Interstitial Cystitis

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B1976  ·  22 Oct 2017


I'm a 41 year old male diagnosed with IC in 2015. I live in Galway and would be interested in meeting with others who also have IC. Are there any meetings lined up? 


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Robod91  ·  16 Oct 2017

I'm in Limerick 


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I.C sucks  ·  16 Oct 2017

I reside in Galway, we have a male member in this county.

We have male ic sufferers in Dublin and Cork also.

Our website should be up and live end Nov as one of our members is doing for us.

We will post on Irish Health as soon I have dates for meets occurring in future



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I.C sucks  ·  13 Oct 2017

Where do you live Rob I might be able to hook you up with others in your area 


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I.C sucks  ·  13 Oct 2017

Sorry we currently only run via Facebook at the moment we hope to offer more options in future.


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Robod91  ·  13 Oct 2017

Hi guys, Im curious to wether i have interstitial cystitis. I challanging to get diagnosed. No many GPs no abut it. I dont use facebook. Is there another way to stay in touch with the group.



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meddaduv  ·  20 Feb 2017

O great thanks Anniebee and Roisin...not this week tho, have apts + babysitting in Dublin but perhaps next week? I am retired so during week perhaps esier for me than email is if you would rather contact me that way. KK would suit fine. Cheers, Sandra


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Roisin McQuillan853  ·  20 Feb 2017

Anniebee18 and Meddaduv.  Kilkenny would be great.  I live in Bennettsbridge (8 kms south of KK city) and would be happy to host coffee for you on a Saturday  morning? I'm working fulltime during the week.  I can't do 4th March, but any other Saturday coming up would be great. 

My email address is 


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Anniebee18  ·  17 Feb 2017

Roisin and Meddaduv, 

I'm in Portlaw in Waterford and could meet up in Kilkenny too! Id love to...


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Roisin McQuillan853  ·  17 Feb 2017

Meddaduv - I'm in Kilkenny, and while travelling by car is a major challenge for me, I'd love to meet up. 


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meddaduv  ·  16 Feb 2017

Sorry meant to say it was Eamon Rogers I was referred to in Galway. Have said this before n got no response but if ther'es anyone out there in the Midlands - Laois/Offaly/Westmeath/Kilkenny - perhaps we could meet up?



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Roisin McQuillan853  ·  16 Feb 2017

I was diagnosed quite quickly when I collapsed in pain at the gynae office and was taken into hospital urgently.  It took them 4 hours to stop the pain, trying everything until they finally got to the morphine.  Had a cystoscopy the next morning and was diagnosed immediately.  That was almost 2 years ago now, theproblem is getting a treatment that works.  I haven't found that yet. 


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meddaduv  ·  15 Feb 2017

I found GPs knew nothing of this condition, did all the research myself n then was referred to a doctor in galway who did know something at least... but for me its mainly diet, aloe vera n crossed fingers! Meddaduv


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cork   ·  13 Feb 2017

Hi anniebee I go to the mercy hospital in Cork for my instills. Sometimes I go every week for six weeks & if things are going well I go every 4 to 6 weeks. Dr Brady is the consultant. It was Dr Eammon Rogers who diagnosed me, but he is in galway now. I would really encourage you to join the facebook group, even if you have to set up a new account & just keep it solely for the group. It's private & much easier for everyone to put up information & ask questions.


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Roisin McQuillan853  ·  13 Feb 2017

I've had IC for 2 years now. Was diagnosed very quickly when I presented to the hospital in complete agony. Have had 3 cystocopies, 4 instillations, 4 consultants (including one gynae) and am now on anti-histamine and antibiotics.  It has completely taken over my life and I've been through some traumas with it.  I am exhausted.   It's great to read of other people who have been through this. 


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Anniebee18  ·  10 Feb 2017

Do you know if there's a GP in Ireland that deals with this??


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Anniebee18  ·  10 Feb 2017

Thank you Cork! So good to make contact! I'm off Facebook right now but will send an email to the address I found on here last night and keep up to date if there's any meet ups!

