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micky-fin  ·  28 Sep 2012

Hi, i wonder if anyone can help me, 

I really am at the end of my tether, i have recently been to the doctor, where i explained my symptoms which were, painful headaches which would last days at a time and have now got so bad that i am now resorting into sleeping in glasses, tiredness, having no energy to the point that even carrying out simple tasks like carrying shopping bags are a massive effort which is leading me to become frustrated at my self and taking it out on my family. when I went to the doctor i was firstly diagnosed with a sinus infection and given antibotics however the headaches got so bad that i was literactly spending all day in bed and in tears, i then when back to the doctors who AGAIN gave me antibiotics but at a higher dose, and sent me to have a blood test, when i was called back to recieve my results the doctor informed me that i have a slightly underactive thyriod (whatever that means) and that my immune system was slightly low, the doctor said that because i only have a slightly underactive thyroid that he wouldnt like me to go on medication for it because it would mean having to spend the rest of my life on medication (however i am literally at the end of my tether and quite frankly would be willing to try anything) what the doctor suggested was to start taking multi-vitamins which i have been doing for two months now but i havent seen an improvement, this problem is really getting me down because it is effecting every part of my life, i have recently started a care work job which requires me to be up at 5 in the morning however it isnt so much as i am tired because when i finish work at 2 i have a sleep in the afternoon it is more that i feel very lethargic, this is a constant struggle which is frustrating me even more because i really enjoy this job.

i understand where the doctor is coming from in the sense that i am only 18 years old and being on medication is not ideal however i need to get this sorted so i can be back to my normal self.  i am in two minds whether to get a second opinion.... any advice anyone can give me i would be so greatful for......


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Kar/Molly  ·  17 Oct 2011

Thanks Dee Dee, for all your info its been so helpful.


I just found out I have an Under Active Thyroid & to be honest im so relieved I thought I was going mad, when I look up the symptoms now it makes so much sense.


I've had constant swollen glands a feeling like I’m being choked, sore neck, legs throbbing, I've gained over a stone even though I'm extremely active & no matter how good my diet was it wouldn't budge. My periods are a nitemare, ear infections, throat infections, I've been irritable I don’t know how my boyfriend lives with me, I honestly thought I was going insane. The last few weeks I've being feeling nauseous & then last week I was sick & the next morning I woke up with what looked like 2 black eyes, purple dotes like bruises, I went straight to the doctor by the time I got to see him it was on both eyes, cheek bones, cheek, chin, back of my ears and in my scalp, he was totally stumped he said he never seen anything like it. I was prescribed the usual antibiotics & tummy tablets but he did blood tests too. 


A week later I feel no better but the rash is gone, I just got a call from the Doc & halleluiah I'm not a hypochondriac.. So today is the first day of the rest of my healthy life, I'll work with the Doc sort out

my meds & finally fell like myself againSmile

Really found this site good thanks for all you info.





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Anonymous  ·  23 Sep 2011

Hi Fairy, glad you've had a diagnosis but sorry to hear what you've been suffering. In short, how long it will take to feel normal again depends on a few things

 - how underactive your thyroid is, this you can determine from the results of your tyroid panel blood tests for T4, T3, (the two thyroid hormones) TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and Thyroid Antibodies - which are tested to determine whether the underactive thyroid is as a resault of an autoimmune condition - and most are.

- the treatment targetted by your Dr and how quikcly s/he intends this to bring your levels back up to normal

- whether you need to be treated with T4 and T3 medication. Most people do fien with T4 medication but for some the body cannot convert or converts it poorly into thr T3 out bodies need, Those people need supplementary T3 to feel well. Not all doctros seem to recogniose or be aware of this however.

I've been diagnosed 11 years now and am stable for 7 or 8, so I'm just speaking from my own experience and that of family and friends with the same condition.


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fairy 1  ·  22 Sep 2011

hi just been told i've an under active thyroid, releaved really as it explains alot. i've been exhausted to the extent that i had to come out of work. been getting treated for depression which has been really bad with panick attacks awful feelings. i really hope something will work and soon as i also have a young family. i've to see my doctor tomorrow about treatment. i'd do anything for more energy and to lose the weight i've gained. can anyone say how long it can take to feel a little normal x


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gilmore girls  ·  12 Apr 2011

Thanks for the advice anonymous!


