures me it will help. Has anyone used diprosalic on their nails? if so has it helped? Any comments welcome. psoriasis broke out in my belly button previously but i treated this with protopic cream which i found was very effective.


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Anonymous  ·  21 May 2007
I have been researching nail Psoriasis lately and I have found that a product called Doak Oil is usefull for nail Psoriasis...has anybody heard of this in Ireland?

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SOH  ·  21 Dec 2006
Hi All,

In the last few months, I have developed psoriasis on my scalp, nail nails and toenails.

Is there anything I can be doing (or not doing) to get rid of this.

Im becoming increasingly paranoid about it and worried that my nails will fall off.

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Nicola  ·  28 Mar 2006
I see there hasn't been any entries here in a while but I'd be greatfull if anyone had any treatment for psoriasis of the nails as I have it on many of my finger and toe nails and the big toes and one of my thumbnails are fairly ingrown as a result and I don't really want to lose any nails unless 100% necessary.

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Anonymous  ·  25 Sep 2003
At last! Someone else has this problem. Since she was born my daughter has had pitted nails and when I asked the Doc what it was he told me it was psoriasis and nothing to worry about. she doesnt have it anywhere else and it has not caused any problems but she doesnt like the look of her nails. i have used clear nail varnish to conceal the pits but i still wonder was the diagnosis correct. Any comments from anyone with psoriasis of the nails would be welcome.

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Derry (Derrykav)  ·  13 Sep 2003
Psoriasis has given me deseased toe nails. I use Dovonex cream and Dovonex scalp lotion . Can I use the scalp lotion on my toe nails.

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john (ronanj)  ·  02 Sep 2003
Hi ,
Psoriasis of the nail is tricky to treat and probably the type with the least information available on the web.
I find keeping the nailbed clear (biting the top layer back ;) ) and applying dovonex or dovonex scalp solution may help.
For severe cases where the nail is in danger of falling off your doctor or derm may inject steroids under the nail into the nail bed.

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Anonymous  ·  20 Aug 2003
I am just wondering where? can I get more information about this? what
should I ask for
and can I use any kind of cream to help this I know it won't go away??
but to stop it getting worse and they might look a bit better

In need of advice

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Anonymous  ·  19 Aug 2003
I have psoriasis on my shins but am glad to say I have it pritty much under control. In the past Year however I seem to have developend it on my nails. I wasn't sure what it was until I read about it on your excellent site.
I want to know if there are any over the counter treatments for psoriasis of the nails.

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Kathy (Kathy55)  ·  30 Jul 2003
Where I said "not back to normal" should have read "now back to normal" (smile)

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Kathy (Kathy55)  ·  30 Jul 2003
You may actually be allergic to the products used for false finger nails. I too suffered with this conditions and nothing prescribed in the line of steroid creams or lotions helped me in the long term. There is a good chance that the psoriasis could be accompanied with fungal infections, which steroids do nothing for, if anything they make fungal infections worse.

I used Neem from India and my nails are not back to normal.

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Anonymous  ·  21 Jul 2003
can i wear fake finger nail tips with acryllic if I have psoriasis of the nails?
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