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Michelle (michelle33)  ·  02 May 2003
Michelle agrees with you. In the days of the email, I believe life has become incredibly complicated for the average individual. This is a true pardadox.

Forms as far as I can see endorse the sociological perspective of Talcott Parsons circa (1950's). Parsons created the hierarchial bureaucratic system theory. Given that it was a foundation process, it is acceptable. What is not understandable is the way administration has clogged up the effectiveness.

We see today the Farmers walk in and look for what they are entitled to in some Government Office. Yet again, they make the news.

You get a licence, you go to the post office, you go to the hospital, you go for bloods.......nothing works efficiently. And now people are so afraid that someone will sue them, they don't answer correspondence, enter details on files that might be discriminatory (say depression). What has happened? Who is thinking?

This creates a big monster that has lots of power. Always remember, there are many ways to gain control over or intimidate other people. You can be the secretary working for say two people. It is simple if one annoys you - each time he/she hands you something to do just put it to the bottom of the list.

Part of my medical condition is I cannot understand money. It has become increasingly worse so that now I must take an amount and hope people when asked to take the price of what I am buying are honest.

The last time I entered a depression (lasted nearly 2 years), I know that only for a friend of mine, who took me in hand and identified the problem, I could get nothing sorted out. This was the absolute opposite of my pre-accident days. This caused me to become so anxious and frustrated with myself. It was so bad that I avoided places like the revenue who said I had not paid my tax and that within 3 days 'they were sending a truck to collect assets....they would break down the door'. I tried to explain - they would not listen. It is past but in my former self it would not have happened. Then of course, those who know you and worry for you, say leave it - let someone else fight the battles.

I know after this experience it is with difficulty that I enter a bank or deal with an official. For me, I have every sympathy with the kids on the street, those who beg because if my experience is anything to go by - it is a humbling encounter with bureaucracy that I avoid.

Goffman ought to be read. He writes about Asylums and us/them and Stigma.

Nice quote from me.

'Certainty is the sin of bigots, terrorists and phariseesn -
This is from book in 'Glendalough' - forgot the writer

Enjoy the Long Weekend

Some effective Think Tanks are required - a little bit of that military precision, with the Irish endorsed.

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Anonymous  ·  30 Apr 2003
I recently had a minor procedure carried out in a Dublin hospital. It was a follow up to a similar procedure carried out a year earlier. Although the hospital was made aware on several occasions that I was not making any claim on my health insurance, I was sent innumerable claim forms and urged to sign them and send them back to the hospital. As a public patient, the procedure and overnight stay cost euro40, which I later paid by cheque. However, I am concerned a) that the hospital's administration is so inefficient that no one took a record of any of my phone calls or requests to staff to stop sending me Bupa forms and, more seriously b) why the forms sent to me on each occasion were blank and yet urged me to sign a declaration confirming that all the details were true.
How can someone be expected to sign a form confirming treatment and/or medication received if the hospital hasn't filled in the details? I, for one, would not be prepared to sign any declaration confirming that the details of the form are correct where such details are omitted. It effectively gives the hospital carte blanche to fill in anything afterwards in my name.
I'd love to know if this is a common practice and if so whether it is condoned or by VHI and Bupa?

As an aside to this, I note that it regularly takes the same hospital up to 12 weeks to get the results of basic tests posted to me (i.e. three weeks for test results to come to doctor from the lab and a further seven or eight weeks to post them out). However, following my recent treatment on a Friday morning, I had a bill on my doorstep by the following Wednesday and, when I omitted to pay it, had a 'final reminder' notice within two weeks. Interesting that the problems they cite with their 'typing pool' when it comes to posting results, don't seem to apply to the accounts department when it comes to sending bills.
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