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Anonymous  ·  12 Apr 2011

Hi Gilmore, I also used to feel cold all the time. Provided you are on the correct dose, yes that symtom shouild resolve but it will take time. How long it will take you to lose the weight all depends on how quikcly you get to the optimal dosage and how much weight you gained as a result of the underactive gland., It alos depends of course on the usual things like a healthy diet and exercise. , i was told  by my doctor last week that i have an underactive thyroid. The eltroxin can take up to three weeks for you to start to feel a difference and another three weeks for it's optimal effects to be felt at which point  your GP should do blood test to test your TSH, T4 and T3 to see if your dosage is optimised. You don't mention what dosage you're on, Yes, TSH of 8.0 is high - the aim, according to scientific and medical standard is betweeen 0.3 and 3.0, but within that, different levels suit different people. Hoever, most doctors start off with a low dosage and aim to gradually increase it to what the patient needs in order to get them in range first of all and then optimise it to individiual needs.  


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gilmore girls  ·  11 Apr 2011

Hi, i'm 15 and was told  by my doctor last week that i have an underactive thyroid. I was just wondering because i have most of the symptons for it that because i used to have really nice thick hair will it ever come back? I also feel cold all the time and was wondering will it ever go away and how long will it take for me to lose weight? I was also wondering when the eltroxin will begin to work and i'm not sure should i be on a higher dose because my THS was 8.0 and my doctor didn't really tell me anything?


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golf balls  ·  06 Feb 2010

Hi Polly here,

Ive had under active tyroid for some time and i have a really bad memory im 27, I was just wondering i forgot to order my Eltroxin and i wount get it now till tuesday did anyone ever do that wondering what will be the affects?


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Anonymous  ·  05 Jan 2010

Hi Jic, I totally get what you're saying, i was diagnosed at 29 and frankly it sounds as tho your dosage is simply too low and yes the pill will mandate a need for a slightly higher dosage as woudl pregnancy. Does he tell you what yoyur levels are afte the resylts of each blood ytest? If not, you are entitled to this information and should be told without delay. If your elvels do not normalised after 6 - 12 weeks on a particular doisage then the dosage shouldl, be changed - this is the optimum practise in the vast majority of cases. There is absolutley NO excuse whatsoever for leaving you on the same dosage, which clearly is not working for a year and half without an EXCELLENT medical reason and an explanation. You  need to adress these questiosn to your Dr, without delay - afterall you are paying him for you to feel well and he clearly is not doing that  and nor has he referred you to an endocrinologist who can.


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Jic  ·  04 Jan 2010

Hi, i am a 26 year old female. I have been told by my doctor that i have an underactive thyroid. This condition has been going on for a year and a half now. I am on 50 mcg of eltroxin. My condition has not improved at all. I am still totally exhausted the whole time and at this point, i am getting quite frustrated with the whole thing. I have been back to my doctor a few times and each time she takes a blood test and tells me that whatever level is ok and to come back in about 6 weeks time to have another blood test. This tiredness is really getting to me at this stage. Would any of you have any advice for me as to what i could do about this. I am also on the pill, not sure if that makes a difference.



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Anonymous  ·  23 Jul 2009

Hi Cheenya, I know that homeopathic remedies in the EU aren'r allowed to contain any active ingrediant but personally, given that the consensus all round is that an alternative remedy isn't a viable means of treatment, I would steer clear of a practitioner who tried to sell me one without proof as to its efficacy or how it could replace the standard proven treatment. I would absolutely love tho' to hear of any food which could replace the thyroid hormone that my thyroid glad cannot produce any more. It is more common in women and slightly more complex given the femal hormone profile. Dairy protein is fine - it is soya which should be avoided. If you are lactose intolerant there are lactose free milks available  now. But meat protein - provided it is lean of course is also very good. Extra iodine is contraindicated for me as it overloads the gland and can cause thyroid storm. For most people it is not the case that they can't get enough iodine but that the gland cannot produce the required hormone.



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cheenya  ·  23 Jul 2009

Thanks anonymous. I have started taken 150 mcg Eltroxin. I have asked few homeopathic experts they didn't give any reasonable answer. I have read a posting from someone on this site signed as anonymous said that he/she mainly relied on foods and dropped the medicine gradually and feeling fine. Is it correct that this is more in women then men. What protien you suggest other then dairy. should we take more food with iodine.