I might try facebook again just for this group.

Anyway, thanks a mil for reaching out!


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cork   ·  10 Feb 2017

Hi Anniebee18 I forgot to say that diet is very important so avoid all acid foods. the IC Network have a very good list.


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cork   ·  10 Feb 2017

Welcome Anniebee18, sorry to hear you are suffering like the rest of us. Please join the facebook page , it is a closed group & you can post any questions you want to ask & everyone shares their experiences . It's under "Irish Interstitial Cystitis Support Group". You get more instant replies & it's only read by the group.


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Anniebee18  ·  09 Feb 2017


I've just diagnosed myself with this after a year of no doctor being able to tell me what the hell was going on. I ended up in A and E two weeks ago in pain and because the ct scan showed nothing, they sent me home and told me to take ibobrufen....the doc did say my bladder might be inflamed and when the tabs worked for a few days, I knew he was right. I have lost my life in the past few months and it's been so lonely and depressing and no one knows what I'm talking about and I was beginning to go into despair.....and then I came across thsi woman on youtube talking about ME! Oh my God, I feel my prayers have been answered.....and I have people who know what I'm talking about....I'm in there anyone else near me suffering with this condition? I'm 49 this year and I'm pretty sure it was a traumatic event that triggered this. Hello everyone, I'm so glad to ahve found you all!


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I.C sucks  ·  07 Oct 2016

If you join our FB Irish IC support group you will find there are others in the Midlands.

Elmiron is thought to rebuild the faulty GAG layer (protective lining of the bladder) and can take around 6 months to see noticable improvement. Coupled with instils can benefit greatly. Elmiron is effective for 37% of IC sufferers.

There is a generic form of Elmiron called Comfora which is FDA approved but I don't know if you can get in Ireland. I do know that Comfora are trying to get it approved in the EU currently.

Would you be interested in a Galway meet? If yes message me via FB group or email

Hope this is helpful to you


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meddaduv  ·  06 Oct 2016

I saw my Urologist in Galway yesterda n he suggested instiiations but am very wary. Also gave me a script for Elmiron...said it v expensive so am not sure. Anyone any comment re side effects? I asked hime if he had other IC patients in Midlands n he said Yes so if there's anyone out there in Laois/OffalyWestmeath or een Klkenny - I'd love to meet up...meddaduv


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Ayse  ·  05 Oct 2016

I had 18 instillations of a cocktail of Rimso50, heparin, an antibiotic and a steroid.The first one was under general anaesthetic for a cystoscopy  with hydrodistension. In the beginning it was also the first thing to give any relief. But as time went on the pain of the instillations became unbearable. I started to have projectile vomiting trying to hold on to the instillation for the required amount of time. I had to stop them. The Dr said that they worked for 75% of his patients.


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cork   ·  04 Oct 2016

Hi Ellie, Delighted to hear you are pain free. I've been having the Rimso 50 instill for years, it eases the symptoms but the pain never goes away. I guess everyone reacts to it differently. Delighted to hear someone is getting some relief, long may it continue. 


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mfitz  ·  04 Oct 2016

Hi Ellie I had 2 instillation of rimso but found the pain unbearable it felt like she instilled acid? Did you have the same feeling?  The nurse thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to it.... she said no one had ever reacted like that before?  I  had pain for 6 weeks after. ... I'm wondering if I had of persisted  would it have helped? ???


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Ellie88  ·  04 Oct 2016

Hi Everyone, 

I am happy to say that after two years of suffering I have been symptom free for 6 months. My first round of bladdre instillations didn't work and my urologist changed the solution to Rimso-50. The first few treatments were incredably painful but it got easier as it went on. I had 6 instillations and started to notice a big difference. Within a few weeks of finishing the 6 weeks of treatments my pain went away. 


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meddaduv  ·  03 Oct 2016

has anybody used aloe vera freeze dried capsules? Where did they source? They seem to cost mad money...



