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Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

Total Messages: 14    Latest post on: 16/12/2007 18:40     Page 1 of 1   Latest Post
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andrew (KDD67248)

Joined: Dec 2007

Posts: 1

# 14

Posted: 16/12/2007 18:40

mrs t

Joined: Apr 2007

Posts: 5

# 13

Posted: 02/09/2007 09:48

Gastro reflux my husband has been in bad way with this problem for a long time now...every nght hes up vomiting and coughing hard so lack of sleep isnt helpful..hes drinking galviscon by the bottle only relief so he says. our gp said not much can be done to help!! anyone with suggestions

Joined: Aug 2006

Posts: 2

# 12

Posted: 09/11/2006 21:53

I have a six month old infant who is on 10mg of losec per day for chronic GERD. This medication seemed to be working initially however all his symptoms have returned and his irritability is extremely bad once again. Does anyone know if it's safe for me to increase his dosage to 20mg as my pharmacist would do this for me and also if it is safe to change from losec to lopraz to see does it have more effective results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Joined: Oct 2006

Posts: 1

# 11

Posted: 06/10/2006 18:17

i have a hiatus hernia and the pain can get so bad i think its my heart and i have a panic attack has any one got a cure forthe pain and the panic?
Vera (VeraHussey)

Joined: Oct 2000

Posts: 18

# 10

Posted: 17/09/2004 23:21

Hi Anonymous Posted: 01/09/2004 13:51 - re your question about my diagnosis... I had (foolishly) put up with my symptoms for a very long time before going to my doctor and it was only when it became unbearable (I was going to bed soon after coming home from work most nights as I could not sit up without horrendous discomfort). Having checked me out and questioned me thoroughly my doctor then sent me for tests (camera in stomach, camera in bowel and Barium meal). These are standard tests which will be done at the hospital if you have the symptoms thet I and the others had. It is the only way of investigating these problems. While the tests were not painful, some were uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as the symptoms of GERD. Best of luck with your investigations.

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# 9

Posted: 01/09/2004 13:51

To VeraHussey, Vera it was so reassuring to read your symptoms as they are almost identical to mine! I know its a while since your message was posted but could you let me know how your condition was diagnosed i.e. did you have to have tests done (if so what kind and what were they like) or did your doctor diagnose just from your symptoms? I'd be really grateful if you would post a reply - isn't the lump in your throat thing the most annoying of all?! Thanks for your help
tony (tonie)

Joined: Dec 2001

Posts: 1

# 8

Posted: 26/10/2002 13:34

jason. Did the operation you had require major surgery as you said you were in and out in one day ?what exactly is done ?
Vera (VeraHussey)

Joined: Oct 2000

Posts: 18

# 7

Posted: 18/09/2002 22:09

Jason, Many, many thanks - you have told me exactly what I wanted to hear! Like Bill you have had this operation and are very pleased with the outcome. I am in no doubt that this operation is the obvious option for me. Long-term drugs like Zoton are definately out. And if I get 20 years of comfort I shall certainly be happy and, as you say, in that period of time who knows what more (safe) options there may be. I am so glad I decided to enter this discussion as I have learned from you all. It is much more helpful to get information from (some former!!!) fellow sufferers than from a GP or medical literature. Emphathy is so important. And I hope it has shed more light on GERD for others, as I think there is an increasing number of sufferers out there. Thanks again to all and good health!!!

Joined: -

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# 6

Posted: 15/09/2002 17:53

i have been on Zonton for 5 years now,and am wondering if prolonged use is bad.
Jason (WhizzKid)

Joined: Mar 2001

Posts: 4

# 5

Posted: 13/09/2002 13:13

I had reflux and heartburn for years and over the last 5 years it got worse, despite a change in diet and an increased exercise programme [which are supposed to help]. I was diagnosed with GERD and a hiatus-hernia. I was put on a daily high dose of Zoton....one pill a day which was brilliant as it kept the acid down. However like you I was concerned about the long term affects. I attended a specialist and he admitted that while Zoton was considered safe nobody has been taking them for 40 or 50 years which is what I was looking at [if I live that long!!]. I was also concerned by some findings listed on some US medical websites about prolonged use of these type of drugs. So surgery was offered as an alternative, specifically the Nissens Fundoplication procedure. I did a lot of research myself and also had an excellent specialist who admitted that while there are risks [as with all surgery] it really is a safe operation. The other thing he mentioned which I had not heard before was that the effects of the operation will last about 20 years and after that time either the body will have fixed itself or more pills. I decided the risk of something else being available in 20 years was worth it. So, had the op [in and out in a day!]...took 2 weeks off work and I now consider it the best thing I ever did. Don't get me wrong...there is pain and it does range from mild discomfort to unbearable and your eating habits will change....this lasted about a year with me [the unbearable pain came and went over a 6 month period and I was able to relate it to how I ate food...too fast, etc]. So I know this rambles on but I just want to outline my experience and say that if your GERD is bad and you are genuinely concerned about long-term medication, get yourself a good surgeon, arm yourself with the facts and go for it. Your life will be better after it.
Vera (VeraHussey)

Joined: Oct 2000

Posts: 18

# 4

Posted: 12/09/2002 22:19

Bill & Malcolm, many thanks for your comments. I forgot to mention that just like Bill I have also been diagnosed with a Hiatus Hernia which is causing the reflux problem. You both seem to feel the same as I do about the prolonged use of these strong medications. I worry about the long-term side affects and would have no problem taking alternative remedies over a long period, being careful to monitor the progress as I know too much of a herbal medicine can be just as dangerous as the traditional ones if not treated cautiousely. Bill, I intend to check up on "Nissens Fundoplication" thanks.
bill (merriman)

Joined: Feb 2001

Posts: 1

# 3

Posted: 11/09/2002 13:16

To Vera & Malcolm.
I had a similar problem to you both called hiatus hernia which has all the symptoms you list.
I too was on losec and Zoton etc which controlled the problem but did not cure it. I too wanted to stop taking medication and after discussion with my doctor had surgery two years ago to resolve the problem which has been a great success. Perhaps you could talk to your doctor about this operation which is called "Nissens Fundoplication" as it has made a huge difference to me.
I no longer suffer reflux or indigestion and can eat any kind of food i want to
Malcolm (malcolmsen)

Joined: Oct 2001

Posts: 1

# 2

Posted: 11/09/2002 09:52

I have been on Losec for a while and alternate it with Zantac 150mg for gatro-oesophageal reflux. The condition has persisted for almost 3 years and I am frustrated because the cures are only temporary if at all. I wanted to know if there are any side effects to these medications and whether I should alternate other medications to maintain the efficacy of Ranitidine and Omeprazole. I was on a short course of Pantaprozole as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Vera (VeraHussey)

Joined: Oct 2000

Posts: 18

# 1

Posted: 08/09/2002 13:11

I have had this problem for approx 4 years and have been prescribed various acid inhibitors such as Nexium and Zoton. Sometines these work, somtimes they do not have any impact, and sometimes the symptoms of this condition dissappear without medication. Either way the symptoms (bad taste in mouth, feeling of something being stuck in throat, stomach bloating, and disinterest in eating) always return sooner or later. I have been told I must stay on medication to control the acid reflux because of the damage it can cause to the oesophagas (possibly cancer). Of course I want to prevent any damage to my oesophagas but I would prefer not to have take the strong prescription drugs I have been on. Does anyone know of any alternative (herbal) remedy to deal with this condition. Many thanks.
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