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Anonymous  ·  22 Jul 2009

Hi Cheenyna- welcome to the club! It does get better honest. A TSH of 8.0!!! That IS high. The 150MG shoud help tho'. I take it you are on eltroxin. I am diagnosed 9 years now and researched this widely and am still doing so. Even from the most 'far-out' and frankly unscientific alternative communities agree that there is no alrernatrive to replacing the hormone your body can no longer produce. Just like when the body does not produce enough of any other hormone, the only effective treatment is to replace what your body can no longer make for itself - in this case thyroid hormone. Yes, the treamtent is lifelong as the thyroid does not spontaneously recover. I look at it this way - at least it is treatable and the treatment works. Millions of women take the pill every day, for years, even decades - this is no different in that respect.There are some things which can help along with your medication.Stay hydrated - your metabolism needs water to functionExercise in the morning as it boosts your metabolism - such as it is - for the dayEat small regular meals anm include some protein - AVOID soya protein. Recognise when you are overdoing it and pull back - thyroid slump is horrible.



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cheenya  ·  22 Jul 2009

Hi I am a 34 yr old male, diagnosed under active thyroid. Dr. initially advised 50mcg and 100mcg, blood test wes done last week and my TSH level is 8.0, Dr.advised me to take 150 microgram every day. My general health is ok these days apart from some irritation in my throat. Is there any alternative treatment for this as GP is saying that I have to take this for the rest of my life. can somebody through any light on this.


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Anonymous  ·  15 Jun 2009

Hi Vony, I cannot believe that your GP would perscribe anti-dpressants just like that - without doing any further tests to determine anything!! Unreal. Depression is a classic symptom of hypothyroidism and in my expereince 50mg is nowhere near the required dose - hence only the slight improvment. Did he even take bloods to test her levels again. It can take up to 6 weeks for the medication to take full effect.  Is this normal with underactive thyroid conditions? Yes, but entirely treatable with the right dosage.

Is the eltroxin dosage wrong?Yes, in my opinion



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vony  ·  14 Jun 2009

My daughter was diagnosed with having an Underactive Thyroid around six months ago. At that time she was prescribed eltroxin (50mg) and had a slight improvement. Some weeks later she began to explain that the symptoms were not improving and her mood was low and she had feelings of depression. The doctor suggested she take a course of anti-depressants and upped her dosage of eltroxin to 100mg. In the last few days she has admitted to me that she feels sad all the time and keep feel happiness. She is afaid that the medication (anti depressants ) will become addictive and is terrified of coming off them because she may not be able to cope. I'm so afraid for her. I'm taking her back to the doctor tomorrow and am contacting a therapist with whom she can talk to. Is this normal with underactive thyroid conditions? Is the eltroxin dosage wrong?

I feel so helpless and i know i need to help her right away....

Please answer when you can.



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Anonymous  ·  12 Jan 2006
Birdy, being on the pill will increase your need for thyroxine. Depression is one of the symptoms of under active thyroid.

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birdy  ·  12 Jan 2006
I take eltroxin and I started taking the pill a while ago and became very depressed so stopped taking the pill, doc said i now need more eltroxin...I thought that there may be a connection with the depression and taking the pill but doctor say there wasnt. sometimes it feels like doctors dont really care about causes of problems only quick fixes, as he prescribed xanax for the depression..but i began to feel better as soon as i stopped taking the pill.

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Anonymous  ·  26 Mar 2004
Yes, I am in the same position and I know just how you feel. Underactive Thyroid has piled on the weight (over 2 stone) and left me exhausted - to the point where I struggled to get my breath sometimes. I also had difficulty concentrating and felt cold and down all the time. I was on 100 mg first of all and was on it for quite a while. Even though I was only supposed to be 'borderline'. and didn't feel any better at all. It was only when the dosage was upped to 200mg and 250 - 300mg in Winter that I started to feel any better. Weight is still very slow to shift. I go to gym 5 mornings a week (45 min workout) but it takes a lot of effort for very slow result. Bear in mind tho' that I am no longer on the pill. On the pill, you'll need a higher dose than otherwise. Make sure your doctor knows what pill you're on. It have switched to the IUD partly for this reason. Let me know how you get on.

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Laura (cookie_l)  ·  26 Mar 2004
I myself have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland and am also on teh pill, after 3 weeks of taking eltroxin I feel no better, constantly tired. On all health sites I have gone on to there is no real definate information on weight gain and I would be really interested to hear from females that have the condition and how they feel and whether they have gained weight or not.

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Anonymous  ·  09 Apr 2003
Yes, you can take the pill an Eltoxin together. However, your dosage of Eltroxing will need to be increased when you go onn the pill

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Dorothy (dorothystgeorge)  ·  31 Mar 2003
I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid recently and at the time I was not on any contraception. I want to go on the pill but I heard there is a problem with taking the pill and eltroxin. Is there anyone that is in the same predicament as I am?
Can I take the pill and eltroxin together????
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