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Bleeding after sex

Total Messages: 8    Latest post on: 27/12/2007 17:10     Page 1 of 1   Latest Post
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# 8

Posted: 27/12/2007 17:10

my boyfriend found blood on his penis after sex. Today there has been blood on my knickers too. Can u help? What is this from?

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# 7

Posted: 25/04/2007 09:07

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend last night and after we finished i noticed there was alot of blood. I don't think it was from me and my boyfriend thinks it came from him. What could be the cause of this and should i be worried because we were unprotected?

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Posted: 08/01/2007 10:59

I am worried about my partner. A few weeks ago I gave him oral sex and ended up with my tonsils getting infected where I had to take antibiotics to clear it up. Then a few days later he said he had white stuff on the head of his penis and was burning and itchy. This seemed to settle down after a week. Then last week during sex he started bleeding quite bad. He said he had a tear but I\'m not so sure as there is a strange smell coming from his penis but he will not go to the doctors and I do not wish to catch anything from him. I have been with my partner for 8 years.

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# 5

Posted: 12/10/2006 15:05

Last night I had sex with my parnter and I spotted blood and it is not that time of the month. Does anyone know what this could be?

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Posted: 25/09/2006 23:17

Lots of reasons for this.
One of them could be phimosis (check spelling) which is a common condition.
Visit your G.P. for a check and a chat. Its not a problem to worry about but needs checking out.

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Posted: 25/09/2006 15:12

During intercourse, I felt some pain in my penis and the covering skin at the joint got pulled back and started profusely bleeding. Will that cause any infection. This was the first time I ever had intercourse. Is it something to do with my virginity?

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Posted: 12/02/2003 11:40

This can be caused by a slight tear - it is not serious but you should attend your doctor to clear this up.

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# 1

Posted: 06/02/2003 09:21

I noticed not to long ago that the morning after masturbation or sex I will find blood in my boxers... it seems to come from the head of my penis but does not show up visibly in my urine. Can you help me? I am a 20 year old male.
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