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I.C sucks  ·  12 Aug 2016

Updates re social meets confirmed.


20th August an the Red Cow Hotel @2pm


21st August at Oriel House @ 3pm.

I will post date and venue for Galway social meet as soon as it's arranged.

All welcome and great to see this happening at last.


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I.C sucks  ·  05 Apr 2016

We at Irish Interstitial Cystitis and Fowler's Syndrome Support Network would like to sincerely thank Dr Edmond O'Flaherty for his informative talk on the use of LDN as pain control for IC and overlapping conditions.

We are in the process of registering our charity and setting up the website.

We would love to here what you as fellow sufferers would like from the support group eg, newsletters, awareness etc.

You can contact us via or via our Facebook page Irish Interstitial Cystitis Support Network or our closed group Irish Interstitial Cystitis Support group.

We will update on Irish Health as things progress to keep you informed. 

Thank you to all those that attended the meet and for your continued support.


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ebbies  ·  01 Apr 2016

Hi Sandra,

you are welcome to ask on the IC Network Facebook page too if you like. Hope you get sorted, Eva.


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meddaduv  ·  01 Apr 2016

Hi - calling anybody going to Support group meeting in Oughterard this Sunday.

If anyone out there in hte Midlands - Laois/Offaly/Westmeath area hading to Galway I am looking to car pool/share petrol.




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I.C sucks  ·  29 Mar 2016

Irish Interstitial Cystitis Support Network wish to announce our guest speaker will be explaining re the use of LDN (low dose naltrexone) for IC pain and overlapping conditions of M.E/CFS/Fibromyalgia/Autoimmune conditions.

We are meeting at the Connemara Lake Hotel, Oughterard, Galway at 2pm on 3rd April.

Please email us at or contact us via our facebook page if you wish to attend.

All welcome.


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I.C sucks  ·  28 Mar 2016

Hi Im in Galway and Ebbies and I run the Facebook Page and group.

Email is

Tell us via email where you live and we can put you in touch with others in your area if possible so as you have local support from a fellow IC warrior.

Mr Flood in Limerick, Mr Creagh at Beaumont and Mr Lennon at St Vincents if thats of any help to you.

Unfortunately some treatments work for some and not for others so really is finding what works for you personally with the help of your urologist.


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cork   ·  21 Mar 2016

What area/ county are you living in?


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Naeveh  ·  21 Mar 2016

Hi thanks so much both of you for welcoming me I am greatful. I dnt use Facebook so hope it wil be ok to communicate this way ☺ The meeting  be to far for me to travel but thanks so much.  Do you know of any urologist that knows and specialise in ic? Or what has worked for you to ease flares ? Thanks so much again 


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cork   ·  21 Mar 2016

Welcome Naeveh, don't forget to join the facebook group, easier to chat to everyone there.


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I.C sucks  ·  21 Mar 2016

Hi we have a meeting on the 3rd April at the Connemara Lake hotel in Oughterard. We also have a facebook page under Irish Interstitial Cystitis Support Network and a closed group under Irish Interstitial Cystitis Support Group.

Me Ebbies and the others will help you where we can.


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Naeveh  ·  19 Mar 2016

Hi all I am new and looking to meet others who too suffer with ic. I feel very alone with having ic. 


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ebbies  ·  10 Mar 2016

Hi Virgo Girl.

I too have IBD (Crohns disease). Am 38 and was diagnosed 5yrs ago with IC.

It can be tough alright. Glad you found us, we have Facebook page too; Irish Interstitial Cystitis Network and an e.mail;

Hope to have webiste come to meeting on April 3rd if you can. I am doing an interview for Sun Independent Health & Living supplememnt on IC..let ye all know when it goes to print. 

Plan is to have fully registered IC charity here, with toilet 'Cant Wait' cards, leaflets, meetings etc. So watch this space & we always looking for help ;-)


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meddaduv  ·  01 Mar 2016

Ouch Oughtherard - not Galway city? Much easier for public transport...


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